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Women’s voices were few and far between in his shop, so Khalil stopped sweeping and took a step out of the back room to see what was going on. He immediately regretted not taking a glance at himself in the mirror first. The woman standing in the doorway was maybe five feet tall without those heels, light jacket open, revealing a streamlined figure that went with her streamlined hair.

Getting His Game Back PDF Book by Gia De Cadenet

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Everything about her was polished, well put together. Flawless, deep copper skin. Full brows arched perfectly over dark, doeshaped eyes and a slim nose ending in a gentle curve. Her round lips probably formed a little heart, and their sexy pucker had Khalil’s heart racing, but at the moment she was waiting for Darius, his business partner, to reply.

Khalil held his breath and tried to slide back out of sight long enough to check he wasn’t covered in the hair his previous client had left behind. Then Darius betrayed him with a glance. Vanessa took a slow breath to tamp down her laughter. She returned to her meal as the bickering started up again. Apart from managing Andrew’s discomfort, the trip to Vancouver had gone quite well.

Click here to Download Getting His Game Back PDF Book

She was proud of the balance she’d struck—a successful TED Talk and some time for herself. She’d scheduled one day more than necessary, a choice she intended to repeat. For the past two years, she’d been going a mile a minute between app design and business management software consulting. It was time to slow down, to savor what she was doing and the lifestyle it allowed her.

And while it was fun, jetting around, proving that people’s notions of who belonged in tech were outdated, she was starting to miss having some time at home. Well, home for her. She cringed, glancing at Ma-Max. She’d disown Vanessa for referring to Detroit as “home.” At least she’d returned to the family home in Bloomington today.

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With her parents still on their most recent mission, maybe it was time to get back into the rhythm of Sunday Lunches with Ma-Max every two weeks. Her fork wavered as she relaxed her grip, itching to pick up her phone and check her agenda, but she didn’t want to get caught. Kathryn, Ma-Max’s housekeeper, came by to clear the plates for dessert and Vanessa snatched the few seconds of distraction to take a look.

Things were pretty open in two weeks’ time, maybe…She stopped on the appointment for her next haircut and couldn’t help but smile. Her next haircut with Khalil. The elevator slowed and the doors opened. A man and a woman got in. Khalil nodded a hello to them but held his tongue. He shot a harsh look at Darius. Once they’d reached street level, Khalil had calmed himself down from the teasing.

But he was worried about how he’d made things look. “Do you think it seemed like a pretense?” he asked as they walked back to Darius’s car. “I mean, we went ahead and bought a whole-ass app.” “You’re good, man,” Darius said. “And I mean it, you were right. I’m glad we have one now. It’s just a shame that for all of your time spent together, you don’t know that much more about her.” Getting His Game Back PDF Book

Khalil chewed on that as he buckled his seatbelt. He had gotten the opportunity to get to know Vanessa better than he would have if she’d only been his client. And he was encouraged by the questions she’d asked him. She seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about him. However, she’d been the very image of professionalism the whole time. He’d reflected that back.

Now that the app was complete, the only time they’d be able to see each other would be in the shop. Likely with other clients around. Part of him wanted more, which surprised him. He wanted to ask her out, see her in a social setting, not a professional one. But would that be wise? In the past he wouldn’t have hesitated about at least asking.

Now, though…he didn’t know if he was ready to actually go out on a date with someone. The thought was like a bucket of cold water over his head. She stood straight, shoulders back, and strode down the hall, to Rec Room Four where the STEM talk would take place. After greeting the organizers, she got into game mode: seat taken on the panel, water bottle opened, first sip taken so she wouldn’t spill later on. Getting His Game Back PDF Book

She opened her folder and reread her talking points—they were few and brief. Kids this age had a good grasp on STEM—she wasn’t there to teach them anything. Just let them know what she did and make herself available for any questions. How could Khalil have gotten more attractive? She chided herself for straying off topic. The woman beside her developed pharmaceuticals.

Vanessa knew nothing about that. She turned to introduce herself, but the woman’s phone rang before Vanessa could open her mouth. The seat on her other side was still empty. His skin was glowing. Not sweaty. Warm, and soft looking, but so damned MALE with those lean cords of muscle underneath. The other players looked like they were half dead, but not Khalil.

He could have gone another couple…Wonder how many rounds he can go? She looked back through the window of the Grey Ghost on Watson. Darius was at the table with Reizo. They were laughing with each other as they shared a meal. A horn behind her drew her attention to the green light, and she started driving again. Khalil’s message had appeared after she’d gotten in the car a few minutes earlier. Getting His Game Back PDF Book

How could he have been at the shop with Darius if Darius was with Reizo across town? Twenty minutes later, pulling into her driveway, the doubt vanished. Khalil’s black Jeep was parked in front of her garage. She pulled in behind him and flashed her lights, the little thrill she always got when they didn’t have to be apart bouncing her out of the car. But his door didn’t open.

She checked her porch, he wasn’t there. Taking another look around, she approached his door. The floodlight at the end of the driveway illuminated the front seat. Khalil was hunched over, forehead resting on the wheel. She raised her hand to knock on the window, but a tremor fluttered through his shoulders and he raised his head before she touched the glass. Something cold, damp, and heavy stole her breath.

He raised his head and looked at her, flashing a half-smile. She took a couple more steps back, worried he’d head straight out for an Uber. His flight had landed, so she could only wait, running her clammy palms down her jeans. Was she nervous? Or excited? Too many feelings all jumbled—she caught sight of him, and her heart lurched. Getting His Game Back PDF Book Download

She made a beeline, working to make up the difference between his long legs and her short ones. “Baby!” she said, reaching out and catching his wrist. He turned, grinned, and let his bag thump to the floor as he scooped her up and kissed her. He held her close, one arm around her waist, the other up her back, cupping her head as he consumed her.

Her jumbled nerves washed away in a tide of relief, which ebbed, then returned with something richer and heavier. He pulled away, taking in a fast breath, and grinned, shivering when she tugged his hair. Then it all came rushing back. He had drunk too much, but that wasn’t the worst part. Vanessa had seen him. Really seen him, crying like a baby.

Mortified, he curled up tighter, bringing his thighs against his stomach, which protested with another wave. He was going to die. If the hangover didn’t kill him, the humiliation would. He stilled. His breathing, his thoughts, everything so he could focus on whether Vanessa was behind him, asleep on her side. The room was silent. Getting His Game Back PDF Book Download

The blanket didn’t shift with someone else’s breathing, nor had there been any resistance when he’d tugged it over himself. Of course she’s not here, loser. Shame bloomed, outpacing the nausea and the migraine. How had he let it happen? He’d sworn to himself never to do that again, never let a woman know that he couldn’t keep himself together.

He sniffled, amazed as a burning tear pressed its way out of his swollen eyelids, another escaping from his nose. How did he have any tears left? Then the fact that Vanessa was gone and he’d fucked up again ricocheted through him. He almost laughed at his ability to be an even bigger baby as more tears threatened, but a sound stopped him dead: his bedroom door creaking open.

His ears pricked up as he absorbed everything he could. Vanessa’s feet soft on the carpet. The shift in the air as she walked up the side of his bed. He held his breath, the edge of the blanket tight in his fingers. Maybe if he didn’t move, if he stayed hidden in his little tent, she’d think he was still asleep. Getting His Game Back PDF Book Download

He got up from the table, to get away from himself. At the sink, he stopped short before picking up the dish detergent to wash his hands, remembering the charcoal soap Mo had given him for dirty jobs. Using his elbow to open the door, he got it out from under the cabinet and spent more time than was probably necessary getting each bit of grease off each bit of skin. His brother was right, it was some good soap.

Khalil would make it a point not to tell him, though. Mo was always right about everything and that shit got old. His smirk bent into a full-blown smile when he grabbed his phone off the counter and caught the flashing red light indicating a message. Then, as he flopped onto the couch, so did his mood. It was from Dr. Edwards, checking in as Khalil had missed yet another appointment.

Embarrassed, he grabbed the remote and turned on the television to think of other things. Knowing it was unwise, Vanessa clicked the link at the end of Lisa’s message. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with the sound off. She missed his voice too much to put herself through that with a stranger present. An Under the Radar Michigan show opened up in YouTube. Getting His Game Back PDF Book Free

The Fade Barbershops were part of a segment focused on up-and-coming entrepreneurs creating jobs. After a few moments showing the ambiance at the Original Fade, Darius appeared, laughing with a client. Vanessa smiled. She’d only been by the Original once, but seeing Darius at work brought back a flood of good memories. She took a deep breath, bracing herself for the moment Khalil would appear.

When he did, being interviewed by the show host beside the front desk, her heart dropped as she realized that oxygen would never be a sufficient substitution for Khalil. But then, she’d been holding her breath since their breakup. She’d just have to keep doing it. To my indefatigable agent, Léonicka Valcius: Mille mercis pour ton soutien, ton courage, et ton esprit.

You made me believe when I had my doubts, negotiated when I didn’t dare, and guided me when I was lost. Thank you. And go, Eagles! To my editors, Lexi Batsides and Anne Speyer, and Crystal Velasquez, Jennifer Rodriguez, and the whole Penguin Random House publishing team: Thank you so much for your vision in making my debut novel the best it could be. Getting His Game Back PDF Book Free

I am especially grateful for your concern with and support of protecting the heart of this story and its potential impact on readers. I would be remiss if I did not thank the Pitch Wars organization for giving me the opportunity to grow from a hobby writer into a career-oriented one. A particular thanks goes out to Diana A. Hicks for her mentorship. Likewise, I am grateful for the work of Beth Phelan in creating #DVPit.

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