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In her attic bedroom Margaret Murry, wrapped in an old patchwork quilt, sat on the foot of her bed and watched the trees tossing in the frenzied lashing of the wind. Behind the trees clouds scudded frantically across the sky. Every few moments the moon ripped through them, creating wraithlike shadows that raced along the ground. The house shook. Wrapped in her quilt, Meg shook.

A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book by Madeleine L’Engle

Name of Book A Wrinkle in Time
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 161
Language English
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She wasn’t usually afraid of weather. —It’s not just the weather, she thought. —It’s the weather on top of everything else. On top of me. On top of Meg Murry doing everything wrong. School. School was all wrong. She’d been dropped down to the lowest section in her grade. That morning one of her teachers had said crossly, “Really, Meg.

I don’t understand how a child with parents as brilliant as yours are supposed to be can be such a poor student. If you don’t manage to do a little better you’ll have to stay back next year.” During lunch she’d rough-housed a little to try to make herself feel better, and one of the girls said scornfully, “After all, Meg, we aren’t grammar-school kids any more.

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Why do you always act like such a baby?” And on the way home from school, walking up the road with her arms full of books, one of the boys had said something about her “dumb baby brother.” At this she’d thrown die books on the side of the road and tackled him with every ounce of strength she had, and arrived home with her blouse torn and a big bruise under one eye.

From under the table where he was lying at Charles Wallace’s feet, hoping for a crumb or two, Fortinbras raised his slender dark head in greeting to Meg, and his tail thumped against the floor. Fortinbras had arrived on their doorstep, a half-grown puppy, scrawny and abandoned, one winter night.

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He was, Meg’s father had decided, part Uewellyn setter and part greyhound, and he had a slender^ dark beauty that was all his own. “Why didn’t you come up to the attic?” Meg asked her brother, speaking as though he were at least her own age. “I’ve been scared stiff.” “Too windy up in that attic of yours,” the little boy said.

“I knew you’d be down. I put some milk on the stove for you. It ought to be hot by now.” How did Charles Wallace always know about her? How could he always tell? He never knew—or seemed to care— what Dennys or Sandy were thinking. It was his mother’s mind, and Meg’s, that he probed with frightening accuracy.

Was it because people were a little afraid of him that they whispered about the Murry’s youngest child, who was rumored to be not quite bright? “I’ve heard that clever people often have subnormal children,” Meg had once overheard. “The two boys seem to be nice, regular children, but that unattractive girl and the baby boy certainly aren’t all there.” A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book

It was true that Charles Wallace seldom spoke when anybody was around, so that many people thought he’d never learned to talk. And it was true that he hadn’t talked at all until he was almost four. Meg would turn white with fury when people looked at him and clucked, shaking their heads sadly. “Don’t worry about Charles Wallace, Meg.”

Her father had once told her. Meg remembered it very clearly because it was shortly before he went away. “There’s nothing the matter with his mind. He just does things in his own way and in his own time.” Mrs. Murry squatted at Mrs. Whatsit’s feet, yanking on one slick boot. When the boot came off it came suddenly. Mrs. Murry sat down with a thump.

Mrs. Whatsit went tumbling backward with the chair onto the floor, sandwich held high in one old claw. Water poured out of the boot and ran over the floor and the big braided rug. “Oh, dearie me,” Mrs. Whatsit said, lying on her back in the overturned chair, her feet in the air, one in a red and white striped sock, the other still booted. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book

Mrs. Murry got to her feet. “Are you all right, Mrs. Whatsit?” “If you have some liniment I’ll put it on my dignity,” Mrs. Whatsit said, still supine. “I think it’s sprained. A little oil of cloves mixed well with garlic is rather good.” And she took a large hite of sandwich. “Do please get up,” Charles said. “I don’t like to see you lying there that way. You’re carrying things too far.”

“Have you ever tried to get to your feet with a sprained dignity?” But Mrs. Whatsit scrambled up, righted the chair, and then sat back down on the floor, the booted foot stuck out in front of her, and took another bite. She moved with great agility for such an old woman. At least Meg was reasonably sure that she was an old woman, and a very old woman at that.

Mrs. Whatsit, her mouth full, ordered Mrs. Murry, “Now pull while I’m already down.” Quite calmly, as though this old woman and her boots were nothing out of the ordinary, Mrs. Murry pulled until the second boot relinquished the foot This foot was covered with a blue and gray Argyle sock. and Mrs. Whatsit sat there, wriggling her toes, contentedly finishing her sandwich before scrambling to her feet. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book

“Ah,” she said, “that’s ever so much better,” and took both boots and shook them out over the sink. “My stomach is full and I’m warm inside and out and it’s time I went home.” Calvin led Meg across the lawn. The shadows of the trees were long and twisted and there was a heavy, sweet, autumnal smell to the air. Meg stumbled as the land sloped suddenly downhill, but Calvin’s strong hand steadied her.

They walked carefully across the twins’ vegetable garden, picking their way through rows of cabbages, beets, broccoli, pumpkins. Looming on their left were the tall stalks of corn. Ahead of them was a small apple orchard bounded by a stone wall, and beyond this the woods through which they had walked that afternoon.

Calvin led the way to the wall, and then sat there, his red hair shining silver in the moonlight, his body dappled with patterns from the tangle of branches. He reached up, pulled an apple off a gnarled limb, and handed it to Meg, then picked one for himself. “Tell me about your father,” “He’s a physicist.” “Sure, we all know that. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book

And he’s supposed to have left your mother and gone off with some dame.” Meg jerked up from the stone on which she was perched, but Calvin grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back down. “Hold it, kid. I didn’t say anything you hadn’t heard already, did I?” “No,” Meg said, but continued to pull away. “Let me go.” “Come on, calm down.

You know it isn’t true, / know it isn’t true. And how anybody after one look at your mother could believe any man would leave her for another woman just shows how far jealousy will make people go. Right?” “I guess so,” Meg said, but her happiness had fled and she was back in a morass of anger and resentment. “Look, dope.” Calvin shook her gently.

“I just want to get things straight, sort of sort out the fact from fiction. Your father’s a physicist. That’s a fact, yes?” “You see,” Mrs. Whatsit said, “if a very small insect were to move from the section of skirt in Mrs. Who’s right hand to that in her left, it would be quite a long walk for him if he had to walk straight across.” Swiftly Mrs. Who brought her hands, still holding the skirt, together. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book Download

“Now, you see,” Mrs. Whatsit said, “he would be there, without that long trip. That is how we travel.” Charles Wallace accepted the explanation serenely. Even Calvin did not seem perturbed. “Oh, dear,” Meg sighed. “I guess I am a moron. I just don’t get it.” “That is because you think of space only in three dimensions,” Mrs. Whatsit told her.

“We travel in the fifth dimension. This is something you can understand, Meg. Don’t be afraid to try. Was your mother able to explain a tesseract to you?” “Well, she never did,” Meg said. “She got so upset about it Why, Mrs. Whatsit? She said it had something to do with her and Father.” “It was a concept they were playing with,” Mrs. Whatsit said, “going beyond die fourth dimension to the fifth.

Did your mother explain it to you, Charles?” “Well, yes.” Charles looked a little embarrassed. “Please don’t be hurt, Meg. I just kept at her while you were at school till I got it out of her.” The shadows were swirling in the crystal again, and as they cleared Meg began to recognize her mother’s lab at home. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book Download

Mrs. Murry was sitting perched on her high stool, writing away at a sheet of paper on a clipboard on her lap. She’s writing Father, Meg thought. The way she always does. Every night. The tears that she could never learn to control swam to her eyes as she watched. Mrs. Murry looked up from her letter.

Almost as though she were looking toward the children, and then her head drooped and she put it down on the paper, and sat there, huddled up, letting herself relax into an unhappiness that she never allowed her children to see. And now the desire for tears left Meg. The hot, protective anger she had felt for Calvin when she looked into his home she now felt turned toward her mother.

“Let’s go!” she cried harshly. “Let’s do something!” “She’s always so right,” Mrs. Whatsit murmured, looking towards Mrs. Which. “Sometimes I wish she’d just say I told you so and have done with it.” “I only meant to help—” the Medium wailed. “Oh, Medium, dear, don’t feel badly,” Mrs. Whatsit said swiftly. “Look at something cheerful, do. I can’t bear to have you distressed!” A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book Download

“It’s all right,” Meg assured the Medium earnestly. “Truly it is, Mrs. Medium, and we thank you very much.” “Are you sure?” the Medium asked, brightening. “Of course! It really helped ever so much because it made me mad, and when I’m mad I don’t have room to be scared.” They were standing on a hill and as Meg looked about her she felt that it could easily be a hill on earth.

There were the familiar trees she knew so well at home: birches, pines, maples. And though it was warmer than it had been when they so precipitously left the apple orchard, there was a faintly autumnal touch to the air; near them were several small trees with reddened leaves very like sumac, and a big patch of goldenrod-like flowers.

As she looked down the hill she could see the smokestacks of a town, and it might have been one of any number of familiar towns. There seemed to be nothing strange, or different, or frightening, in the landscape. But Mrs. Whatsit came to her and put an arm around her comfortingly. “I can’t stay with you here, you know, love,” she said. “You three children will be on your own. We will be watching you. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book Free

“No,” Charles Wallace said. “I have to go on. We have to make decisions, and we can’t make them if they’re based on fear.” His voice sounded old and strange and remote. Meg, clasping his small hand tightly, could feel it sweating in hers. As they approached the end of the room their steps slowed. Before them was a platform. On the platform was a chair, and on the chair was a man.

What was there about him that seemed to contain all the coldness and darkness they had felt as they plunged through the Black Thing on their way to this planet? “I have been waiting for you, my dears,” the man said. His voice was kind and gentle, not at all the cold and frightening voice Meg had expected.

It took her a moment to realize that though the voice came from the man, he had not opened his mouth or moved his lips at all, that no real words had been spoken to fall upon her ears, that he had somehow communicated directly into their brains. “But how does it happen that there are three of you?” the man asked. A Wrinkle in Time PDF Book Free

Charles Wallace spoke with harsh boldness, but Meg could feel him trembling. “Oh, Calvin just came along for the ride.” “Oh, he did, did he?” For a moment there was a sharpness to the voice that spoke inside their minds. Then it relaxed and became soothing again. “I hope that it has been a pleasant one so far.”

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