I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book by Ravinder Singh


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Ours was such a different story. A 21 st century love story, whose foundation was modern-day gadgetry. Thanks to Graham Bell for inventing telephones that helped me talk to her, know her better and, finally, fall in love with her. Thanks to the Internet, the World Wide Web and sites like Shaadi.com that helped me find her.

I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book by Ravinder Singh

Name of Book I Too Had a Love Story
Author Ravinder Singh
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 175
Language English
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About Book – I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book Download by Ravinder Singh

I discovered myself to be a true software engineer in this hi-tech-love phase. And whether this kind of love was good or bad, was no longer a point to ponder—we were already in it. Coming back to the reason she was shouting at me. It was because I had broken a promise. No, not the boozing one. Something else. Her family knew about me since our first call, but the case wasn’t the same at my end.

My family did not know about her yet. In fact, they didn’t even know that their son’s profile was on some matrimonial site. Naturally, she was concerned about this situation. That too, after we had finally decided our destiny. Her queries about this matter were growing everyday. Gradually, she started feeling uncomfortable because of this very reason.

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Therefore, a week earlier, I had promised her that I would talk to my family on the coming weekend. But unfortunately, I could not, because of the weekend exam at IMS. (IMS. Another interesting similarity between us was this MBA preparation center. We both were preparing for MBA, and we had joined the same crash-course in the same institute in our respective cities!) ‘I could not travel to Burla last weekend because I had to appear for a test at IMS,’ I said, trying to calm her.

‘But you promised me Shona …!’My shouting lady turned into an emotional one. She killed me with that name. She loved to call me different names and the best among them all was Shona. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book Download And I loved the way she used to say it. With such care and warmth. ‘This weekend I will, for sure. I don’t have any task more important than this one,’ I told her.

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And my Shonimoni was happy again. Shonimoni. The name I gave her. Punjabi for cute and sweet; the feminine counterpart to Shona. The next weekend arrived and I was panicking. After all, I was going to talk to my parents about my marriage. This was definitely going to be a bolt from the blue, for them. I was smart enough to take my younger brother, Tinku, into confidence the night before we left for Burla. He already knew something was going on between me and some girl.

My late night calls had made that much clear. But he had never imagined that all this started at a matrimonial site. Being his elder brother, I did not give him any option except to be on my side when I talked to mom and dad. Since the moment we arrived at our home in Burla, I was doing strange things, moving here and there, trying to bring the subject up, trying to find just the right moment.

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But I was not at all sure what the perfect moment was. I was thinking too much. More than my brain could handle. Should I say it now? Or should I wait till the clock’s minute hand has covered fifteen more minutes? But even after it had covered a hundred and fifty minutes, I was still waiting. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book Download Every time I was about to spill it out, something would happen: the telephone rang, somebody knocked at the door and, if nothing else, the stupid pressure cooker’s whistle dragged my mom back into the kitchen.

The one moment when no such thing happened, I just could not open my mouth. I wondered if I should hide my face in the cushions, or say, ‘My story …? I don’t have any,’ before my brain angrily told me, ‘Come on, speak up, you fool!’ And, fortunately, gathering all my shy courage, I narrated my story so far. I even showed them her picture.

I was expecting a lot of ifs and buts from my parents, but to my surprise nothing of that sort happened. Even Tinku had asked me more questions than my parents asked! Mom was happy because, finally, her son was thinking about marriage. Dad was happy because the toughest part—searching for a girl of his son’s choice— was over. He was relieved, though he tried to sound quite diplomatic. I was happy because, finally, I was able to get this thing out of my heart and place it in front of everybody.

And Tinku, he was observing everybody’s reactions. He doesn’t get influenced easily, and that’s something I both like and dislike in him. A couple of questions from both mom and dad, which I answered with confidence, and that was it. I had never thought that this toughest of hurdles would be over so quickly. In a little while, the focus of our conversation changed from rain to our promises and priorities. The things we wanted to accept and the things we wanted to give up, for each other.

No boozing until she was comfortable with it, preparing myself for a vegetarian environment (at least at home) and a few others things were on my plate. And talking to me and my family in Punjabi was the most important task I put on her plate. (Her family spoke Hindi and she was brought up in that atmosphere. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book Whereas, my ears badly wanted to hear the language which I was brought up around.) None of our expectations were forced upon each other, though.

It was mutual understanding, an attempt to do the best we could for each other. After all, we were supposed to live together for the rest of our lives. At the same time, I understood a girl’s situation, the sacrifices she makes for the man of her dreams. She leaves behind everything she possessed so far in life, to embrace him and his family. I asked myself how I would have felt if I was to leave my family for her.

Could I even think of leaving my family? How do girls do it? And, more importantly, why do only they have to do it? I didn’t have any answers. In due course of time, Khushi taught me several such lessons. Gradually, she was changing me and my mindset. That evening, I did not withdraw any cash because the next moment, I noticed one of my neighbors standing in the queue, right ahead of me.

His face made it clear that he had caught me kissing my phone. It was the beginning of October—almost three months since we knew each other. I had talked to her entire family by then, and she had talked to mine. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book In fact, she had become a good friend of my mother. Mumma always wanted to have a daughter. Gradually, she started sharing her joys and sorrows with Khushi.

She used to talk about my childhood, my nature, my likes and dislikes, the things that made me angry. She also talked about her life in this family, a family in which men outnumbered women by a ratio of 3:1 and where, unfortunately, the majority dominated. There were things about my mother which I had never known earlier. But Khushi would tell me those things.

Like any other son, I also love my mother, but the problem is that we never know when we become part of this male dominant society. Khushi used to explain to me the nature of a woman and her expectations. I Too Had a Love Story PDF She used to tell me what I should do for her when I went back home, on weekends. She used to give me tips. At times, she also used to shout at me if I forgot them.

I had one more reason to be happy then, for Khushi understood the importance of relationships, she knew the importance of family and how to care for it. One more responsibility that I had given her was to neither call me up after 10 p.m., nor talk to me if at all I happened to call her up after that time. The reason was that the CAT exam was close and I wanted to devote three-four hours a day for preparation. Well, to be honest, I actually forced myself to say it.

I don’t know why I was a little apprehensive. But, good or bad, the truth was that marrying her was my independent decision, one that I had arrived at without any kind of pressure from my family or from her. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Book So, to silence those weird thoughts, I pulled out a newspaper from the small rack in front of my seat. But I could not concentrate on the newspaper either.

There was a different kind of excitement in me which was sending up a chill inside me, shaking me a bit at times. I don’t know what kind of fear it was. The nervousness and anxiety meant I was going to the loo every twenty minutes. I became a peeing machine. It happens to everyone … Or doesn’t it? And I was sure that the kid on the last seat was counting the number of times I passed by him. I pretended to ignore him when he started whispering in his mom’s ear.

Of course he was telling her about me. I noticed his hand pointing at me, which his mom pulled back, smiling. Her smile which tried to override my senses. That chilling hesitation in her, and in me. I Too Had a Love Story PDF Her long, untied hair that fell upon her eyes with a gust of wind. Her hand moving across her face, and moving her hair behind her left ear.

Her left ear, and the glittering silver earring she was wearing. Her beautiful face, which mesmerized me. And in that green, off-shoulder top and jeans, her body appeared so perfect, so young, so poised. She was charismatic. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her. Rather, I wanted to stare at her from top to bottom, very slowly—which I actually did.

I said hello to both of them, cracking some jokes to ease the sweet pressure which Khushi and I were feeling. Then we moved out of the exit channel towards the parking lot in search of the cab these guys had come to the airport in. Khushi was too shy to walk with me and she joined Neeru and Girish in looking for the cab. I followed at a distance, with my trolley. My condition was no different from her.

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