365 Days Book PDF by Blanka Lipińska


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When I opened my eyes, it was night. I looked around and realized I still had no idea where I was. I was lying in an enormous bed in a room faintly lit only by the streetlamps outside. My head hurt and I needed to puke. What the hell happened? Where was I? I tried getting up but didn’t have the strength. I felt like I weighed a ton. Even my head was too heavy to lift from the pillow.

365 Days Book PDF by Blanka Lipińska

Name of Book 365 Days
Author Blanka Lipińska
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 271
Language English
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I closed my eyes and fell back into unconsciousness. When I came to again, it was still dark. How long had I been asleep? Maybe it was the next night? There was no clock anywhere, and I didn’t have my bag or my phone with me. This time I managed to push myself up and sit on the edge of the bed. For a while, I waited for my head to stop spinning.

There was a night lamp by the bed. When its light filled the room, I saw it was part of an old house. I didn’t know this place. The window frames were gigantic and richly carved. Opposite the great wooden bed there was an enormous stone fireplace, the kind I’d only ever seen in movies. There were old wooden beams running across the ceiling.

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They matched the color of the window frames. The room was comfortable, classy, and very Italian. I walked toward the window and went out to the balcony overlooking a garden. 365 Days Book PDF Download The view was breathtaking. As I walked around the room where I had woken up, looking for any clues as to my whereabouts, the door opened. The young Italian was there again.

With a wide gesture, he showed me out. We walked down a long corridor decorated with flowerpots. The house was engulfed in darkness, illuminated only by the streetlamps outside, shining through the numerous windows. We weaved our way through a labyrinth of corridors until the man stopped by a door and opened it. He shut it behind me, staying outside.

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This room must have been a library—the walls were lined with bookshelves and paintings in heavy, dark frames. There was another beautiful stone fireplace in the middle, with a fire burning brightly within. Around it stood soft dark-green sofas stacked with dozens of pillows in various shades of gold. There was a small table next to one of them, with a champagne cooler perched on top.

I shuddered. Alcohol was the last thing I needed right now. Furious, I raised my hand and slapped his face. His eyes blazed with wild fury, and I shrank back in terror. 365 Days Book PDF Download The man rose, very slowly, straightened out, and inhaled loudly through his nose. I was so afraid of what I had done I stayed down, frozen, unable and unwilling to test his limits.

He headed toward the fireplace, stopped with his back to me, and put his hands on the wall over the mantel, leaning on it heavily. Time was passing, and he stood there, utterly quiet. If not for the fact that he was keeping me there against my will, I would probably have felt pricks of conscience by now and would have started apologizing profusely, but in my circumstances, I couldn’t help feeling only anger.

I woke up curled into a ball, still wearing the fluffy white bathrobe. It was dark outside. I wasn’t sure if it was the same horrible night, or maybe the next one. I heard hushed male voices from the garden, so I went to the balcony. I couldn’t see anyone. The sounds were too quiet for the men to be anywhere close by.

Something must be happening on the other side of the property, I thought. Reluctantly, I grabbed the door handle to check if I was free to go. 365 Days Book PDF Download The door was open, and I crossed the threshold, only to spend a long while thinking whether to continue or retreat back into the room. My curiosity won that struggle and I headed down a long hallway, in the direction of the voices.

It was a hot and breezy August night. The drapes in the windows fluttered in the breeze that smelled of the sea. The house was dark and calm. I wondered how it looked by day. Without Domenico, I couldn’t find my way through the tangled corridors. In just a short while, I was hopelessly lost. The only thing I navigated by were the voices.

They were growing louder with each step I took. Passing through a half-open door, I found myself in an enormous hall with gigantic windows overlooking the driveway. I approached the pane of glass and leaned against the thick, tall frame, trying to hide behind it. In the dark, I could see Massimo and several other people.

There was a man kneeling before them shouting something in Italian. His expression suggested terror and panic as he stared wide-eyed at the Man in Black. Massimo was standing at ease, his hands in the pockets of his casual pants. He was fixing the pleading man with an icy stare, waiting for him to finish.

As soon as he did, Massimo impassively uttered a short sentence or two, took out his gun, and shot the man in the head. The victim’s body flopped to the stone driveway. 365 Days Book PDF I yelped and put my hands to my mouth to stop myself from screaming. It was no use. Massimo heard me, turned away from the body, and looked straight at me.

His stare was cold and emotionless, as if killing a man was nothing to him. He grabbed the silencer of his gun and passed the weapon to one of the men standing next to him. I slumped to the floor. I couldn’t breathe. I gasped for air. My heart was thumping, but its rhythm was quickly slowing and so was the pumping of blood in my head.

I saw darkness and my stomach cramped, signaling the inevitable release of the champagne I had drunk earlier. With trembling hands, I tried untying the belt of the bathrobe that seemed to constrict me so tightly I could barely breathe. I had witnessed the death of a human being. In my head, I could see the scene of the execution replaying over and over again.

The image made me choke, my lungs completely void of air. 365 Days Book PDF I let it go, succumbed to the feeling, stopped fighting. During the last moments of consciousness, I felt the belt of the bathrobe loosening and someone’s fingers touching my neck, searching for a pulse. One hand slid under my back and went up, passing my neck and holding my head.

Another supported my legs. I felt movement. I wanted to open my eyes but couldn’t lift my eyelids. He trailed off and stood up, walking over to the bed and sitting on its edge. He combed through my hair with a hand, as if checking if I was real. At some point, he slid his hand under my head and grabbed me by the hair, hard. He swung his leg over me and sat astride me, pinning me down.

His breathing quickened, and his eyes flared with passion and animalistic ferocity. 365 Days Book PDF I went rigid with terror, and it must have shown on my face. Massimo saw itand he liked it. After the events of last night, I knew this man was no joke. If I wanted my family to be safe, I needed to accept his terms.

Massimo clamped his hand even harder on the back of my head, trailing his nose across my face. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of my skin. I wanted to close my eyes to show him the depth of my contempt, to overcome my own fear, but I was hypnotized by the savagery of his gaze and couldn’t take my eyes off him.

He was a beautiful man. Exactly my type. Black eyes, dark hair, large and full lips, a light stubble on his face, now delicately tickling my cheeks. And that body! Long, lean legs around my hips, strong and muscular arms, and a wide chest that I could see through the tight tank top. Aside from the walk-in closet, I also got an enormous bathroom—the one I had used during the night.

I had been too shocked and dazed then to really take in the impressive room. 365 Days Book PDF The huge open shower had a steam sauna function and was lined with massage jets that looked like towel hangers. Inside the dressing table with the mirror, I was delighted to find cosmetics of all my favorite brands: Dior, YSL, Guerlain, Chanel, and lots of others.

Bottles of perfume crowded the counter next to the sink and one of them was my beloved Lancôme Midnight Rose. At first I wondered how he knew, but he knew everything about me, so such mundane little details like my favorite perfume, which he must have found in my baggage, shouldn’t have been a mystery to him.

I took a long, hot shower, washed my hair (it needed it desperately by that time), and went to the closet to choose something comfy to wear. It was at least eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit outside, so I selected a long, flowy, raspberry-colored bare-back dress and wedgeheeled sandals. I wanted to dry my hair, but before I finished dressing, it was already dry.

I bound it into a casual bun and headed out to the hallway. 365 Days Book PDF The house looked a bit like the mansion from Dynasty, only more Italian flavored. It was gigantic and very impressive. Passing through dozens of rooms, I found more portraits of the woman from Massimo’s visions. They were beautiful, presenting me in various poses. I still couldn’t understand how he was able to depict me so closely without having seen me before.

I went down to the garden, meeting no one on my way. I wondered where the servants were as I strolled the paths lined with meticulously pruned greenery. Finally, I stumbled on the entrance to the beach. There was a little dock there, with a beautiful white motorboat and several Jet Skis floating at the quay.

I took my shoes off and stepped onto the boat. 365 Days Book The keys to the ignition were right there, lying unguarded next to the steering wheel. For a moment I entertained the thought of breaking Massimo’s laws. As soon as I touched the key ring, I heard a voice from behind me. Domenico led me through the garden to a great terrace on the other side of the mansion.

The view seemed familiar. My room had to be somewhere on this side of the house. There was a makeshift gazebo on the stone floor, closely resembling the enclosures at the restaurant where we had eaten the first night. It had thick wooden supports that served as anchors for great sheets of sailcloth stretched overhead as protection from the sun.

Beneath the gently waving roof, there was a long table made of the same wood as the supports, and a set of comfortable looking chairs with white pillows. The breakfast was worthy of a queen, and my hunger had only intensified. There were platters of cheeses, olives, aromatic cold cuts, pancakes, fruit, eggs— everything I loved. I sat at the table and Domenico vanished. I was used to eating alone, but dealing with the heaps of delicious food would be all the more pleasant with someone to accompany me. A while later, the young man returned, carrying a bundle of newspapers.

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