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To achieve a sense of peace, we need balance: balance between work and play, between action and patience, spending and saving, laughter and seriousness, leaving and staying. Failing to achieve a balance across every area of your life can leave you feeling exhausted, among many other unpleasant emotions, such as guilt. Here’s an example of balancing action and patience.

Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book by Vex King

Name of Book Good Vibes, Good Life
PDF Size 3 MB
No of Pages 222
Language English
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If you’re the project leader of a final-year university assignment and you catch a team member who you like on social media instead of helping your team, you may allow it to slide. If they do it on multiple occasions and you notice their productivity slipping, you may warn them that if it persists, you’ll have to report them to your course leader.

If they then choose to ignore you and continue their behaviour, would you feel guilty about taking further action? If you’re a kind and compassionate human being, you may fear hurting their feelings and getting them in trouble. By reporting them to the course leader, they may have to face severe consequences that affect their final grade and that might have implications on their future.

Click here to Download Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book

However, they’re disrespecting you and ignoring your warnings. You may feel like they’re taking your kindness for granted. And you might worry that other project members will be disheartened if they see your lenience as favouritism. In this instance, if you’re kind and honest, and follow a fair process, you needn’t feel guilty for taking further action.

My time at university was a financial struggle. Although I’d been given a student loan, most of it went on my accommodation. I had very little to live on. I couldn’t buy any course books because I couldn’t afford them. I wouldn’t ask my mum for money, because I knew she was struggling herself.

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I knew that if I did ask her, she’d somehow find the money for me as she had done her whole life, even if it meant that she couldn’t eat. For the most part I budgeted well. I could go out and party with my friends regularly, I never went hungry, and I didn’t have to keep wearing the same clothes. I made a little money from online endeavours, like building customized page layouts on My Space.

During one summer term I returned home for a break. I had no money left and everything felt hard. I didn’t want to go back to university because I didn’t enjoy the work and I had no motivation to complete my summer assignments. Having spent much of the year studying, I was forced to find a summer job so I’d be able stay afloat when I got back to university.

All of my friends were planning a much-needed holiday together, and I couldn’t afford to go. And I was having problems with a girl. The drama I was experiencing in my romantic and platonic relationships constantly angered me, and I didn’t feel good about life. One evening, I came across a book called The Secret. People were saying it was changing their lives, and that everyone could benefit from it. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book

It was founded on a simple principle: the Law of Attraction. The premise of the Law of Attraction is that what you think about, you bring about. In other words, we can attract the things we want in our lives by committing our thoughts to them. This applies to the things you don’t want, as well as to the things you do want; quite simply, whatever you focus on will be returned to you.

So, the Law of Attraction stresses the importance of thinking about what you want, rather than focusing on things you fear or dread. For the Law of Attraction to work, you have to think positively. However, it’s difficult to stay positive all the time. When things go wrong in life, or they don’t quite turn out how we expect, it’s hard to remain optimistic. Most people saw me as a positive individual.

But when things got hard, I was far from it. Anger had always got the better of me. Sometimes, external events would create so much rage within me that I’d want to wreck everything in sight. As a result, I’d enter a downward spiral. I fluctuated constantly from highs to extreme lows. I was like two different people. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book

These inconsistencies were projected onto my life. I’d go through some really good periods and then experience really bad ones. During the bad times, it was impossible to see the bright side of things. I tended to give in and take out my frustrations on the world by smashing up furniture, speaking rudely to others and moaning about how terrible it was to live in the world.

During my last year of university, I experienced a massive setback in a group project that counted for a significant percentage of my final grade, when my group became divided over how much of a contribution people were making. I tried to be optimistic about it and expected it to work out in the end. But it didn’t – it got really messy.

It suddenly seemed clear that the Law of Attraction didn’t always work. My group was completely divided, arguing constantly over our individual roles and how much effort each member was putting in, just months before graduation. Things got out of control and harsh words were exchanged; unfortunately, there was no way to fix the issue. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book

My friend Darryl and I felt that we were treated very unfairly, but there wasn’t much we could do about it, other than work ten times harder, with looming deadlines that seemed impossible to meet, especially on top of the rest of our workload. We were convinced we’d fail our assignments and exams, and therefore be unable to graduate. It felt like we’d wasted our entire time at university.

I had gone to university because I felt like I had to. It was what you were supposed to do if you wanted a good job and a comfortable life – which I hadn’t experienced during my childhood. But deep down I didn’t really want to be there. I didn’t enjoy it. I always knew I wouldn’t end up in a traditional job. I was doing this for my mum more than anything.

I’d watched her struggle my whole life and wanted to show her it hadn’t been in vain. Do you think it’s selfish to put yourself first? Depending on the context, it can be selfish to think of yourself and not others. For example, if a pie is cut into eight equal pieces and there are eight hungry people in the room, it would be selfish of you to take two pieces. However, it’s often important to put yourself first. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book

You have a lot of energy to give, but you must save some of that energy for yourself. You came into this world alone and you’ll leave on your own. Your longest relationship in life is with yourself. Only when you manage this relationship well can you manage your relationships with others.

Sadly, we must accept that even though someone means well, they may repeatedly inflict pain on our souls without considering the effect that their actions and words are having on us. Ideally, we want to be in a place where our mood doesn’t shift because of someone else’s behaviour, but only the most spiritually evolved among us are able to do this – to demonstrate unconditional.

Ongoing love in spite of others’ actions towards them. Most of us still have a long way to go before we ascend into states of consciousness high enough to allow us to love all people without condition or expectation. If we’re not spiritually evolved individuals, then constant interaction with toxic people can suck the energy out of us, which in time will make us feel drained. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book Download

Nearly every single person in the world, no matter how kind or amazing they’re perceived to be by the majority, will have at least one person who dislikes them. Only if you stayed alone in your house all day and no one saw you, spoke to you or knew of your existence, would no one would show hatred towards you. You acquire haters by being a somebody.

I receive negative remarks from people every now and then, even if I’ve done a good deed. This is partly because this kind of abuse is so common online in general, particularly since people don’t have to reveal their identity. Online they’re free to leave bitter remarks – things that they wouldn’t dream of saying in real life – without having to take any responsibility for their words.

I remember the first time I was mocked. It was when I was five years old. I was in school and our class had to describe our parents. Everyone in my class described both their mum and dad. He was very rude to the other kids about their clothes. I started getting a little anxious as he was coming round to me. My clothes were far from expensive. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book Free

I didn’t want him to mock me in front of the others and call me poor. This would’ve made me feel embarrassed, particularly as I was already insecure about my home life. Fortunately for me, there was a distraction and I got away without being called out. However, the fear of being judged for my apparent lack of wealth never left me. It just got worse as I got older.

On special days at school when we got to wear what we wanted, kids who didn’t wear branded clothes were often picked on. I’m not sure how my mum did it, with three of us kids and a minimumwage job, but she ensured we weren’t ever in this position. Nevertheless, if I was wearing Nike-branded shoes, they’d be the cheapest ones you could buy.

I’d keep looking at the kids who were wearing the expensive ones, feeling poor and insignificant. I wanted what they had and these moments reminded me of everything I lacked. Children can acquire the habit of comparing themselves to others from their parents. Parents want the best for their child, so they might celebrate other kids as a way to motivate their own child to do better. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book Free

For example, they might say, ‘Saira got straight As in her exams. She’s so bright and has an amazing future ahead of her.’ As harmless as the intention might be, this has the potential to undermine a child’s abilities, especially if they’re not being praised for their achievements, too. If direct comparisons are drawn, then a child can feel degraded and worthless.

Lines such as, ‘You should be as smart as Saira,’ are extremely damaging and can leave a child forever feeling that they’re not good enough. Brand marketing encourages us to draw comparisons all the time. You’re not trendy if it’s not Apple, you’re not successful if it’s not Lamborghini and you’re not fashionable if it’s not something an A-list celebrity wore.

These implications are made through cunning marketing strategies devised to prey on fear and low self-esteem. Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, with applications over disciplines including physics, biology, economics and philosophy. It suggests that even a tiny difference in initial parameters can lead to complex and unpredictable results. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book Free

This is often known as the butterfly effect: the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon could cause tiny atmospheric changes that, over a certain time period, could affect weather patterns as far away as New York. For example, imagine we repeatedly fired a cannon ball from a particular position and angle, with the exact same conditions each time.

Using mathematics and physics, we could calculate where the ball will land each time. It’s predictable. However, if you change anything in the slightest way – such as the position, angle or air resistance – the ball will land in a different place. Similarly, if we change just one thought to a more positive one, and we really believe in it, we change our whole perception of the world.

This new perception has the power to change outcomes. When I started looking at people who’d accomplished some of the greatest achievements on our planet, the theme seemed to be the same. I also studied some of the most admired spiritual leaders. I found many who stated that our beliefs create the life we experience. Good Vibes, Good Life PDF Book Free

I realized that what I’d been taught wasn’t necessarily false; it was true for the person who’d told me it and for others around me. When I looked at the lives of those people, there was a common theme: struggle. They had no reason to believe otherwise. Life hadn’t treated them well, so all they’d known was hardship.

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