I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Book by Ramit Sethi


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From one perspective, credit cards are like a delightful gift from heaven. If you pay your bill on time, they’re actually a free short-term loan. They help you keep track of your spending much more easily than cash, and they let you download your transaction history for free. Most offer free warranty extensions on your purchases and free rental car insurance.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Book by Ramit Sethi

Name of Book I Will Teach You to Be Rich
Author Ramit Sethi
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 294
Language English
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 About Book – I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Book Download by Ramit Sethi

But unfortunately, there’s more to them than that. Credit cards are also convenient enemies. Almost everyone has a bad story about late fees, unauthorized charges, or overspending. Not surprisingly, many pundits (and parents) have a knee-jerk reaction to credit cards: “Using credit cards is the worst financial decision you can make,” they shout.

“Cut them all up!” What an easy battle cry for people who want simple solutions and don’t realize the benefits of multiple sources of credit. The truth about credit cards lies somewhere between these two extremes. As long as you manage them well, they’re worth having. But if you don’t completely pay off your bill at the end of the month, you’ll owe an enormous amount of interest on the remainder, usually about 14 percent.

Click here to Download I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF

This is what’s known as the annual percentage rate, or APR. Credit card companies also tack on a whopping fee every time you miss a payment—usually around $35. I Will Teach You to Be Rich Full PDF Book Download And don’t forget the fees for making a payment even just a day or two late. It’s also easy to overuse credit cards and find yourself in debt, as most American credit card users have done.

Most of us don’t think about these fees. We just charge away and then make our monthly payments, right? Unfortunately, although they’re not obvious, credit card charges are some of the largest unnecessary fees you’ll ever pay—much more than the costs of eating out once a week or buying that nice outfit you’ve been eyeing.

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I used to find it ridiculous when people said you could judge a person by their belt or shoes. Are you kidding me? Can I tell what kind of soup you like by the earrings you’re wearing? Get the hell out of here. I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Book Download Recently, however, I discovered I was wrong. It turns out there is one universal shortcut to discovering someone’s true character: if they eat chicken wings like an immigrant.

Because I don’t understand or care about sports, last Super Bowl Sunday I decided to go on a wing crawl. It’s like a pub crawl, but with wings. I quickly realized that the most interesting part of eating wings with friends is seeing how much meat they leave on the bone. Some people leave half the chicken and move on to the next wing.

These people are worthless, and I quickly distance myself from them. I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Book Then there are people who clean the bone so thoroughly, flawlessly ridding it of every last shred of meat and marrow, that you can conclude only two things: They will be stellar successes in all facets of life, and they must be from another country.

You see, immigrants (like my parents) never leave a shred of meat on a chicken wing—we can all learn something from them. Brian was smart to focus on changing the things that mattered. Instead of promising that he’d stop spending money on Cokes every time he ate out, he picked the big wins that would really make an impact on his total dollar amount.

You’ll see this a lot: People will get really inspired to budget and decide to stop spending on things like appetizers with dinner. Or they’ll buy generic cookies. I Will Teach You to Be Rich Full PDF Book That’s nice—and I definitely encourage you to do that—but those small changes will have very little effect on your total spending.

They serve more to make people feel good about themselves, which lasts only a few weeks once they realize they still don’t have any more money. In truth, being rich is within your control, not some expert’s. How rich you are depends on the amount you’re able to save and on your investment plan.

But acknowledging this fact takes guts, because it means admitting that there’s no one else to blame if you’re not rich—no advisers, no complicated investment strategy, no “market conditions.” I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF But it also means that you control exactly what happens to you and your money over the long term.

You know what the most fun part of this book is for me? No, it’s not the personal-finance groupies that I constantly wish I had. It’s the disbelieving e-mails I’m going to get after people read this chapter. Whenever I point out how people waste their money by investing in expensive mutual funds or by relying on a financial adviser who generates below-market returns, I get e-mails that say, “You’re full of it.” Or they say, “There’s no way that’s true—just look at my investment returns,” not really understanding how much they’ve made after factoring in taxes and fees.

But surely they must be making great returns because they wouldn’t continue investing if they weren’t making lots of money … right? I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF In this chapter, I’m going to show you how you can actually outperform the financial pundits by sidestepping their “expertise” (and fees) and taking the simplest approach to investing.

It’s not easy to learn that reliance on so-called “experts” is largely ineffective, but stick with me. I’ve got the data to back it up, and I’ll show you a simple way to invest on your own. What does rich mean to you? I brought this up in the introduction, but throughout this book we’ve spent a lot of time talking about money.

As I’ve said before, that’s great, but I believe being rich is about much more than that. For me, it’s about freedom—it’s about not having to think about money all the time and being able to travel and work on the things that interest me. I Will Teach You to Be Rich Full PDF It’s about being able to use money to do whatever I want—and not having to worry about my budget, asset allocation, or how I’ll ever be able to afford a house. But that’s just me. Being rich probably means something different to you.

In this chapter, I’m going to address some of the most common questions I’ve received about life and money. I hope my answers will help you live a richer life. When my sister called me to tell me that she’d gotten engaged, I was out with my friends. I ordered champagne for everyone.

When my other sister told me she was getting married a few months later, I told all my friends again. Then I found out they were each having both an East Coast wedding and a West Coast wedding—for a total of four Indian weddings in a few months! I ordered a round of cyanide and made mine a double. I Will Teach You to Be Rich PDF Most new employees come to the table talking about how much they want to make.

To be totally honest, as a hiring manager, I don’t really care what you want to make. I would like to sit in the back of a Bentley with two hot twins and be fed a Taco Bell Grill Stuft Burrito with extra jalapeños. So when you’re negotiating, remember this: When it comes to you, your manager cares about two things—how you’re going to make him look better, and how you’re going to help the company do well.

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