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So what has happened? Are we just eating more? Are we moving less? Based on the activity level and the diet of my friend Britch, I would say eating more and moving less may play a partial role, but to be honest, she barely moved and ate a ton. And Britch was not obese; she was thin. So what else may be going on here? Well, I believe, it’s the growing epidemic of slowing metabolisms.

How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book by Kate Deering

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I believe we are not only being born with slower metabolisms (genetics, cellular mutations, and the effect of our parent’s diets), but also that metabolisms are slowing as a result of how people live their lives, including the foods we ingest or don’t ingest, chemicals, hormones and drugs, the environment, stress level, lack of sleep, exercise level, water consumption, happiness, and purpose.

The way we live our lives today is very different from how we lived 50 years ago. personal experimentation. Within one year I went from feeling tired, puffy, bloated, and aged to feeling more energized, leaner, more youthful, and happier. After spending significant time reading and researching, and through personal experimentation.

Click here to Download How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book

I healed my body and my metabolism—with the right sugars, fats, proteins, rest, and reduced exercise. Along the way, my entire belief system about what constituted “true health” shifted. I no longer defined good health as how many hours I could work out, run or bike; how much willpower I could have; or how low I could get my body fat.

I now define good health by a lack of injuries and sickness, great sleep, good digestion, healthy skin, a sharp mind, strong bones and lean muscles, overall happiness and purpose in life—all of which, I believe, can be supported by a well-working metabolism. Do you have cold hands, feet, and nose? Cold hands, feet, and nose are a sign of increased adrenaline and decreased thyroid.

The thyroid hormones and the adrenal hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, are antagonist to each other. When your thyroid is running well, your adrenaline and cortisol will be kept at bay. When your thyroid is sluggish or at times of stress, adrenaline and cortisol will increase for immediate heat and energy. Adrenaline mobilizes stored glycogen (stored glucose) and free fatty acids to increase your body’s energy needs.

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Cortisol will stimulate the breakdown of your body’s own tissue (thymus, connective tissue, muscle) through gluconeogenesis to provide glucose to your cells. (Gluconeogenesis is a metabolic process that generates glucose from non-carbohydrate sources including amino acids [your muscle and ingested protein], glycerol [from triglycerides], pyruvate [a ketone], lactate [glycolysis waste], and certain fatty acids.

When thyroid hormones are low, cholesterol conversion becomes inhibited, resulting in high cholesterol and lower production of sex hormones. Reduced sex hormones in men and women can lead to lower libido, decreased vitality, dry skin and hair, muscle loss, etc. Women can also experience PMS, ovarian cysts, irregular cycles and heavy bleeding.

In addition, women need the sex hormones, specifically progesterone (pro-gestation), to get pregnant (pro-create). If these hormones are depleted, infertility will occur. It’s important to note again that when you are stressed, thyroid activity decreases. Due to high stress, the thyroid you are making will be used to convert cholesterol into cortisol. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book

An over-production of your stress hormone cortisol will occur at the expense of your sex hormones testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Simply put, you shouldn’t be scared of saturated fat. Personally, I eat anywhere from 20–30 percent of my calories from fat, most of that being saturated fat. For example, for breakfast I eat two eggs cooked in coconut oil.

Cooked fruit with butter and cinnamon, orange juice, and coffee with cream and sugar. Now, I know this may be a little shocking to many of you, since it’s against popular opinion at the moment. However, nutrition science is evolving as we learn more. And think about this: In the last 60 years we have ingested far less saturated fat and tons more polyunsaturated fat.

Also known as the “heart healthy fats” (vegetable, seed, and nut oils), and have only gotten fatter, have increased the incidences of diabetes and heart disease, and are just plain less healthy. What are these harmful fats? The polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as PUFAs. These are the same fats promoted by the nutrition and medical industry as “hearthealthy” fats. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book

What? Am I telling you polyunsaturated fats, the very fats your doctor and registered dietician have been telling you to eat are actually harmful to you? Yes! That is exactly what I am telling you. The very fats you have been encouraged to eat for the last 50 years are the very fats that are slowing your metabolism, increasing aging, supporting illness and disease, and helping you gain weight!

Americans, and most people around the world, are consuming PUFAs every day—in dangerously large amounts! And most of you may be consuming them thinking you are doing something helpful for yourself when in fact you are doing anything but that. Are you consuming chia seeds, nuts, seeds, flax oil, fish oil, etc.?

If so, then you may want to keep reading to find out why these very toxic fats are doing you far more harm than good. If we go back to the last chapter, you will recall that the carbohydrate portion of grain is 100-percent glucose. Glucose has a glycemic index of 100, which means it travels into the blood system faster than any other sugar. White and wheat bread have a glycemic load around 70. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book

Remember that sugar is 58. Even though bread has fiber and protein to slow the bread’s absorbency, the bread absorbs into the blood faster than pure sugar due to the increased amount of glucose. The more glucose a food contains, the faster blood sugar will rise. Remember: A quick rise in blood sugar will be followed by a quick spike in insulin.

Insulin shuttles the sugar into your cells for energy or into fat cells for storage. Thus, a high level of grains (glucose) in the diet can encourage fat storage and a larger waistline. In the book Fiber Menace, Konstantin Monastyrsky explains how external factors (poor diet, stress, chemicals, processed foods) compromise bowel movements and irritate the gut lining.

When the gut is damaged the normal bacteria inside the colon are the first to suffer. Because bacteria make up the most of the bulk of normal stools (75 percent of stool is water), once they’re gone, stools harden because the bacteria are no longer there to retain water, soften the stools, and provide stool bulk. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Download

After the bacteria are gone, and we become constipated, we are told to start eating more fiber to replace their function. For a while, the increased fiber will appear to be working. Insoluble fiber makes stools voluminous and not as hard. However, if the gut is not healed and you are just adding more fiber, you are not restoring the gut’s natural bacteria.

Regularity is not happening by restoring the body’s natural bacteria and bulk, but by replacing it with an outside bulking agent: fiber. For a while, the problems are hidden because you don’t feel them—yet. Kim, a 40-year-old financial advisor, complained of fatigue, sleep problems, knee and ankle injuries, sugar cravings, body aches and pains, and weight gain.

For the past two years Kim has been following a low-carb/high-protein diet consisting primarily of meats and vegetables. Kim was also following a five- to six-day/week intense workout program. Kim was lean and fit, yet Kim’s energy, sleep, and mood were all being affected. Kim began to learn that her current diet and workout regime were very stressful on her body. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Download

Throw in a demanding job and busy life, and her body was unable to deal with all the combined stressors. Physiologically, the body treats all stress the same way, so whether it comes from a carbohydrate-deprived diet, a hard workout, or a demanding job, the body reacts chemically the same way.

If the combined load becomes too much, energy level, hormones, the immune system, sleep, and muscle recovery will all be negatively affected. Ninety-nine percent of calcium is stored in the skeletal system (the bones are referred to as Calcium banks). The other 1 percent is located in the soft tissue and blood. Every day there is a transfer of calcium among the bones, cells, and blood.

Thus, since we do not make our own calcium within the body, a constant intake of dietary calcium is needed. Without proper intake, the body will pull calcium from our calcium banks (bones) and use it for cellular function. This is one big reason why we need to be ingesting an adequate level of calcium every day. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Download

Calcium is needed for bone and teeth structure, blood clotting, nerve and cell function, muscular contraction, regulating the heartbeat, and lowering blood pressure by down-regulating parathyroid hormone (PTH). Bone broth, along with dairy, are your best sources of calcium. When someone becomes “lactose intolerant,” more than likely the person’s body is no longer producing the enzyme lactase.

The question is: Why is this happening? Is it due to the person’s heritage and genetics? Possibly. Or, it could be due to their lifestyle choices. An inflamed and damaged small intestine can occur with over-consumption of alcohol, drugs, polyunsaturated fats, grains, processed foods, additives, etc. Once the small intestine becomes damaged, lactase production is inhibited, and thus lactose becomes hard to digest.

The result is that milk consumption leads to an inflamed gut that produces gas, bloating, intestinal pain, and an inability to digest lactose affectively. Remember oxalates from the grains and vegetable chapters? Well, here we are again. Do you see the many similarities in the seeds and nuts? Oxalates are the naturaloccurring chemical found in leafy green plants, nuts, grains, and legumes. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Free

According to a study in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, nuts carry one of the highest levels of oxalates, ranging from 42 to 469mg/100g. According to the study, roasted almonds were the biggest offenders, followed by cashews, hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, and pistachio nuts; raw macadamia nuts contained the least amount of oxalates.

In the United States, the FDA recommends Americans should consume 25g of soy a day as part of a healthy diet. According to a 2003 report by UN Food and Agriculture, the Chinese eat an average of 3–4g of fermented soy daily, and the Japanese eat 7–8g/day. However, based on the soy products sold in America, the average American would be getting their soy from processed soymilk, soy meals, and soy bars.

Most of these “so-called” food products are genetically modified, highly processed, unfermented, and filled with other additives, preservatives, and fillers—a far cry from the fermented soy of the Asian cultures. I try to avoid all soy, even the fermented soy foods. I feel there are far better options for a good protein source. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Free

As you now know, my preferences are organic dairy, eggs, bone broth, liver, wild white fish, shellfish, and gelatin. When it comes to choosing your foods, do not pick a food by what the label reads. Pick a food because it is fresh, is unprocessed, is supportive to your metabolism, and more than likely does not come with a label. Remember: There is no joy in soy.

You may love your soymilk or your soy burger, but do not be fooled into thinking these are health products; they are money-making, degraded food products that may be negatively affecting your health. It is up to you to understand everything you are putting in your body. Do not count on food manufacturers, the USDA, the FDA, or even your doctor.

Personal awareness and self-responsibility are keys to healing your body and becoming the lean, happy, warm, energized being you were meant to be. We already know that protein, by itself, will elicit an insulin response. Protein is best consumed with a carbohydrate (sugar) to maintain blood sugar levels. How to Heal Your Metabolism PDF Book Free

Thus, stevia combined with protein only will lead to an increased insulin secretion, followed by a blood sugar drop, followed by an increase in glucagon, cortisol, and adrenaline (stress reaction). To optimize health and muscle growth, consume regular sugar (sucrose or dextrose) with your protein shake.

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