How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book by Sophie Sullivan


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The other dogs had their buddy’s back, pulling Grace along without consent until they surrounded the man. She thanked every deity she could conjure in those seconds as the dogs frolicked around him that none of them had a vicious bone in their furry bodies. They weren’t after him. Nope, they just thought his paddle was an oversize toy they deserved to play with.

How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book by Sophie Sullivan

Name of Book How to Love Your Neighbor
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Good lord, do not follow through on thoughts about his paddle. Her feet slipped in the sand, the dogs pulling her farther off balance as Poppers and Pepper, the miniature poodles, joined Brutus’s enthusiastic barking and jumping. Pepper connected with the paddle. Grace winced even as she reached to stop the pup from playing with it like a stick. Which was her downfall, really.

Tequila and Lime cushioned Grace’s fall. Somewhat. Really, Lime assisted her tumble by collapsing at her feet and knocking her the rest of the way down onto the sand. Her groan morphed into a nearly giddy, completely embarrassing laugh, which gave gorgeous surfer guy the green light to laugh his sexy face off as he stretched a hand out to Grace.

Click here to Download How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book

Tequila wanted in on the action, jumping to lick right up one side of the guy’s cheek. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, her head swimming with that unreal sensation of something that couldn’t be happening but was. Her heart galloped in her chest like a runaway racehorse. Hugo arrived with his on-again-off-again boyfriend.

When Grace saw him hauling the mattress out of Morty’s old truck bed by himself, his tank top showing off his biceps, she was grateful they were currently on. She hated calling in favors but her other choice was hauling a few things at a time and that wouldn’t work for her bed or bigger items. Besides, she considered always being willing to switch shifts for him a good trade.

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Her things got deposited fairly quickly, and though the guys offered to stick around, help her set up the bed, she told them she was fine. The truth was, she wanted to be alone. When she said goodbye, thanking them all profusely, promising a pizza-and-beer get-together very soon, she shut the door and leaned against it. It rounded at the top, which she absolutely adored.

Turning, she ran her fingers along the scarred wood planks. She’d need to redo it. Excitement swelled through her whole body. Turning in a circle, she walked through each of the rooms, taking them all in. Once Grace taught him to stain, he might even do his own. The thought of Grace filled him with mixed feelings. While she dug her heels in on the house, would it be such a bad idea to cozy up to her?

Learn a little? Design was her forte after all. She might suck at it. He had a feeling, though, that Grace Travis did well at anything she put her mind to. He had to admit, only to himself, that he’d been more than a little shocked at the ease with which she’d wielded a hammer, paintbrush, sander. It wasn’t a sexist thing—it was just that he hired people to do these things. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book

He enjoyed seeing the before and after but watching her during made him want to experience it for himself. She had a dozen jobs he could see just from the outside that needing doing on her house. It hadn’t occurred to him that in addition to everything he already knew about her, which wasn’t that much, she was a regular handywoman as well.

Just a little more. She still couldn’t believe the chemistry between Rosie and Josh. Had there been kindling close by, a fire would have ignited. You don’t want that. She wasn’t looking for an I-want-to-tear-your-clothes-off relationship. Though, maybe if she let herself have one, she wouldn’t feel like she was going to poke Noah with a rake. You could tear his clothes off. Argh. No. No thank you.

There was sexual tension, then there was supreme irritation brought on by my Neighbor Know-It-All. “Seriously, Grace. Don’t lean so far over.” She looked down, tossed the tool she was using to clean the gutters. The thump on the grass made Noah jump, shaking the ladder. “If I fall, it’ll be because you can’t even hold a ladder.” How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book

She started climbing down, not realizing he’d stayed in his spot until she felt his presence at her back. That was her thought. Shifting the topic to her graduation, she pushed Noah and her house to the back of her mind. On her way out the door, Morty reminded her about the mail. In the car, as she was giving it a minute to warm up, she looked through the pile. Bill. Bill. Junk. Bill.

Letter from her mom. Grace closed her eyes, leaning her head against the seat. Tammy never followed through on her word. Why had she thought she would? She didn’t promise not to write. She said she wouldn’t ask for more money. She was tired of running from her mother. The woman hadn’t wanted her around the whole time they lived together, but now that she was gone, Tammy needed someone to whine to, someone to blame.

It made her wonder if she even knew what she was hanging on to with her grandparents’ house. Maybe the happiness she’d envisioned never existed. Whatever had, included her mom, the very person she wanted to ignore. Tammy told her sob stories about how she hadn’t been listened to or understood. To the point she’d lit out at sixteen and never looked back. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book

Grace left her mother at eighteen, but history was definitely repeating itself. Right down to location. Was she doing the right thing? Did she really want to bring the past into the present? Noah might have a reason for offering too much for her place, but sometimes good things happened to good people at the right time.

Padding through the house in her fuzzy sloth slippers, knowing the space well enough that she didn’t need anything other than the natural light of the moon shining through the windows, she stopped at the threshold between the living and kitchen areas. Her heart hiccupped sharply, then lodged in her throat. Someone’s on the deck. Panic spread, lightning-fast, through her body. Breathe. Breathe.

Her phone was in her room. Okay. Don’t be the idiot in the horror movie who gets slashed. Think. She tiptoed into the kitchen with her body hunched over. Leaning against the fridge, she glanced around, looking for a weapon. A knife was obvious, but she’d seen enough movies, read enough books, to know it could be turned against her easily. Nope. She needed something else. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book Download

Opening her utensil drawer as quietly as possible, keeping her gaze on the window, she felt around, frowned. Turkey baster. Baking spatula. Bamboo sticks . . . hmm . . . no. Ladle. What the hell? Why don’t you have more dangerous kitchen equipment? She moved a few things around, glanced at the drawer then back at the window. What if he looked through?

The window over the sink would reveal her location in two seconds flat. Her hands closed around a meat mallet. Whatever she’d thought he might say, it wasn’t that. He really did want to know her. She thought about it for a few minutes, then turned her head in his direction. “When I was younger, I used to take any old magazines

I could find or flyers and I’d cut out furniture, lamps, anything that went in a house really, and I’d glue them or tape them all on a piece of paper. Sometimes, if we didn’t have glue or tape, I’d just arrange each of the items on the floor.” He sent her a quick glance before looking back at the road, just long enough for her to see the affection in his eyes. “That’s really sweet. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book Download

I can actually picture you doing that because you leave little sketches everywhere. I found two on the back of napkins in my house yesterday.” Grace laughed. “I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Your turn. Something no one else knows.” She watched him, saw his jaw loosen, his fingers on the wheel tighten. “I’ve been helping Rob out with some community kids.

We get together once a week to play basketball. There’s a tournament coming up to fundraise for a new building and I’m trying to get some big donations together.” Her mouth fell open. “Why is that a secret?” Then she clapped her hands together. “This makes so much sense! Rosie thought she saw you leaving the basketball court when she went to pick up her nephew.

He’s really struggling with his parents’ divorce. Lashing out and throwing attitude around. Noah, that’s really awesome.” He got into his truck, headed to the highway, replaying the meetings in his mind. When they used the line “We’ve decided to go in another direction,” it translated to “We found someone to give us a better interest rate, cut a better deal.” How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book Free

The question was, who was cutting the deals, because what Noah offered was pretty great. He was trying to establish himself here in a multitude of ways, but he had a strong reputation and, truthfully, thought it would be easier. In New York, he’d had his hands in corporate and personal real estate. He flipped properties, invested capital, acted as a liaison for purchases.

Since coming to LA, his focus had shifted, downsized in a sense. He’d lost three out of four of the investment property bids he’d made. He wasn’t even sure if he was pissed about the opportunities so much as that he kept losing. That had happened the day Noah left for New York. A crew had arrived and worked with a speedy efficiency good money could buy. Josh, Rosie, and Shane showed up at the same time.

She’d told Noah this was what people, friends, did—they asked for help—but she’d been reluctant to take her own advice. She’d felt little wiggles of guilt but reminded herself she’d do the same for them. Plus, they were as excited as she was—thank goodness she hung out with fellow design lovers. Grace took a few minutes to outline her vision, and then they got to work. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book Free

While Grace and Rosie put furniture together, Josh took care of getting expedited deliveries on a huge television, a mass of books, the long list of games Grace had written down, including a PlayStation, an Xbox, and a Nintendo Switch. After Tammy left yesterday, she’d showered off the visit, gone to the bank, and taken a loan against her home.

With a check in hand, she’d drafted up the papers for her mother to sign and had them checked by the same lawyer who helped her with Noah’s contract. Now she just needed her mother to show the hell up so she could send her packing. Her stomach rolled like a ship in a stormy sea. When her phone buzzed again, she checked it, frowning. Noah.

She missed him, wanted her arms around him, but not yet. Soon. “Where the hell are you?” She went to the window to stare outside. Tammy wasn’t known for punctuality, but with money on the line, Grace would have bet on her being on time. Her brain spun with possibilities: She was in an accident, she had a change of heart, she found a guy and forgot time completely. How to Love Your Neighbor PDF Book Free

When she saw Noah crossing his yard, heading for her place, her stomach cramped. Her body tensed. She needed to do this alone. It would be so easy to fall into his arms, curl into him, but she needed to draw on her own strength to prove to herself she could. “He didn’t take you to New York to face his father.” He had his own demons. She could deal with hers.

She did her part, speaking the words she’d rehearsed more times than she could count. She kept her gaze on the screen to lessen the nerves of having to stare out at the audience. Of having to deal with the fact that he’d promised. You can’t hold this against him. You told him to stay away. Rosie cleared her throat, pulling Grace back into the moment. It wasn’t until the clapping started that she took a full breath, forced a smile for her teacher, her classmates, their special someones, Josh . . . and Noah.

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