3 Mistakes of My Life PDF Book In English By Chetan Bhagat


The story of recounts the lives of three youths, Omi, Ishaan and Govind, who are trying to live in the small town of Gujarat. Seeing Govind’s business acumen and Ishaan’s love for cricket, the youth decide to open a shop selling cricket supplies. Omi’s family helps him get a rented space outside a temple, and soon the place is a hit for the locals. Chetan bhagat’s greatest strength as an author is his ability to create interesting settings and situations.

3 Mistakes of My Life PDF Book In English By Chetan Bhagat

Name of Book 3 Mistakes of My Life
Author Chetan Bhagat
Published 2008
Language English
Pages 144
PDF Size 2 MB
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About Book – 3 Mistakes of My Life PDF Download Book In English

Moving forward, Ishan hits the ball out of the boundary line six times with a magical ball to one of the local Muslim boys, Ali. Living with the regret of making it himself chetan bhagat best books hindi, Ishan decided to train a 12-year-old child. Strangely, the lads themselves are least interested in cricket, but Ishaan and his friends take him to train himself not only for free, but at the suggestion of one of the Australia players to take him to Sydney They also suffer a lot.

There, Ali is given a contract on the condition that he become an Australia citizen for theatrical lines with only a 12-year bottleneck, ‘does that mean I can’t play for India?’ Again I do not want this! ‘Go away.

This is where the novel begins to disintegrate and emerge over-the-top and melodious. As long as Chetan bhagat covers the Gujarat earthquake and it brings down the expectations of how the novel’s lead character, Govind – Chetan bhagat, attempts to mitigate a natural disaster with a personal disaster. But it is hardly possible that both the Godhra episode and the following riots again have a direct impact on these characters.

3 Mistakes of My Life PDF Book Download In English By Chetan Bhagat

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The last few chapters are particularly hands-off. Chetan bhagat is a big fan of bollywood and believes that just like a Hindi movie which will be an action in the end, a novel should also be part of his blood and gore, so that it can suffice. First of all, bollywood is moving away from the formula fare itself, so Chetan bhagat made the leap here in a while. Secondly, there is no emotional resonance or rationale for the bestsellers chetan bhagat novels hindi of any violence occurring in the temple, with Hindus trying to attack Ali with Ishaan and others trying to save him.

It is never clear how much these youths are fussing over Ali. There is only one explanation – that he has been gifted. Why would anyone in his right mind take him to Australia or give up his life (yes, a young boy dies while trying to protect his talent to preserve it!).

Any sympathy for him is not based on the fact that he is a Muslim, nor does he protect him from any moral obligation aside from the fact that he is a potential Cricket great! Chetan bhagat’s intentions are honorable but his conceptions of nationalism and patriotism are very naive and simple.

Honesty, I wanted to like this book. It starts off well, the setting is good and it truly tries to give the reader a piece of small town India. Too bad, the book goes nowhere with it.

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