Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Revised Storytelling System Rulebook


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The hand on the other side of the mirror began pounding. Silently at first, then distant and building, until she saw the glass shake, and crack. Siranush staggered away from the mirror and started running back down the hall. The Sira-in-the-mirror followed, her fists cracking the glass of each window, each mirror, each pane of glass.

Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Revised Storytelling System Rulebook

Name of Book Chronicles of Darkness
PDF Size 39 MB
No of Pages 294
Language English
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Her fingers reaching through the gaps where shards fell away. The hands bled where they were cut; dark, clotting blood, swimming with the acid smell of formaldehyde. They kept pushing through all around her, grabbing at her sleeves and threading their fingers into her hair. Why did Nana have so many mirrors?

She almost made it back to the living room. Then her own hands pulled her back into the dark hallway, her screams somehow dim, as though muffled by thick layers of glass. Sira-in-the-hall pried the bloody hands of Sira-in-the-mirror off her wrist and out of her hair. And together they teetered, half in and half out of the mirror.

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The other dusted the broken glass from her sweater, tucked herself in next to Alan, and put a proprietary arm around him. He startled slightly, surfacing slowly from a deep sleep. When coming up with your character, work with the Storyteller and the other players to figure out what kinds of stories you want to tell, and what characters could best serve that narrative.

However, if you want to tell an action-packed story of a village set upon by an undead horde brought upon by biological tests gone awry, that team could shine. As you delve into the mystery, the horror, and the drama of the Chronicles of Darkness, your character earns Beats and Experiences, which can improve her game traits.

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This allows you further customization, and lets your character grow and develop in mechanical terms. You get these Beats through a variety of behaviors; for example, you can get them through unfortunate events, from executing elaborate actions, or by pursuing character goals. Just like in a book, movie, or television show, your character grows as she interacts with the plot.

These are goals that your character wants to accomplish, or stories and events that you, as the player, want to see happen during your character’s story. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Download Thinking about your Aspirations early on, as part of your character concept, helps to make sure that your character is active, and that there are story hooks to get your character involved immediately.

You can also use Aspirations as a way to connect player characters, by giving them similar goals. We’ll talk more about Aspirations in their own section, later in this chapter. Now you set your character’s basic capabilities. Attributes are fundamental traits, defining how strong a character is, how well she can keep her temper when provoked, or how quickly she can improvise a solution to a problem.

A character starts with one dot in each Attribute for free. One dot represents someone who is below average in that capability, while two dots represent someone average. A character with three or four dots is above average or extremely talented, while five dots represents the peak of human ability.

Attributes are divided into the Mental, Physical, and Social categories. For your character, consider which of the categories is most important. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Download What sort of endeavors does your character excel at? Once you have picked a primary category, decide out of the remaining two which is your character’s next-best category.

You’ll assign five dots to the Attributes in your primary category, four dots to the Attributes in your secondary category, and three dots to the Attributes in your tertiary category. Almost everyone in the modern day can turn on a computer, use the internet, and perform basic searches. This Skill represents a character’s ability beyond that level.

Having the Computer Skill allows the character to develop programs, diagnose and repair major software and hardware problems, and perform more carefully focused and effective searches for data. It can also be used for things like digging into a file system, finding hidden or encrypted files, cracking encryption, hacking into computer systems, or sabotaging computer networks.

Science is a character’s understanding of the natural and physical sciences. In addition to your concept, also consider your character’s Aspirations. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Download If your story is about personal horror, a team of expert martial artists might not be the best fit. Both fell in, and both climbed out of, but one Sira was forced back through.

It includes subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, geology, and meteorology. Science is useful for understanding how the world works. It also helps characters make excellent use of resources and helps with the design of and theory behind many items that can be made using Crafts.

A character with a high Science Skill can explain what chemicals and proportions are needed to make an explosive, or determine the best materials for making a cage to hold a strange creature. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Athletics broadly covers a number of different areas of physical ability. It represents training in specific sports, from kayaking or parkour to professional sports like basketball or football.

It can be used with any general application of physical power and coordination, such as running a marathon, jumping between buildings, climbing a fence, or dodging threats. It also determines a character’s ability with thrown weapons in a fight, and adds to Defense to determine if the character is hit in a fight.

Just about any Chronicles of Darkness character is likely to find some use for the Athletics Skill. Sometimes, the only reasonable response is to run away. Drive is a broad Skill used for the operation of any motorized vehicle. It is used for maneuvering and controlling automobiles, motorcycles, and even boats.

It’s assumed that pretty much any modern character can perform basic driving under safe conditions, even without this Skill. However, if a character gets involved in a high-speed chase or tries to elude a tail, Drive is used to determine how well they handle themselves. The Drive Skill is needed when the character is in a dangerous or stressful situation, is trying to do something tricky, or is driving at very high speeds.

Your character possesses an iron will. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book The powers of the supernatural have little bearing on her behavior. She can stand up to a vampire’s mind control, a witch’s charms, or a ghost’s gifts of fright. Any time a supernatural creature uses a power to influence your character’s thoughts or emotions, add two dice to the dice pool to contest it.

If the roll is resisted, instead subtract two dice from the monster’s dice pool. Note that this only affects mental influence and manipulation from a supernatural origin. A vampire with a remarkable Manipulation + Persuasion score is just as likely to convince your character to do something using mundane tricks.

Your character has established an alternate identity. The level of this Merit determines the amount of scrutiny it holds up to. At one dot, the identity is superficial and unofficial. For example, your character uses an alias with a simple costume and adopts an accent. She hasn’t established the necessary paperwork to even approach a bureaucratic background check, let alone pass one.

At two dots, she’s supported her identity with paperwork and identification. It’s not liable to stand up to extensive research, but it’ll turn away private investigators and internet hobbyists. Chronicles of Darkness PDF At three dots, the identity can pass a thorough inspection. The identity has been deeply entrenched in relevant databases, with subtle flourishes and details to make it seem real, even to trained professionals.

This Merit reflects your character’s disposable income. She might live in an upscale condo, but if her income is tied up in the mortgage and child support payments, she might have little money to throw around. Characters are assumed to have basic necessities without Resources. The dot rating determines the relative amount of disposable funding the character has available, depending on your particular chronicle’s setting.

The same amount of money means completely different things in a game set in Silicon Valley compared to one set in the Detroit slums. One dot is a little spending money here and there. Chronicles of Darkness PDF Two is a comfortable, middle class wage. Three is a nicer, upper middle class life. Four is moderately wealthy. Five is filthy rich.

Your character has somewhere she can go where she can feel secure. While she may have enemies that could attack her there, she’s prepared and has the upper hand. The dot rating reflects the security of the place. The actual location, the luxury, and the size are represented by equipment.

A one-dot Safe Place might be equipped with basic security systems or a booby trap at the windows and door. A five-dot could have a security crew, infrared scanners at every entrance, or trained dogs. Each place can be an apartment, a mansion, or a hidey-hole. Unlike most Merits, multiple characters can contribute dots to a single Safe Place, combining their points into something greater.

A Safe Place gives an Initiative bonus equal to the Merit dots. I head for Grandma’s room, kick a stack of yellowing newspapers as high as my knee, nearly face-plant into a pile of musty, moth-eaten old scarves. When did it get this bad? Does the rest of the family know? Whatever. It’s not my problem. They made that clear a long time ago.

This only applies to a character with dots invested in the Safe Place. That was Grandma’s thing, growing up. The Hangry Wolf. I don’t know where she got it, some fucked-up book of Old World fairy tales, probably. The Hangry Wolf was supposed to live in the basement, and it didn’t have any food or toys or friends of its own, so it would come out at night to take whatever I had neglected.

I guess it was supposed to teach me not to be wasteful, but all it really did was keep me up at night, convinced that every sound of the old building settling was the Hangry Wolf nosing around, looking for something to eat. Chronicles of Darkness PDF The window breaks with a muffled crack, and I’m in. Grandma wasn’t exactly loaded, but she had some jewelry she brought over with her after the war that should fix me for rent for a month or two.

She probably left it all to Sira, but fuck her. Didn’t even call to tell me the old lady had died. Had to see it in the goddamn paper. Obits are a good way to find places to rob, but you’d expect your own family to give you a courtesy call. It’s been ten years, but I still remember the layout. Grandma’s room at the end of the hall, mine next to the bathroom and across from Sira’s.

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