How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Book By Dale Carnegie


Today’s world is becoming so-called modern, but of depression and anxiety Cases are also increasing at the same pace. Everyone has big ambitions. Everyone is running. No one has time for anyone. As a result, many people become depressed. This book is written by the author based on his personal experiences. There was a time when writers were also very worried.

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Book By Dale Carnegie

Name of Book How To Stop Worrying And Start Living
Author Dale Carnegie
Language English
Published 1948
PDF Size 2 MB
Pages 249
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About – How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download By Dale Carnegie

And this had a bad effect on his health. So he wrote this book to alleviate anxiety which has become very famous all over the world today. Let us read the summary of this book. Guys, if you are worried about something, first find out if you are worried What is the reason? The author says that not being able to find a reason increases confusion. And confusion increases anxiety a lot. If you are not clear why you are worried, your mind will get confused. He will think that maybe a lot has gone wrong.

Which will keep your anxiety constantly growing. The author has outlined three steps to find the cause of your concern. Write on a piece of paper what you are worried about. Worried about the job? Worried about exams? Or worry about taking home? Write down whatever the reason is on paper. This will make it clear to the mind what the problem is. He will be able to see that Anxiety about one thing or three. He will not feel that he has millions of worries.

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Then he will automatically start finding their solution. In the next step write what can I do to overcome this anxiety? Like I can apply for a job, I can study for exams, I can take a home loan Can Etc. Write down all the possible solutions. Then decide which work you have to do. And start that work. Like you can search on the website for the job. That will be the first step. This will also make your mind busy. And there will be no need to worry. Thoughts of anxiety start circulating in the empty mind. Live in Present Here’s another way to deal with anxiety – Live in Present Friends, when we are alone, we start thinking about the mistakes made in the past. We also start blaming ourselves for them.

This makes us sad and anxious. This is how we start thinking wrong about the future. What if I can’t find a job? What will happen if you do not pass the exam? What will happen if the boss scolds? The author says that we should not worry about the past or the future. Because the past has passed. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download And who has seen the future? Can one cry after ten years by remembering one’s dead mother. No Because that incident has happened. What a benefit to remembering him now. So don’t be sad by remembering old quarrels. The author says that we should close the doors of past and future.

And one should live happily in the house of the present. What worst can happen? In this trick, the author explains that think – what could be worse than me? Think of the worst thing. Then think of a way to deal with it. This will take away your anxiety. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download Suppose you are upset with the boss. And worry every day that the job will not go somewhere. In that case, you have to think, OK, if my job is gone. So what will happen Will you starve? No no Then think of all the options. Such as – Can work on dhaba. People do. Can make tea. Can sell vegetables. Tuition can be read. These works are available to everyone.

Thinking about all this will make you laugh. Because depending on your qualification, you will be able to do these small things So you will get a good job somewhere. But the motive here is to tell yourself that you have to survive even in the worst of circumstances There are many ways to do this. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download So don’t worry unnecessarily. So that’s the trick. Think of the worst situation. And then think of ways to survive in that situation. After thinking about it, you will see that your mind has calmed down. And he will stop worrying about that.

Friends, anxiety is like a leopard. Sometimes everyone gets worried. But some people get in the habit of worrying While sleeping, waking up, sitting up, they just keep worrying. From this one day they go into great depression. Some people get OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download They start doing the same thing over and over again. That is why the author has said that before anxiety overwhelms you, you should break this habit. This chapter explains the following ways to overcome the habit of worrying.

Occupational therapy Always keep yourself occupied. Keep doing some work. But work does not mean boring or tiring work. Focus on a hobby. Exercise. Dance. This will distract your mind. And instead of worrying, he will start focusing on that work. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living PDF Download Little things Never worry about small things. Like some mothers are always worried. The son has just gone to the market. I don’t know if it will have reached safely or not. Why not come back right now.

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Such concerns are unfounded. These should be distracted. You can use any of the methods given in this book for this. Don’t fight inevitable Sometimes some things happen. They are not controlled by human beings. Then what will happen by worrying about them? If you worry, won’t that happen? If there is any disease, it will happen. Job will have to go. If an earthquake has to come, it will come. What can we do about it? These things should be left to their own devices. Because even if you worry, that thing will continue to happen. Will not stop. Then why make yourself sick already by worrying.

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