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The light woke him, long before dawn. From where he lay on his back, he could see an incredible pale radiance streaming upward all around him, outlining the shadow of his body at the ridge of the tent, picking out the under-surfaces of the trees against the night sky. He strained, until he was weak and dizzy, to roll over so that he could see its source.

Freudian Slip PDF Book by Franklin Abel

Name of Book Freudian Slip
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No of Pages 20
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But he had to give up and wait another ten minutes until his body turned “naturally,” just as if he had still been asleep. Then he was looking straight down into a milky transparency that started under his nose and continued into unguessable depths. First came the matted clumps of grass, black against the light, every blade and root as clear as if they had been set in transparent plastic.

Then longer, writhing roots of trees and shrubs, sprouting thickets of hair-thin rootlets. Between these, and continuing downward level by level, was spread an infinity of tiny specks, seedshapes, spores. Some of them moved, Herman realized with a shock. Insects burrowing in the emptiness where the Earth should be?

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In the morning, when he crawled out of the tent and went to the bottomless stream to wash, he noticed something he had missed the day before. The network of grasses gave springily under his feet—not like turf, but like stretched rubber. Herman conceived an instant dislike for walking, especially when he had to cross bare ground, because when that happened.

He felt exactly what he saw: nothing whatever underfoot. “Walking on air,” he realized, was not as pleasant an experience as the popular songs would lead you to expect. Herman shaved, cooked and ate breakfast, washed the dishes, did the chores, and packed up his belongings.

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With a mighty effort, he pried out the tent stakes, which were bedded in nothing but a loose network of roots. He shouldered the load and carried it a quarter of a mile through pine woods to his car. The car stood at ground level, but the ground was not there any more. The road was now nothing more than a long, irregular trough formed by the spreading roots of the pines on either side.

Shuddering, Herman stowed his gear in the trunk and got in behind the wheel. When he put the motor into gear, the sedan moved sedately and normally forward. But the motor raced madly, and there was no feeling that it was taking hold. With screaming engine, Herman drove homeward over a nonexistent road.

Inwardly and silently, he gibbered. Six miles down the mountain, he pulled up beside a white-painted fence enclosing a neat yard and a fussy little blue-shuttered house. On the opposite side of the fence stood a middle-aged woman with a floppy hat awry on her head and a gardening trowel in one of her gloved hands. She looked up with an air of vague dismay when he got out of the car. Freudian Slip PDF Book

“Some more eggs today, Dr. Raye?” she asked, and smiled. The smile was like painted china. Her eyes, lost in her fleshy face, were clearly trying not to look downward. “Not today, Mrs. Richards,” Herman said. “I just stopped to say good-by. I’m on my way home.” “Isn’t that a shame?” she said mechanically.

“Well, come again next year.” Herman wanted to say, “Next year I’ll probably be in a strait-jacket.” He tried to say it. He stuttered, “N-n-n-n—” and ended, glancing at the ground at her feet, “Transplanting some petunias?” The woman’s mouth worked. She said, “Yes. I thought I might’s well put them along here, where they’d get more sun. Aren’t they pretty?”

“Very pretty,” said Herman helplessly. The petunias, roots as naked as if they had been scrubbed, were nesting in a bed of stars. Mrs. Richards’ gloves and trowel were spotlessly clean. On Fourth Avenue, below Fourteenth Street, Herman met two frightful little men. He had expected the city to be better, but it was worse; it was a nightmare. Freudian Slip PDF Book

The avenues between the buildings were bottomless troughs of darkness. The bedrock was gone; the concrete was gone; the asphalt was gone. The buildings themselves were hardly recognizable unless you knew what they were. New York had been a city of stone—built on stone, built of stone, as cold as stone.

Uptown, the city looked half-built, but insanely occupied, a forest of orange-painted girders. In the Village the old brick houses were worse. No brick; no mortar; nothing but the grotesque shells of rooms in lath and a paper-thickness of paint. The wrought-iron railings were gone, too. On Fourth Avenue, bookseller’s row, you could almost persuade yourself that nothing had happened, provided you did not look down.

The buildings had been made of wood, and wood they remained. The second-hand books in their wooden racks would have been comforting except that they were so clean. There was not a spot of dirt anywhere; the air was more than country-pure. There was an insane selective principle at work here, Herman realized. Freudian Slip PDF Book

Everything from bedrock to loam that belonged to the Earth itself had disappeared. So had everything that had a mineral origin and been changed by refinement and mixture: concrete, wrought iron, brick, but steel and glass, porcelain and paint remained. It looked as if the planet had been the joint property of two children.

One of whom didn’t want to play any more, so they had split up their possessions—this is yours, this is yours, this is mine…. The two little men popped into view not six feet in front of Herman as he was passing a sidewalk bookstall. Both were dressed in what looked like workmen’s overalls made of lucite chain-mail, or knitted glow-worms.

One of them had four eyes, two brown, two blue, with spectacles for the middle pair. Ears grew like cabbages all over his bald head. The other had two eyes, the pupils of which were cross-shaped, and no other discernible features except when he opened his gap-toothed mouth: the rest of his head, face and all, was completely covered by a dense forest of red hair. Freudian Slip PDF Book

As they came forward, Herman’s control of his body suddenly returned. He was trying his best to turn around and go away from there, and that was what his body started to do. Moreover, certain sounds of a prayerful character, namely “Oh dear sweet Jesus,” which Herman was forming in his mind, involuntarily issued from his lips.

Before he had taken the first step in a rearward direction, however, the hairy little man curved around him in a blur of motion, barring the way with two long, muscular, red-furred arms. Herman turned. The four-eyed little man had closed in. Herman, gasping, backed up against the bookstall.

People who were headed directly for them, although showing no recognition that Herman and the little men were there, moved stiffly aside like dancing automatons, strode past, then made another stiff sidewise motion to bring them back to the original line of march before they went on their way. Freudian Slip PDF Book Download

“Olaph dzenn Härm Rai gjo glerr-dregnarr?” demanded Hairy. Herman gulped, half-stunned. “Huh?” he said. Hairy turned to Four-Eyes. “Grinnr alaz harisi nuya.” “Izzred alph! Meggi erd-halaza riggbörd els kamma gredyik. Lukhhal!” Hairy turned back to Herman. Blinking his eyes rapidly, for they closed like the shutter of a camera, he made a placating gesture with both huge furry hands.

“Kelagg ikri odrum faz,” he said, and, reaching out to the bookstall, he plucked out a handful of volumes, fanned them like playing cards and displayed them to Four-Eyes. A heated discussion ensued, at the end of which Hairy kept For Whom the Bell Tolls, Four-Eyes took The Blonde in the Bathtub, and Hairy threw the rest away.

Then, while Herman gaped and made retching sounds, the two disgusting little men tore pages out of the books and stuffed them in their mouths. When they finished the pages, they ate the bindings. Then there was a rather sick pause while they seemed to digest the contents of the books they had literally devoured. Freudian Slip PDF Book Download

Herman had the wild thought that they were blurb writers whose jobs had gone to their heads. The one with the four eyes rolled three of them horribly. “That’s more like it,” he said in nasal but recognizable English. “Let’s start over. Are you Herman Raye, the skull doc?” Herman produced a series of incoherent sounds.

“My brother expresses himself crudely,” said Hairy in a rich, fruity baritone. “Please forgive him. He is a man of much heart.” “Uh?” said Herman. “Truly,” said Hairy. “And of much ears,” he added with a glance at his companion. “But again, as to this affair—tell me true, are you Herman Raye, the analyst of minds?”

“Suppose I am?” Herman asked cautiously. Hairy turned to Four-eyes. “Arghraz iktri ‘Suppose I am,’ Gurh? Olaph iktri erz ogromat, lekh—” “Talk English, can’t you?” Four-eyes broke in. “You know he don’t understand that caveman jabber. Anyhow, yeah, yeah, it’s him. He just don’t want to say so.” He reached out and took Herman by the collar. Freudian Slip PDF Book Download

“Come on, boy, the boss is waitin’.” There were two circular hair-lines of glowing crimson where Hairy and Four-eyes had originally appeared. They reached the spot in one jump, Hairy bringing up the rear. “But tell me truly,” he said anxiously. “You are that same Herman Raye?” Herman paid no attention.

Below, under the two glowing circles, was the terrifying gulf that had replaced the Earth; and this time, Herman was somehow convinced, it was not going to hold him up. The orange spot had enlarged into the semblance of a lighted room, rather like a stage setting. Inside were two enormous Persons, one sitting, one standing.

Otherwise, and except for three upholstered chairs, the room was bare. No—as they swooped down toward it, Herman blinked and looked again. A leather couch had appeared against the far wall. At the last moment, there was a flicker of motion off to Herman’s left. Something that looked like a short, pudgy human being accompanied by two little men the size of Hairy and Four-eyes whooshed off into the distance.

Back toward the surface of the planet. Herman landed. Hairy and Four-eyes, after bowing low to the standing Person, turned and leaped out of the room. When Herman, feeling abandoned, turned to see where they had gone, he discovered that the room now had four walls and no windows or doors.

The Person said, “How do you do, Doctor Raye?” Herman looked at him. Although his figure had a disquieting tendency to quiver and flow, so that it was hard to judge, he seemed to be about eight feet tall. He was dressed in what would have seemed an ordinary dark-blue business suit, with an equally ordinary white shirt and blue tie, except that all three garments had the sheen of polished metal.

His face was bony and severe, but not repellently so; he looked absent-minded rather than stern. The other Person, whose suit was brown, had a broad, kindly and rather stupid face; his hair was white. He sat quietly, not looking at Herman, or, apparently, at anything else. Herman sat down in one of the upholstered chairs. Freudian Slip PDF Book Download

“All right,” he said with helpless defiance. “What’s it all about?” “I’m glad we can come to the point at once,” said the Person. He paused, moving his lips silently. “Ah, excuse me. I’m sorry.” A second head, with identical features, popped into view next to the first. His eyes were closed. “It’s necessary, I’m afraid,” said head number one apologetically.

“I have so much to remember, you know.” Herman took a deep breath and said nothing. “You may call me Secundus, if you like,” resumed the Person, “and this gentleman Primus, since it is with him that you will have principally to deal. Now, our problem here is one of amnesia, and I will confess to you frankly that we ourselves are totally inadequate to cope with it.

In theory, we are not subject to disorders of the mind, and that’s what makes us so vulnerable now that it has happened. Do you see?” A fantastic suspicion crept into Herman’s mind. “Just a moment,” he said carefully. “If you don’t mind telling me, what is it that you have to remember?” Freudian Slip PDF Book Free

“Well, Doctor, my field is human beings; that’s why it became my duty to search you out and consult with you. And there is a great deal for me to carry in my mind, you know, especially under these abnormal conditions. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it is a full-time job.” “Are you going to tell me,” asked Herman, more carefully still.

“That this—gentleman—is the one who is supposed to remember the Earth itself? The rocks and minerals and so on?” “Yes, exactly. I was about to tell you—” “And that the planet has disappeared because he has amnesia?” Herman demanded on a rising note. Secundus beamed. “Concisely expressed.

I myself, being, so to speak, saturated with the thoughts and habits of human beings, who are, you must admit, a garrulous race, could not —” “Oh, no!” said Herman. “Oh, yes,” Secundus corrected. “I can understand that the idea is difficult for you to accept, since you naturally believe that you yourself have a real existence, or, to be more precise. Freudian Slip PDF Book Free

That you belong to the world of phenomena as opposed to that of noumena.” He beamed. “Now I will be silent, a considerable task for me, and let you ask questions.”