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‘I was not even thinking of making it in the film industry. I was thinking of making my money working, doing whatever job was available…’ he reminisces. As a postgraduate, he had looked, unsuccessfully, for a job in advertising. In desperation, he took the only job he got, that of a production assistant at Zee TV. He remembers those days. Working on production and writing scripts in his spare time.

Career Rules PDF Book by Sonya Dutta Choudhury

Name of Book Career Rules
PDF Size 4.4 MB
No of Pages 244
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Making Kurukshetra (1996) for Zee TV and Imtihaan (1998) for DD National. At the film set, there is the usual buzz of activity. Ali surveys the surrounding. He speaks to the assistant director (AD) on set and they decide on where the generator cars should be parked. Ali looks around for the director of photography. They discuss the scene for today, which shots and which angles they will take.

Actors Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are both on set; this will be a scene they share. Ali speaks with both briefly, mainly about the scene, and then they go off to get ready. Looking around, Ali feels the familiar exhilaration of being on a shoot. No calamities so far today, like there often are – an actor being unable to make it, equipment malfunctioning, or worse, bad weather or bad light.

Click here to Download Career Rules PDF Book

Shooting for the film will soon be over. Post-production activity, including editing, will then begin and the film will be well on schedule, on its way to its release date later in the year. Ali thinks back to his first film, Socha Na Tha. Getting that first big break had been amazing. He thinks of all the film scripts he has written, from his Zee TV days.

Some like Jab We Met, Rockstar and Highway have been made into films. But there are others… many others which never got made. He looks forward to making some of these into films one day. But for now, shooting is over and he will go home. His fourteenyear-old daughter Ida will be home and he is looking forward to spending time with her.

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She’s the silent type, extremely sensitive and observant, and is also interested in stories. Afterwards, he may go to a party. Abhay Datt Sharma says his lucky break came in 2012, when he got a chance to work with the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag unit at Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures Pvt. Ltd as a third AD at the start of his career. Just like actors, ADs too need to find a film with a big banner to work on.

‘It’s very important for your first film to be the right one; this is where you learn a lot, make a lot of contacts,’ says Sharma, who is from New Delhi. Like most professionals in films, Sharma is hired on a project basis. ‘It is a difficult industry, people sometimes go without work for months between films,’ he says. Sharma has been lucky; the breaks between films have been brief.

His dream is to direct a ‘historical film with lots of music’; he has already started working on a script. But he still wanted to make films. One day, he decided to take the plunge. He quit his job at Mitchell Madison. He was living in New York at the time and had saved some money, which he decided to invest in his film. The young engineer MBA had already written a script. Career Rules PDF Book

But he needed a film crew. With no film background, no big studio to support him, Chulet decided to advertise for actors and technical crew like a sound person, a film editor. He listed his requirements on the online website Craigslist. In no time at all, he had a basic crew. Latent Lava was shot in New York over a few months. There was no money left for marketing or distribution.

So sadly, Latent Lava didn’t do well. But Chulet discovered something – the power of online ads. Soon after, he came back to India and started Quikr. The early days were hard. Pranay went to every venture capitalist he could get a connection with, but nobody was willing to lend the young enterprise any money. ‘Lehman Brothers had just collapsed, and with that.

The financial world as we know it,’ Pranay says. Today, driving into the new office campus, Pranay thinks about those days. Since then, Quikr has grown and grown. It’s now what Silicon Valley calls a ‘unicorn’; a company worth a billion dollars. The company moved from Mumbai to Bengaluru, now tech hub of the country, to attract more talent. Career Rules PDF Book

Pranay looks around the new office in the four-acre campus in Rachnahalli in Central Bengaluru, and enjoys the feel of the central lawn. He walks through the main building, which used to be a factory, and makes his way to his office. Today, in his office, he scans the metrics of all the Quikr verticals. Real estate is way ahead in revenue.

The Quikr website continues to grow with two million listings a month. Things are moving fast. ‘We are not flying a commercial airliner,’ Pranay tells his team. ‘We are flying a fighter plane. It comes with a lot more speed but it also means you have to react faster. You need to be more watchful. You can definitely do all the acrobatics you want but you need to see that everything can be managed.’

Mithaimate, an online portal for gifting Indian sweets, did reasonably well, but it stayed small, clocking revenue of a few lakh rupees a month. Two years after he founded Mithaimate, Bali headed to Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. He felt he needed to improve his business skills. He needed to meet a cross section of people and learn from them what other possibilities existed. Career Rules PDF Book

Today he is the founder-CEO at LimeTray, a start up that helps restaurants all over the country go online and engage with their customers. ‘With LimeTray, I am on a much surer footing,’ says Bali, who recently secured a round of funding from private equity firm Matrix Partners. In the world of entrepreneurship, there are many things no school can teach.

But structured programmes, whether at business school or at other institutes, can help entrepreneurs acquire the requisite skills by teaching formal skills in a range of disciplines, say for example, finance. Many entrepreneurs say that studying business formally has given them a headstart as well as access to superb alumni networks.

I spoke to entrepreneurs from diverse sectors like food, information technology and medical services, as well as experts, who told me that studying the theory of entrepreneurship helps in its practice. It quickly fills in gaps in skill sets. In a large room, on the first floor of North Block in the Ministry of Finance, sits Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) to the Government of India. Career Rules PDF Book

It’s cool inside with the air-conditioning and the high ceilings, even though it’s mid May. Outside, the New Delhi skies are ablaze, with the mercury touching 40 degrees. Bright blue skies, with no traces of the storm clouds that will gather almost a month later, as Dr Subramanian, the economist who left Washington to join the Government of India as CEA.

Will find himself under attack for being ‘anti-Indian’ because of his position on trade treaties. ‘People always ask me, “Isn’t it difficult to work in government, coming from the outside?” I think I was aware of many of the challenges, and so was prepared for them. As an academic, you are unencumbered by what you can say, but it’s different when you are in the public eye.

So that is true, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how much one can do and how it’s possible to express oneself completely freely in private interactions and be taken seriously,’ he says. It’s a short drive from Subramanian’s bungalow in New Moti Bagh to his office in North Block. Career Rules PDF Book Download

He gets to work at 8.45 a.m., before most of the office staff. By 10 a.m., people start walking in, either for scheduled meetings or informally. ‘I try to keep things informal, creating a kind of academic seminartype of atmosphere,’ says Subramanian, who works closely with different ministries, like the railways, power and environment. Members of his team walk in at regular intervals.

Many are young, in their twenties and thirties, members of the Indian Economic Service, or young PhDs from US colleges like Harvard and Princeton. Occasionally, Subramanian meets the prime minister as part of a larger team. ‘The interactions are a lot more than I expected,’ says Subramanian, who sometimes presents reports these meetings, and discusses issues like the impact of inflation on the common man.

who gave Nanda his love for teaching. The students, meanwhile, cluster around, waiting to hear Nanda’s stories and his advice. ‘Engineering is a great discipline for the mind,’ he tells them. ‘But I missed the human interaction.’ Nanda remembers clearly that moment in his final year, when this hit him. Career Rules PDF Book Download

He was sitting on a chair in the computer lab, punching on the cards for the mainframe computer the students in those days used, talking to his printout! Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? He had asked himself. What should I do – I really love computer science but I miss the human interaction, he asked professors, mentors and friends.

And that’s how management happened. The students listen, enthralled. No one stirs, not even for a second helping of the special pulao. They are around the same age Nanda was when he studied at IIM-A, though many are marginally older, having worked for a few years before they began their MBA. Walking back to his office, Nanda checks his watch.

It’s time for the presentation of the Admissions Committee report. Like most management institutes in the country, 90 per cent of the students are engineers. And only 12–14 per cent are women. Nanda is concerned enough to reexamine the admission process. ‘Our goal is to find students who can be excellent leaders of enterprises. Career Rules PDF Book Download

But our entrance test is asking for students who are not just good at math, but are brilliant at math, who are rocket scientists. So somewhere in our recruitment, we have to balance things in such a manner that we bring in students who have the greatest potential of becoming leaders of enterprises,’ he had explained to the professors on the admissions committee.

Sebin thought of his years of studying. He was a good student. But in retrospect, he feels he never got the larger picture. ‘Medicine is like a story. It’s interesting. But in India, you learn it in bits and pieces. It’s myopic tunnel vision. First year, you study biochemistry. Next year, you study the drugs used to treat diabetes.

Then you study the pathology of it all. Why not study the complete picture through summary clinical cases,’ he tells students at medical colleges. Sebin built the cases. His programmer wife Nimmi built the prototype. But if they were to scale, they needed to build a team. By 2014, they had three other doctors and seven programmers on board. Career Rules PDF Book Free

The start up relocated from Chennai to Bengaluru. They raised capital – approximately ₹3.5 crore rupees in funding from private equity. The team had 45,000 doctors sign on. Once the network got to this size, word spread and new doctors signed up every day. ‘Being in a start up is like being in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Just like in an ICU, you may feel everything is all right. Then suddenly, some patient will go bad. As will a start up. Suddenly, somebody will say I’m leaving or there will be some technical problem,’ says Sebastian. He finds managing comes like second nature to doctors. They are used to taking decisions at every point, in terms of what to do with a patient, how to treat him.

Often, Dixit needs to travel on work. A 4.30 a.m. ride to the airport can be a perfect time to catch up with colleagues in New York for a global perspective on prospective deals. A day at the portfolio company’s office could cover anything from a formal board meeting, interviewing a CFO candidate and debating the economics of a pharmaceutical research and development project, to a game of table tennis with the CEO, or dinner with his family. ‘These visits are fundamental to PE investing: you need to appreciate the people behind the numbers,’ he says. Career Rules PDF Book Free

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