Good to Great PDF Book by Jim Collins


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This entire book is about this, so whether you are an investor or a businessman, it is very important to know you. A special type of leadership is needed to transform a good company into a great company. Which the author named Level 5 Leadership.

Good to Great PDF Book by Jim Collins

Name of Book Good to Great
Author Jim Collins
No of Pages 299
PDF Size 20 MB
Language English
Published 2001
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About Book – Good to Great PDF Book by Jim Collins

In 1971 Mr. Darwin Smith kimberly-clark became the CEO of this paper company Mr. Before Darwin Smith became the CEO of kimberly-clark, the performance of kimberly-clark company was not special and during his 20 year tenure as Mr. Darwin Smith CEO, he completely changed kimberly-clark and kimberly-clark became the world’s The company became the leading consumer paper company, beat all its competitors, then kimberly-clark business performance was followed by its share price.

Mr. In Darwin Smith’s tenure, kimberly-clark easily beat the stock market returns for companies like Coca-Cola, HP, 3P among others. In these 20 years Mr.Smith transformed kimberly-clark from Good Company to Great Company. Credit for this goes to Mr.Smith and his Level 5 leadership.

Only 2 months after becoming CEO, Mr. Smith has learned that he has been diagnosed with Noser Throat Cancer. But he did not give up and voted on cancer. Good to Great PDF Book He always thought about the company first and then thinking about himself, after becoming CEO, he sold paper mill which was his core business and then he entered into consumer paper business and invested a lot in brands like Cleanx, Huggies Inn. did.

Media found Mr.Smith’s decision bad. Fellow stock market advisor also felt bad. He downgraded kimberly-clark stock but Mr.Smith did not pay attention to these things, he just focused on his work then kimberly- Good to Great PDF Book After becoming successful, when he was asked a question about this success, he simply said, I just keep trying to qualify for my job.

So the author says that people like Mr.Smith are called Level 5 Leadership who are humble and have loyalty towards their work Level 5 Leadership working on the goal of making the company a great company by keeping their personal ego on the side. Huh. He is very ambitious and his ambition is first about the company and then about himself and these two together make up Level 5 leadership.

Mr.Jim Collins, the author of Good To Great, found that all the companies made from Good to Great have one thing in common. Good to Great PDF And that is level 5 leadership people don’t talk about themselves and don’t even grow themselves, they talk about the company about the team and the rest about the education.

Level 5 leadership are ordinary people, they give ordinary results, whatever has to be done to make the company great. They are ready to do everything, they have the passion to make the company a great company, if you are an investor, then you must see whether the CEO of the company has level 5 leadership or not.

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If you are a businessman then you should see whether there are people with level 5 leadership in your team. You can make the company a great company.

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