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Macintosh drives. Logan says he’ll sit in back because he’s short. Billy expects them to go west, because that’s where the fancy part of this town is, and Nick Majarian likes to live large whether home or away. And he doesn’t do hotels. But they go northeast instead. Two miles from downtown they enter a neighborhood that looks lower middle-class to Billy.

Billy Summers PDF Book by Stephen King

Name of Book Billy Summers
PDF Size 4.6 MB
No of Pages 445
Language English
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Three or four steps better than the trailer park he grew up in, but far from fancy. No big gated houses, not here. This isa neighborhood of ranch houses with lawn sprinklers twirling on small patches of grass. Most are one-story. Most are well maintained, but a few need paint and there’s crabgrass taking over some of the lawns. He sees one house with a piece of cardboard blocking a broken window.

In front of another, a fat man in Bermuda shorts and a wifebeater sits in a lawn chair from Costco or Sam’s Club, drinking a beer and watching them go by. Times have been good in America for awhile now, but maybe that is going to change. Billy knows neighborhoods like this. They are a barometer, and this one has started to go down.

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The people who live here are working the kind of jobs where you punch a clock. Macintosh pulls into the driveway of a two-story with a patchy lawn. It’s painted a subdued yellow. It’s okay, but doesn’t look like a place where Nick Majarian would choose to live, even for a few days.

It looks like the kind of place a machinist or lower-echelon airport employee would live with his coupon-clipping wife and two kids, making mortgage payments every month and bowling in a beer league on Thursday nights. Logan opens Billy’s door. Billy puts his Archie digest on the dashboard and gets out. Macintosh leads the way up the porch steps.

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It’s hot outside but inside it’sair conditioned. Nick Majarian stands in the short hallway leading down to the kitchen. He’s wearing a suit that probably cost almost as much as a monthly mortgage payment on this house. His thinning hair is combed at, no pompadour for him. His face is round and Vegas tanned. He’s heavyset, but when he pulls Billy into a hug, that protruding belly feels as hard as stone.

“Billy!” Nick exclaims, and kisses him on both cheeks. Big hearty smacks. He’s wearing a million-dollar grin. “Billy, Billy, man, it’s good to see you!” “Good to see you, too, Nick.” He looks around. “You usually stay somewhere fancier than this.” He pauses. “If you don’t mind me saying.” Nick laughs. He has a beautiful infectious laugh to go with the grin. Macintosh joins in and Logan smiles.

“I got a place over on the West Side. Short-term. House-sitting, you could call it. There’s a fountain in the front yard. Got a naked little kid in the middle of it, there’s a word for that…” Cherub, Billy thinks but doesn’t say. He just keeps smiling. Giorgio reaches into the pocket of his gigantic suit jacket again and pulls out his phone. Billy Summers PDF Book

“Say the word, Billy—the word being the passcode of your favorite oshore bank—and I’ll send ve hundred grand to it. It’ll take about forty seconds. Minute and a half if the connection’s slow. Also plenty of walkingaround money in a local bank to get you started.” Billy understands they’re trying to rush him into a decision and has a brief image of a cow being driven down a chute to the slaughterhouse.

But maybe that’s just paranoia because of the enormous payday. Maybe a person’s last job shouldn’t just be the most lucrative; maybe it should also be the most interesting. But he would like to know one more thing. “Why is Ho involved?” “His building,” Nick says promptly. “Yeah, but…” Billy frowns, putting an expression of great concentration on his face.

“He said there’s lots of vacancies in that building.” “The corner spot on the fth oor is prime, though,” Nick says. “Your agent, Georgie here, had him lease it, which keeps us out of it.” “He also gets the gun,” Giorgio says. “May have it already. In any case, it won’t be traced back to us.” Billy Summers PDF Book

Billy knows that already, from the way Nick has been careful not to be seen with him—no, not even on the porch of this gated estate—but he’s not entirely satised. Because Ho struck him as a chatterbox, and a chatterbox isn’t a good person to have around when you’re planning an assassination.

Billy empties his pockets and puts his pants in the washing machine along with everything else. He does this slowly, brow furrowed. He doesn’t like Ken Ho. Did not like him, in fact, even before he opened his mouth. Gut reaction. What Giorgio’s parents and grandparents would have called reazione istintiva. But Ho is in it.

Giorgio’s text made that clear: Have to. It’s not like Nick and Giorgio to bring a local into their business, especially not life-and-death business like this. Is Ho in it because of the building? Location, location, location, as the real estate guys like to say? Or because Nick isn’t local himself? Neither of those things quite excuse Ken Ho in Billy’s mind. Billy Summers PDF Book

I’m a little bit tight this year he’d said, but Billy guesses you had to be more than a little bit short in the shekels department to get involved in an assassination plot. And from the very rst—the macho beard scru, the Izod shirt, the Dockers with the slightly frayed pockets, the Gucci loafers worn at the heel—Ho smelled to Billy like the guy who would be rst to ip in an interrogation room if oered a deal.

Deals, after all, were what the Ken Hos of the world made. He turns in and lies in the dark, hands under the pillow, looking up at nothing. Some trac on the street, but not much. He’s wondering when two million dollars starts to look like not enough, when it starts to look like dumb money. The answer seems obvious: after it’s too late to back out.

He’s never been married once, let alone to two dierent women at the same time, but now he knows how that must feel. In a word, exhausting. He’s getting his feet set in not just two dierent lives but three. To Nick and Giorgio (also to Ken Ho, which he hates), he’s a gun for hire named Billy Summers. To the inhabitants of the Gerard Tower, he’s a wannabe writer named David Lockridge. Billy Summers PDF Book Download

Ditto the residents of Evergreen Street in Midwood. And now, on Pearson Street—nine blocks from Gerard Tower and four safe miles from Midwood—he is an overweight computer geek named Dalton Smith. Come to think of it, there’s even a fourth life: that of Benjy Compson, who is just enough not-Billy so Billy can look at painful memories he usually avoids.

He started writing Benjy’s story on a laptop he’s pretty sure (no, positive) has been cloned because it was a challenge, and because it’s that fabled last job, but he now understands there was a deeper, truer reason: he wants to be read. By anyone, even a couple of Vegas hardballs like Nick Majarian and Giorgio Piglielli.

Now he understands—he never did before, never even considered it— thatany writer who goes public with his work is courting danger. It’s part of the allure. Look at me. I’m showing you what I am. My clothes are off. I’m exposing myself. As he approaches the entrance to the parking garage, deep in these thoughts, there’s a tap on his shoulder that makes him jump. Billy Summers PDF Book Download

He turns and sees Phyllis Stanhope, the woman from the accounting rm. Only my mom never did get her feet back planted on the ground. She kept drinking and got a boyfriend who gave her crystal meth and when you get on that stu you’re feet hardly ever get to the ground because you are high most of the time.

At first she come to see me quite a lot, then once in a while, then hardly ever, and then she stopped coming at all. The last time she come some of her teeth were gone and her hair was dirty. She said I hate for you to see me like this Benjy and I said I hate it, too. I said you are a mess. By then I was a teenager, and teenagers say anything to hurt when they are hurting.

Speck House was out in the country. It was rickety but big like a mansion with rooms everywhere, 3 stories. Maybe even 4. It look good outside but inside it was old and drafty and leaky and cold in wintertime. Cold as a whore’s fuck in a freezer, Ronnie used to say. But I didn’t know it was old when I got there, I thought it was new because rickety or not it had bright red paint and blue trim. Billy Summers PDF Book Download

I found out pretty soon that the Speck foster kids painted it every year and got $2 dollars an hour. One year it was green with white trim and then yellow with green trim. You can see why me and Ronnie called it the House of Everlasting Paint! The year I left to join the Marines it was back to red and blue. Ronnie said it’s only paint holding this rambling wreck together, Benjy.

That was a joke, she was always joking around, but it was also true. I guess most jokes have some truth in them, and that is what makes them funny. Other than my rifle, the biggest piece of equipment we had in the bucket with us was the M151, also known as the Spotter’s Friend. Taco set up the tripod and I shued out of his way as best I could.

The platform bounced a little and Taco told me to hold still unless I wanted to put a bullet in the sign over the shop door instead of in Jassim’s head. I stayed as still as I could while Taco did his thing, making calculations and muttering to himself. Lieutenant Colonel Jamieson had estimated the distance as 1,200 yards. Billy Summers PDF Book Free

Taco took his readings on a kid bouncing a ball in front of Pronto Pronto Photo Photo and called it 1,340 yards. A long shot for sure, but on a windless day like that one in early April, a high confidence one. I had made longer, and we had all heard stories of world-class snipers making shots at twice that distance. Of course I couldn’t count on Jassim being perfectly stationary, like the head on a paper target.

That concerned me, but the fact that he was a human being with a beating heart and a living brain didn’t. He was a Judas goat who had lured four men into an ambush, guys guilty of nothing but delivering food. He was a bad guy and needed to be put down. Around quarter past nine, Jassim came out of his store. He was wearing a long blue shirt like a dashiki and baggy white pants.

Today he was wearing a knitted red cap instead of a blue topper. That was a wonderful sight marker. I started to line up the shot, but Jassim just shooed the ball-bouncing kid away with a swat on the butt and went back inside. “Well doesn’t that suck,” Taco said. We waited. Young men went into Pronto Pronto Photo Photo. Young men came out. Billy Summers PDF Book Free

They were laughing and scuing and grab-assing around as young men do all over the world, from Kabul to Kansas City. Some of them had no doubt been shooting up those Blackwater trucks with their AKs just a couple of days before. Some of them were undoubtedly firing at us seven months later as we went from block to block, cleaning them out.

For all I know, some of them were in what we called the Funhouse, where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. A few people walk by on Pearson Street. A few cars drive by. One is a police car, but it doesn’t concern Billy. It’s moving leisurely, heading nowhere special and in no hurry to get there. He is still amazed that this part of the city, which is so close to downtown, feels so deserted.

On Pearson Street, rush hour is hush hour. He supposes that most people who work in the city’s center haul ass to the suburbs when the workday is done—nicer places like Bentonville, Sherwood Heights, Plateau, Midwood. Even Cody, where he won a little girl a stued toy. The neighborhood of which he is now a part doesn’t even have a name, at least that he knows of. Billy Summers PDF Book Free

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