Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book by Evy Poumpouras


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I spotted a concrete wall at the base of the closest building and sprinted toward it, grabbing one of the bottles of water we had been using to clean out people’s eyes and mouths; if I was going to be buried alive, I knew I would need water. I rushed through the patio of an abandoned Au Bon Pain restaurant and paused just long enough to take hold of one of the metal tables crowding the patio space.

Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book by Evy Poumpouras

Name of Book Becoming Bulletproof
Author Evy Poumpouras
PDF Size 6 MB
No of Pages 337
Language English
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 About Book – Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download by Evy Poumpouras

One thing you learn in explosives training with the Secret Service is that glass can kill you just as easily as bullets can. My adrenaline spiked as I dragged that brutally heavy table over to the building, hoping that it would protect me from falling debris and provide me with a pocket of air to shelter under should I be buried.

I pushed it against the wall, crawled underneath, and pulled my knees to my chest to make myself into a smaller target. The deafening groan of steel bending crescendoed as the tower broke apart, thousands of windows simultaneously shattering as the structure of the building nally failed.

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The cataclysm of noise and devastation that swept over me was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was like sitting in the center of a volcano during an eruption. The heat and toxic dust lled the air so densely that I could hardly breathe. Cement and steel and shards of glass crashed all around me and the ground thundered with the continuous impacts, growing more deafening by the second.

It quickly became clear that this was going to be beyond anything I had imagined. Day turned to night. The earth beneath me roared so deeply that I thought it was going to open up and swallow me whole. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download It seems pointless now, but I began shaking the table as hard as I could, feebly hoping that I could keep it from accumulating debris that would bury me.

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It was the only thing I could think to do, the only way I could try to ght. I still had no idea what was happening, but as the devastation continued unabated, the realization came to me, both fast and slow, that I was going to die. He started to weep and put his arms around me, the two of us standing there, hugging in the middle of the West Side Highway as people stampeded down the sidewalks on either side of us.

Fire trucks were tearing down the road away from the destruction, their sirens screaming, reghters shouting through their loudspeakers that a gas line had broken and everyone needed to run for their lives. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download It was pandemonium. The other agents kept yelling my name, calling me back, but I couldn’t leave the driver as he sobbed and held on to me.

Finally, I helped him back into his truck and watched as he drove o before I returned to my colleagues to help the other survivors. Here’s what I also know to be true: Fear is relative to the situation you’re facing. Whether you nd yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack, trying to nd the courage to deal with confrontation, or negotiating an important business meeting, your ability to conquer your fear, survive, and even thrive comes down to one thing and one thing only: mental attitude.

Survival is about mastering yourself and your fear response, being able to think and act while keeping your panic at bay. Being able to navigate your mental and physical response to fear is your number one survival skill. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download It can also be the best ally you have in any intimidating situation life throws your way.

Managing your fear requires a deliberate act of courage. It is a choice that you make, and it’s one that everyone is capable of making. As a Special Agent, I was issued my rst bulletproof vest the day I graduated from the US Secret Service Training Academy. Along with my gun and badge, my vest became a normal part of my wardrobe.

It didn’t matter if I was standing outside the door of a protectee’s hotel room or breaching the door of a fugitive’s apartment; my bulletproof vest was always on. Wearing it gave me a sense of condence, knowing that it could save my life, but it also gave me something else: a physical reminder that I was not completely safe.

You see, feeling that bulletproof vest velcroed around my torso kept me mindful of the fact that I was not wholly protected from danger; my arms, legs, and even head were still exposed and susceptible to attack. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Even the vest itself couldn’t protect me from every type of bullet leaving the barrel of a gun.

If someone had a high-powered rie or was using a specially designed armor-piercing bullet, my vest wouldn’t be able to save me. But it could save me from the many other things that I faced in my job. And that’s why I wore it. I was not unstoppable, but I was harder to stop. But this book is not only about teaching you what you can use; it’s also about teaching you to recognize what you can’t.

Like the vulnerabilities that still come despite wearing ballistic armor, I want you to remember that you’re not completely shielded against the harshness of the outside world. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book And that’s okay. Being keenly aware of what can still harm you actually helps you better prepare, defend, and often avoid threats altogether.

You likely have natural strengths and aptitudes that you may not yet know how to tap into. These, too, can become a part of your mental, emotional, and physical armor in the world. Even though I logically knew that I probably wouldn’t die in a simulated helicopter crash, there was no way around the instinctual onset of panic that ooded through me.

My mind didn’t care that this was a controlled exercise, which meant the fear of drowning was as real as anything I’d ever experienced. This exercise had nothing to do with physical strength or agility. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book While I was looking for a way to physically Houdini myself out of the contraption and not drown in the process, the simulation was teaching me how to maintain control of my emotions.

When I was sixteen, my family and I moved from Long Island City into a better neighborhood in Queens. Although crime in that part of New York wasn’t nonexistent, it wasn’t nearly as bad as where we came from. Because money was always tight, my little brother, Theodoros, and I helped our parents clean oce buildings on the weekends after they each nished their day jobs.

One Sunday night, after nishing early, my mom and I drove back to our house while my father and brother stayed a few minutes longer to lock up. When we pulled into our driveway, I noticed the vertical blinds in the living room were open and the lights were on. I already wanted to quit. I was totally out of my element.

During my college years, I worked at a Gold’s Gym in Queens and was in pretty good shape, but Academy training was entirely dierent. My gym went from a 10,000-squarefoot air-conditioned training facility to a ve-by-two-feet imaginary rectangle around me. Becoming Bulletproof PDF No towel, no mat, no insulated water bottles or peppy music to keep me inspired.

Three hundred people within arm’s length of each other struggling to keep up with the lead instructor’s pace. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, arm circles, all in sync with him, one after the next after the next. The female instructor currently butchering my name was screaming in my face so close that I could smell the black coee and eggs she had for breakfast.

I stopped thinking about the totality of what I was doing. Eight more months of this. Of instructors yelling. My parents ignoring me. Of my body hurting. Of me struggling to survive in a world I knew absolutely nothing about. Becoming Bulletproof PDF Instead, I began to live minute by minute. Hour by hour. I focused on the present.

I harnessed my fear of quitting, of the regret I would feel if I didn’t give it my all. As my body got stronger, my mind grew tougher, more resolute and resilient. What my family thought started to weigh less heavily on me. My own insecurities got quieter as I proved my ability class after class, day after day.

The weakness in my mind and body faded as I built a foundation on which I could continue to strengthen and push myself, which led me to take an even bigger risk than I ever had before. In our sparring lessons, I learned early on that recruits were most often partnered by weight class.

In my second week at Glynco, I found myself standing next to Matt, a former Army Ranger more than twice my size and made of solid muscle; before they could partner me with someone closer in size, I asked Matt to be my partner. Becoming Bulletproof PDF I wanted to train with someone who would push me.

Matt understood why I had picked him, and so he didn’t take it easy on me. More important, I didn’t want him to. One day, we practiced ipping each other. Matt went rst. I might as well have been a rag doll for how far he threw me. It seemed like I weighed nothing to him. Time and again I hit the oor with my back and head thudding heavily to the ground.

I could feel my bones vibrating under my skin. My joints hurt from absorbing the shock of falling and my lungs burned from the compression force each time I was slammed into the oor. My body yelled in protest. But I was doing what I set out to do. So I got up.

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