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IT was the last week of the Christmas term, and all the girls at Gaylands School were looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Anne sat down at the breakfast-table and picked up aletter addressed to her. ‘Hallo, look at this!’ she said to her cousin Georgina, who was sitting beside her. ‘A letter from Daddy – and I only had one from him and Mummy yesterday.’

Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book by Enid Blyton

Name of Book Five Go Adventuring Again
Author Enid Blyton
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 69
Language  English
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‘I hope it’s not bad news,’ said George, She would not allow anyone to call her Georgina, and now even the mistresses called her George. She really was very like a boy with her short curly hair, and her boyish ways. She looked anxiously at Anne as her cousin read the letter. ‘Oh, George – we can’t go home for the holidays!’ said Anne, with tears in her eyes.

‘Mummy’s got scarlet fever •>- and Daddy is in quarantine for it – so they can’t have us back. Isn’t it just too bad ?’ ‘Oh, I am sorry,’ said George. She was just as disappointed for herself as for Anne, because Anne’s mother had invited George, and her dog Timothy^ to stay for the Christinas holidays with them.

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She had been promised many things she had never seen before – the pantomime, and the circus – and a big party with a fine Christmas tree! Now it wouldn’t happen. ‘Whatever will the two boys say?’ said Anne, thinking of Julian and Dick, her two brothers. ‘They won’t be able to go home either.’ ‘Well – what are you going to do for the holidays then?’ asked George.

‘Won’t you come and stay at Kirriii Cottage with me? I’m sure my mother would love to have you again. We had such fun when you came to stay for the summer holls,’ ‘Wait a minute – let me finish the letter and see what Daddy says,3 said Anne, picking up the note again. ‘Poor Mummy – I do hope she isn’t feeling very ill.’

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She read a few more lines and then gave such a delighted exclamation that George and the other girls waited impatiently for her to explain. ‘George! We are to come to you again – but oh blow, blow, blow! – we’ve got to have a tutor for the holls, partly to look after us so that your mother doesn’t have too much bother with us, and partly because both Julian and Dick have been ill with ‘flu twice this term.

And have got behind in their work.’ ‘A tutor! How sickening! That means I’ll have to do lessons too, I’ll bet!’ said George, in dismay. ‘When my mother and father see my report I guess they’ll find out how little I know. After all, this is the first time I’ve ever been to a proper school, and there are heaps of things I don’t know.’

‘What horrid holls they’ll be, if we have a tutor running after us all the time,’ said Anne, gloomily. ‘I expect I’ll have quite a good report, because I’ve done well in the exams – but it won’t be any fun for me not doing lessons with you three in the holls. Though, of course, I could go off with Timothy, I suppose. He won’t be doing lessons!’ ‘Yes, he will,’ said George, at once. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book

She could not bear the idea of her beloved dog Timothy going off each morning with Anne, whilst she, George, sat and worked hard with Julian and Dick. ‘Timothy can’t do lessons, don’t be silly, George,’ said Anne. ‘He can sit under my feet whilst I’m doing them,’ said George. ‘It will be a great help to feel him there. For goodness’ sake eat up your sausages, Anne. We’ve all nearly finished.

OLD Mrs. Sanders and the other three children rushed out into the hall when they heard George’s shout. ‘What’s up?’ cried Julian. ‘What’s happened?’ ‘Tim sprang at the cat, missed her, and fell hard against the panelled wall,’ said George, ‘And the panel moved, and look – there’s a “hole in the wall!’ ‘It’s a secret panel!’ cried Dick, in excitement, peering into the hole.

‘Golly! Did you know there was one here, Mrs. Sanders?’ ‘Oh yes,’ said the old lady. ‘This house is full of funny things like that. I’m very careful when \ polish that panel, because if I rub too hard in the top corner, it always slides back.’ ‘What’s behind the panel?’ asked Julian. The hole was only about the width of his head, and when he stuck his head inside, he could see only darkness. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book

The wall itself was about eight inches behind the panelling, and was of stone. ‘Get a candle, do, get a candle!’ said Anne, thrilled. ‘You haven’t got a torch, have you, Mrs. Sanders ?’ ‘No,’ said the old woman. ‘But you can get a candle if you like. There’s one on the kitchen mantelpiece.’ Anne shot off to get it.

Julian lighted it and put it into the hole behind the panel. The others pushed against him to try and peep inside. ‘Don’t,’ said Julian, impatiently. ‘Wait your turn, sillies! Let me have a look.’ He had a good look, but there didn’t really seem anything to see. It was all darkness behind, and stone wall.

He gave the candle to Dick, and then each of the children had a turn at peeping. Old Mrs. Sanders had gone back to the kitchen. She was used to the sliding panel! ‘She said this house was full of queer things like that,’ said Anne. ‘What other things are there, do you think ? Let’s ask her.’ Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book

‘You look like a Christmas card yourselves,’ said Aunt Fanny, as they walked up the garden path, carrying the red-berried holly  over their shoulders. Mr. Roland had found a group of trees with tufts of mistletoe growing from the top branches, and they had brought some of that too. Its berries shone like pale green pearls.

‘Mr. Roland had to climb the tree to get this,’ said Anne. ‘He’s a good climber – as good as a monkey.’ Everyone laughed except George. She never laughed at anything to do with the tutor. They all dumped their loads down in the porch, and went to wash. They were to decorate the house that evening. ‘Is Uncle going to let his study be decorated too?’ asked Anne.

There were all kinds of strange instruments and glass tubes in the study now, and the children looked at them with wonder whenever they ventured into the study, which was very seldom. ‘No, my study is certainly not to be messed about,’ said Uncle Quentin, at once. ‘I wouldn’t hear of it.’ ‘Uncle, why do you have all these funny things in your study ?’ asked Anne, looking round with wide eyes. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Download

Uncle Quentin laughed. Tm looking for a secret formula!’ he said. ‘What’s that?’ said Anne. ‘You wouldn’t understand,’ said her uncle. ‘All these “funny things” as you call them, help me in my experiments, and I put down in my book what they tell me -and from all I learn I work out a secret formula, that will be of great use when it is finished.’

‘You want to know a secret formula, and we want to know a secret way,’ said Anne, quite forgetting that she was not supposed to talk about this. Julian was standing by the door. He frowned at Anne. Luckily Uncle Quentin was not paying any more attention to the little girl’s chatter. Julian pulled her out of the room.

‘Anne, the only way to stop you giving away secrets is to sew up your mouth, like Brer Rabbit wanted to do to Mister Dog!’ he said. Joanna the cook was busy baking Christmas cakes. An enormous turkey had been sent over from Kirrin Farm, and was hanging up in the larder. Timothy thought it smelt glorious, and Joanna was always shooing him out of the kitchen. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Download

There were boxes of crackers on the shelf in the sitting-room, and mysterious parcels everywhere. It was very, very Christmassy! The children were happy and excited. Mr. Roland went out and dug up a little spruce fir tree. ‘We must have a Christmas tree,5 he said. ‘Have you any tree-ornaments, children ?’

‘No,’ said Julian, seeing George shake her head. Til go into the town this afternoon and get some for you,’ promised the tutor. ‘It will be fun dressing the tree. We’ll put it in the hall, and light candles on it on Christmas Day after tea. Who’s coming with me to get the candles and the ornaments ?’ ‘I am!’ cried three children. But the fourth said nothing.

That was George. Not even to buy tree-ornaments would the obstinate little girl go with Mr. Roland. She had never had a Christmas tree before, and she was very much looking forward to it – but it was spoilt for her because Mr. Roland bought the things that made it so beautiful. Now it stood in the hall, with coloured candles in holders clipped to the branches, and gay shining ornaments hanging from top to bottom. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Download

Silver strands of frosted string hung down from the branches like icicles, and Anne had put bits of white cotton-wool here and there to look like snow. It really was a lovely sight to see. The children heard Tim whining outside as they worked. This troubled them very much, for Timothy was such a companion, and so dear to them all.

They could not bear to think of him left out of everything, cold and miserable in the yard-kennel. When the ten minutes’ break came, and Mr. Roland went out of the room for a few minutes, Julian spoke to George. ‘George! It’s awful for us to hear poor old Tim whining out there in the cold. And I’m sure I heard him cough.

Let me speak to Mr. Roland about him. You must feel simply dreadful knowing that Tim is out there.’ ‘I thought I heard him cough, too,’ said George, looking worried. ‘I hope he won’t get a cold. He simply doesn’t understand why I have to put him there. He thinks I’m terribly unkind.’ The little girl turned her head away, afraid that tears might come into her eyes. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Free

She always boasted that she never cried – but it was very difficult to keep the tears away when she thought of Timothy out there in the cold. Dick took her arm. ‘Listen, George – you just hate Mr. Roland, and I suppose you can’t help it. But we can none of us bear Timothy being out there all alone – and it looks like snow today, which would be awful for him.

Could you be awfully, awfully good today, and forget your dislike, so that when your father asks Mr. Roland for your report, he can say you were very good – and then we’ll all ask Mr. Roland if he wouldn’t let Timmy come back into the house.’ ‘See?’ Timothy coughed again, out in the yard, and George’s heart went cold.

Suppose he got that awful illness called pneumonia – and she couldn’t nurse him because he had to live in the kennel ? She would die of unhappiness! She turned to Julian and Dick. ‘All right,’ she said. ‘I do hate Mr. Roland – but I love Timothy more than I hate the tutor – so for Tim’s sake I’ll pretend to be good and sweet and hard-working. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Free

And then you can beg him to let Timothy come back.’ ‘Good girl!’ said Julian. ‘Now here he comes – so do your best.’ To the tutor’s enormous surprise, George gave him a smile when he came into the room. This was so unexpected that it puzzled him. He was even more puzzled to find that George worked harder than anyone for the rest of the morning, and she answered politely and cheerfully when he spoke to her.

He gave her a word of praise. ‘Well done, Georgina! I can see you’ve got brains.’ ‘Thank you,” said George, and gave him another smile – a very watery, poor affair, compared with the happy smiles the others had been used to – but still, it was a smile! At dinner-time George looked after Mr. Roland most politely – passed him the salt, offered him more bread, got up to fill his glass when it was empty!

The others looked at her in admiration. George had plenty of pluck. She must be finding it very difficult to behave as if Mr. Roland was a great friend, when she really disliked him so much! Mr. Roland seemed very pleased, and appeared to be quite willing to respond to George’s friendliness. He made a little joke with her, and offered to lend her a book he had about a dog. Five Go Adventuring Again PDF Book Free

George’s mother was delighted to find that her difficult daughter seemed to be turning over a new leaf. Altogether things were very much happier that day. ‘George, you go out of the room before your father comes in to ask Mr. Roland about your behaviour tonight,’ said Julian.