Eleanor & Park PDF Book by Rainbow Rowell


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Park pressed his headphones into his ears. Tomorrow he was going to bring Skinny Puppy or the Misfits. Or maybe he’d make a special bus tape with as much screaming and wailing on it as possible. He could get back to New Wave in November, after he got his driver’s license. His parents had already said Park could have his mom’s Impala, and he’d been saving up for a new tape deck.

Eleanor & Park PDF Book by Rainbow Rowell

Name of Book Eleanor & Park
PDF Size 1.4 MB
No of Pages 340
Language English
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Once he started driving to school, he could listen to whatever he wanted or nothing at all, and he’d get to sleep in an extra twenty minutes. ‘That doesn’t exist,’ somebody shouted behind him. ‘It so fucking does,’ Steve shouted back. ‘Drunkenmonkey style, man, it’s a real fucking thing. You can kill somebody with it …’ ‘You’re full of shit.’ ‘You’re full of shit,’ Steve said.

‘Park! Hey, Park.’ Park heard him, but didn’t answer. Sometimes, if you ignored Steve for a minute, he moved onto someone else. Knowing that was 80 percent of surviving with Steve as your neighbor. The other 20 percent was just keeping your head down … Which Park had momentarily forgotten. A ball of paper hit him in the back of the head.

Click here to Download Eleanor & Park PDF Book

‘Those were my Human Growth and Development notes, dicklick,’ Tina said. ‘I’m sorry, baby,’ Steve said. ‘I’ll teach you all about human growth and development. What do you need to know?’ ‘Teach her drunken-monkey style,’ somebody said. ‘PARK!’ Steve shouted. Park pulled down his headphones and turned to the back of the bus. Steve was holding court in the last seat.

Even sitting, his head practically touched the roof. Steve always looked like he was surrounded by doll furniture. He’d looked like a grown man since the seventh grade, and that was before he grew a full beard. Slightly before. Sometimes Park wondered if Steve was with Tina because she made him look even more like a monster.

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Most of the girls from the Flats were small, but Tina couldn’t be five feet. Massive hair, included. Once, back in middle school, some guy had tried to give Steve shit about how he better not get Tina pregnant because if he did, his giant babies would kill her. ‘They’ll bust out of her stomach like in Aliens,’ the guy said. Steve broke his little finger on the guy’s face. 

When Park’s dad heard, he said, ‘Somebody needs to teach that Murphy kid how to make a fist.’ But Park hoped nobody would. The guy Steve hit couldn’t open his eyes for a week. ‘Yeah …’ Eleanor said, ‘yeah, I’m just tired. I’m going to do my homework and go to bed.’ Her mom seemed to know that something was off, but she didn’t push. She used to make Eleanor tell her everything.

‘What’s going on up there?’ she’d say, knocking on the top of Eleanor’s head. ‘Are you making yourself crazy?’ Her mom hadn’t said anything like that since Eleanor had moved home. She seemed to realize that she’d lost her right to knock. Eleanor climbed up onto her bunk and pushed the cat to the end. She didn’t have anything to read. Eleanor & Park PDF Book

Nothing new, anyway. Was he done bringing her comics? Why had he even started? She ran her fingers over the embarrassing song titles – ‘This Charming Man’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’ – on her math book. She wanted to scribble them out, but he’d probably notice and lord it over her. Eleanor really was tired, that wasn’t a lie. She’d been staying up, reading, almost every night.

She fell asleep that night right after dinner. She woke up to shouting. Richie shouting. Eleanor couldn’t tell what he was saying. Underneath the shouting, her mother was crying. She sounded like she’d been crying for a long time – she must be completely out of her head if she was letting them hear her cry like that. Eleanor could tell that everyone else in the room was already awake.

She hung off the bunk until she could see the little kids take shape in the dark. All four of them were sitting together in a clump of blankets on the floor. Maisie was holding the baby, rocking him almost frantically. Eleanor slid off the bed soundlessly and huddled with them. Mouse immediately climbed into her lap. He was shaking and wet, and he wrapped his arms and legs around Eleanor like a monkey. Eleanor & Park PDF Book

Their mother shrieked, two rooms away, and they all five jumped together. Mondays were the best. Today, when she got on the bus, Park actually smiled at her. Like, smiled at her the whole time she was walking down the aisle. Eleanor couldn’t bring herself to smile directly back at him, not in front of everybody.

But she couldn’t help but smile, so she smiled at the floor and looked up every few seconds to see whether he was still looking at her. He was. Tina was looking at her, too, but Eleanor ignored her. Park stood up when she got to their row, and as soon as she sat down, he took her hand and kissed it. It happened so fast, she didn’t have time to die of ecstasy or embarrassment.

She let her face fall for just a few seconds against his shoulder, against the sleeve of his black trench coat. He squeezed her hand tight. ‘I missed you,’ he whispered. She felt tears in her eyes and turned to the window. They didn’t say anything more all the way to school. Park walked with Eleanor to her locker, and they both stood there quietly, leaning against the wall almost until the bell rang. Eleanor & Park PDF Book

The hall was practically empty. Then Park reached up and wrapped one of her red curls around his honey finger. ‘Back to missing you,’ he said, letting it go. She was late to homeroom and didn’t hear Mr Sarpy tell her that she had an office pass. He slammed it on her desk. ‘Eleanor, wake up! You’ve got a pass from your counselor.’ God, he was a jerk, she was glad she didn’t have him for a real class.

As she walked to the office, she trailed her fingertips along the brick wall and hummed a song Park had given her. She was so blissed out, she even smiled at Mrs Dunne when she got to her office. ‘Eleanor,’ she said, hugging her. Mrs Dunne was big on hugging. She’d hugged Eleanor the very first time they met. ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m good.’

‘You look good,’ Mrs Dunne said. Eleanor looked down at her sweater (a very fat man had probably bought it to wear golfing in 1968) and at her holey jeans. God, how bad did she usually look? ‘Thanks, I guess.’ ‘I’ve been talking to your teachers,’ Mrs Dunne said. ‘Did you know you’re getting As in almost all your classes?’ Eleanor shrugged. Eleanor & Park PDF Book

She didn’t have cable or a phone, and she felt like she was living underground in her own house … There was plenty of time for homework. Eleanor and the little kids climbed into the back of the truck and huddled against the cab, making faces at the baby, who got to sit inside. Richie drove down Park’s street on the way out of the neighborhood, but Park wasn’t outside, thank God.

Of course, Tina and her Neanderthal boyfriend were out. Eleanor didn’t even try to duck. What was the point? Steve whistled at her. It was snowing on the way home from the movie. (Short Circuit.) Richie drove slow, which meant that even more snow fell on them, but at least nobody flew out of the truck. Huh, Eleanor thought. I’m not fantasizing about being thrown from a moving vehicle. Weird.

When they drove by Park’s house again in the dark, she wondered which window was his. Park didn’t feel like playing basketball, and it was too cold outside without his coat. He stood in front of his house for a few minutes, then stomped over to his grandparents’ house. He knocked, then opened the door; they never locked it. They were both in the kitchen, watching Family Feud. Eleanor & Park PDF Book Download

His grandmother was making Polish sausage. ‘Park!’ she said. ‘I must have known you were coming. I made way too many Tater Tots.’ ‘I thought you were grounded,’ his grandpa said. ‘Hush, Harold, you can’t be grounded from your own grandparents … Are you feeling okay, honey? You look flushed.’ ‘I’m just cold,’ Park said. ‘Are you staying for dinner?’

‘Yeah,’ he said. After dinner, they watched Matlock. His grandmother crocheted. She was working on a blanket for somebody’s baby shower. Park stared at the TV, but didn’t take anything in. His grandmother had filled the wall behind the TV with framed eight-by-ten photographs. There were pictures of his dad and his dad’s older brother who died in Vietnam, and pictures of Park and Josh from every school year.

There was a smaller photo of his parents, on their wedding day. His dad was in his dress uniform, and his mom was wearing a pink miniskirt. Somebody had written ‘Seoul, 1970’ in the corner. His dad was twenty-three. His mom was eighteen, only two years older than Park. Everybody had thought she must be pregnant, his dad had told him. But she wasn’t. Eleanor & Park PDF Book Download

‘Practically pregnant,’ his dad said, ‘but that’s a different thing … We were just in love.’ Park hadn’t expected his mom to like Eleanor, not right away – but he hadn’t expected her to reject her, either. His mom was so nice to everybody. ‘Your mother’s an angel,’ his grandma always said. It’s what everyone always said. His grandparents sent him home after Hill Street Blues.

His mom had gone to bed, but his dad was sitting on the couch, waiting for him. Park tried to walk past. His parents gave him a fifty-dollar gift certificate to Drastic Plastic, the punk-rock record store downtown. (Park was surprised that they’d think of that. And he was surprised that DP sold gift certificates. Not very punk.

He also got two black sweaters he might actually wear, some Avon cologne in a bottle shaped like an electric guitar, and an empty key ring – which his dad made sure everybody noticed. Park’s sixteenth birthday had come and gone, and he didn’t even care anymore about getting his license and driving himself to school. He wasn’t going to give up his only guaranteed time with Eleanor. Eleanor & Park PDF Book Download

She’d already told him that as awesome as last night was – and they both agreed it was awesome – she couldn’t risk sneaking out again. ‘Any one of my siblings could have woken up, they still could, and they would definitely tell on me. They have very confused allegiances.’ ‘But if you’re quiet …’ That’s when she’d told him that, most nights, she shared a room with all of her brothers and sisters.

All of them. A room about the size of his, she said, ‘minus the waterbed.’ They were sitting against the back door of the school, in a little alcove where no one would see them unless they were really looking, and where the snow didn’t fall directly on their faces. They sat next to each other, facing each other, holding hands. There was nothing between them now. Nothing stupid and selfish just taking up space.

No Eleanor. And his dad ignored him all through dinner and taekwando. Park wondered if it was just the eyeliner that had done it – or if the eyeliner had been the pencil that broke the camel’s back. Like Park had spent sixteen years acting weak and weird and girlie, and his dad had borne it on his massive shoulders. And then one day, Park put on makeup, and that was it, his dad just shrugged him off. Eleanor & Park PDF Book Free

Your dad loves you, Eleanor said. And she was right. But it didn’t matter. That was table stakes. His dad loved him in a completely obligatory way, like Park loved Josh. His dad couldn’t stand the sight of him. Park kept wearing eyeliner to school. And he kept washing it off when he got home. And his dad kept acting like he wasn’t there.

Thursday night after dinner, Park’s grandma came over to have her hair set, and his mom disappeared into the garage. His dad was messing with the plumbing under the sink, replacing the garbage disposal. Park was trying to tell Eleanor about a tape he’d bought. Elvis Costello. He couldn’t shut up about it.

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