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Supreme Spirit, immanent, transcendent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The evolution is initiated and sustained by the will and presence of the spirit immenant implosive in Nature, therefore it is creative and intelligent evolution, not blind and wild growth. The initiation is like the spark, the Big Bang. With the big bang the one basic material cause, Prakrti, takes on the evolutionary process of diversification.

Atharvaveda PDF Book

Name of Book Atharvaveda
PDF Size 4.6 MB
No of Pages 2428
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The phenomenal world, whatever it may be at any time, is the consequence of that one cause according to the laws of evolution. Prakrti originally is non-descript. When the divine will initiates the process of evolutionary change and development, it takes on the name and character of Mahat. Mahat then changes into Ahankara, a generic identity, which then evolves into two directions: physical and psychic.

The psychic direction develops into the mind, intellect and the senses and the physical develops into the five elements, akasha, vayu, agni, apah and Prthivi. The physical development passes through two stages, subtle and gross from Ahankara. The subtle elements are called Tanmatras, and Tanmatras then develop into the gross elements, akash or space, vayu or energy.

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Agni or heat and light, apah or liquids, and Prthivi or solids. The five gross elements, their subtle precedents, and Ahankara are the ‘seven’ of the mantra. Shyåmå sarμupaΔkaraƒ∂ pæthivyå adhyudbhætå. Idamμu ¶u pra sådhaya punå rμupåƒi kalpaya. Shyama, maker of uniform colour and function of the patient’s skin, born and sustained of the earth, cure this patient.

Create and re-create the form and colour of the skin, the same uniformly, again and again. Note: In the Vedic tradition herbs and medicines are not dead materials. They share the same vitality of the cosmic spirit and energy which all of us share. They are a part of the living cosmic organism. Hence the Vaidic physician talks to them as living energy.

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Secondly, everything from cosmic energy and the sun to a herb and a drug is uniform. Disintegrate presences such as diseases are malfunctions which are results of local imbalances. Hence the remedy is called Sarupa, uniform and unifunctional. The cosmic energy, the sun, the earth, the herbs, you and I, all are Sarupa in the healthy state.

When the health is disturbed, the Sarupa medicine restores the ‘sarupa’, uniformity. Further, Suparna, Asuri, Sarupa, Shyama, Rajani, Savarani, all these are names of herbs in Ayurveda. venly lord sustainer of the dynamic universe of stars, planets and satellites in space and of the divine voice of knowledge reverberating in space, sole and absolute master ruler.

And controller of the world of his creation with love and justice, is the only one supreme lord, Parameshvara, worthy of worship and homage of adoration for people. O lord of cosmic light and infinite kindness, I come to you by the divine voice of Veda and the yogaic path of spiritual illumination. Atharvaveda PDF Book

Homage and obeisance to you with total surrender. Your presence shines and is reached in the heaven of inner consciousness and the cosmic regions of divine refulgence. Let the cows come as rays of the sun. Let them sit and rest in the stalls, be happy and comfortable. They bring happiness and good fortune.

May they be fertile, rich with progeny, abundant rich and various by growing, yielding plenty of milk for the health and prosperity of the nation, and thereby let them be harbingers of light as morning dawns. Marutå≈ manve adhi me bruvantu prema≈ våja≈ våjasåte avantu. Å‹μuniva suyamånahva μutaye te no mu¤cantva≈hasa¨.

I reflect and meditate upon the Maruts, vibrant forces of nature’s dynamics of evolution inspiring humanity, pioneering scholars and thinkers, and refreshing pranic energies: may they energise me, speak their message to me, preserve, protect and promote this energy and enthusiasm of life to win further victories in our struggle for higher living. Atharvaveda PDF Book

Fast like war horses are they, innately controlled progressive powers, leading to fresh achievement, I invoke them for peace, progress and security. May they save us from sin and dangerous over-enthusiasm. Manyu, righteous passion and courage of mind, is Indra, glory and power, manyu is brilliance.

Manyu is the call for yajna and the yajamana, manyu is Varuna, deep as ocean, blazing as sun and self-confidence of choice. Manyu is Jataveda, spirit of intelligence and existential awareness. Communities which live all over the human world honour and adore manyu. O spirit of passion and universal intelligence of divine mind.

Dearest friend and inner inspiration, pray protect and promote us with the strength and discipline of body, mind and soul Tvayå pμurvamatharvåƒo jaghnμu rak¶å≈syo¶adhe. Tvayå jaghåna ka‹yapastvayå kaƒvo agastya¨. O all-cleansing herb, by you the veteran scholars of Atharvani science of fire and soma destroy life threatening germs. Atharvaveda PDF Book Download

By you the microbiologist, Kashyapa, destroys germs of disease. By you Kanva, the technologist, and Agastya, specialist of water pollution, destroys germs of disease. O light of life, Agni, let my lustre and splendour shine in battles of the brave and assemblies of the wise. May we, lighting and exalting you in yajnic contests, strengthen and advance ourselves in body, mind and soul in the open social order.

Let the four directions of the earth recognise and accept me with due honour and felicitation. Let us all win all round in the struggles for higher life under your leadership and watchful eye. Yadasåvamuto devå adeva¨ sa≈‹cik∂r¶ati. Må tasyågnirhavya≈ våk¶∂ddhava≈ devå asya mopa gurmamaiva havametana.

O Devas, noble and positive powers of the world, if that negative, undivine, destructive power wants to attack us from that far off place and destroy our freedom and prosperity, let not Agni, enlightened and fiery leader of humanity, listen to carry out his call and offer, let no good and positive powers listen and go to join him. Let them all come and join my yajnic call for defence of freedom and prosperity of all. Atharvaveda PDF Book Download

Yadasåvamuto devå adeva¨ sa≈‹cik∂r¶ati. Må tasyågnirhavya≈ våk¶∂ddhava≈ devå asya mopa gurmamaiva havametana. O Devas, noble and positive powers of the world, if that negative, undivine, destructive power wants to attack us from that far off place and destroy our freedom and prosperity, let not Agni, enlightened and fiery leader of humanity.

Listen to carry out his call and offer, let no good and positive powers listen and go to join him. Let them all come and join my yajnic call for defence of freedom and prosperity of all. O mind and soul with grace from above, you are my thunder-cover of lightning. Whoever the sinner that wants to challenge and enslave me from the direction above, let him face and try to break through this cover, and perish.

I pray for energy of prana and apana from the winds, eye from the sun, ear from space, and body from the earth for the invincible cover of life. With Brhat Saman, we invoke and pray for the Word of Divinity from Mother Sarasvati, inspirer of mind, intellect and soul with knowledge and the strength and power that flows from knowledge. Atharvaveda PDF Book Download

Varuna speaks to the seeker: “Not by mere desire do I become a constant giver. I wish, I watch, I care, I speak and inspire. I inspire and move this earth and heaven, and thus look after the peace and pleasure of life. O seeker, Atharvan, man of wisdom and stable mind, by which power, poetic self-revealing and inspiring in existence, do you grow to be a man of all knowledge?

It is by the spirit and poetry of the spirit that is supreme and infinite, all comprehensive and protective, that you grow all knowing. Know that and you know all. Åjuhvåna ∂Œyo vandya‹cå yåhyagne vasubhi¨ sajo¶å¨. Tva≈ devånåmasi yahva hotå sa enånyak¶∂¶ito yaj∂yån. Giving the clarion call for collective creative action with the spirit of yajna, Agni, worthy of praise and adoration.

Come with honour, excellence and vibrant energies of life. You are harbinger and inspirer of divinities, great and powerful, worthy of love, association and leadership, inspired with a mission, pray bring in and join all these divine forces together and lead them on to create a higher order of life. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

Varuna, brilliant physician with his knowledge of sun and water, has given me the knowledge of snake poison cure. With unfailing words of that knowledge I remove your poison. Whether the wound and poison is deep or shallow or superficial, I seize your poison and make it disappear just as water disappears in sand in the desert.

Tastuva snake is like Tastuva, antidote of poison. But, O Tastuva, you are surely not the destroyer. You are the antidote that renders snake poison ineffective. Note: This hymn should be read with Rgveda 1, 191, where various kinds of snakes and many other poisonous creatures are mentioned along with many herbs and bird antidotes.

Here also some antidotes are mentioned specially in mantras 10 and 11. There are many stories, reports and direct experiences of miraculous cures of poison in India. Snake poison is cured with snake poison itself. ‘Poison kills poison.’ O Oshadhi, born of the truth and law of existence, observer of the laws of life, creator of the honey sweets of life. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

Let there be three or thirty, any number of distractors, abusers, revilers or spoilers of health and happiness, three, and even thirty let them be, create for us the honey sweets of life and joy in spite of them. Let there be hundred, and even thousand abusers and revilers of life and truth ranged against me, O Oshadhi, born of the truth and law of existence, observer of the laws of life without relent.

Creator of the beauty and honey sweets of life and health, create for us the honey sweets of life and strength to stand by truth against a thousand odds. If you are the eleventh, none of these ten, you would be either wholly and irredeemably dry, unconsecrated by the holy waters of life. And if you are free from all these ten, pure spirit in Kaivalya state.

Then you are untouched by all pleasure and pain of the waters of life. Note: The numbers from one to ten are statements of the virtues, assets and values of life. They can be interpreted in different ways: ten principles of Dharma, ten pranas, ten senses of perception and volition and so on. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

But the emphasis is on creative life. We must create and contribute something to life and leave it richer than we found it when we came. Creativity is the value, selfishness and sterility is no life. Either be in and doing, or out and free. O ruler of the people, the divinities of nature and nobilities of humanity did not give this earth, this Vedic speech, this holy cow to you to eat.

For exploitation, misappropriation and personal consumption. Do not try to eat up the Brahmana’s cow, it is inviolable, it is not something edible. It is not to be killed. (Brahmana in this hymn does not mean a caste, it means Brahma, the Supreme Being and any person wholly dedicated to Brahma.

‘Gau’ means the cow and all divine gifts of Brahma: nature, sun rays, moon, land, earth and the environment, the people, knowledge, culture, language, sense organs and, of course, the cow and all other useful animals. All these belong to Brahma, all these belong to humanity as trust, and humanity is to be taken as noble on its own as humanity. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

These do not belong to any particular person even if the person is a ruler. They belong to all and to every person as a trust. In this sense they belong to the ruler also but as a trustee of the people, not as a person, not as property. Hence the original term ‘Brahmana’s Gau’ is used in the translation in this wide sense.

Every person’s share of God’s gifts is sacred, inviolable, un-encroachable. O vision, word and voice of life and the nation, lover and harbinger of well being, creator and winner of wealth and peace, patient and courageous, victor of the battles of life, you are trained and refined by the wisdom of Veda.

Just as the soma makers grind the soma filaments to fineness, just as a settled sage and scholar analyses subtle ideas in philosophy, you in life’s struggles, acquiring lands and culture of the wealth and wisdom of life, rejoice yourself to the full. Whether fever comes and affects odorous people and spreads from them, or it affects weaker persons and spreads from them. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

Or it affects persons of weak constitution and spreads from them, or it affects persons of ill-controlled habits and spreads from them, in any case we throw it out and eliminate it like infection brought in from another country and sent out like a foreigner, and thus we keep it away. May earth and heaven, presiding protectors of the generous.

Guide and promote me in this divine prayer and pursuit, in this particular act, in this pious undertaking, in this settled position of responsibility, in this plan, in this resolution, in this discipline and benediction, and in this yajna in honour of the divinities. This is the voice of the soul’s prayer. Indra, lord omnipotent, is the presiding power and sustainer of the heavens.

May Indra protect and promote me in this holy programme of divine learning, in this plan on hand, in this priestly task, in this prestigious position, in this project, in this resolution, in this blessed scheme, and in this divine act of yajna. This is a soulful prayer in all honesty of thought, word and deed. Atharvaveda PDF Book Free

Pitara¨ pare te måvantu. Asminbrahmaƒyasminkarmaƒyasyå≈ purodhåyåmasyå≈ prati¶¢håyåmasyå≈ cittyåmasyåmåkμutyåmasyåmå‹i¶yasyå≈ devahμutyå≈ svåhå. May the good wishes and memories of the farthest ancestors protect and promote me in this holy life of divine nature, in this life work I am doing, in this priestlike task, in this noble position.

In this intelligent living, in this life of faith and resolution, in this state of benediction and in this yajnic course of life dedicated to the divinities. This is the earnest prayer from the depth of the heart.