As a Man Thinketh PDF Book by James Allen


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Picture a woman who suffers from debilitating health problems because of her diet of processed foods and sweetened drinks. She wishes to be healthy and is willing to visit doctors and take prescription drugs, but she refuses to change her lifestyle. She can never gain a healthy body without a healthy mindset.

As a Man Thinketh PDF Book by James Allen

Name of Book As a Man Thinketh
Author James Allen
PDF Size 1.4 MB
No of Pages 28
Language  English
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Picture a company that pays its workers the bare minimum, and refuses them health insurance, paid vacation time, and other benefits. Its executives wish for profits, but lasting success cannot be built on the backs of discontented, disloyal, overworked, underproductive employees.

It is not enough just to have a positive goal. As the above examples show, our goals must be in harmony with our thoughts—both conscious and unconscious—or they will never be realized. The interplay between thought and circumstance is too complex to judge a person’s heart and mind simply based on their current circumstances.

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One entrepreneur may be upright and honest in certain aspects, yet their business fails. Another may be boastful and dishonest in certain aspects, yet their business succeeds. It is common to say that the first entrepreneur failed because they are honest, while the second succeeded because they are dishonest—but this is a mistaken conclusion.

It assumes that some people are completely virtuous while others are completely evil, which is an oversimplification. Upon closer examination, the more dishonest entrepreneur may possess certain virtues—like decisiveness and efficiency—that the more honest one lacks.

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It soothes our vanity to say that we failed because we’re too good, or that we’re broke because we’re too honest. But this is not true. Until we have wiped every impure thought from our minds and cleansed every spot from our souls, how can we know that our sufferings are the result of our virtues and not our faults?

Or that victory will not come to us tomorrow, if we persist through today’s setbacks? The purpose of suffering is to teach, strengthen, and purify. Do not whine and pity yourself; learn and grow from your faults and failures. Search for the hidden justice that rules your life.

Instead of kicking against circumstances, use them as stair-steps to greater heights, as challenges that reveal new powers within yourself. The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the mind’s commands, whether conscious or unconscious. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book

The conscious mind chooses to contract muscles and move our body; while the unconscious mind directs our autonomic nervous system, regulating our heartbeat, circulation, breathing, and other bodily processes. Our health and appearance, like our circumstances, are shaped by our thoughts.

Negative thoughts direct the body to disorder, disease, and decline. Positive, constructive thoughts energize the body and impart a youthful glow. Over time, unhealthful thoughts express themselves in a weak, overweight, or sickly body. Slothful thoughts encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Both self-indulgent and self-loathing thoughts can cause overeating.

Anxious, stressful, and fearful thoughts set off our internal alarm system—blood pressure rises, breathing becomes fast and shallow, and the body releases stress-response hormones. When this happens frequently, our glands are depleted and our immune system is weakened. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book

The opposite is also true—positive thoughts boost our health and immunity. Strong, confident, caring, grateful, happy thoughts express themselves in a vigorous, vibrant, graceful, beautiful body. While you may inherit a genetic blueprint from your parents, the tools for building your body are in your hands, and the materials that will be used are up to you.

These include the foods you eat and the exercises you perform.) Two builders, working from the same blueprint, can produce two entirely different houses—one cheap, sloppy, soon-dilapidated; the other fine-crafted, stately, and enduring. Diet and exercise actually begin in the mind.

What will you eat? How will you move your body? Your dominant thoughts determine the answers. A person who reads about nutrition and often thinks about which foods are the most nourishing will naturally make healthy choices, without strain or self-deprivation. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book

A person who focuses their mind on athletics or muscular development, combining enthusiasm and dedication with a sound training program, will surely build a strong and speedy physique. And in athletic competitions, intelligent planning, quick thinking, and mental determination lead to victory. Healthy thoughts become healthy habits.

Hold a vision of yourself glowing with energy and vitality, act in harmony with that vision, and you will grow to embody it. If you wish to protect your body from sickness, purify your mind. If you wish to be physically attractive, beautify your mind. Thoughts of jealousy, hatred, apathy, disappointment, and despair rob the body of its natural radiance.

A “sour face” is the expression of sour thoughts. I know a 96-year-old woman with the bright, innocent face of a girl. And I know a 36-year-old man with a permanent frown, who looks at least twice his age. One is the outflowing of a sunny, friendly disposition; the other of discontent and a bad temper. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book

As you cannot have a light-filled, airy home unless you pull back the curtains and open the windows, you cannot have a bright, happy countenance without opening your mind, releasing negative and harmful thoughts, and letting in thoughts of joy, goodwill, and peace. Those who remain pure in their thoughts grow old gracefully and serenely.

Their waning years are bathed in beautiful, mellow hues, like a sunset over the ocean. I recently sat at the deathbed of a true philosopher. He was young in everything except years, and he died as sweetly and peacefully as he lived. There is no better medicine than cheerful thought for curing and preventing bodily ills.

To wish the best for all people; to find the good in everything; to be content in all circumstances—such thoughts are the portal to heaven. In order to accomplish anything, thought must be wedded to purpose. Too often, we allow our thoughts to drift aimlessly on the seas of life; purpose directs them to a desired destination. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Download

Those who lack a central purpose in life fall prey to worries, fears, and petty troubles, and end up stuck in self-pity. They may appear virtuous, because they lack any glaring faults and make no great mistakes, but they take a long, winding route to failure and unhappiness just the same.

Conceive a central purpose for your life and set out to accomplish it. It may be a noble ideal, such as spreading justice and freedom, or a worldly attainment, such as founding a successful business. Whatever it is, make it the focal point of your thoughts. Dedicate yourself to its realization.

The power of thought multiplies through focus and concentration. As a person strives and fails, again and again, in the service of a worthy goal, their character is strengthened and deepened. They turn obstacles into stepping-stones. This is the measure of true success.As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Download

What if you are a young student, or are waiting for inspiration, and don’t yet have a central purpose in mind? Start by focusing on the task at hand—whatever duty is before you at school, work, or home. Concentrate on doing your job as well as you can, however insignificant it may seem.

This will develop and expand your ability to take on greater goals in the future. You may have little or no experience, but—now that you know mental power can be developed by effort and exercise—you can begin to exert yourself. With patience and practice, your powers will grow exponentially.

To begin to think with a purpose in mind, laying aside distractions and daydreams, is to enter the ranks of the successful—those who learn from their failures, find the advantage in every circumstance, think strongly, dare fearlessly, and act masterfully. Once you conceive a purpose, create a plan for its attainment. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Download

Look neither to the right nor left—fears and doubts will only pull you off-track. Those who focus on fear never accomplish anything. The power to do springs from the confidence that you can. All that we achieve, or fail to achieve, is the result of our own thoughts.

Your strengths and weaknesses, your virtues and faults, are entirely your own—they are not forced upon you by others or by circumstance. Only you can improve yourself. Your happiness and suffering come from within. Only you can change your state. As you think, you are.

As continue to think, you will be. A strong person cannot help a weak person unless they want to be helped; even then, the weak person must work to become stronger. By your own efforts, you must develop in yourself the qualities you admire in others. Throughout history, it has been commonly said. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Download

“The many are oppressed because the few lord over them. Let us hate the leaders.” What if we reversed this perspective? “Good leaders are scarce because the majority of people are followers. Let’s stop thinking and acting like helpless victims, rise up, and become leaders.”

When a person realizes that their thoughts determine their experience of life, they have no desire to oppress others, nor can they be oppressed. They understand that the oppressor and the oppressed are cooperators in ignorance. They have compassion for all. They are free. The only way to rise is to elevate your thoughts.

To achieve anything, we must lift our thoughts above sloth and self indulgence. Successful people put off gratification. They conceive goals, create plans, and execute those plans. They act independently, on their own initiative. They master their minds, and so master their circumstances. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Free

The dreamers are the redeemers of the world. Humanity is blessed in good times, and sustained through hard times, by the visions of its dreamers. Inspired by their ideals, we work tirelessly to build a peaceful, just, compassionate society. Composer, sculptor, painter, poet, prophet, sage—these are the artists of our ideals, the architects of heaven.

The world is a better place because they lived. If you cherish a beautiful vision in your heart, one day you will realize it. Explorers cherished visions of new worlds, and sailed the oceans to find them. Scientists cherished visions of tiny cells and vast galaxies, and invented microscopes and telescopes to reveal them.

Prophets cherished visions of a divine power permeating the universe, and entered into harmony with it. Cherish your visions and ideals; cherish the music that moves your heart. For out of your love will flow your purpose—your unique contribution to better this world. Aim high and dream big; for as you dream, you will become. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Free

Your life will expand to fill the contours of your vision. As the towering oak was once an acorn, the greatest achievement was once an idea. Dreams are the seeds of reality. Your circumstances may be unfavorable now, but they will not remain so for long if you conceive an ideal and strive for it.

An interior transformation will soon express itself outwardly. Picture a youth hard-pressed by poverty, confined for long hours in a stuffy workshop, unschooled and lacking all the arts of refinement. But he dreams of better things. He values intelligence, grace, and beauty. In his mind, he envisions his ideal life.

He springs into action, using all his spare time and money—little as it is—to develop himself and expand his horizons. Soon, the workshop cannot hold him. His mind has so outgrown his surroundings that he casts them off like an old coat. Years later, we see him as a grown man. As a Man Thinketh PDF Book Free

He is the master of his mind, with which he exerts power and influence. He shoulders great responsibilities and creates products and services that benefit his customers. He inspires others to follow his example and improve their own lives. He has grown to embody his vision. I have known men and women like this.

You, too, will realize the vision of your heart, be it beautiful, ugly, or a mixture of both. This is because you naturally gravitate towards that on which your mind fixates. You will rise as high as your greatest aspiration, or fall as low as your controlling desire.