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Now imagine yourself in front of rim of Aetna. It’s dry and sandy. You feel the heat but is not like you thought it might be. Is not Romantic. Is just hot, dry, you can’t breathe, and the smell of infernal sulfur and wet earth and even worse things triggers an old memory or instinct in you to run.

Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book by Bronze Age Pervert

Name of Book Bronze Age Mindset
Author Bronze Age Pervert
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 128
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You’re brought to face with a vehemence and brutality of rock and you start to feel dizzy staring in. Molten rock in your nostrils and it’s not just that it scares you. If it were great fear, that could be a spur to action. But it fills your nostrils with banality and dullness of plain molten dust, you see gray and black.

It reminds you of torrid summer afternoon by abandoned gas station, you are stranded on dirt road, choked by heat and so much dust. You see flames in the hole but it lacks the romance of fire as you imagined it. Is this it? It seems like nothing to you, because to your eye it’s nothing. So you pull away from it.

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You’re not reborn as a god, you remain a mule. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book Download Your lying mind now comes up with many thoughts about why it’s right to pull back. Why, of course! There’s a nice meal to have, a glass of wine. Maybe there’s a girl waiting. Her pussy is warm and inviting. Empedocles was deluded. I tell you other story.

In Stone Age man appears, very strong shoulders, with club in hand. He is believed by the people to be a son of some god…of a mortal woman who cucked her husband with a god. As child he already displays superhuman strength. When he grows he goes into the deepest wild to fight great cave lion.

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He emerges from cave with skin of lion on his back. Lion had been eating and working terror in the people, but now he wears this terror on his shoulders. He carries lion mane on head, lion pelt on back and a great club in the hand. This man comes to be worshiped by the people: his progeny become lines of kings, of Sparta and many other places.

What was his act of foundation? He slaughtered monsters, he made the seaways known to man and tamed the rockface. But don’t forget the lion-skin on his shoulders. This was lion of Nemea. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book Download Do you understand what Nemesis is? There is in nature a great purgative function. You know about monkeys who switch six in certain times.

In lake of some reptiles, when they overpopulate it and there is a surplus of refuse, there is trigger in nature: a monster is born to them. A lizard many times the size of a normal one is born, who deals out destruction and culls the lake. The Greeks believed in this great power and worshiped its justice.

In Bible it appears as allegory of the Flood, which in fact refers to the irrepressible spirit of the Sea Peoples, and the divine justice they brought to cities whose life had grown pointless, and a great ugliness on the world. You bring lion cub into the house, but Aeschylus say, it will become a priest of doom when it reaches age: in nature there is irrepressible force.

Its violence against the surfeit of populations is divine justice. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book Download Its destruction of the feeble designs of reason, the pointless words of man—this is beautiful. This what the power of Nemesis means: few are chosen to wield it, fewer realize they are chosen or know what to do with it. When Hercules puts on the power of Nemesis on his shoulders he becomes hero who makes the world tame and safe for cities of real men.

But that was in his time, and ours is an age of surfeit. It is different function. The star of Nemesis is sure to return, and it must already be burning inside some of you. There’s a sociology of the world of scientists like of everything else. This is a cause of much confusion about biology and ideas of evolution.

You think you’ve been given objective truth, but the minds of biologists are in general very limited. The truth is the biggest minds always went for physics among the sciences, then maybe chemistry. Until recently but even now biology gives little opportunity for the kind of thinking that penetrates mystery of nature, the kind of insight into physical relations that attracts the best scientific minds.

They’ve been on the whole a half-and-half group in history. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book Schopenhauer refers with contempt to the people who have their “catalogues of monkeys” and think they understand nature. Darwin himself, Nietzsche called him a petty mind, the kind of calculator who likes to collect many small facts and synthesize some clumsy theory.

The theory is clumsy and full of holes. This is the biggest reason Creationists, who are also wrong, have been able to challenge it, where they were never able to challenge theoretical physics. There is much dishonesty and stupidity among scientists and biologists when they talk about evolution and life.

But actually you’re responsible for much more than your acts. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book That which is said to constrain or determine you biologically is actually what you are. It does restrain your acts according to its inherent ways of desiring and acting, but you are this it, and it decided to be, so actually you are responsible for much more, you’re responsible for what you are.

You are responsible for the good and bad things that happen to you, for any accident or disease you might experience! Actually it was all going to happen to you just the way it did at the moment of your birth or conception and even before, at the moment your parents had a glint for each other in the eye.

There is fundamentally no difference between you and that glint. Should the tyranny that has descended on our age ever gain the power it seeks and then be challenged enough to feel itself in danger, the mass annihilations that will be carried out by homosexual, transsexual, and especially lesbian commissars will exceed in scale and cruelty anything that has yet happened in known history.

Imagine lesbian mulatta commissars with young Martin Sheen face and haircut manning the future Bergen-Belsens, installations that will span tens of miles. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book Some think this view absolves you of your responsibility for your acts. There was Empedocles, a philosopher, man of high vision. He jumped into volcano Aetna in Sicily because he knew he would be reborn as a god.

Life appears at its peak not in the grass hut village ruled by nutso mammies, but in the military state. In Archaic Greece, in Renaissance Italy and in the vast expanse of the heroic Old Stone Age, at the middle of the Bronze Age of high chariotry, lived men of power and magnificence in great numbers.

We are in every way their inferiors. Physically, spiritually and in intellect they exceed us in every way. I give example: our elite athletes, our special forces operators, are nothing compared to them. We find Paleolithic bones, the femur, so robust that nothing from our runners or power-lifters equals.

These men were capable of sustained speeds unimaginable today. Bronze Age Mindset PDF You know about Marathon, but not the whole story. The real physical feat wasn’t just the soldier who ran the twenty miles or so back to Athens to warn the people. The entire army ranged on the beach in heavy bronze armor, facing the enemy.

After the Persians landed, the Greeks charged them from more than a mile away. The Persians were amazed at the line of gleaming bronze running toward them and their war cry. These men ran a mile in very heavy armor and also carried six-foot-plus ashen spear-spike. They drove the invaders into the sea.

And right after this great effort they marched, still in armor, all the way back to Athens without pause, to prevent the Persians from making an opportune landing there. Bronze Age Mindset PDF I don’t think any special military units would be able to equal this feat today, and these were the average citizens of Athens.

Still more, they exceeded us the same way in mind and spirit: their sophists were able to remember fifty names, and more, upon hearing them once. Some had the gift of remote vision, that the Rosicrucians pine for, and that the Soviet and American intelligence services have attempted to rediscover in vain.

Here we have life at its peak. You know about their great art, science, and literature, or think you do. But these were men of conquest, exploration and adventure first. Aeschylus had on his tombstone engraved that he fought at Marathon, not that he wrote his plays. The free man is a warrior, and only a man of war is a real man.

We must look to their lives and exploits for inspiration and anticipate with great enthusiasm that such life will return. I’m afraid that, in the end, the examples of ancient men of strong hand, ancient men of power, will be very discouraging to many of you. Bronze Age Mindset PDF Because you can’t easily replicate their achievements and power in our time, and also, many of you are actually sissies compared to them, in your blood.

But I think it’s good for all of us to remember we’re panty-wearers compared to them. Also, while you may not be able to emulate them in every way, because the age we live in is one of total repression, you can still take some inspiration from their examples, and try to live the same in some way…try to live according to a Bronze Age Mindset.

You must not misunderstand this. This is not self-help book and I can’t help you with how to live—no one can. I am concerned with the subjection of life and the suffocation of vitality. I hope to show you that things don’t need to be this way, and that you don’t need to limit yourself to small things. Above all you must reach for the great aim, physical and military independence.

Only the warrior is a free man. The only right government is military government, and every other form is both hypocritical and destructive of true freedom. You must aim high! Band with your friends on the way of power and know that nothing has the right to stop you, and nothing can stop you! I say this especially to the military men and those who will become. Some time ago I spoke with another frog about Generalissimo Alfredo Stroessner.

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