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‘Stop, my bhai, stop,’ Saurabh said, snatching away my whisky glass. ‘I am not drunk,’ I said. We were in a corner of the drawing room, near the makeshift bar. The rest of the coaching class faculty had gathered around Arora sir. They would never miss a chance to suck up to him. We had come to the Malviya Nagar house of Chandan Arora, owner of Chandan Classes, and our boss.

Girl in Room 105 PDF Book by Chetan Bhagat

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‘You swore on me you wouldn’t have more than two drinks,’ Saurabh said. I smiled at him. ‘But did I quantify the size of the drinks? How much whisky per drink? Half a bottle?’ My words slurred. I was finding it hard to balance myself. ‘You need fresh air. Let’s go to the balcony,’ Saurabh said. ‘I need fresh whisky,’ I said.

Saurabh dragged me to the balcony by my arm. When had this fatso become so strong? ‘It is freezing here,’ I said, shivering. I rubbed my hands together to keep myself warm. ‘You can’t drink so much, bhai.’ ‘It’s New Year’s Eve. You know what that does to me.’ ‘It’s history. Four years ago. It’s going to be 2018.’ ‘Feels like four seconds ago,’ I said.

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I took out a cigarette packet, which Saurabh promptly grabbed and hid in his pocket. I pulled out my phone. I opened the contact details of my next intoxicant, Zara. ‘What did she say that night?’ I said, staring at Zara’s WhatsApp profile picture. ‘We are done, that’s what she said. What did she mean done? How REQUEST ANY EBOOK HERE can she say we?

I am not done.’ ‘Leave the phone alone, bhai. You may accidentally call her,’ Saurabh said. He lunged for my phone. I dodged to avoid him. ‘Look at her,’ I said, turning the screen towards Saurabh. She had put up a selfie as her DP—pouting, hand on waist, the black sari a dramatic contrast to her fair, almost pink, face.

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She didn’t always have her picture as her DP. Often, she would put up quotes. The ‘let life not hold you back’ kinds, statements that sound profound but actually mean nothing. Her WhatsApp display picture was the only connect I had left with her. It was how I knew what was happening in her life. ‘Who wears black saris?

She doesn’t look that great,’ Saurabh said. He always did his best to help me get over her. I love Saurabh—my best friend, colleague, and fellow-misfit in this crazy drive called life. He’s from Jaipur, not far from my hometown of Alwar. His father works as a junior engineer in the PWD. Like me, he too didn’t get placed after campus.

Both of us worked our asses off at Chandan Classes, even as we hoped to get out of there ASAP. ‘It’s Zara. She always looks great,’ I put it plainly. She stood on the left podium. Her upright posture made her look taller than her five feet three inches. She wore a white salwar kameez, and a fuchsia dupatta with silver piping. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book

I should have focused on her debating skills rather than her attire. However, even her debate opponent paused for a few seconds to take in Zara’s stunning, model-like looks. The Seminar Hall stage had a banner with the debate topic: Should public display of religion be banned? Zara Lone was debating against Inder Das, the reigning champion from Hindu College.

Both had reached the finals of Clash of the Titans. The packed hall was waiting for the duo to make their final rebuttals. Inder, with his loose kurta, curly hair and rimless glasses, looked like he had walked out of a Bengali art film, one of those where everyone waits for five seconds before the next dialogue. ‘Last I heard, we are a free country,’ Inder said.

‘Our Preamble uses the word “secular”. The state will not discriminate or meddle in the profession of any religion. Article 25 through to 28 in our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.’ Damn, people know the articles of the Constitution? I didn’t even know the Constitution had something called articles. I had no view on either side of the debate. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book

I only wanted Zara to win. I wanted to see her smile. Zara raised her hand to object. However, she had to wait her turn as Inder wouldn’t stop. ‘Article 25 says, and I quote,’ Inder said and paused, fumbling through his notes. When people say ‘I quote’ and pause, they come across as scary-level intellectuals. Let’s face it, nobody wants to mess with the ‘I quote’ types.

Inder spoke again, or rather quoted. ‘All persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practise, and propagate religion.’ He paused again for us to digest that. ‘Miss Zara Lone, you are arguing not only against our culture, but also against the Constitution. You not only want to take away our Diwali celebrations, you want to break the law, too.’

He finished his speech and tossed his notes aside in disgust; I could smell his pomposity from where I sat. Inder shook his head, as if to say, Why are we even debating this? The crowd broke into applause. I had a sinking feeling. Would Zara lose? ‘No!’ I screamed. Unable to move ahead, I turned around and ran back into the police station. I could stay hungry. I just didn’t want to be eaten alive. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book

I went up to Saurabh, ignoring the inspector’s instructions to stay away. He was snoozing on a wooden bench. My brain had officially stopped functioning. It didn’t feel sorrow, fear or even tiredness. I couldn’t sleep like Saurabh. I saw a TV perched on a dusty shelf, high on the wall opposite me. It was running a particular news channel. After a few ads, the channel flashed the ‘Breaking News’ sign.

‘Kashmiri Muslim girl murdered in IIT Delhi hostel’. A reporter stood in front of the IIT gate, right next to the security checkpost where I had shown my outdated ID card. I could see a dozen other reporters parked outside the gate as well; the director must have denied entry to the media. Only shots of the IIT Delhi sign on the main gate were being shown.

The volume was very low, so I walked up close to the TV to listen. One finger in his ear, the reporter spoke to the anchor, Arijit, in the studio. ‘Arijit, so far what we know is the victim is Zara Lone, a PhD student at IIT Delhi. She was found murdered in her room, number 105 at Himadri hostel, around three in the morning. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book

It seems her ex-boyfriend, who is also an ex-IIT Delhi student, broke into her room to wish her on her birthday, which was today, and found her dead.’ ‘Wait a minute,’ Anchor Arijit said, pen in hand. ‘Did you just say her ex-boyfriend broke into her room?’ ‘Yes, Arijit. His name is Keshav Rajpurohit. He graduated around five years ago.

Zara Lone and he were in a relationship then. Incidentally, Zara finished her graduation from Delhi College of Engineering and then joined IIT Delhi for a PhD programme, so she remained on campus. However, Keshav and Zara’s relationship, sources tell us, was over a while ago.’ I was famous.

I was being talked about on TV, but not like one of those IIT guys who open billion-dollar startups, become CEOs or launch political parties. My claim to fame was breaking into girls’ hostels. ‘But can you elaborate on breaking into the room?’ Arijit said. ‘Boys are not allowed in IIT girls’ hostels?’ ‘Well, yes, IIT Delhi has a strict policy of not allowing men into girls’ rooms. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Download

So Keshav came in through the window by climbing a mango tree. Unfortunately, we were not allowed into the campus, so we can’t show you the mango tree.’ Of course, it was unfortunate. The country could not see the mango tree. Or the mangoes that grew on it. ‘Go on.’ Arijit shook his head, so bothered by it all that his neck was coming loose.

‘So he climbed into the room to wish her and found her dead. Then he informed the police and her parents. That’s his version.’ ‘Exactly, that is his version. Now, what are the police doing?’ ‘I think it is too soon. But Keshav is at the Hauz Khas police station. He seems to be in a daze, or maybe even angry, we have some visuals.’

Suddenly, I was on screen, looking every inch a psycho. ‘No!’ I was screaming. They played my ‘no’ on loop five times, like they do in TV serials. ‘I must add,’ the reporter said, ‘we are hearing that Keshav Rajpurohit is from Rajasthan, and his father, Naman Rajpurohit, is a senior RSS member there. It’s a politically connected family.’ Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Download

What? Why is that a must add? I touched my earring. Why did my parents have to come into this? I checked my pockets. I couldn’t find my phone. I had left it on the chair I had been sitting on in the police station. Fortunately, I found it in the same place I had left it. I guess nobody would steal from a police station. I had ten missed calls from home.

Four from Chandan Arora. Two from Sexy Sheela, who must have called me on behalf of Chandan. Before I could call them back, I heard my name on TV again. ‘So have the police arrested Keshav Rajpurohit? Or are his political connections helping him?’ Arijit said. What the hell, I thought. Why should I be arrested? And what political connections had I used here?

I didn’t want my father to ever find out about this. The reporter continued to speak. ‘The Rajasthan CM is visiting Alwar next week. I have invited him for a stop at home,’ my father said. He removed his socks and placed them inside his shoes. He had come home at eight in the evening. Zara was in the guestroom, taking a shower before dinner. Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Download

My mother was doing an evening aarti in the puja room. I felt she was singing her bhajans very loudly today, perhaps to re-emphasise her identity to Zara. This passive-aggressive stealth communication mothers do with their sons’ girlfriends is a refined and deadly art form. My father and I sat in the living room.

I hoped he would ask me something about my guest. However, he had only one thing on his mind. ‘Can you stay back next week? It’s the CM. Will be good for you to meet him, no?’ ‘I have work in Delhi, papa,’ I said. ‘What work? It’s not like you have a real job.’ I wanted to tell him I had a boss ten times worse than those found at ‘real’ jobs.

‘I have classes, papa. Students will be waiting.’ ‘The CM of Rajasthan visits your home. You want to do tuitions?’ ‘It’s what I do.’ ‘Are you going to apply for a proper job? In companies?’ ‘Yes, papa. I took what I could get for now.’ ‘If only you had done better in college. It’s hard to explain to friends why my son couldn’t get proper placement after IIT.’ Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Download

I trained my gaze down. We had discussed this a dozen times before. ‘We have our Agrasen ji. He’s pranth pracharak in Rajasthan. He owns a marble factory. He will give you a job if I ask him.’ ‘I don’t want to work in some family-owned marble factory in Rajasthan, papa.’ ‘Why? At least you will be a real engineer. Better than giving tuitions.’

‘It should be a multinational. At least a top Indian company. Otherwise, what is the difference?’ He shook his head in disappointment. He stood up and began to twist his upper body side to side, to crack his spine. I said, ‘Let me know the exact time the CM is coming. I’ll come down for a few hours if I can.’

‘What makes you think you can investigate my daughter’s murder?’ Safdar said. His voice thundered through his giant porch. Saurabh and I had gone to visit him on a Sunday morning. I told him the story so far, until the point where we found Laxman and Saxena innocent. ‘All this garbage about her PhD guide. What was the need for you to fish around?’ Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Free

‘Aren’t you shocked, uncle? That her guide harassed her. Aren’t you angry?’ I said. ‘I am angry with you. You won’t leave my daughter alone even when she is dead.’ ‘I just want to find out who killed her.’ ‘Who are you? The police? Her family? Who?’ I kept quiet. ‘You and Zara had no rishta,’ Safdar said through gritted teeth.

‘Now get out of my house. And my dead daughter’s life.’ Safdar stood up, a signal for us to leave. ‘Uncle, don’t be agitated. It will only make things worse,’ Saurabh spoke for the first time, his voice steady. ‘Worse?’ Safdar said. ‘What can get worse? I have already lost my daughter.’ ‘What could be worse, uncle, is people talking about an honour-killing angle here,’ Saurabh said plainly.

Cute how he still called him uncle, all respectful even when accusing him of murder. ‘What?’ Safdar said, blinking. ‘What is wrong with your dimaag? Who is this mental friend of yours?’ ‘He’s my best friend. And he’s not mental. He’s quite smart. Please sit down,’ I said. Saurabh smiled. Safdar sat down again. ‘Uncle, why did you say no to Zara’s autopsy?’

Girl in Room 105 PDF Book Free

I said. ‘What? And let all those haramis cut up my little girl’s body? Do you even know what they do during an autopsy?’ Safdar said. ‘They find out what happened,’ I said.