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The judge had asked the seven men and five women to make one final effort to reach a verdict. Mrs. Justice Lane instructed them to return the following morning. She was beginning to think a hung jury was the most likely outcome. The moment she stood up, everyone in the well of the court rose and bowed. The judge returned the compliment, but it wasn’t until she had left the court that a babble of chatter erupted.

Cometh the Hour PDF Book by Jeffrey Archer

Name of Book Cometh the Hour PDF Book
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“Would you be kind enough to accompany me back to my chambers, Mrs. Clifton,” said Donald Trelford, “so we can discuss the contents of Major Fisher’s letter, and whether they should be made public.” Emma nodded. “I’d like my husband and brother to join us, if that’s possible, as I know Sebastian has to get back to work.” “Of course,” said Trelford.

Who gathered up his papers and, without another word, led them out of the courtroom and down the wide marble staircase to the ground floor. As they stepped out onto the Strand, a pack of baying journalists, accompanied by flashing cameras, once again surrounded them, and dogged their steps as they made their way slowly across to the QC’s chambers.

Click here to Download Cometh the Hour PDF Book

They were finally left alone once they’d arrived at Lincoln’s Inn, an ancient square full of neat-looking town houses that were in fact chambers occupied by barristers and their clerks. Mr. Trelford led them up a creaky wooden staircase to the top floor of No. 11, passing rows of names printed neatly in black on the snow-white walls.

When Emma entered Mr. Trelford’s office, she was surprised to see how small it was, but then there are no large offices in Lincoln’s Inn, even if you are the head of chambers. Once they were all seated, Mr. Trelford looked across at the woman who sat opposite him. Mrs. Clifton appeared calm and composed, even stoical.

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Which was rare for someone who was facing the possibility of defeat and humiliation, unless … He unlocked the top drawer of his desk, extracted a file and handed copies of Major Fisher’s letter to Mr. and Mrs. Clifton and Sir Giles Barrington. The original remained locked in his safe, although he was in no doubt that Lady Virginia had somehow got hold of the copy he had with him in court.

Once they had all read the letter, handwritten on House of Commons paper, Trelford said firmly, “If you will allow me to present this as evidence in open court, Mrs. Clifton, I am confident we can win the case.” “That is out of the question,” said Emma, handing her copy back to Trelford.

“I could never allow that,” she added with the dignity of a woman who knew that the decision might not only destroy her but also hand victory to her adversary. “Will you at least allow your husband and Sir Giles to offer their opinion?” Giles didn’t wait for Emma’s permission. “Of course it must be seen by the jury, because once it has, they’ll come down unanimously in your favor and, more importantly. Cometh the Hour PDF Book

Virginia will never be able to show her face in public again.” “Possibly,” said Emma calmly, “but at the same time, you would have to withdraw your candidacy for the by-election, and this time the prime minister won’t be offering you a seat in the House of Lords as compensation. And you can be sure of one thing,” she added.

“Your ex-wife will consider destroying your political career a far greater prize than defeating me. No, Mr. Trelford,” she continued, not looking at her brother, “this letter will remain a family secret, and we will all have to live with the consequences.” Harry rarely read the business section of any newspaper, but today he made an exception.

The New York Times had devoted half a page to the merger between the Viking Press and Mulberry House, alongside a photograph of Aaron shaking hands with Rex Mulberry. Viking would have 34 percent of the new company, while Mulberry, a far bigger house, would control 66 percent. Cometh the Hour PDF Book

When the Times asked Aaron how his father felt about the deal, he simply replied, “Curtis Mulberry and my father have been close friends for many years. I am delighted to have formed a partnership with his son, and look forward to an equally long and fruitful relationship.” “Hear, hear, to that,” said Harry, as a dining car waiter poured him a second cup of coffee.

He glanced out of the window to see the skyscrapers of Manhattan becoming smaller and smaller as the train continued on its journey to Pittsburgh. Harry sat back, closed his eyes and thought about his meeting with Yelena Babakova. He just hoped she would fall in with her husband’s wishes. He tried to recall Anatoly’s exact words.

“Not in my lifetime,” she said, in the same impassive voice, as the coach trundled on toward the center of the city. Eventually they pulled up outside the Adlon Hotel, but it was some time before they were allowed to disembark. When the doors finally opened, they were shepherded off the coach by a posse of tall uniformed policemen accompanied by snarling Alsatians on short leads. Cometh the Hour PDF Book

The delegates remained corralled until they had reached the dining room, where they were released into a large pen. The East Germans’ idea of making you feel at home. Giles checked the seating plan displayed on a board to one side of the double doors. Sir Giles Barrington and his interpreter were on table number 43 near the back of the room, where they wouldn’t attract attention, Walter had explained.

He and his companion found their places and sat down. Giles tried subtly, and then crudely, to find out her name and what she did, but came up against another brick wall. It was clear that her identity had to remain secret, so he satisfied himself with talking about London and the theatre, to which she happily responded, until several people around them stood up and began to applaud—some more loudly than others.

Giles stood to see the diminutive figure of Comrade Honecker enter the room surrounded by a dozen bodyguards who towered over him, so that he only occasionally bobbed into view. Giles joined in the applause, as he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. The general secretary walked toward the top table and, as he climbed the few steps up onto the platform. Cometh the Hour PDF Book Download

Giles spotted Walter applauding about as enthusiastically as he was. The West German foreign minister was seated just two places away from the general secretary, and it wasn’t difficult for Giles to work out that the man between them had to be Walter’s Russian counterpart, because he was clapping more enthusiastically than anyone else at the top table.

When everyone in the room finally sat down, Giles saw Karin for the first time. She was seated behind the two foreign ministers. He was immediately reminded why he’d been so captivated by her. During the meal he couldn’t stop staring in her direction, but she never once returned the compliment. The three-course meal was both interminable and inedible.

Nettle soup followed by boiled beef and soggy cabbage, and finally a slab of brick-hard cake covered in custard that any self-respecting schoolboy would have left untouched. His companion began asking him questions, clearly trying to distract him from constantly staring at Karin. She asked which musicals were on in London. He didn’t know. Had he seen Oh! Calcutta!? Cometh the Hour PDF Book Download

No, he hadn’t. What was showing at the Tate Gallery? He had no idea. She even asked if he’d met Prince Charles. Harry would often visit his mother at her cottage on the estate during his four to six p.m. writing break, when they would enjoy what Maisie described as high tea: cheese and tomato sandwiches, hot scones with honey, éclairs and Earl Grey tea.

They would discuss everything from the family—her greatest interest— to the politics of the day. She didn’t care much for Jim Callaghan or Ted Heath, and only once, straight after the war, had voted anything other than Liberal. “A wasted vote, Giles never stopped reminding you.” “A wasted vote is when you don’t vote, as I’ve told him many times.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice that since her late husband had died, his mother had slowed down. She no longer walked the dog every evening, and recently she’d even canceled the morning papers, unwilling to admit her eyesight was failing. “Must get back to my six to eight session,” said Harry. As he rose from his seat by the fire, his mother handed him a letter. Cometh the Hour PDF Book Download

“Not to be opened until they’ve laid me to rest,” she said calmly. “That won’t be for some years, Mother,” he said as he bent down and kissed her on the forehead, although he didn’t believe it. Emma attended an emergency meeting of the hospital’s governors the following evening. The meeting opened with a minute’s silence in memory of the late chairman.

Who had suffered a heart attack while climbing in the Alps with his two sons. Emma’s thoughts were with Eddie’s wife, Wendy, who had flown out to Switzerland to be with her children and bring her husband’s body home. The second item on the agenda was to elect a new chairman. Nick Caldercroft, Eddie’s long-serving deputy, was proposed, seconded and elected nem. con. to take Eddie’s place.

He spoke warmly of the man he had had the honor of serving under and pledged to carry on with his legacy. “But,” he emphasized, “that task will be made a lot easier if we select the right person to be my deputy. None of you will be surprised to learn that my first choice is Emma Clifton.” Emma wasn’t surprised, she was shocked, as the idea had never crossed her mind. Cometh the Hour PDF Book Free

However, as she looked around the boardroom table, it appeared that everyone agreed with the new chairman. Emma began mentally composing a few words about how she was flattered by their confidence in her but sadly it wasn’t possible at the present time because … But then she looked up and saw the photograph of her grandfather staring down at her.

Sir Walter Barrington was giving her that gimlet-eyed look she remembered so well from her schooldays, when she’d been caught doing something naughty. “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It’s a great honor and I shall try to prove worthy of your confidence.” Returning home later that evening she had to explain to Harry why she was clutching a thick bundle of files.

He didn’t look surprised. “After all,” he said, “you were the obvious choice.” When the phone rang, Emma said firmly, “If it’s the Queen, say thank you but I just haven’t the time to be prime minister.” “It isn’t the Queen,” said Harry, “but she might just be the next prime minister,” he added as he handed Emma the phone. Cometh the Hour PDF Book Free

“I wanted to call and thank you, Emma,” said Margaret Thatcher, “for all the hard work you did for the party in the West Country during the campaign, and to warn you that I’m pretty sure there will be another election within a few months, when we will need to call on your help again.”

When the phones were no longer ringing off the hook, Sebastian finally decided to go home, although there was one person he still had to call. But he decided it would be easier to speak to her from the privacy of his flat. On the way home to Pimlico, he suddenly felt hungry, as he hadn’t had any lunch. He couldn’t face eating out, and certainly didn’t feel like cooking.

So he stopped off at a takeaway to pick up a large pepperoni pizza. By the time he’d parked outside his block of flats, his mind had turned to the problems he would have to face at tomorrow’s emergency meeting, now that Adrian Sloane was back on the board. He let himself in to Pimlico Mansions, and took the lift to his apartment on the ninth floor. As he opened his door, he could hear the phone ringing. Cometh the Hour PDF Book Free

Hakim Bishara looked closely at the man seated across the table from him. Once again, he was playing the game his father had taught him. Mr. Hammond’s dark blue suit was well tailored but off the peg; his white shirt had been put on less than an hour ago. His tie was crested, probably a rugby club, and his shoes could only have been polished by someone who’d served in the armed forces.

His head was shaven, his body slim and agile, and although he must have been in his mid-forties, not many thirty-yearolds would have wanted to step into the ring with him.

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