Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book by Robert Kiyosaki


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Friends, you must have seen that some people earn a lot of money in life. While some people always remain poor. This happens because some people run after jobs and some start their own business. It has also been explained in this book that why some people become very rich even without doing much education.

Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book by Robert Kiyosaki

Name of Book Cashflow Quadrant
Author Robert Kiyosaki
PDF Size 10 MB
No. of Pages 322
Published 1998
Language English
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About Book – Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book by Robert Kiyosaki

Whereas many educated people work for such people by reading and writing. In this book you will also know how some people become successful investors. While some people do not invest at all. Cashflow Quadrant is a simple model created by Robert Kiyosaki. Which tells that there can be four ways to earn money.

You can see all four of them in the picture below. All these are written in short as ESBI. Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant summary in Hindi E means employee – people coming in this quadrant earn money by doing jobs. S means self employed – These people are freelancers or small business owners. B means Business – People of this quadrant have their own business.

They give salary to others. I means investor – these people are investors. And invest money in different ways. Due to which their money keeps growing on its own. The authors say that some of these four quadrants make a lot of money and the rest do not make that much. E.g. the left quadrants (E and S) make less money.

Whereas the right quadrant earns more money. So we should try to go from left to right. People who want financial security. Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book They look for jobs. The reason behind finding security is their fear. Which society puts in us from childhood. Such people always want to be in the comfort zone. And are not afraid to take risks in life. These people work in corporate. And want to climb the ladder of success. They work for others and take salary with guarantee every month.

Most people are not taught how to run their own business. And investing is not even taught. Robert Kiyosaki says that with this method you can become rich. But it will take a lot of hard work and time. Second you will always be stuck from 9 to 5. You cannot even take leave according to your mind. The people of this group do not want security. They want control. They don’t like having a boss over themselves.

They master a skill. And based on that start your own small business. But this quadrant is the most risky. You have to do everything in this. Cashflow Quadrant PDF Download You have to take all the decisions. There is no guarantee of money like employees. Nor will you get any bonus etc. And you have to work hard for it. Because you are your own employee. This includes shopkeepers, restaurant owner, small scale start-up, freelancer etc. But many shops do not earn much money.

Many start-ups start every year and also close early. The people of this quadrant want complete freedom. Of money and also of time. These people actually hire talented people from themselves and then build their empire with their help. This group makes the most money. The author says that S group can convert into B at times.

Like if someone has set up a small restaurant and if it runs, then gradually his franchise can start all over the world. Cashflow Quadrant PDF Free The people of this group have networking skills, leadership skills and communication skills. They are able to get a fund raise for their business. Or take a loan. And then start business on a large scale.

Some have ancestral wealth. The advantage of setting up a business is that you do not need to manage it yourself. You can leave that to other people. This gives you the freedom of time as well as money. Other people work for you. And you can do whatever you want with your time. But you need a lot of money to start a business. And sometimes it can even drown. Therefore, it is also necessary to have good knowledge of operating it.

Such people also want financial freedom as well as freedom of time. These people invest their money. And then earn interest from there. Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book Free The good thing is that anyone can become an investor. But the sad thing is that people in India are not given correct information about investment. They do not even know the difference between simple and compound interest. How many people would have PPF account? PPF is the only tool that gives compound interest.

In this money stays blocked for 15 years. But that’s a good thing. You have to deposit only 1.5 lakhs every year. In this way, in 15 years, you deposit around 23 lakhs. But after 15 years you get 40 lakhs. This is the magic of compound interest. If you deposit that money for 30 years, then your 25 lakhs will become almost 2 crores.

If this money is kept in the savings account of the bank, then only simple interest will be available. And your money will not even be able to double. Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book Download You can never become rich by doing the work that maximum people are doing. Hard work will also not make you rich. Otherwise the laborers who worked hard in the sun all day would have been billionaires.

For this you have to think differently. It can be risky but you have to take risk. And also have to learn to minimize it. You have to change your mindset. The fear of small losses will have to be abandoned. You have emotional intelligence has to be increased. The author explains that the biggest reason for not being able to become rich is the fear of drowning our money.

In school, we are taught to pass the exam by rote. But no one teaches us to overcome our fears. We are taught to hold every rupee. Our teachers always tell us to work hard. But we are never taught to start a business. Nor is it prepared to deal with the difficulties that come in it. And everyone knows that teachers themselves are not very rich. And continue to struggle with money constraints.

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So are the principles taught by him really right? At least they are not helpful for getting financial freedom. That’s why writers say that now be your own teacher and student. What you have not learned in school books, learn from other books of self help or self finance. Friends, on this blog also you will get summary of books on personality development, self finance etc. Have them read. You will get so much knowledge from them that life will change. And slowly you will go on becoming rich.

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