Daughter of the Moon PDF Book by Himanshu Goel

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Daughter of the Moon PDF Book by Himanshu Goel

Name of Book Daughter of the Moon
PDF Size 2.1 MB
No of Pages 59
Language English
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Contents daughter of the moon moonchild the idea of love lullaby of pain the howling moon daughter of the moon and tonight all the stars are falling into place if only the moon could follow and you know she can teleport you to the moon with just her words she whispered secrets to the moon the world could only dream of where did.

My nights disappear when did you learn to steal light from the moon? I could live without the stars but I would never let go of the moon I didn’t mind sacrificing my days because the moon only came out in the night and she taught the calm sea to destroy with fierce tides one night she let her fury out and they called it blood moon.

Click here to Download Daughter of the Moon PDF Book

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one night the moon hid herself and never returned? she saw a red star unlike any other that gave life to many and called it sun. moonchild she was like a dream I was willing to give up everything for there was no adventure too far away there was no distance she couldn’t cross.

She is made up of a warm soul and necessary demons she was never afraid of monsters she feared the society that created them her most painful tears gave birth to the brightest stars her smile taught me the necessity of pain and you can never catch her she is always on a journey to somewhere and you can never find her.

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She always ends up nowhere how could the raindrops ever touch her when she was above the clouds? she was irresistible a beautiful language I could never translate those bullets can’t hurt her now she put her chin up and they put their guns down the idea of love maybe you never learned to love at all maybe you fell for the idea of love.

Once you let go of the definitions and labels what’s left of your love? I want to sleep with you on a bed made out of the stars and the skies do you remember that night under the violet sky when we ran out of stars to count? and she could never love anyone because people could never be as beautiful as ideas have you ever wondered why.

The best love stories begin with hatred? even the stars spy on us in the day stealing glances at our love gravity had failed us and every word felt like a piece of moon being pulled apart from the earth and may the stars have mercy when they see what we have done to ourselves . there were no chinks in his armour but she broke through from the inside. Daughter of the Moon PDF Book

Lullaby of pain I didn’t give up I just stopped looking at myself through the eyes of someone else the relentless rain is never ending what am I to do when I have run out of raindrops to count and sad songs to listen to? the sailor waited forever in the merciless sea but there was no calm before the storm.

Maybe this year winter will have mercy and leave us alone maybe this year summer will shine and we won’t be cold why do these silly nerves go haywire when I’m with you? you left me in a twisted knot of questions I didn’t have the answers for I don’t remember when I got used to sleeping to the lullaby of pain.

When you lie down with me can you hear the sounds of the universe? maybe the pain will stop when I learn to bleed why do you try to paint me in water when I belong to the sky? the howling moon no one knows sacrifice better than the lone wolf. watch how even these monsters tremble when the wolves howl. Daughter of the Moon PDF Book Download

The lone wolf is never alone for he has the moon by his side. you the fool who have caged her I hope you are ready because now the wolves come for war. we live in trying times we need to be more than just warriors we need to be wolves. maybe she is a wolf that never learned to survive alone let’s trade places for a day.

You be the moon and I’ll be the wolf so when night comes you can teach me to howl. I miss yo u like the wolf misses the moon in the day Daughter of the Moon PDF Book Free

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