Five Point Someone PDF Novel by Chetan Bhagat


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It is not a guide on how to live through college. On the contrary, it is probably an example of how screwed up your college years can get if you don’t think straight. But then this is my take on it, you’re free to agree or disagree. I expect Ryan and Alok, psychos both of them, will probably kill me after this but I don’t really care.

Five Point Someone PDF Novel by Chetan Bhagat

Name of Book Five Point Someone
Author Chetan Bhagat
PDF Size 3 MB
No of Pages 169
Language Hindi + English
Published 2004
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I mean, if they wanted their version out there, they could have written one themselves. But Alok cannot write for nuts, and Ryan, even though he could really do whatever he wants, is too lazy to put his bum to the chair and type. So stuff it boys – it is my story, I am the one writing it and I get to tell it the way I want it.

Also, let me tell you one more thing this book is certainly not. This book will not help you get into IIT. I think half the trees in the world are felled to make up the IIT entrance exam guides. Most of them are crap, but they might help you more than this one will. Ryan, Alok and I are probably the last people on earth you want to ask about getting into IIT.

All we would say as advice is, if you can lock yourself in a room with books for two years and throw away the key, you can probably make it here. And if your high school days were half as miserable as mine, disappearing behind a pile of books will not seem like such a bad idea. Five Point Someone PDF Free Download My last two years in school were living hell, and unless you captained the basketball team or played the electric guitar since age six, probably yours were too.

But I don’t really want to get into all that. I think I have made my disclaimers, and it is time for me to commence. Well, I have to start somewhere, and what better than the day I joined the Indian Institute of Technology and met Ryan and Alok for the first time; we had adjacent rooms on the second floor of the Kumaon hostel. Five Point Someone PDF Free As per tradition, seniors rounded us up on the balcony for ragging at midnight. I was still rubbing my eyes as the three of us stood to attention and three seniors faced us.

I had never been inside an ambulance before. It was kind of creepy. Like a hospital was suddenly asked to pack up and move. Instruments, catheters, drips and a medicine box surrounded two beds. There was hardly any space for me and Ryan to stand even as Alok got to sprawl out. I guess with thirteen fractures you kind of deserve a bed.

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The sheets were originally white, which was hard to tell now as Alok’s blood covered every square inch of them. Alok lay there unrecognizable, his eyeballs rolled up and his tongue collapsed outside his mouth like an old man without dentures. Four front teeth gone, the doctor later told us. His limbs were motionless, just like his father’s right side, the right knee bent in a way that would make you think Alok was boneless.

He was still, and if I had to bet my money, I’d have said he was dead. “If Alok makes it through this, I will write a book about our crazy days. Five Point Someone PDF Free I really will,” I swore. It is the kind of absurd promise you make to yourself when you are seriously messed up in the head and you haven’t slept for fifty hours straight…

Well, to say this is my book would be totally untrue. At best, this was my dream. There are people in this world, some of them so wonderful, that made this dream become a product that you are holding in your hand. I would like to thank all of them, and in particular: Shinie Antony – mentor, guru and friend, who taught me the basics of telling a story and stayed with me right till the end.

If she hadn’t encouraged and harassed me all the way, I would have given this up a long time ago. James Turner, Gaurav Malik, Jessica Rosenberg, Ritu Malik, Tracie Ang, Angela Wang and Rimjhim Chattopadhya – amazing friends who read the manuscript and gave honest comments. All of them also stayed with me in the process, and handled me and my sometimes out-of-control emotions so well. Anusha Bhagat – a wife who was once a classmate, and was the first reader of the draft.

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Apart from being shocked by some of the incidents in the book, she kept her calm as she had to face the tough job of improving the product and not upsetting her husband. My mom Rekha Bhagat and brother Ketan, two people with an irrational, unbreakable belief in me that bordered on craziness at times.

My relationship with them goes beyond the common genes we share, and I, like every author, needed their irrational support for me. My IIT friends Ashish (Golu), Johri, VK, Manu, Shanky, Pappu, Manhar, VP, Rahul, Mehta, Pago, Assem, Rajeev G., Rahul, Lavmeet,Puneet, Chapar and all others. This is a work of fiction, but fiction needs real inspiration. I love them all so much that I could literally write a book on them.

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