Beautiful Disaster PDF Book by Jamie McGuire


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Still grinning I kick my shoes off, dump my messenger bag on the floor in the entryway, and hang my jacket into the closet before I make a beeline for the fridge. I’m starving, and I’m thirsty, and while I long to find out if Bella is home already, I need to fulfill my primal needs first before we end up in a tumble of sweaty limbs on the lime green flokati rug in front of the fireplace.

Beautiful Disaster PDF Book by Jamie McGuire

Name of Book Beautiful Disaster
Author Jamie McGuire
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 492
Language English
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 About Book – Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Download by Jamie McGuire

Although actually making sweet love to my girl on the rug sounds like a really good idea. We can always take that bath another day. Quickly making sure that Bella isn’t anywhere in sight I take a deep draft from the OJ, smirking at myself that she has already domesticated me to the point where I feel bad about drinking straight from the carton.

Not that she doesn’t do it herself when she thinks I’m not watching, mind you, but for some weird reason we both fall into the habit of playing house when we’re in the kitchen. Behaving ourselves. Being all proper and nice. I make a mental note that I dearly need to luck my girl on the kitchen counter before the weekend.

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Five weeks since we moved in, and still the kitchen remains undefiled. Can’t have that. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Download I’m lucky and find there’s a microwave dish with some leftovers from yesterday. Not bothering to heat the food, I wolf down half of the contents of the container before I grab a can of Coke, relishing the prickling sensation on my tongue as I take a sip.

As I pad across the hallway and step up to the playroom door I try to come up with a plan. My gaze falls on the scented candles that are stored in the closet next to the bedroom. Of course I can’t use them for a scene, but some extra light is always good, and the heady scent of vanilla and sandalwood can create a good atmosphere.

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Bella is being forward, and I feel I need to reward her for being so brave. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Download Might as well make sure it’s going to be a real night to remember for her, and not just because she stepped up to confront one of her more irrational fears. Picking up two of the huge cube candles with the many wicks I take them with me as I enter the playroom.

Bella hasn’t moved, and while her head is still bent and her eyes cast down, I’m sure she’s following my every move with eagerness. I place the candles left and right of her, outside of the square the other candles are set up in, and light them, brightening the room. The mirrored walls only add to the effect, and I take a moment to drink in her divine body.

Exercising regularly has done a lot to improve her slim but well proportioned build, as does the yoga for her balance. Her thighs and belly are firm now, the muscles in her arms and legs slightly defined, and she can hold position a lot longer now than when we started. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Download Not that I ever minded a little softness, on the contrary, but I know that she needs the strength and stamina for what we do.

Also, going for a run together has become one of my favorite things to do with Bella, including a nice, long shower afterwards, and the occasional blowjob behind a convenient tree. Starting with her wrists, I draw her arms back until her elbows touch and bind them together, using a different rope for her wrists so I can keep them restrained even when I undo the other knots.

Bella instinctively tilts her torso back more until her knuckles reach the floor, stabilizing herself so I can move on. A tie in her hair keeps her tresses in check and forces her to hold her head high, giving me better access to her delicious body. It would have been easier for me to bind her arms at the end as now I have to fumble as I bring the longer rope several times around her torso, back and forth above and below her chests, before I grab her tits and wind more rope tightly around each full globe.

Bella whimpers a little at the unfamiliar feeling as she’s used to me going for less restrictive chest bondage normally, but I want her tits sensitive, yearning to be touched. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book A few more knots and I’m done, leaving her tits constricted at the base and sticking out from her body invitingly.

I move to her thighs next and bind her ankles to them, rendering her helpless that way. A few more loops around her waist follow, and I bring the last length of rope from above her belly button between her lussy lips, and tie it to the waist ropes in back. I check all the knots, they are tight and the ropes bite into her flesh, but for the limited time I’m planning to leave them in place that’s okay.

My focus shifts to the rise and fall of her chest – she is clearly excited, but I decide I need to let her stew a little longer. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Instead of reaching for the candles like she probably expects, I run my fingers softly over her body, her thighs, her stomach, her arms, barely skimming her chests, while I kiss her neck gently.

I can feel her body respond, her pulse picks up, and the calm and serene demeanor leaves her. She leans further towards me but I stay out of her reach, just close enough so she can feel my body heat, but I don’t allow her to touch me. Yet. While she is distracted I kneel down and pull on her bonds until the heel of her lower leg is touching her gas and her upper knee is at her chest, leaving her completely open for me.

The sensation of her lussy clamping down on my socks as I thrust into her is heavenly, and I groan as I sheath myself fully inside of her. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book Bella gasps at the intrusion, the whole motion forcing the crotch rope to press even harder into her. I also feel it chafing against the sides of my socks, a sensation I’m glad of as it allows me to hold back a little longer.

I try to hold back but I simply can’t, seeing her writhe under me just makes me want to come let go. I grab the ropes keeping her restrained for leverage as I start lucking her, hard enough to push and pull her along the floor. Bella pants and thrashes under me, her eyes half closed. They go wide as I shift my weight and lean over her, my weight on my fists next to her head.

I stare deep into those wonderful pools of lust as I increase my speed, pumping into her without holding back anymore. Her high moans and cries urge me on further, and I’m in heaven. Beautiful Disaster PDF Book I’m lost in her eyes as I finally come deep inside of her. Strength leaves me and I roll off her before I can sag onto her, which I try to avoid at all costs as she’s halfway lying on her strained and bound arms already.

I’m lucky not to have knocked over one of the candles, and hastily blow it out before anything else can happen. Bella is still panting hard next to me as I catch my breath, a look of conflict on her face as she nibbles on her lip. Smirking, I gather her close so that she’s half lying on me, her back and arms pressed against my chest and side.

She can’t see my face as I softly kiss her neck, making her shiver while her groan sounds treacherously frustrated. Or not quite so new, considering that since we hooked up she’s been sleeping in my bed whenever there was a chance that I would use it during the night at some point, but I think it will never lose its novelty.

I can spend hours gazing at her, although I don’t tell her, because she’ll think it’s creepy. Beautiful Disaster PDF I don’t intend to stop doing it any time soon though. The shrilling of her alarm clock breaks my Bella watching meditation, and I spend the next ten minutes kissing and groping her. At first she is still grumpy because she has to get up, then she protests, but it doesn’t take much to persuade her to give in to me.

Too bad that I don’t realize that she really means it when she tells me that she has to leave in fifteen minutes once she finally escapes my grasp and runs into the bathroom, so I find myself sitting alone in the kitchen for breakfast. I decide to cut my losses and take my bowl of cereal outside onto the terrace, and on second thought fetch the OJ carton, too.

It’s only half the fun drinking it when Bella can’t catch me, but at least I can claim consistency with my rebellious action. Beautiful Disaster PDF It’s already pitch black outside when I finally get home, once again exhausted. Tonight I’m lucky, the heavenly scents of a freshly prepared meal already greet me when I open the door to our condo. I find Bella at the stove, stirring some sauce or other.

She smiles at me when I hug her from behind, burying my face in her hair until she is all I can smell. I try to be as pesky as possible and steal a kiss from her, but she laughs and gives me a peck on the nose before she tells me to shower as I’m apparently reeking of antiseptic. Grumbling, I dash up into the bathroom to take care of that, and by the time I’m back, the pasta is already waiting for me on the table.

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