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Nicholas Young slumped into the nearest seat in the hotel lobby, drained from the sixteen-hour ight from Singapore, the train ride from Heathrow Airport, and trudging through the rain-soaked streets. His cousin Astrid Leong shivered stoically next to him, all because her mother, Felicity.

Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book by Kevin Kwan

Name of Book Crazy Rich Asians
PDF Size  3.5 MB
No of Pages 439
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His dai gu cheh—or “big aunt” in Cantonese—said it was a sin to take a taxi nine blocks and forced everyone to walk all the way from Piccadilly Tube Station. Anyone else happening upon the scene might have noticed an unusually composed eight-year-old boy and an ethereal wisp of a girl sitting quietly in a corner.

But all Reginald Ormsby saw from his desk overlooking the lobby were two little Chinese children staining the damask settee with their sodden coats. And it only got worse from there. Three Chinese women stood nearby, frantically blotting themselves dry with tissues, while a teenager slid wildly across the lobby, his sneakers leaving muddy tracks on the black-and-white checker board marble.

Click here to Download Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book

Ormsby rushed downstairs from the mezzanine, knowing he could more eciently dispatch these foreigners than his front-desk clerks. “Good evening, I am the general manager. Can I help you?” he said slowly, over-enunciating every word. “Yes, good evening, we have a reservation,” the woman replied in perfect English. Ormsby peered at her in surprise.

“What name is it under?” “Eleanor Young and family.” Ormsby froze—he recognized the name, especially since the Young party had booked the Lancaster Suite. But who could have imagined that “Eleanor Young” would turn out to be Chinese, and how on earth did she end up here?

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The Dorchester or the Ritz might let this kind in, but this was the Calthorpe, owned by the Calthorpe Cavendish-Gores since the reign of George IV and run for all intents and purposes like a private club for the sort of families that appeared in Debrett’s or the Almanach de Gotha. Ormsby considered the bedraggled women and the dripping children.

The Dowager Marchioness of Uckeld was staying through the weekend, and he could scarcely imagine what she would make of these folk appearing at breakfast tomorrow. He made a swift decision. “I’m terribly sorry, but I can’t seem to nd a booking under that name.” To understand why, one had to rst consider the obvious—her astonishing beauty.

Astrid wasn’t attractive in the typical almond eyed Hong Kong starlet sort of way, nor was she the awless celestial-maiden type. One could say that Astrid’s eyes were set too far apart, and her jawline—so similar to the men on her mother’s side—was too prominent for a girl. Yet somehow with her delicate nose, bee-stung lips, and long naturally wavy hair, it all came together to form an inexplicably alluring vision. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book

She was always that girl stopped on the street by modeling scouts, though her mother fended them o brusquely. Astrid was not going to be modeling for anyone, and certainly not for money. Such things were far beneath her. And that was the other, more essential detail about Astrid: she was born into the uppermost echelon of Asian wealth.

A secretive, rareed circle of families virtually unknown to outsiders who possessed immeasurably vast fortunes. For starters, her father hailed from the Penang Leongs, a venerable Straits Chinese* family that held a monopoly over the palm oil industry. But adding even more oomph, her mother was the eldest daughter of Sir James Young and the even more imperial Shang Su Yi.

Astrid’s aunt Catherine had married a minor Thai prince. Another was married to the renowned Hong Kong cardiologist Malcolm Cheng. One could go on for hours diagramming all the dynastic links in Astrid’s family tree, but from any angle you looked at it, Astrid’s pedigree was nothing short of extraordinary. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book

And as Astrid took her place at the candlelit banquet table in the L’Herme-Pierres’ long gallery, surrounded by the gleaming Louis XV Sèvres and roseperiod Picassos, she could not have suspected just how extraordinary life was about to become. The stewardess gestured to the cocktails awaiting them on the center console. “An aperitif before takeo? Mr. Young, your usual gin and tonic.

Ms. Chu, a Kir Royale to get you settled in.” She handed Rachel a long-stemmed glass with chilled bubbly that looked like it had been poured just seconds ago. Of course they would already know her favorite cocktail. “Would you like to enjoy your lounge chairs until dinner, or would you prefer us to convert your suite into a bedroom right after takeo?”

“I think we’ll enjoy this screening-room setup for a while,” Nick replied. As soon as the stewardess was out of earshot, Rachel declared, “Sweet Jesus, I’ve lived in apartments smaller than this!” “I hope you don’t mind roughing it—this is all rather lowbrow by Asian hospitality standards,” Nick teased. “Um … I think I can make do.” Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book

Rachel curled up on her sumptuous armchair and began ddling with her remote control. “Okay, there are more channels than I can count. Are you going to watch one of your bleak Swedish crime thrillers? Oooh, The English Patient. I want to see that. Wait a minute. Is it bad to watch a lm about a plane crash while you’re ying?”

“That was a tiny single-engine plane, and wasn’t it shot down by Nazis? I think it should be just ne,” Nick said, placing his hand over hers. The enormous plane began to taxi toward the runway, and Rachel looked out the window at the planes lined up on the tarmac, lights ashing on the tips of their wings, each one awaiting their turn to hurtle skyward. “You know, it’s nally sinking in that we’re going on this trip.”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never seen a place like this in all of Singapore. It doesn’t even feel like we’re in Singapore anymore,” Peik Lin said in amazement. The whole landscape reminded her of the stately country estates she had visited in England, like Chatsworth or Blenheim Palace. As the car rounded one last curve, Rachel suddenly let out a gasp, grabbing Peik Lin’s arm. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Download

In the distance, a great house had come into view, ablaze with lights. As they got closer, the enormity of the place truly became evident. It wasn’t a house. It was more like a palace. The front driveway was lined with cars, almost all of which were large and European—Mercedes, Jaguars, Citroëns, Rolls-Royces, many with diplomatic medallions and ags.

A cluster of chaueurs loitered in a circle behind the cars, smoking. Waiting by the massive front doors in a white linen shirt and tan slacks, hair perfectly tousled and hands pensively shoved into his pockets, stood Nick. “I feel like I’m dreaming. This can’t be real,” Peik Lin said. “Oh Peik Lin, who are these people?” Rachel asked nervously.

For the rst time in her life, Peik Lin was at a loss for words. She stared at Rachel with a sudden intensity, and then she said, almost in a whisper, “I have no idea who these people are. But I can tell you one thing—these people are richer than God.” Araminta perched on a counter savoring the scene, adding more tension to her little game by calling out the remaining time at oneminute intervals. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Download

Rachel tried to steer clear of the rampage, taking refuge at a rack overlooked by the rest of the girls, probably because there weren’t any quickly recognizable labels on any of the garments. Francesca stood at a nearby rack picking through the clothes as if she was surveying medical photos of genital deformities. “This is impossible. Who are all these no-name designers?” she called out to Araminta.

“What do you mean ‘no-name’? Alexis Mabille, Thakoon, Isabel Marant—my mum personally selects the hottest designers for this boutique,” Araminta said defensively. Francesca tossed back her long, wavy black locks and snied. “You know I only wear six designers: Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Etro, my dear friend Stella McCartney, and Brunello Cucinelli for country weekends.

I wish you’d told me we were coming here, Araminta. I could have brought my latest Chanel resort wear—I bought this season’s entire collection at Carol Tai’s Christian Helpers fashion benet.” “Well, I guess you’ll just have to slum it for two nights without your Chanel,” Araminta retorted. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Download

She gave Rachel a conspiratorial wink and whispered, “When I rst met Francesca in Sunday school, she had a plumpish round face and was wearing hand-me-downs. Her grandpa was a famous miser, and the whole family lived crammed together in an old shop house on Emerald Hill.”

“That’s hard to picture,” Rachel said, glancing over at Francesca’s perfectly executed makeup and rued emerald-green wrap dress. “Well, her grandpa had a massive stroke and went into a coma, and her parents nally got control of all the money. Almost overnight, Francesca got herself new cheekbones and a wardrobe from Paris—you won’t believe how fast she and her mother transformed themselves.

Speaking of fast, the minutes are running out, Rachel—you should be shopping!” The minute Harry Leong’s Armani-suited security men entered her hospital room and did their usual sweep, Astrid knew that she had been found out. Minutes later, her parents rushed into the room in a hu. “Astrid, are you okay? How’s Cassian? Where is he?” her mother asked anxiously. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Free

“I’m ne, I’m ne. Michael is with Cassian in the children’s ward, signing his release forms.” Astrid’s father eyed the elderly Chinese woman a few feet away vigorously rubbing Tiger Balm onto her ankle. “Why did they bring you to a public hospital, and why on earth are you not in your own room? I’m going to tell them to move you immediately,” Harry whispered irritatedly.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I had a slight concussion, so they just put me in this ward for monitoring. Like I said, we’re about to get released. How did you know I was here?” Astrid demanded, not bothering to hide her annoyance. “Aiyoh, you’ve been in the hospital for two days without telling us, and all you care about is how we found out!” Felicity sighed. “Don’t get so kan cheong, Mum.

Nothing happened.” “Nothing happened? Cassandra called up at seven this morning from England. She scared us half to death, making it sound like you were Princess Diana in that tunnel in Paris!” Felicity lamented. “Just be glad she didn’t call the Straits Times,” Harry added. Astrid rolled her eyes. Radio One Asia had struck again. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Free

How in the world did Cassandra know about her accident? She had specically told the ambulance driver to take her to General Hospital—not one of the private hospitals like Mount Elizabeth or Gleneagles—so that she might avoid being recognized. Of course, that hadn’t worked. Arts and Crafts front doors, Annabel quickly soaked in every minute detail of the way these people lived.

Look at this whole row of Malay servants anking the entrance hall in crisp white blazers. What are they oering on these Selangor pewter trays? Pimm’s No. 1 with zzy pineapple juice and fresh mint leaves. How quaint. I must copy that for the new Sri Lanka resort. Ah, here is Felicity Leong in tailored silk jacquard, wearing the most exquisite piece of lilac jade.

And her daughter-in-law Cathleen, the constitutional law expert (this girl is always so plain, with not a drop of jewelry in sight—you would never guess she’s married to the eldest Leong son). And here is Astrid Leong. What was it like for her to grow up in this house? No wonder she has such great taste—that robin’s-egg blue dress she’s wearing is on the cover of French Vogue this month. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Free

Who’s this man whispering to Astrid at the foot of the stairs? Oh, it’s her husband, Michael. What a stunning couple they make. And look at this drawing room, oh just look! The symmetry … the scale … the profusion of orange blossoms. Sublime. I need orange blossoms in all the hotel lobbies next week. Wait a second, is that Ru ware from the Northern Song dynasty?

Yes it is. One, two, three, four, there are so many pieces. Unbelievable! This room alone must have thirty million dollars’ worth of ceramics, strewn about as if they were cheap ashtrays. And these Peranakan-style opium chairs—look at the mother-of-pearl inlay—I’ve never seen a pair in such perfect condition. Here come the Chengs of Hong Kong.

Look how adorable those children are, all dressed up like little Ralph Lauren models. Never had Annabel felt more content than right now, when at last she was breathing in this raried air. The house was lling up with the sort of aristocratic families she had only heard about over the years, families that could trace their lineage back thirty generations or more. Crazy Rich Asians PDF Book Free

Like the Youngs, who had just arrived. Oh look, Eleanor just waved at me. She’s the only one who socializes outside the family. And here’s her son, Nicholas—another looker. Colin’s best friend. And the girl holding Nicholas’s hand must be that Rachel Chu everyone is talking about, the one that’s not one of the Taiwan Chus. One look and I could have told you that.

This girl grew up drinking vitamin-D calcium-fortied American milk. But she still doesn’t have a chance of catching Nicholas. And here comes Araminta with all the Khoos. Looking like she belongs.

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