Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English : Second Edition


In the past 20 years or so, there have been many changes that have shaped how students learn human anatomy in medical and dental schools and in allied health programs, with curricula becoming either more integrated or more systems based.

Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English : Second Edition

Name of Book Gray’s Anatomy
Author Henry Gray
Published 2009
Language English
Pages 1140
PDF Size 47 MB
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About Book – Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English

In addition, instructional methods focus on the use of small group activities with the goals of increasing the amount of self-directed learning, and acquiring the skills for the life-long acquisition of knowledge. An explosion of information in every discipline has also been a force in driving curricular change as it increases the amount to be learned without necessarily increasing the time available.

With these changes, we felt it was time for a new text to be written that would allow students to learn anatomy within the context of many different curricular designs, and within ever-increasing time constraints. The first edition of Gray ’s Anatomy for Students accomplished many of the goals we had established for this textbook, including our primary goal of helping students learn anatomy.

Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English

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However, we realized from the many suggestions, comments, and kind advice we received from colleagues and students around the world that there were modifications and changes that would improve this textbook. So keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the first edition, we began work on the second edition by evaluating all of the input from our readers, assessing changes occurring in the educational environment, and doing our best to predict the future direction of anatomy education.

The result is the second edition of Gray ’ s Anatomy for Students , which builds on the past and looks toward the future. One of the most significant changes in the second edition of our textbook occurs in Chapter 1. This chapter has been retitled “ The Body ” and not only includes the material from Chapter 1 of the first edition, such as “ What is anatomy? ” and “ Imaging ” but also has a new section, entitled “ Body systems. ” This new section provides students with an overview of the skeletal system, skin and fascias, the muscular system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system (material moved from Chapter 4 of the previous edition), and the nervous system (material moved from Chapter 2 of the first edition).

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The information is concise in its presentation, and its clinical significance is emphasized by the addition of numerous examples of common clinical problems. Another significant change in this edition involves the presentation of clinical material. While “ In the Clinic ” boxes are still presented throughout the textbook, usually at the end of a section of material so as not to destroy the readability of the textbook, we have also highlighted clinically relevant information throughout the textual material.

This technique, while maintaining the book’s readability, provides the student with a rapid locator of clinical “pearls of wisdom.” Thus, throughout the textbook, boxes in pastel green and text highlighted in gray signal clinical information — pay particular attention. Finally, the index has been completely restructured and provides the reader with a more convenient and useful tool for finding information.

We have also added a concise table of contents at the beginning of each chapter to further assist the reader in the location of specific topics. Additionally, a large number of the clinical images and pictures used in the first edition have been upgraded. Many of them have been replaced with higher quality examples and imaging from newly emerging technologies.

Smaller changes in this second edition include modifying some of the artwork, adding some new artwork, and moving the 10 short questions at the end of each chapter to Student Consult online. We feel that with these changes the second edition of Gray’s Anatomy for Students is a much improved version of the first edition, and we hope that the book will continue to be a valuable learning resource for students.

We began in the fall of 2001 by considering the various approaches and formats that we might adopt, eventually deciding upon a regional approach to anatomy with each chapter having four sections. From the beginning, we wanted the book to be designed with multiple entry points, to be targeted at introductory level students in a broad spectrum of fields, and to be a student-oriented companion text for Gray ’ s Anatomy , which is aimed at a more professional audience.

We wrote the text first and subsequently constructed all the artwork and illustrations to complement and augment the words. Preliminary drafts of chapters, when complete, were distributed to an international editorial board of anatomists, educators, and anatomy students for review. Their comments were then considered carefully in the preparation of the final book.

The text is not meant to be exhaustive in coverage, but to present enough anatomy to provide students with a structural and functional context in which to add further detail as they progress through their careers. Gray’s Anatomy was used as the major reference, both for the text and for the illustrations, during the preparation of this book, and it is the recommended source for acquiring additional detail.

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