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“We’re growing more familiar with it. In fact, we’ve put a home under contract just next door,” the woman supplied with an unnaturally white smile. I stalled, surprised by the response. “You mean right next door? The Bakers’ old home?” Home was a nice term for it. It was the neighborhood’s resident teardown, a foreclosure that had spent the last five years dragging through the courts.

Every Last Secret PDF Book by Alessandra Torre

Name of Book Every Last Secret
PDF Size 1.6 MB
No of Pages 312
Language English
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If it ever came up for sale, I had plans to knock down the entire structure and replace it with an expansion to our pool area and gardens. “Yep.” Dr. Neena Ryder’s beam grew even wider. “Matt had an inside track with the bank. He’s in real estate development.” “Demolition,” her husband corrected with a selfdeprecating smile that crinkled the edges of his eyes. I immediately warmed to him.

“So, you’ll be tearing down the house?” “Oh no.” He shook his head quickly. “We can’t afford to rebuild, not to the neighboring standards. We’ll renovate, then decide what to do.” Sinking a single dollar into that heap would be a waste. It needed to be bulldozed, the pool yanked out, and a fresh foundation poured. I smiled. “Well, if you ever want to make a quick buck, we’ll take it off your hands.

Click here to Download Every Last Secret PDF Book

I’ve had my eye on that lot for years. I’d love to expand our pool deck all the way to the edge of the view.” “I appreciate the offer,” he said, running a hand through the sparse hair crowning his head. “But Neena and I are pretty set on the house, especially with Atherton’s proximity to her new job.” “I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with Winthorpe Tech’s team.”

Neena glanced at William, and I didn’t miss the appreciative linger in her eyes. Then again, there wasn’t a woman in town who hadn’t given my husband a second look at some point or another. His looks and charm were one draw, the dollar signs that kept multiplying beside his name, another. “And what is your position exactly?” I glanced at William, trying to remember how he had referred to the hire. Something odd.

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I shook my head. “I saw the lights on next door when we came down the stairs.” “They probably have a generator.” He moved past me and headed to the dining room. Peering through the glass panes of the window, he jumped when a bolt of lightning lit up the sky. “I vote we wait it out, unless you want to drive around and see what areas have power. I’ve got a small generator at the shop.

It could get us through the night, if you don’t mind being a little hot.” I kept close to him, uncomfortable in the dark house. “I could go next door and speak to William. And Cat.” I hadn’t intended to separate their names, but it happened, the gap hanging in the sentence like an out-of-place comma. “What?” Matt pressed a button on the side of his watch, lighting up the digital dial.

“It’s almost nine.” “No one’s in bed this early. We can ask them how long these outages normally last or—if it’s just us—if there’s an electrician they recommend.” I warmed to the idea. I’d spent most of the day wondering if I should head over to say hi—and being a little surprised they hadn’t shown up here. Wasn’t it a common courtesy to welcome someone to the neighborhood? Every Last Secret PDF Book

Or maybe that sort of thing was done only in our old neighborhood, where the homes didn’t have private gates, uniformed staff, or police officers who patrolled the streets on horseback. “I don’t know,” Matt said slowly, and this was why he’d never really amounted to anything. As I had just told that Asian doctor at Winthorpe—Allyson Cho—you had to act decisively and take the consequences.

Grab life by the balls. My husband liked to tickle them with a feather and then wander away. A week later, I squeezed through the Winthorpes’ bushes at their thinnest point, jogged across their beach-pebble border, around the perfect planters, and hit their driveway at a run. Sprinting up the side steps.

I unlatched the courtyard door, moved into the small garden, and breezed past the hibiscus blooms and bench. My first time in the space, I had inwardly burned at the arched openings, the water feature that cascaded down the far wall, the white brick floor. Our side entrance had a broken screen door and a pot of geraniums that hid an extra key. Every Last Secret PDF Book

I’d been meaning to change the locks to one like Cat’s, a touch keypad that had a camera, held a hundred combinations, and could be remotely locked and unlocked from her phone. All useless, considering her remarks that she never locked her doors. I’d tucked away that tidbit for later. One day. Someday. I pressed the doorbell and knocked urgently on the glass window of the door.

Waiting, I looked down at the monogrammed “William & Cat” mat, then wiped my shoes on it, right on top of Cat’s name. I was growing closer to both William and her, my patience almost ragged from the tap-dance routine that it took to arrange casual get-togethers. Still, I was getting there. I’d finagled our double dinner date, last weekend’s pool day, and yesterday, a private brunch with just Cat and me.

It had gone well. She’d laughed at my jokes, empathized with my early struggles, and seemed interested in becoming friends. I had big plans to use that naivete to my advantage. All I had to do was remain innocent in his eyes. The sane to her crazy. The calm fun to her neurotic paranoia. A safe haven for his thoughts and fears. A support system who made him feel valued and protected. Every Last Secret PDF Book

I’d be a better version of her, doused in the tempting light of the forbidden. “What are you smiling about?” His arm brushed mine as we turned left out of the open gates and onto the street. “Nothing.” I looked down at the ground, suddenly aware of how my cheeks were split with the grin. “I was just thinking about the team members. I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with them recently.”

“Really?” His focus was one of the things I was starting to love about him. It was as if he stopped everything in his life and turned his full attention to me. I felt it in my initial interview, and I savored it now as the pebbles crunched under our running shoes, his head turned to me. “Yes.” I continued my fictional story and hoped he’d see the parallels.

“We’ve always had a distance, but recently they’ve begun to let me in.” We moved up the hill, hugging the edge of the road, protected from the wind by an estate’s stone wall. As we rounded the curve, the view of Palo Alto appeared through the morning fog. We stopped at the park and stretched, my muscles now warm and pliable. Every Last Secret PDF Book Download

I propped one shoe on the top of a bench and hopped back on the other foot, getting a deep stretch that he couldn’t help but notice. I turned to him quickly and caught the moment before his eyes darted away. Was he imagining what else my limber legs could do? I stretched my hamstrings and thighs, then nodded to the small grassy area underneath the trees. “Stretch my back?”

“Yeah.” I wanted to reach over and hug his arm, lace my fingers through his, and lean into his warmth—but I didn’t. I faced forward, lifting a limp hand in parting as we pulled past Cat. This was an odd part to play—the emotional almost-widow. I tried to think of a take that would endear him to me, one that would make him jealous of Matt.

It wasn’t a clear path to navigate, especially given the powerful one we’d already been on—the one that had been going so well until this interruption of it. What could have happened in the next fifteen minutes of that meeting? Would I have straddled his hips, his hands roaming underneath my sweater? Just the thought of it made me a little light-headed, and I pinched my knees together, shifting on the seat. Every Last Secret PDF Book Download

“Did they tell you about his injuries?” I needed to decide what to do when he mentioned the kiss. With our abrupt halt, I wasn’t able to follow the plan— one where I would reluctantly tell him that we shouldn’t keep this up, all while spurring him on. At the end, I had planned to focus the conversation on keeping the secret versus what we had done.

I could probably still follow that plan, but it would be less effective with his mind clear. Something had changed with William. I sensed it in our morning team meeting, the way his gaze stubbornly stayed at different points around the room but never in my direction. I saw it in his doodle along the edge of his notebook during my group visualization exercise.

I felt it in the silence that followed my text messages, his chatty behavior suddenly reduced to a stony quiet. I watched him warily and tried to understand the source of the chill. Was it Matt? Guilt over our kisses? Cat? I pulled up her social media profiles and scanned the posts, looking for a hint. Club events. Charity galas. Professional-quality photos of her morning coffee, their gardens in the back. Every Last Secret PDF Book Download

A new pair of heels, the angle not-so-innocently including a glimpse of their walk-in closet, the racks of colorcoordinated shoes lit and displayed like jewels on velvet shelves. “I need to see you in the boardroom.” William spoke from my office doorway, his tone curt. Without waiting for a response, he turned and walked down the hall, heading for the private conference room.

Closing the internet browser, I grabbed my phone and notebook and followed. I glanced both ways down the hall, making sure no one saw me, then went in. “Close the door behind you.” He stood by the windows, his hands in his pockets. I perked up at the view of delivery trucks and vehicles at the Vanguards’ house, ready for my summer of isolation to end.

Turning into our driveway, I waited for the gate to open and placed a call to Kelly. It was answered midyell, her voice rising as she lectured her son on sunscreen, then huffed out a hello. “Looks like they’re prepping the house for you. When are you coming home?” “In six days, and I tell you, Cat—I’m looking forward to it. I’m done with South America. Every Last Secret PDF Book Free

Next year, I told Josh, we need to go to Paris. Don’t they always say Paris in the summer?” “I thought you hated Paris.” She blew out an annoyed breath. “Whatever, we’re just not coming back to Colombia. It’s like they’re unfamiliar with the concept of flat steamed milk.” “Sounds like a rough life.” “Oh, shut up. You’re as spoiled as the rest of us; you just hide it better.

But yes, we’re coming back Friday and shipping the horses over tomorrow. Don’t say anything snarky, but one of them has my name on it. I just couldn’t resist his big doe eyes.” I laughed, and the cold rock in my chest warmed slightly at the idea of her return. “Once we get back, I’m thinking a party is in order. Something casual, maybe just a few couples over for the Stanford game.”

“Count us in.” I pulled down the drive and parked in front, leaving my key in the ignition. Once I was inside, someone would move it into the garage after doing a top-tobottom detail. Was Kelly right? Was I as bad as all of them, or even potentially worse? I hadn’t visited a gas station in a decade, hadn’t set foot in a grocery store for close to as long, and thought nothing of freshly ironed sheets, a bath already drawn for me when I returned from tennis, or of having a social assistant on salary.

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