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“Well, good by, Rodney! I leave school tomorrow. I am going to learn a trade.” “I am sorry to part with you, David. Couldn’t you stay another term?” “No: my uncle says I must be earning my living, and I have a chance to learn the carpenter’s trade.” “Where are you going?” “To Duffield, some twenty miles away.

Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book by Horatio Alger

Name of Book Cast Upon the Breakers
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I wish I were in your shoes. You have no money cares, and can go on quietly and complete your education.” “I don’t know how I am situated, David. I only know that my guardian pays my expenses at this boarding school.” “Yes, you are a star boarder, and have the nicest room in the institution. I am only a poor day scholar. Still I feel thankful that I have been allowed to remain as long as I have.

Who is your guardian?” “A Mr. Benjamin Fielding, of New York.” “Is he a business man?” “I believe so.” “Do you know how much you will inherit when you come of age?” asked David, after a short pause. “I haven’t an idea.” “It seems to me your guardian ought to have told you.” “I scarcely know my guardian. Five years ago I spent a week at his home.

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I don’t remember much about it except that he lives in a handsome house, and has plenty of servants. Since then, as you know, I have passed most of my time here, except that in the summer I was allowed to board at the Catskills or any country place I might select.” “Yes, and I remember one year you took me with you and paid all my expenses.

I shall never forget your kindness, and how much I enjoyed that summer.” Rodney Ropes smiled, and his smile made his usually grave face look very attractive. “My dear David,” he said, “it was all selfishness on my part. I knew I should enjoy myself much better with a companion.” “You may call that selfishness, Rodney, but it is a kind of selfishness that makes me your devoted friend.

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How long do you think you shall remain at school?” “I don’t know. My guardian has never told me his plans for me. I wish he would.” “I shall miss you, Rodney, but we will correspond, won’t we?” “Surely. You know I shall always feel interested in you and your welfare.” David was a plain boy of humble parentage, and would probably be a hard working mechanic.

In fact he was looking for nothing better. But Rodney Ropes looked to be of genteel blood, and had the air of one who had been brought up a gentleman. But different as they were in social position the two boys had always been devoted friends. The boarding school of which Rodney was, as his friend expressed himself, a star pupil, was situated about fifty miles from the city of New York.

It was under the charge of Dr. Sampson, a tall, thin man of fair scholarship, keenly alive to his own interest, who showed partiality for his richer pupils, and whenever he had occasion to censure bore most heavily upon boys like David Hull, who was poor. Rodney occupied alone the finest room in the school. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book

There was a great contrast between his comfortable quarters and the extremely plain dormitories occupied by less favored pupils. In the case of some boys the favoritism of the teacher would have led them to put on airs, and made them unpopular with their school fellows. But Rodney had too noble a nature to be influenced by such considerations.

He enjoyed his comfortable room, but treated his school fellows with a frank cordiality that made him a general favorite. After David left his room Rodney sat down to prepare a lesson in Cicero, when he was interrupted by the entrance through the half open door of a younger boy. “Rodney,” he said, “the doctor would like to see you in his office.”

“Very well, Brauner, I will go down at once.” He put aside his book and went down to the office of Dr. Sampson on the first floor. The doctor was sitting at his desk. He turned slightly as Rodney entered. “Take a seat, Ropes,” he said curtly. His tone was so different from his usual cordiality that Rodney was somewhat surprised. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book

“Am I in disgrace?” he asked himself. “Dr. Sampson doesn’t seem as friendly as usual.” After a brief interval Dr. Sampson wheeled round in his office chair. “I have a letter for you from your guardian, Ropes,” he said. “Here it is. Do me the favor to read it here.” With some wonder Rodney took the letter and read as follows: DEAR RODNEY—I have bad news to communicate.

As you know, I was left by your father in charge of you and your fortune. I have never told you the amount, but I will say now that it was about fifty thousand dollars. Until two years since I kept it intact but then began a series of reverses in which my own fortune was swallowed up. In the hope of relieving myself I regret to say that I was tempted to use your money.

That went also, and now of the whole sum there remains but enough to pay the balance of your school bills, leaving you penniless. How much I regret this I cannot tell you. I shall leave New York at once.  I do not care at present to say where I shall go, but I shall try to make good the loss, and eventually restore to you your lost fortune. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book

I may be successful or I may not. I shall do my best and I hope in time to have better news to communicate. “If you was a little older you might get a chance to drive a street car, but I s’pose you’re too young.” “Yes, I don’t think they would take me.” “I’ve thought sometimes I should like such a chance myself,” said Joel. “I’ve got tired of the country.

I should like to live in the city where there’s theaters, and shows, and such like. Do you know what the drivers on street cars get?” “No, I never heard.” “I wish you’d find out and let me know. You can send the letter to Joel Phipps, Groveton. Then find out if it’s easy to get such a chance.” “I will. I shall be glad to oblige you.”

“You always was obligin’, Rodney. I’ve asked Jack Bundy to do it—you know his folks live in the city—but he never would. He’s a mighty disagreeable boy. He never liked you.” “Didn’t he?” “No, I surmise he was jealous of you. He used to say you put on so many airs it made him sick.” “I don’t think any of the other boys would say that.” “No, but they could say it of him. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book

Do you think his father is rich?” “I have always heard that he was.” “I hope he’s better about paying his debt than Jack. I lent him twenty five cents a year ago and I never could get it back.” The distance from the school to the station was a mile. Joel fetched the carriage round with a sweep and then jumped off, opened the door, and then helped the passengers to disembark, if that word is allowable.

“How soon does the train start, Joel?” asked Rodney. “In about five minutes.” “Then I had better purchase my ticket without delay.” “Don’t forget to ask about horse car drivers!” “No, I won’t. I should like to have you come to New York. I know no one there, and I should feel glad to see a familiar face.” The train came up in time, and Rodney was one of half a dozen passengers who entered the cars.

He obtained a place next to a stout man dressed in a pepper and salt suit. “Is this seat engaged?” asked Rodney. “Yes—to you,” and his fellow passenger laughed. Rodney laughed too, for he saw that the remark was meant to be jocose. He put his gripsack on the floor at his feet, but held the casket in his lap. He did not like to run any risk with that. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book Download

“Are you a drummer?” asked the stout man, with a glance at the casket. “No, sir.” “I thought you might be, and that THAT might contain your samples.” “No, sir. That is private property.” He had thought of telling what it contained, but checked himself. He knew nothing of his companion, and was not sure how far it might be safe to trust a stranger.

“I used to be a drummer myself—in the jewelry line—” continued his companion, “and I carried a box just like that.” “Ah, indeed! Then you are not in that business now?” “No, I got tired of it. I deal in quite a different article now.” “Now, you won’t have any anxiety as to the safety of the casket,” said the agent. “Your friend of the train will find it difficult to get hold of the jewels.

Now I shall have to leave you, as I have some business to attend to. We will meet at supper.” Rodney decided to call at the office of his late guardian, Benjamin Fielding. It was in the lower part of the city. On his way down town he purchased a copy of a morning paper. Almost the first article he glanced at proved to be of especial interest to him. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book Download

It was headed— SKIPPED TO CANADA Rumors have been rife for some time affecting the business standing of Mr. Benjamin Fielding, the well known commission merchant. Yesterday it was discovered that he had left the city, but where he has gone is unknown. It is believed that he is very deeply involved, and seeing no way out of his embarrassment has skipped to Canada.

Or perhaps taken passage to Europe. Probably his creditors will appoint a committee to look into his affairs and report what can be done. LATER—An open letter has been found in Mr. Fielding’s desk, addressed to his creditors. It expresses regret for their losses, and promises, if his life is spared, and fortune favors him, to do all in his power to make them good.

No one doubts Mr. Fielding’s integrity, and regrets are expressed that he did not remain in the city and help unravel the tangle in which his affairs are involved. He is a man of ability, and as he is still in the prime of life, it may be that he will be able to redeem his promises and pay his debts in full, if sufficient time is given him. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book Free

“I can get no help or advice from Mr. Fielding,” thought Rodney. “I am thrown upon my own resources, and must fight the battle of life as well as I can alone.” He got out in front of the Astor House. As he left the car he soiled his shoes with the mud so characteristic of New York streets. “Shine your boots?” asked a young Arab, glancing with a business eye at Rodney’s spattered shoes.

Rodney accepted his offer, not so much because he thought the blacking would last, as for the opportunity of questioning the free and independent young citizen who was doing, what he hoped to do, that is, making a living for himself. “Is business good with you?” asked Rodney. “It ought to be with the street in this condition.”

“Yes; me and de Street Commissioner is in league together. He makes business good for me.” While Rodney was talking with Mike Flynn he was an object of attention to a man who stood near the corner of Barclay Street, and was ostensibly looking in at the window of the drug store. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book Free

As Rodney turned away he recognized him at once as his enterprising fellow traveler who had taken possession of the casket of jewels. He did not care to keep up an acquaintance with him, and started to cross the street. But the other came forward smiling, and with a nod said: “I believe you are the young man I met yesterday in the cars and afterwards at Kentville?”

“You will know better next time. I think you’ll succeed. I did. When I came to New York at the age of twenty two I had only fifty dollars. That small sum had to last me twelve weeks. You can judge that I didn’t live on the fat of the land during that time. I couldn’t often eat at Delmonico’s. Even Beefsteak John’s would have been too expensive for me. However, those old days are over.”

He had one resource. He could withdraw the box of jewels from Tiffany’s, and sell some article that it contained. But this he had a great objection to doing. One thing was evident however, he must do something. His friend, the lot agent, was out of town, and he hardly knew whom to advise with. At last Mike Flynn, the friendly bootblack, whose acquaintance he had made in front of the Astor House, occurred to him. Cast Upon the Breakers PDF Book Free