Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book by Enid Blyton


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‘I do love the beginning of the summer hols,’ said Julian. They always seem to stretch out ahead for ages and ages.’ ‘They go so nice and slowly at first,’ said Anne, his little sister. ‘Then they start to gallop.’ The others laughed. They knew exactly what Anne meant. ‘Woof,’ said a deep voice, as if someone else thoroughly agreed too.

Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book by Enid Blyton

Name of Book Five Go Off in a Caravan
Author Enid Blyton
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 92
Language  English
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‘Timmy thinks you’re right, Anne,’ said George, and patted the big dog lying panting beside them. Dick patted him, too, and Timmy licked them both. The four children were lying in a sunny garden in the first week of the holidays. Usually they went to their cousin Georgina’s home for holidays, at Kirrin — but this time, for a change, they were all at the home of Julian, Dick and Anne.

Julian was the oldest, a tall, sturdy boy with a strong and pleasant face. Dick and Georgina came next. Georgina looked more like a curly-headed boy than a girl, and she insisted on being called George. Even the teachers at school called her George. Anne was the youngest, though, much to her delight, she was really growing taller now.

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‘Daddy said this morning that if we didn’t want to stay here all the hols we could choose what we wanted to do,’ said Anne. ‘I vote for staying here.’ ‘We could go off somewhere just for two weeks, perhaps,’ said Dick. ‘For a change.’ ‘Shall we go to Kirrin, and stay with George’s mother and father for a bit?’ said Julian, thinking that perhaps George would like this.

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‘No,’ said George at once. ‘I went home at half-term, and Mother said Father was just beginning one of his experiments in something or other — and you know what that means. If we go there we’d have to walk about on tiptoe, and talk in whispers, and keep out of his way the whole time.’ ‘That’s the worst of having a scientist for a father,’ said Dick, lying down on his back and shutting his eyes.

‘Well, your mother couldn’t cope with us and with your father, too, in the middle of one of his experiments at the same time. Sparks would fly.’ ‘I like Uncle Quentin, but I’m afraid of him when he’s in one of his tempers,’ said Anne. ‘He shouts so.’ ‘It’s decided that we won’t go to Kirrin, then,’ said Julian, yawning. ‘Not these hols, anyhow. You can always go and see Mother for a week or so, George, when you want to.

What shall we do, then? Stay here all the time?’ They were now all lying down on their backs in the sun, their eyes shut. What a hot afternoon! Timmy sat up by George, his pink tongue hanging out, panting loudly. ‘Don’t, Timmy,’ said Anne. ‘You sound as if you have been running for miles, and you make me feel hotter than ever.’ Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book

‘What gorgeous fun to come down here every day and bathe!’ said Dick. ‘Get away, Timmy, when I’m swimming on my back. Timmy’s enjoying the bathe as much as we are, George.’ ‘Yes, and old Trotter wants to come in, too,’ shouted Julian. ‘Look at him — he’s brought the red caravan right down to the edge of the lake.

He’ll be in the water with it if we don’t stop him!’ They decided to have a picnic by the lake, and to set the horses free to have a bathe if they wanted one. But all they wanted was to drink and to stand knee-high in the water, swishing their tails to keep away the flies that worried them all day long. ‘Where’s the circus camp?’ said George suddenly as they sat munching ham and tomato sandwiches.

‘I can’t see it.’ The children looked all round the edge of the lake, which stretched as far as they could see. At last George’s sharp eyes saw a small spire of smoke rising in the air about a mile or so round the lake. ‘The camp must be in that hollow at the foot of the hills over there,’ she said. ‘I expect the road leads round to it. We’ll go that way, shall we, and then go up into the hills behind?’ Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book

‘Yes,’ agreed Julian. ‘We shall have plenty of time to have a word with Nobby, and to find a good camping-place before night comes — and to find a farm, too, that will let us have food. Won’t Nobby be surprised to see us?’ They cleared up, put the horses into their harness again and set off for the circus camp. Now for a bit of excitement!

‘Keep on walking,’ muttered Julian. ‘Don’t tell them anything. Why do they tell us it’s better to camp down below when they were so anxious for us to clear out yesterday? They’re mad!’ ‘Timmy, Timmy!’ called George, again, hoping that the men would stop following them if they heard her calling for her dog. It did stop them.

They gave up going after the children, and didn’t shout any more. They turned angrily and went on up the track. ‘Well, we’ve thrown them off all right,’ said Dick, with relief. ‘Don’t look so scared, Anne. I wonder what they want up in the hills. They don’t look the sort that would go walking for pleasure.’ ‘Dick — we’re not going to have another adventure, are we?’ said Anne suddenly, looking very woebegone. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book

‘I don’t want one. I just want a nice ordinary, peaceful holiday.’ ”Course we’re not going to have an adventure!’ said Dick, scornfully. ‘Just because we meet two bad-tempered fellows from a circus camp you think we’re in for an adventure, Anne! Well, I jolly well wish we were! Every hols we’ve been together so far we’ve had adventures — and you must admit that you love talking about them.

And remembering them.’ ‘Yes, I do. But I don’t like it much when I’m in the middle of one,’ said Anne. ‘I don’t think I’m a very adventurous person, really.’ ‘No, you’re not,’ said Julian, pulling Anne over a very steep bit. ‘But you’re a very nice little person, Anne, so don’t worry about it. And, anyway, you wouldn’t like to be left out of any of our adventures, would you?’

‘Oh no,’ said Anne. ‘I couldn’t bear it. Oh, look — we’re at the bottom of the hill — and there’s the lake, looking icy-cold!’ It wasn’t long before they were all in the water — and suddenly there was Nobby too, waving and yelling. ‘I’m coming in! Lou and my uncle have gone off somewhere. Hurray!’ Barker and Growler were with Nobby, but not Pongo the chimpanzee. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Download

Nobby was soon in the water, swimming like a dog, and splashing George as soon as he got up to her. ‘We met Lou and your uncle as we came down,’ called George. ‘Shut up, Nobby, and let me talk to you. I said, we met Lou and your uncle just now — going up into the hills.’ ‘Up into the hills?’ said Nobby, astonished. ‘Whatever for?

They don’t go and fetch things from the farm. The women do that, early each morning.’ ‘Well, we met those two,’ said Dick swimming up. They seemed jolly surprised to see us. I hope they aren’t going to bother us any more.’ ‘I’ve had a bad day,’ said Nobby, and he showed black bruises on his arms. ‘My uncle hit me like anything for making friends with you. He says I’m not to go talking to strangers no more.’

‘I wouldn’t dare to ask,’ said Nobby. ‘Anyway, he and Lou are out of the way today. I don’t expect they’ll be back till night.’ They had their meal by the lake. It glittered at their feet, calm and blue, and looked very inviting. ‘What about a swim?’ asked Dick when they had eaten as much as they could. Julian looked at his watch. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Download

‘Can’t swim directly after a good meal,’ he said. ‘You know that, Dick. We’ll have to wait a bit.’ ‘Right,’ said Dick, and lay down. ‘I’ll have a snooze — or shall we go and see the monkeys?’ They all had a short nap and then got up to go and see the monkeys. When they got back to the camp they found it alive with people, all excited and yelling.

‘What’s up?’ said Nobby. ‘Jumping Jiminy, the monkeys are all loose!’ So they were. Wherever they looked the children saw a small brown monkey, chattering to itself, on the roof of a caravan or tent! A brown-faced woman with sharp eyes came up to Nobby. She caught him by the shoulder and shook him. ‘See what that chimp of yours has done!’ she said.

‘You put him in his cage and couldn’t have locked it properly. He got out and let all the monkeys loose. Drat that chimp — I’ll take a broomstick to him if ever I catch him!’ ‘Where’s Lucilla then?’ asked Nobby, dragging himself away from the cross woman. ‘Can’t she get them in?’ ‘Lucilla’s gone to the town,’ scolded the woman. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Download

‘And fine and pleased she’ll be to hear this when she comes back!’ ‘Aw, let the monkeys be!’ said Nobby. ‘They won’t come to any harm. They’ll wait for Lucilla all right!’ ‘Who’s Lucilla?’ asked Anne, thinking that life in a circus camp was very exciting. ‘She owns the monkeys,’ said Nobby. ‘Hi, look — there’s Lucilla coming back! Now we’ll be all right!’

A little wizened old woman was hurrying towards the camp. She really looked rather like a monkey herself, Anne thought. Her eyes were bright and sharp, and her tiny hands clutched a red shawl round her. They looked like brown paws. ‘Your monkeys are out!’ yelled the camp children. ‘LUCILLA! Your monkeys are out.’

Lucilla heard and, raising her voice, she scolded everyone in sight fully and shrilly. Then she stood still and held out her arms. She spoke some soft words in a language the children didn’t know — magic words, Anne said afterwards. ‘A jolly clever plan,’ said Dick. ‘What a fine chance they’ve got — wandering about from place to place like that hearing of famous jewels. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Free

Or plate — slipping out at night — and Lou climbing up to bedrooms like a cat. I wonder how they found this place — it’s a most wonderful hidey-hole!’ ‘Yes. Nobody would ever dream of it!’ said George. ‘And then we go and put our caravan bang on the top of the entrance — just when they want to put something in and take something out!’ said Julian.

‘I must have annoyed them.’ ‘What are we going to do about it?’ said Dick. Tell the police, of course,’ said Julian, promptly. ‘What do you suppose? My word, I’d like to see the face of the policeman who first sees this little haul.’ They put everything back carefully. Julian shone his torch up the tunnel. ‘Shall we explore a bit further, or not?’ he said.

‘It still goes on. Look!’ ‘Better get back,’ said Nobby. ‘Now we’ve found this we’d better do something about it.’ ‘Oh, let’s just see where the tunnel goes to,’ said George. ‘It won’t take a minute!’ ‘All right,’ said Julian, who wanted to go up the tunnel as much as she did. He led the way, his torch shining brightly. The tunnel came out into another cave, not nearly as big as the one they had left behind. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Free

At one end something gleamed like silver, and seemed to move. There was a curious sound there, too. ‘What is it?’ said Anne, alarmed. They stood and listened. ‘Water!’ said Julian, suddenly. ‘Of course! Can’t you hear it flowing along? It’s an underground stream, flowing through the hill to find an opening where it can rush out.’

‘Like that stream we saw before we came to our caravan camping-place,’ said George. ‘It rushed out of the hill. Do you remember? This may be the very one!’ ‘I expect it is!’ said Dick. They went over to it and watched it. It rushed along in its own hollowed out channel, close to the side of the cave-wall. ‘Maybe at one time it ran across this cave and down the tunnel we came up by,’ said Julian.

‘Yes, look — there’s a big kind of groove in the floor of the cave here — the stream must have run there once. Then for some reason it went a different way.’ ‘Let’s get back,’ said Nobby. ‘I want to know if Pongo’s all right. I don’t somehow feel very comfortable about him. And I’m jolly cold, too. Let’s go back to the sunshine and have something to eat. Five Go Off in a Caravan PDF Book Free

I don’t want a picnic down here, after all.’ ‘All right,’ said Julian, and they made their way back through the tunnel. They passed the rock shelf on which lay the treasure, and came at last to the enormous gleaming cavern. They went across it to the hole that led down into the small cave. Down they went. Julian and George trying to manage Timmy between them. But it was very awkward, for he was a big dog.