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I continued to grind out the work but grew more and more dissatisfied as an attorney. I was frustrated and very depressed. To put it bluntly, I didn’t like my life, and saw no way that things were going to improve. Have you ever had a job where you dreaded going to work most days — where you felt the “weight of the world” on your shoulders each day? Well, that’s how I felt.

Attitude Is Everything PDF Book by Jeff Keller

Name of Book Attitude Is Everything
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No of Pages 125
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I was literally hunched over… and in pain, both physically and emotionally. I looked much older than my years. I began to get headaches all the time, and my stomach was constantly churning. Fearing that I had some serious health problem, I saw some doctors and they ordered a battery of tests. Every test came back with the same result — they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me.

One of the doctors suggested that I take Maalox to calm my upset stomach. Spiritually, I was dead. Nothing in my life had much meaning. This day-to-day drudgery was also affecting my appearance. Although I was in my late 20s, I looked like I was 40! In the early part of 1985, shortly after I had turned 30 years old, I was burned out.

Click here to Download Attitude Is Everything PDF Book

And, one particular evening, while sitting alone in my den, I knew that something had to change. Not knowing what to do, I simply said out loud, “There’s got to be more to my life than this… there’s got to be more than this misery and unhappiness.” To supplement my income, I began to sell a line of merchandise with my unique “Attitude is Everything” logo.

But there was no way to avoid it — I’d have to take a huge financial step backward to start my new business… at least in the beginning. And yet, it was time to move on. I felt as if I was being pulled out of the legal profession and into my new career. Whenever I spoke to an audience or wrote a motivational essay, I was so invigorated and full of life.

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I knew that’s where I belonged. So, I made a gradual transition — working four days a week as a lawyer, then three days a week… and then two days a week… until, in 1992, I began working full time as a motivational speaker and writer. Trust me, my mother wasn’t thrilled when I told her that I was giving up the practice of law to speak about attitude.

After all, it doesn’t carry the prestige of saying “My son is a lawyer!” But these are issues you have to deal with when you ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING 8 A positive attitude is a person s passport to a better tomorrow. —Unknown take a stand in life. You have to face the fact that some people will disapprove of your decision.

I also learned that you often have to let go of some things in your life and take a few steps backward before you can move forward in a new direction. Part of the price I had to pay was giving up the money, prestige and security of my legal career. By the way, as it turned out, my mother became very supportive of my new career, especially when she saw that I was making progress — and that I really enjoyed my work. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book

Why am I telling you all this about my career transition? It’s not to impress you with what I’ve done. Believe me, I’ve made plenty of blunders and mistakes along the way. I’m sharing my story because I want you to know how drastically my life changed — and how much better it got — when I made a change in my attitude.

Sam, on the other hand, had entered the coffee shop with a scowl on his face. He looked like he’d been sucking on sour pickles all morning. He was hunched over and tense. His body language cried out “Stay away from me!” He was annoyed when the waitress didn’t take his order immediately. He was annoyed at how long it took for his meal to arrive.

He complained about the food, and was furious when he didn’t get his check right away. Why did Sara and Sam have such different experiences in the coffee shop? Remember that each was treated in exactly the same way. It comes down to this: Sara sees the world with a positive attitude. Sam sees the world with a negative attitude. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book

The problem is, the dirt keeps building up, and all too many people do nothing about it. They continue to go through life with a filthy window. They lose their enthusiasm. They get frustrated and depressed. And most tragically, they give up on their dreams — all because they failed to clean their attitude window. That’s the road I was traveling down.

I had a dirty window when I was an attorney. And the longer I stayed in that field, the filthier my window got. I saw no possibilities. How could I? My window was splattered with the mud of negativity. Wash Your Window But then, by the grace of God, I learned that all I had to do was clean off my window! I had to improve my attitude so I could see the world clearly again.

After I removed the grime from my window, a whole new world opened up for me. The frustration and depression lifted. I had more confidence. For the first time in many years, I could see the magnificent possibilities that life had to offer. And I was able to make a career transition and do work that I absolutely love. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book

When you really think about it, I’m in the business of helping people to clean off their windows — to get a better attitude! The idea that we become what we think about has also been expressed as the Law of Dominant Thought. This means that there’s a power within each of us that propels us in the direction of our current dominant thoughts.

The key word here is DOMINANT. You can’t expect positive results when you spend 10 seconds a day thinking positively… and the remaining 16 waking hours dwelling on negative outcomes! Here’s the bottom line. A little positive thinking doesn’t produce positive results. Just like a little bit of a diet doesn’t work.

It’s like trying to lose weight by eating a healthy, low-calorie breakfast… and then pigging out on cake and ice cream for the rest of the day! The same is true of exercise — you can’t do a few minutes of exercise ONCE a week and expect to be physically fit. Look at positive thinking in the same way. A little bit just doesn’t get the job done. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book

Instead, you must take control of your mental activity and think positively throughout each and every day until it becomes a habit. Remember, it has to be your dominant thought pattern. Jerry’s business was in New York, and he had no desire to open a gallery in a remote location. Guess what Jerry did? He flew to Boston the very next day.

And by the end of the day, he had signed a lease for a place on Newbury Street in Boston! He called the Disney executive to report that he had the Massachusetts location. They both had a good laugh. And then the executive said to Jerry, “If you had the courage to go up to Boston the next day and open a place just like that, we have to put you on the Disney program.”

Within a few weeks, Jerry opened the Boston gallery featuring the Disney line. Within a year, he was given permission to market the Disney line through his New York store. Jerry has now done business with Disney for 10 years. He has sold millions of dollars of Disney art and is the largest volume Disney animation art dealer in the world! Attitude Is Everything PDF Book Download

Talk about commitment… talk about keeping a good attitude in the face of rejection! Jerry was going to get the Disney license no matter what it took. Just ask Jerry, and he’ll tell you “in a New York minute” that attitude is everything! The New York Times printed an essay, “Is There Meaning to a Brain Tumor?”

Written by a 40-year-old woman named Sharon who was told that she had a large tumor behind her left eye. The tumor was surgically removed in a six-hour operation. Fortunately, it was benign. Can you imagine someone finding a host of benefits in this frightening situation? According to Sharon, there have been many positives.

Sharon was deeply touched by the outpouring of help and support the community gave to her and her family during this crisis. People in the community, some of whom were only acquaintances, provided evening meals for her husband and their children. Her friends made arrangements for her house to be cleaned. Sharon learned about the human capacity for kindness and for helping others in time of need. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book Download

Adversity teaches us to be grateful. Through problems and difficulties, especially those which involve loss or deprivation, you develop a deeper appreciation for many aspects of your life. It’s trite but true — you don’t usually appreciate something until it’s taken away from you. When you have no hot water, you suddenly value hot water. Not until you’re sick do you cherish good health.

The wise person continues to dwell on blessings, even after the period of loss or deprivation has passed. Remember, we’re always moving in the direction of our dominant thoughts; therefore, concentrating on what you have to be grateful for brings even more good things into your life.

Then, Tom starts to use WORDS that support this thought. He says to his friends and colleagues, “I’m never going to do very well in sales” or “I just hate making sales calls or approaching prospects.” Here again, Tom repeats these phrases over and over… in his self-talk and in his discussions with others. This, in turn, strengthens his BELIEFS — and it’s at this stage where the rubber really meets the road. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book Download

You see, everything that you’ll achieve in your life flows from your beliefs. So, in our sales example, Tom develops the belief that he’s not going to be successful in sales and that he won’t earn much money. This becomes embedded in his subconscious mind. What can possibly flow from that belief? Because Tom doesn’t believe in his sales ability, he takes very little ACTION, or he takes actions that aren’t productive.

He doesn’t do the things that would be necessary to succeed in sales. And then, quite predictably, Tom gets very poor RESULTS. When it comes to home repairs, I’m lost. You want me to replace a faucet or fix something in the toilet tank? I’d have a better chance of reaching the top of Mount Everest. Carpentry or electrical wiring? I haven’t got a clue. You want to know my ultimate Achilles heel?

It’s those instruction sheets that explain how to assemble something that you’ve just taken out of the box. You know what I mean — those black and white booklets with references to “Figure 10A” that show you (or claim to show you!) where all the nuts and bolts go… and how all the parts fit together. Instruction sheets have the same affect on me as kryptonite had on Superman. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book Free

If you recall the old Superman programs, the villain would shoot bullets at Superman — and the bullets bounced off his chest harmlessly. But there was one substance that Superman could not defend against — kryptonite. Whenever the bad guy held up a piece of kryptonite, Superman got wobbly and began to lose his power. Well, when I see an instruction sheet, I get weak in the knees and lose my power.

I just know it’s useless for me to even look at it. There’s no way I’m going to understand it. So I put down the instructions and yell for Dolores to come in and show me what to do. For Dolores, it’s a piece of cake. How did it come to this? I don’t claim to be the smartest guy in the world, but I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent.

Am I missing some gene for home repair skills ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING 5 8 that other people were given? No, that’s not it, either. The answer is quite obvious. For the last 40 years, I have repeatedly said, “I’m no good at mechanical things” and “I can’t fix anything.” And, lo and behold, after 40 years of using negative words, I’ve developed a strong belief that I can’t do these things. Attitude Is Everything PDF Book Free

Do you see how I created this situation by not being careful about the words I used? And, the truth is I could eventually reverse this trend if I’d start using positive words about my ability to make repairs.

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