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Breaking the Sabbath and the laws of God, Eleazar stormed Antonia Tower and murdered the Roman soldiers within it. Zealots rampaged, murdering thousands more who attempted to bring order back to a maddened city. Unlawful tribunals were set up and the laws of man and God mocked as hundreds of innocent men and women were murdered.

A Voice in the Wind PDF Book by Francine Rivers

Name of Book A Voice in the Wind
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Houses full of corn were burned in the chaos. Famine soon followed. In their despair, righteous Jews prayed fervently for Rome to come against the great city. For these Jews believed that then, and only then, would the factions within Jerusalem unite in one cause: freedom against Rome. Rome did come and, their hated ensigns held high, their war cry rang across all of Judea.

They took Gadara, Jotapata, Beersheba, Jericho, Caesarea. The mighty legions marched in the very footsteps of devout pilgrims who came from every corner of the Jewish nation to worship and celebrate the high holy days of the Feast of the Unleavened Bread–the Passover. In the silence of the small room, Hadassah’s fear grew. She stroked her mother’s hair absently. Please, God. Please! Words wouldn’t come, at least not any that made sense. Just a groaning from within her soul. Please what?

Click here to Download A Voice in the Wind PDF Book

Kill them now with starvation before the Romans came with swords or they suffered the agony of a cross? Oh, God, God! Her plea came, inarticulate and desperate, helpless and full of fear. Help us! Why had they ever come to this city? She hated Jerusalem. Hadassah fought against the despair inside her.

It had become so heavy, it felt like a physical weight pulling her into a dark pit. She tried to think of better times, of happier moments, but those thoughts wouldn’t come. Despite the persecution and danger that had awaited them in Jerusalem, her father had been full of joy and expectation as they entered the gates. Perhaps this time more of his kinsmen would listen; more would give their hearts to the risen Lord.

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Few believers of the Way remained in Jerusalem. Many had been imprisoned, some stoned, even more driven away to other places. Lazarus, his .sisters, and Mary Magdalene had been driven out; the apostle John, a dear family friend, had left Jerusalem two years before, taking the Lord’s mother with him. Yet, Hadassah’s father had remained.

Once a year, he had returned to Jerusalem with his family to gather with other believers in an upper room. There they shared bread and wine, just as their Lord Jesus had done the evening before his crucifixion. This year, Shimeon Bar-Adonijah had presented the elements of the Passover meal.

Titus regained control of his enraged soldiers and ordered the fire put out, but no sooner had they succeeded in saving the temple than the Jews attacked again. This time all the officers of Rome couldn’t restrain the fury of the Roman legionnaires who, driven by a lust for Jewish blood, once again torched the temple and killed every human being in their path as they began plunder: ing the conquered city. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book

Men fell by the hundreds as flames engulfed the Babylonian curtain, embroidered with fine blue, scarlet, and purple thread. High on the temple roof, a false prophet cried out for the people to climb up and be delivered. People’s screams of agony as they burned alive carried across the city, mingling with the horrifying sounds of battle in the streets and alleys.

Men, women, children–it made no difference, all fell to the sword. Atretes raised his hand high, signaling to his father that a Roman legion was moving into the clearing. Hidden by the forest, the German warriors waited. Each held a framea–a spear much dreaded by the Romans, for its strong shaft held a narrow, short head that was razor-sharp and could pierce armor.

It could be hurled with accuracy from a great distance or used in hand-tohand combat. Seeing the moment was right, Atretes brought his hand down. His father immediately began the war cry. It rose and spread along the horizon as the entire retinue sang out against their shields to Tiwaz, their war god. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book

Marcobus, leader of the Bructeri, unifier of all the Germanic tribes, joined in, along with the rest of the Bructeri and the Batavi tribes–a hundred men in all. The horrifying and chaotic sound reverberated across the valley below like a roar from the demons of Hades. Grinning, Atretes saw the legionnaires lose their rhythm. And it was in that instant that the tribesmen flooded down the hillsides for the attack.

Julia clenched her hands tightly in her lap. He was trying to make her feel guilty. It was beastly of him and she wouldn’t be drawn into a discussion about Father. Not now. She was well aware she was disobeying his wishes, but why ghould she feel guilty? Marcus had been living for himself since he was eighteen. He didn’t bow to their father’s ridiculous sense of morality, so why should she?

Father was unreasonable and dictatorial and dull. He expected her to study and prepare herself to be a proper wife, like Mama. Well, that was fine for Mama–who seemed to enjoy such a mundane life–but Julia wanted more. She wanted excitement. She wanted passion. She wanted to experience everything the world had to offer. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book

A frown momentarily creased Marcus’ face. Father bad chosen, though Julia wouldn’t be informed of it until all the arrangements had been made. Father had told Marcus of his choice only an hour ago, just before Julia came into the room. “Arrangements are being made for your sister’s marriage,” he had said. “The announcement will be made within the month.

” Marcus was still stunned. If Father suspected he was taking Julia to the games, he hadn’t let on. He had looked at his father cautiously, wondering why he was telling him about the engagement. “I’ve never given Julia free rein under any circumstances,” Marcus had said to reassure him. “She’s my sister, and I will see her reputation protected.”

Marcus knew Flaccus was a man of impeccable bloodlines, a trait Father disdained openly, but coveted secretly. Flaccus also possessed some measure of wealth and community standing. However, Marcus suspected the real reason behind Father’s selection was Flaccus’ bronze-cast traditional points of view and morality.

Flaccus had had on]y one wife and, from all accounts Marcus had heard, had remained constant during her lifetime. It had been five years since she had died in childbirth, and yet Flacus’ name had never been linked with any other woman. The man was either celibate or homosexual. For all Flaccus’ assets, Marcus didn’t think the marriage would bring happiness to Julia. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book Download

Flaccus was far older than Julia, and he was an intellectual. Such a man would be dull company for a girl of Julia’s temperament. His father’s warning had been clear, though unspoken: Keep your sister away from your friends, especially Antigonus. The warning was unnecessary. Besides the need of protecting Julia’s purity in order to protect the family reputation.

Marcus didn’t want to further complicate his relationship with Antigonus. He knew his friend, the aristocrat, far too well to trust him with Julia. Antigonus would seduce Julia and marry her just to tee himself future access to the Valerian coffers. Marcus was no fool. A substantial investment in Antigonus’ career had essary to gain the building contracts he coveted.

But Marcus no intention of allowing a marriage that would permanently obligate him. Now that he had the contracts, he could prove his own abilities on a broader scale. In three or four years, Antigonus would. be useless to him. For while Marcus found Antigonus amusing and somewhat intelligent, he was wise enough to know Antigonus wouldn’t last in the Senate. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book Download

He ran through money and wine too quickly and ran off at the mouth too much. One day, Antigonus would have one party .too many, get too drunk and speak too freely, seduce the wrong patrician’s wife, then end up with an imperial order to slit his own wrists. Marcus intended to have some political distance between them before that time came.

Enoch struggled between rage and grief at what had become of his homeland and his people. Up until this morning he’d been helpless to do anything to save even one member of his race. Now, he had seven in his care. But he was afraid. Not one of them was suited for the hard labor that would be required on the estate.

Even washed, shaved, and dressed in fresh tunics, they were pathetic and spiritless. Four hundred sesterces each, and not one was worth half that. He looked at the girl, wbndering why he’d risked buying her at all. Of what possible use was she? Yet, one look in her eyes and he’d felt God’s hand on him, had heard a still, soft voice: Save this one. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book Download

Enoch had purchased her without question, but now wondered and worried what his master would say. His master was expecting Gauls and Britons, and he was bringing back seven broken Jews, one a small girl with the eyes of a prophetess. Enoch prayed fervently for God’s protection.

I’ll keep her,” Julia said grandly. “Come with me, girl.” “Her name is Hadassah, Julia,” Phoebe said softly in reproof. “Hadassah, then. Come with me,” Julia said imperiously. Hadassah followed obediently, taking in the wonders of the great house. The floors were brightly tiled mosaic, the walls of marble.

Grecian urns were placed besitle the doorways, and Babylonian curtains hung on the walls. They crossed an open court lush with flowering shrubs and plants and adorned by marble statues. The soothing sound of water running in a fountain was close by. Hadassah blushed hotly as she saw the statue of a nude woman standing in the midst of the small pool. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book Free

friends often enough. I believe in love, Marcus. posed, why she spent so much time at the temples, satiating herself with it. He knew all about love. It leftl exhausted and empty. He could lose himsel] in a in sensation and pleasure, but when it was over and he found himself still hungrymhungry for something even define.

No, love wasn’t the answer. Maybe it was always supposed. Power brought peace, and money Why had he thought to learn anything from this already knew the answer for himself, didn’t he? to the house,” he said curtly, moving aside so she could Hadassah looked up at him. His handsome face was, lined, reflecting his troubled thoughts.

Marcus thing the world had to offer a man. Yet, he stood there, oddly bereft. Was all his arrogance and affluence only an sign of an inner affliction? Her heart was moved. What if him about the love she meant? Would he laugh or have to the arena? The door stood open. He entered and found himself in a service corridor, with storage rooms off to each side and a stone stairway at the end.

It reminded him of another meeting with Julia; she’d been waiting for him then. This time another woman stood in the shadows of the stairwell. He strode toward her, feeling her critical assessment with every step he took. She stood three steps from the bottom so that she was on eye level with him when he stopped before her. Her eyes drifted over him and she came down one step. A Voice in the Wind PDF Book Free

She lifted the amulet he wore. Holding it in her open palm, she looked at it and then up at him, her mouth curving into a sardonic smile. “Ah,” she said, and Atretes looked into the coldest eyes he had ever seen. He brushed her hand away. “Where’s Julia?” “Awaiting her pleasure.” The woman laughed softly. The sound grated. “This way,” she said and turned her back on him.

What h’ad she done wrong? What could she do to make thin right? She prayed to every god she knew, gave offerings with an” open hand, fasted, meditated. She cried out within her heart for. answers and still she had to watch the man she’d loved since hat ing glimpsed him as a young girl–the man who’d given her chil dren and love and a wonderful life–die slowly, in agony.

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