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The rain had finally stopped—thank the good Lord—but his mount was kicking up a bloody ridiculous amount of mud, and between that and the pollen, Nicholas had a feeling that by the time he made it home to Crake he’d look like he had impetigo. Crake. Less than a mile to go. Hot bath, warm meal, and then he’d find out just what had his father in such a lather.

First Comes Scandal PDF Book by Julia Quinn

Name of Book First Comes Scandal
PDF Size  1.2 MB
No of Pages 307
Language English
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It had better be something serious. Not death, of course, but if he found out that he’d been called across two countries merely because one of his brothers was getting an award from the king, he was going to take someone’s bloody arm off. He knew how to do it too. All of the medical students were required to observe surgeries when the opportunity arose.

It was not Nicholas’s favorite part of the program; he much preferred the more cerebral aspects of medicine—assessing symptoms and solving the ever-changing puzzles that led to a diagnosis. But in this day and age it was important to know how to amputate a limb. It was often the doctor’s only defense against infection. What could not be cured could be stopped in its tracks.

Click here to Download First Comes Scandal PDF Book

Better to cure, though. No, better to prevent. Stop problems before they started. Nicholas gave a mental eye-roll as Crake finally came into view. He had a feeling that whatever problem had brought him down to Kent on this rainy spring day, it was well underway. Also, his brothers weren’t getting awards from the king. They were stand-up gentlemen, all three of them, but really.

He slowed his horse to a trot as they rounded the final corner of the drive. The trees slipped from his peripheral vision and suddenly there was his home, stately and solid, all two-and-a-half centuries of it rising from the earth like a limestone goddess. Nicholas had always marveled at how such a large and ornate building could be so well hidden until the final moment of approach.

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He supposed there was something poetic about it, that he could continually be surprised by something that had always been a part of him. His mother’s roses were in full bloom, red and pink and riotous, just the way they all liked them, and as Nicholas drew close, he felt their scent in the damp air, drifting lightly over his clothes and under his nose.

Georgiana Bridgerton had lost many things in her life—a leather-bound notebook she’d been particularly fond of, the key to her sister Billie’s jewelry box, two left shoes—but this was the first time she’d lost her reputation. It was proving far more difficult to replace than the notebook. Or the shoes.

She’d taken a hammer to the jewelry box, and while no one had been pleased with the ensuing carnage, Billie’s emerald bracelet had been safely recovered. And never lent out again, but Georgie deserved no less. But reputations … Those were slippery, fickle things, resistant to repair and repatriation, and it didn’t matter if one had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the aforementioned loss. First Comes Scandal PDF Book

Society was not kind to females who broke the rules. It wasn’t kind to females, full stop. Georgie sent a stare down the length of her bed to her three cats, Judyth, Blanche, and Cat-Head. “It’s not fair,” she said. Judyth placed one silvery-gray paw on Georgie’s ankle, as sympathetic a gesture as one could expect from the most aloof of the three felines.

“It wasn’t my fault.” This wasn’t the first time she’d said those four words, in that order. “I never said I would marry him.” Or those. Blanche yawned. “I know,” Georgie responded. “I didn’t even break the rules. I never break the rules.” It was true. She didn’t. Which was probably why Freddie Oakes thought it would be so easy to break them for her.

She supposed she’d encouraged him—not to kidnap her, mind you, but she’d behaved as any proper young lady might when shown interest by an eligible young gentleman. She hadn’t discouraged him, at any rate. They’d danced once at Lady Manston’s soirée and then twice at the local assembly room, and when Georgie had gone to London with her mother, he’d called upon her quite properly at Bridgerton House. First Comes Scandal PDF Book

There had been nothing—nothing—in his behavior to suggest that he was an amoral, bankrupt cad. So when he’d suggested an outing to Pemberton’s bookshop, she’d accepted with delight. She loved bookshops, and everyone knew the best were in London. She’d dressed exactly as an unmarried lady might for such an excursion.

And when Freddie had arrived in his family’s carriage, she’d joined him with a smile on her face and her maid Marian at her side. By any standard, Nicholas’s first non-platonic thoughts about Georgiana Bridgerton were disconcerting. Almost to the point of bewilderment. She was certainly pretty—he’d never have said otherwise if asked—but he’d also never really looked at her beyond her just being … her.

She was Georgiana Bridgerton, and she had blue eyes like her mother and gingery hair like no one else in her family. And that was the extent of what he’d noticed. Wait. No. Her teeth were straight. He supposed he’d noticed that. She was of average height. He hadn’t really noticed that, but if someone had asked him how tall she was, he could have made a reasonably decent estimation. First Comes Scandal PDF Book

But then they had joked about exploding babies and she’d done that little twist with her hand. His gaze had fixed inexplicably on her wrist. Her wrist. He had been laughing, and looking at her, and she’d done that thing … A curve, a flip, a sweeping gesture—whatever it was that women did with tiny movements that spoke volumes and seemed to envelop them in a fine mist of Pretty.

It was an innocent enough move, clearly executed with no coy forethought, simply done to punctuate her dry humor. That was impossible. Maybe a bird? But why would a bird tap repeatedly in one spot? It made no sense. It had to be a human, except it couldn’t be a human. She was too high up.

There was a ledge, and she supposed it was wide enough for a person to stand on, but the only way to get there was to go up the massive oak her father always complained grew too close to the house. But even so, you’d have to crawl out on a branch. A branch she didn’t think would support a person’s weight all the way out to the house. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Download

Even her sister Billie, who had been known to take phenomenally stupid risks in the pursuit of treetops, had never attempted that one. Plus, it had only stopped raining a few hours earlier. The tree would be wet and slippery. “Oh, for the love of heaven,” Georgie said. She hopped down from her bed. It had to be an animal. An extremely intelligent animal or an extremely foolish human.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Or pebbles. Someone was throwing pebbles at her window. For a second she thought—Nicholas. But Nicholas would never be so stupid. Plus, why would he sneak? And again. Nicholas was not stupid. It was one of the things she liked best about him. She approached the window slowly, although for the life of her, she didn’t know why.

If someone was throwing pebbles, it meant he couldn’t get in on his own. Still, she grabbed a candlestick for good measure, pushed the curtains aside, and peered out. But it was too dark to see, so she tucked the candlestick under her arm and then used both her hands to wrench the window up. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Download

“A word, Mr. Wheelock?” Georgie placed her hand on the butler’s arm before he could go to help Nicholas and Thamesly load Freddie Oakes onto the cart. “Of course, Miss Bridgerton. What is it?” She gave her head a little tick, motioning to the side. “In private, if you don’t mind.” She didn’t think that Nicholas could hear her, but better to be safe than sorry.

Wheelock nodded his assent, and they moved a few steps away. “Ehrm …” How to start? What to say? She settled on: “I have an unusual request.” Wheelock said nothing, but his brows rose, signaling that she should continue. Georgie cleared her throat. This was far more difficult than it should have been. Or maybe it was exactly as difficult as it should be.

She’d made a big mistake this afternoon, and no one had ever said that fixing one’s mistakes was supposed to be easy. “You might be aware that Mr. Rokesby has asked me to marry him,” she said. “I was not aware,” Wheelock replied, his face betraying no emotion, “but I am not surprised.” “Right, well …” She cleared her throat again, trying to decide how best to continue. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Download

She couldn’t very well tell Wheelock that she had rejected the proposal. He loved Nicholas like a son. In fact, she’d always suspected that the youngest Rokesby was his favorite of the brood. “I didn’t give him an answer,” she fibbed. Not the correct answer, at least. Again, Wheelock’s brows rose.

This time, Georgie thought, because he judged her to be either insane or a fool for not having accepted Nicholas immediately. “I should like to have the opportunity to speak with him about it this evening,” she said. “It cannot wait until morning?” She shook her head, hoping he would not press for further clarification. “May I assume that you do not plan to disappoint him?”

“You may,” Georgie said quietly. Wheelock gave a slow, considering nod. “It would be difficult for you to find the right moment if I accompany you to Aubrey Hall.” “That was my thought.” “But you don’t want Mr. Thamesly to be aware of the lapse of propriety.” He probably deserved her admiration for lasting this long before saying anything, but three hours of constant catmoaning had left her nerves well frayed. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Free

“If there were,” she said peevishly, “don’t you think I would have done it by now?” GRAOWWW! Marian drained the flask. “Will it continue like this the entire trip to Edinburgh?” Nicholas asked. “God help us,” Marian muttered. “I don’t know,” Georgie admitted, finally pulling her eyes off her maid, whom she’d never seen drink more than a quarter-glass of sherry.

“I’ve never taken him in a carriage before. The other two are managing well enough.” “Are you sure about that?” Nicholas asked. “That one looks like its plotting your death.” Georgie peered down at Blanche. She’d been quiet for most of the trip, and Georgie had thought she’d resigned herself to the situation.

But at some point during the past few hours the sun had shifted far enough to shed light on her position in the corner of the coach bench. Thus illuminated, it was now clear that Blanche’s repose was really the stiffened I-cannot-BELIEVE-you’re-doing-this-to-me stare of utter betrayal. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Free

The inn was at a busy crossroads, and after so long in the carriage, Georgie was unprepared for the sheer volume of humanity sharing the scene. Nicholas, however, seemed perfectly at ease. He strode forward with purpose, threading between strangers as he made his way to the front steps of the old Tudor building that now housed The Brazen Bull Inn.

Georgie was thankful for him, or to put a finer point on it, for the crook in his elbow in which her hand was tightly tucked. She could have done without his legs being quite so long; she had to scurry like a mouse just to keep up. But then he stopped suddenly a few feet from the entrance—Georgie had no idea why; she hadn’t been paying attention—and she smashed right into him.

Her arms flew around his midsection as she tried to keep hold of her balance. It was muddy, and the ground was hard—a fall would have been messy, embarrassing, and probably painful. It was over in an instant, but the moment lengthened the way a blink can last forever. She felt her fingers spread against his firm belly as she regained her balance, instinctively pulling herself against him for stability. First Comes Scandal PDF Book Free

She felt her cheek press against his soft wool coat. She felt her breath catch. “Are you all right?” Nicholas asked, and she felt him start to twist in her arms. “I’m fine, I—” She stopped, realizing that she was hugging him. Her face was pressed into his strong back, cradled in a curve she hadn’t even known was there. “I’m fine,” she said again, reluctantly loosening her grip.

He finished turning, and they were face-to-face. How were his eyes so luminously blue, even now when the night air stole the color from the sky?

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