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“Sony, you’re an idiot,” Neo says, grabbing his pen and slamming it onto the notebook page in his lap, scribbling 4:05 pm: Sony is an idiot. Neo is our scribe- the one who records our great deeds. Granted, he didn’t exactly agree to the title. He didn’t even agree to come along on this mission. But when your spine is hook-shaped, you can’t escape the shackles of friendship.

I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book by Lancali

Name of Book I Fell in Love with Hope
PDF Size 1.1 MB
No of Pages 426
Language English
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The wheelchair groans when I pull it just out of Sony’s reach. “It’s a wonder you need back surgery at all, baby.” Sony doesn’t have a title per se. She’s the giver of titles, our leader, doubling as the devil on my shoulder. With hair the color of fire, she wears nothing but toothy, shameless grins. “That stick up your ass could surely serve as a spine, no?”

“You talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t go up a flight of stairs,” Neo growls. I pull his wheelchair a little further back. “It’s a gift,” Sony sighs, her one lung filled with ambition. “Now watch me work, and don’t break my concentration.” Neo and I watch as Sony marches to the front counter, her dirty white sneakers squeaking against the tiles.

Click here to Download I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book

The devil doesn’t forget to sneak a lollipop into her back pocket on the way. Neo grumbles, “Klepto.” “Excuse me!” Sony puts her arm straight up over her head, waving her hand around in front of the cashier. He gives her a sidelong glance that becomes a double-take. Sony’s pretty. The kind of pretty that’s brutal, bright-eyed, and heavyhanded.

But I’m guessing his stares have more to do with the breathing tubes trailing the space under her nose and around her cheeks. The cigarette box she points to behind the counter just digs her grave. “Just this, please,” Sony says. “Miss, I–” the gas station attendant interrupts himself, looking at the cigarettes and then back at her. “Are you sure? I don’t think I could give these to you in good conscience.”

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“He’s staring at her chest in good conscience,” Neo bites like he’s about to chew on the fist holding his head up. “Oh, no, sir, they’re not for me- um,” Sony recoils, dipping her head. “My friends and I, we–” The devil is quick to tears. She presses a hand to her lips. “We don’t know how much time we have left. Neo, the boy there. He has to get surgery tomorrow.

Cancer.” She points over her shoulder to Neo and me, the attendant making eye contact with us. Neo and I instantly look away. Neo goes so far as to pretend he’s browsing for chewing gum by looking at the ingredients on the back. There isn’t a way to answer him. She’s marred with words in his accent, lit with a fire cousin to Sony’s, and molded with wit like Neo.

When you meet someone infatuating, someone you can stare at and listen to and talk to without taking notice of time, someone you think of constantly, there comes the question of blooming addiction. Nothing addictive is ever good for you. Not Hikari and especially not Hamlet. C drags a hand across my back, patting it. “Don’t overthink it. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book

You always overthink. That’s why you have no arms.” Coughing fills the room, an easy kind. C perks up. He’s quick to give Neo attention. “Hey,” he whispers, moving the hair out of Neo’s eyes. “How are you feeling?” Neo’s eyes flutter open, a darker color surrounding them. “As good as I probably look.” “Mm,” C hums, patting down the sheets around him, making sure his back brace doesn’t pinch his skin.

“Drink your juice.” “Urgh,” Neo sounds, as the straw is forcibly placed against his lips. “Now, please,” C says. “I should’ve asked for more sedatives.” “You’re finally up, huh?” Eric enters, tapping the monitor by the bed. He gently takes Neo’s arm to change his IV. “Haven’t I been roughed around by medical professionals enough?” Neo groans, to which Eric flicks the inside of his elbow.

“Ow.” Our nurse feigns innocence. “I’m just looking for a vein.” C sighs, his worry audible. “Neo,” he whispers, caressing the purpling blotch of skin just beside his collar. “Don’t say anything,” Neo says, hissing at the pain. “I know it’s not from the surgery.” “It sounds like you’re saying something.” C doesn’t have the chance to retaliate. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book

A loud pair of tip-toeing shoes trail past the scenery and kick the door open—dirty white sneakers. “Hello, heathens!” Sony spreads her arms wide open, a full tote bag on her arm that seems to have something inside jostling around. “Eric! I didn’t see you there.” Walking in behind the devil, my sun from last night emerges. Easy and warm with the morning. She and Sony seem to have gotten close in all of a day.

I guess flames tend to take to each other no matter where their light is from. Hikari laughs at Sony. She says hello to Neo in that soft voice, touching his brace, saying more, asking things. Neo doesn’t seem to mind. He’s there with her, despite the drugs, listening, responding, not drawing to the window he likes so much. She can read anything, I forgot. Even someone so hell-bent on hiding his pages.

“Oh. Flowers,” Sony says, her nose wrinkling in distaste. Beside me on the window sill, bouquets lay next to unread cards wishing recovery in messy cursive. I haven’t always understood irony, but I like this particular piece. For someone you wish to live, give them something that is dying. “What do you have against flowers?” Hikari asks, touching the wax paper and the petals. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book

I’ve been staring at her face for so long that I didn’t see the little clay pot in her hands. Two little clay pots. They can’t be larger than juice cups, plants surfacing an inch’s worth from the soil, still in infancy. She lays one down next to the bouquets, her offering, sans card, and alive. “I have nothing against flowers,” Sony says, taking a single stem and motioning with it.

“I have everything against flower corpses.” Adjusting the little pot under the light, Hikari caresses the barely there leaves, dusting them, positioning them, so they’re kissed by light between the blinds. “Did you sleep well, Sam?” she asks, leaning back on the heels of her palms, her leg crossed one over the other, chin propped on her shoulder.

It’s a mandatory question. A flower of conversation. She says it with satire. She’s teasing me. She’s acting. “Hello, Hee,” Hikari says, voice gone tender. The feline hops from Neo’s bed to her feet and plays with her shoelace. She (or Hee) looks up at me, a kindred thing. It looks like it wants to tell me something. It sits in the small crevice between my feet and rubs its head against my leg. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book Download

“C’mon, Hee.” Sony bends down and scoops her up. “Warm up Neo’s lap.” “My lap is fine.” The cat doesn’t protest as Neo does. Her adventure in the city and under Sony’s reign has tuckered her out. She curls into a ball against Neo’s stomach as C pets her head. Sony plops down on the bed too. A chill shivers through Neo, so she takes off her sweatshirt and puts it on his legs.

As she does, she glances at Neo’s neck, stilling at the bruise that peeks over his shoulder. She doesn’t say anything. She never does, but I see it lingering in her mind even as she removes the Hit List from the box under the bed and sighs away the tension. “The next part of our everything,” Sony breathes, pen gliding across the sixth page filled to the brim with our stolen treasures.

Her tongue sticks out between her teeth when she writes. “Hee. Taken–From– Death.” Her words are spoken both in speech and paper. “Baby’s– New–Best–Friend.” Over the course of that year, even if Neo was out half the week, the two fell into a routine. C grabbed their textbooks every day, and when C had to answer a question, Neo would give him hints beforehand and lead him in the right direction. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book Download

Even if he ended up being wrong sometimes, C didn’t care. He was just happy to understand. Neo got curious the closer he and C got. He asked where C’s name comes from. C said he was the youngest child, his mother’s last, and she wanted to name him after her heart. C asked where Neo’s name comes from.

Neo said his parents were religious, and they named things for reasons he didn’t care to understand. C asked Neo why he had so many books. Neo said books were an infinite source of escapism. C asked if Neo had any friends. Neo said he had two weirdos. Neo asked if C had any friends. C said sure. Neo asked if C had any real friends.

C was silent for a while, then he asked Neo if he could borrow a book. That’s when Neo began to fantasize. He couldn’t wait for class anymore without smiling to himself. He’d let his touch linger over C’s when he handed him a textbook. And it didn’t skate by him that C sometimes got flustered when he caught himself leaning too close, or Neo fixed his hair. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book Download

They got in trouble often. Their teacher would scold them for talking too much. According to Neo, the detentions were worth it. During, they played rock paper scissors from across the room. Neo was happy. The smile that touches his lips when he says that makes my chest cave. But Neo’s happiness ended there. The rowboat felt empty, he said. So he added another character to keep the other company.

The story itself was harmless enough. Just two boys lost in the endlessness of the sea. Neo left the story on his desk in English class by accident when packing his bag. When he got to school the next morning, he found a group of boys from the swim team waiting for C. They read through the papers, passing them back and forth, spitting cracky chuckles across the desks.

Neo stopped at the door. When they caught sight of him, he didn’t even bother running. He is kinetic. He is curious. He touches. When hair starts to grow on my arms, he runs his fingers over the prickles. He presses the joints in my shoulders, in my wrists and ankles, asking me if I’ve grown through the night. Collars, hems, and sleeves are his fidgets. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book Free

He grabs and toys the fabric, asking if he can feel me, the skin of my neck, or my stomach. Children explore physicality. It’s part of how they become self-aware. But Sam’s body is too medical. It’s a vessel, a thing that takes his mind place to place. There are screws missing, its parts improperly put together. Sam says his body isn’t his at all.

It belongs to his disease. It is a problem for his doctors to solve and an engine for his nurses to keep running. Sam’s relationship with his body is passive, but since we met, he says he’s learning to accept it. I ask him why. He smiles and says without it he could not feel me. In the mornings, Sam greets his broken things. He passes by all the rooms he can, waving to his sick people.

I tag along. In the afternoons, we play together in his room. In the evenings we eat sweet bread and pudding on the roof, no matter the weather. Those are our in between moments. The rest are for Sam’s vessel and its repairs. I spent so long watching Sam. Living with him is different. He talks and touches without inhibition. It’s harder for me. This body doesn’t feel like mine. I Fell in Love with Hope PDF Book Free

It is rebellious to exist too much with it. Touching him, interlacing our fingers, dragging my thumb across his palm, letting his pulse beat against my wrist; it feels like indulgence. Sam never thinks much of it. He accepts my touch and we walk down the hall to witness the stories the hospital has to tell. One day, in the midst of Sam’s many lessons on how to be a knight, he pauses outside a particular room. Inside, a woman lays, feet wrapped in bandages. Pain pulls the strings, knitting her brows and scrunching her nose.

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