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It was exciting, remembering all the things that had happened last year. It made George long all the more for the next day, when her three friends would arrive. “I wish Mother would let us go and live on the island for a week,” thought George. “That would be the greatest fun we could have. To live on my very own island!” It was George’s island.

Five Run Away Together PDF Book by Enid Blyton

Name of Book Five Run Away Together
Author Enid Blyton
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 74
Language  English
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It really belonged to her mother, but she had said, two or three years back, that George could have it, and George now thought of it as really her own. She felt that all the rabbits on it belonged to her, all the wild birds and other creatures. “I’ll suggest that we go there for a week, when the others come,” she thought, excitedly.

“We’ll take our food and everything, and live there quite by ourselves. We shall feel like Robinson Crusoe.” She went to meet her cousins the next day, driving the pony and trap by herself. Her mother wanted to come, but she said she did not feel very well. George felt a bit worried about her. So often lately her mother had said she didn’t feel very well. Perhaps it was the heat of the summer.

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The weather had been so very hot lately. Day after day had brought nothing but blue sky and sunshine. George had been burnt a dark-brown, and her eyes were startlingly blue in her sunburnt face. She had had her hair cut even shorter than usual, and it really was difficult to know whether she was a boy or a girl. The train came in.

Three hands waved madly from a window, and George shouted in delight. “Julian! Dick! Anne! You’re here at last.” The three children tumbled pell-mell out of their carriage. Julian yelled to a porter. “Our bags are in the guard’s van. Hallo, George! How are you? Golly, you’ve grown.” They all had. They were all a year older and a year bigger than when they had had their exciting adventures on Kirrin Island.

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Even Anne, the youngest, didn’t look such a small girl now. She flung herself on George, almost knocking her over, and then went down on her knees beside Timothy, who was quite mad with joy to see his three friends. There was a terrific noise. They all shouted their news at once, and Timothy barked without stopping.

“We thought the train would never get here!” “Oh Timothy, you darling, you’re just the same as ever!” “Woof, woof, woof!” “Mother’s sorry she couldn’t come and meet you too.” “George, how brown you are! I say, aren’t we going to have fun.” “WOOF, WOOF!” “Shut up, Tim darling, and do get down; you’ve bitten my tie almost in half.

Oh, you dear old dog, it’s grand to see you!” “WOOF!” The porter wheeled up their luggage, and soon it was in the pony-cart. George clicked to the waiting pony, and it cantered off. The five in the little cart all talked at once at the top of their voices, Tim far more loudly than anyone else, for his doggy voice was strong and powerful. Five Run Away Together PDF Book

“I hope your mother isn’t ill?” said Julian, who was fond of his Aunt Fanny. She was gentle and kind, and loved having them all. “I think it must be the heat,” said George. It always made the others smile to hear the boatmen and fishermen call Georgina “Master George.” The local people all knew how badly she wanted to be a boy, and they knew, too.

How plucky and straightforward she was, so they laughed to one another and said: “Well, they reckoned she behaved like a boy, and if she wanted to be called “Master George” instead of “Miss Georgina”, she deserved it!” So Georgina was Master George, and enjoyed strutting about in her jeans and jersey on the beach, using her boat as well as any fisher-boy, and swimming faster than them all.

“We’ll go to the island tomorrow then,” said Julian. “We’ll just picnic on the beach today. Then we’ll go for a walk.” So they picnicked on the sands with Timothy sharing more than half their lunch. The sandwiches were not very nice. The bread was too stale; there was not enough butter inside, and they were far too thick. Five Run Away Together PDF Book

But Timothy didn’t mind. He gobbled up as many as he could, his tail wagging so hard that it sent sand over everyone. “Timothy, do take your tail out of the sand if you want to wag it,” said Julian, getting sand all over his hair for the fourth time. Timmy wagged his tail hard again, and sent another shower over him. Everyone laughed.

“Let’s go for a walk now,” said Dick, jumping up. “My legs could do with some good exercise. Where shall we go?” “We’ll walk along the cliff-top, where we can see the island all the time, shall we?” said Anne. “George, is the old wreck still there?” George nodded. The children had once had a most exciting time with an old wreck that had lain at the bottom of the sea.

A great storm had lifted it up and set it firmly on the rocks. They had been able to explore the wreck then, and had found a map of the castle in it, with instructions as to where hidden treasure was to be found. “Do you remember how we found that old map in the wreck, and how we looked for the ingots of gold and found them?” said Julian, his eyes gleaming as he remembered it all. Five Run Away Together PDF Book

“Isn’t the wreck battered to pieces yet, George?” “No,” said George. “I don’t think so. It’s on the rocks on the other side of the island, you remember, so we can’t see it from here. But we might have a look at it when we go on the island tomorrow.” “Yes, let’s,” said Anne. “Poor old wreck! I guess it won’t last many winters now.”

They walked along the cliff-top with Timothy capering ahead of them. They could see the island easily and the ruined castle rising up from the middle. “There’s the jackdaw tower,” said Anne, looking. “The other tower’s fallen down hasn’t it? Look at the jackdaws circling round and round the tower, George!” “Yes. They build in it every year,” said George.

“Don’t you remember the masses of sticks round about the tower that the jackdaws dropped when they built their nests? We picked some up and made a fire with them once.” “I’d like to do that again,” said Anne. “I would really. Let’s do it each night if we stay a week on the island. George, did you ask your mother?” “Oh yes,” said George. Five Run Away Together PDF Book

“She said she thought we might, but she would see.” “I don’t like it when grown-ups say they’ll see,” said Anne. “It so often means they won’t let you do something after all, but they don’t like to tell you at the time.” “Well, I expect she will let us,” said George. “After all, we’re much older than last year. Why, Julian is in his teens already, and I soon shall be and so will Dick. Only Anne is small.”

“Woof!” said Timmy, decidedly. Stinker heard the bark and put his nose out of the kitchen door. George called to him in a loud voice: “Stinker, Stinker, come here! Timmy doesn’t want his dinner. You can have it. Come along, Stinker, here it is!” Edgar came rushing out behind Stinker. “Don’t you give that to him,” he said. “Why not?” asked George.

“Go on, Edgar—tell me why not.” “He don’t eat raw meat,” said Edgar, after a pause. “He only eats dog biscuits.” “That’s a lie!” said George, flaming up. “I saw him eating meat yesterday. Here, Stinker — you come and eat this.” Edgar snatched the bowl from George, almost snarling at her, and ran indoors at top speed. Five Run Away Together PDF Book Download

George was about to go after him, but Julian, who had jumped out of the window when Edgar came up, stopped her. “No good, old thing!” he said. “You won’t get anything out of him. The meat’s probably at the back of the kitchen fire by now. From now on, we feed Timothy ourselves with meat bought from the butcher with our own money.

Don’t be afraid that he’ll eat poisoned stuff. He’s too wise a dog for that.” “He might, if he was terribly, awfully hungry, Julian,” said George, looking rather green now. She felt sick inside. “I wasn’t going to let Stinker eat that poisoned stuff, of course, but I guessed that was poisoned, one of the Sticks would come rushing out and stop Stinker eating it.

And Edgar did. So it proves it was poisoned, doesn’t it?” “I rather think it does,” said Julian. “But don’t worry, George. Timmy won’t be poisoned.” “But he might, he might,” said George, putting her hand on the big dog’s head. “Oh, I can’t bear the thought of it, Julian. I can’t, I really can’t.” “Don’t think about it then,” said Julian, taking her indoors again. Five Run Away Together PDF Book Download

“Here, have a biscuit!” “You don’t think the Sticks would poison us, do you?” said Anne, looking suddenly scared and gazing at her biscuit as if it might bite her. “No, idiot. They only want to get Timmy out of the way because he guards us so well,” said Julian. “Don’t look so scared. All this will settle down in a day or two, and we’ll have a grand time after all.

You’ll see!” But Julian only said this to comfort his little sister. Secretly he was very worried. He wished he could take Anne, Dick and George back to his own home. But he knew George wouldn’t come. And how could they leave her to the Sticks? It was quite impossible. Friends must stick together, and somehow they must face things until Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin came back.

They went back to the house and made a noise as if they were just getting up. George whistled to Timmy, and Julian sang at the top of his voice. Then, with a great banging of doors they set out down the path and cut across the moors, in full sight of the kitchen window. “Hope the Sticks won’t notice Dick isn’t with us,” said Julian, seeing Edgar staring out of the window. Five Run Away Together PDF Book Download

“I expect they’ll think he’s gone ahead.” They kept to the path until they came to a dip, where they were hidden from any watcher at Kirrin Cottage. Then they took another path that led them, unseen, to the cove where Dick had taken the boat. He was there, waiting anxiously for them. “Ahoy there!” yelled Julian, in excitement.

“The adventure is about to begin.” Chapter Ten. KIRRIN ISLAND ONCE MORE! THEY all clambered into the boat. Timothy leapt in lightly and ran to the prow, where he always stood. His tongue hung out in excitement. He knew quite well that something was up—and he was in it! No wonder he panted and wagged his tail hard.

“Off we go!” said Julian, taking the oars. “Sit over there a bit, Anne. The luggage is weighing “down the boat awfully the other end. Dick, sit by Anne to keep the balance better. That’s right. Off we go!” And off they went in George’s boat, rocking up and down on the waves. The sea was fairly calm, but a good breeze blew through their hair. Five Run Away Together PDF Book Download

The water splashed round the boat and made a nice gurgly, friendly noise. The children all felt very happy. They were on their own. They were escaping from the horrid Sticks. They were going to stay on Kirrin Island, with the rabbits and gulls and jackdaws. “Doesn’t that new-made bread smell awfully good?” said Dick, feeling very hungry as usual.

“Can we just grab a bit, do you think?” “Yes, let’s,” said George. So they broke off bits of the warm brown crust, handed some to Julian, who was rowing, and chewed the delicious new-made bread. Timmy got a bit too, but his was gone as soon as it went into his mouth. “Timmy’s funny,” said Anne. “He never eats his food as we do—he seems to drink it— just takes it into his mouth and swallows it, as if it was water!”

The others laughed. “He doesn’t drink his bones.” said George. “He always eats those all right—chews on them for hours and hours. Don’t you, Timothy?” “Woof!” said Timmy, agreeing. He eyed the place where that enormous bone was, wishing he could have it now. But the children wouldn’t let him. They were afraid it might go overboard, and that would be a pity. Five Run Away Together PDF Book Free

“I don’t believe anyone has noticed us going,” said Julian. “Except Alf the fisher-boy, of course. We told him about going to the island, Dick, but nobody else.” They had called at Alf’s house on their way to the cove. Alf was alone in the yard at the back.: His mother was away and his father was out fishing. They had told him their secret, and Alf had nodded his tousled head and promised faithfully to tell nobody at all.

He was evidently very proud at being trusted. “If my mother and father come back, you must let us know,” said George. “Sail as near the island as you dare, and hail us. You can get nearer to it than anyone else.” “I’ll do that,” promised Alf, wishing he could go with them.