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I discovered that living the life we want requires not only doing the right things; it also requires we stop doing the wrong things that take us off track. We all know eating cake is worse for our waistlines than having a healthy salad. We agree that aimlessly scrolling our social media feeds is not as enriching as spending time with real friends in real life.

Indistractable PDF Book by Nir Eyal

Name of Book Indistractable
PDF Size 5.8 MB
No of Pages 265
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We understand that if we want to be more productive at work, we need to stop wasting time and actually do the work. We already know what to do. What we don’t know is how to stop getting distracted. In researching and writing this book over the past five years, and by following the science-backed methods you’ll soon learn.

I’m now more productive, physically and mentally stronger, better rested, and more fulfilled in my relationships than I’ve ever been. This book is about what I learned as I developed the most important skill for the twenty-first century. It’s about how I became indistractable, and how you can too.

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The incessant walking did not stop there. For the next two hours—from midnight until two in the morning—the professor treaded up and down her basement staircase as if possessed by some strange mind-controlling power. When she finally did come to a standstill, she realized she had climbed over two thousand stairs. That’s more than the 1,872 required to climb the Empire State Building.

As she walked up and down her stairs in the middle of the night, she felt unable to stop. Under the influence of the Striiv Smart Pedometer, Chance had turned into a fitness zombie. On the surface, Chance’s story is a textbook case study of how something as seemingly healthful as a pedometer can mutate into a harmful distraction.

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Once I’d learned about Chance’s strange obsession with her fitness tracker, I wanted to know more. But first, I needed to better understand what really drove her behavior. If you find yourself listening to the little voice in your head that sometimes bullies you around, it’s important to know how to respond. Instead of accepting what the voice says or arguing with it.

Remind yourself that obstacles are part of the process of growth. We don’t get better without practice, which can be difficult at times. A good rule of thumb is to talk to yourself the way you might talk to a friend. Since we know so much about ourselves, we tend to be our own worst critics, but if we talk to ourselves the way we’d help a friend, we can see the situation for what it really is.

Telling yourself things like “This is what it’s like to get better at something” and “You’re on your way” are healthier ways to handle self-doubt. Meanwhile, in Fogg’s formula, ability relates to facility of action. Quite simply, the harder something is to do, the less likely people are to do it. Conversely, the easier something is to do, the more likely we are to do it. Indistractable PDF Book

When people have sufficient motivation and ability, they’re primed for certain behavior. However, without the critical third component, the behavior will not occur. A trigger to tell us what to do next is always required. We discussed internal triggers in a previous section, but when it comes to the products we use every day and the interruptions that lead to distraction, external triggers—stimuli in our environment that prompt us to act—play a big role.

Group chat is best avoided altogether when discussing sensitive topics. Remember that the ability to directly observe another person’s mood, tone, and nonverbal signals adds critical context to conversations. As Fried suggests, “Chat should be about quick, ephemeral things,” while “important topics need time, traction, and separation from the rest of the chatter.”

The trouble is that some people like to “think out loud” in group chat, explaining their arguments and ideas in one-line blurbs. This rarely works because it’s hard to follow along with someone’s thoughts in real time while others comment with emoji and other potential distractions. Indistractable PDF Book

Instead of using group chat for long arguments and hurried decisions, it’s better to ask participants in the conversation to articulate their point in a document and share it after they’ve compiled their thoughts. Ultimately, group chat is simply another communication channel, not so dissimilar from email or text messages.

When used appropriately, it can have myriad benefits, but when abused or used incorrectly, it can lead to a flood of unwanted external triggers. The secret lies in the answer to our critical question: Are these triggers serving me, or am I serving them? We should use group chat where it helps us gain traction and weed out the external triggers that lead to distraction

I’ve learned how to harness the power of loss aversion in a positive way. A few years ago, I was frustrated at the number of excuses I was making for not exercising regularly. At the time, going to the gym couldn’t have been easier—the fully equipped facility was located in my apartment complex. Indistractable PDF Book

I couldn’t blame my no-shows on traffic, nor could I blame it on membership dues, because membership was free for residents. Even taking a long walk would be better than doing nothing. Yet I somehow found reasons to skip my workouts. I decided to make a price pact with myself. After making time in my timeboxed schedule.

I taped a crisp hundred-dollar bill to the calendar on my wall, next to the date of my upcoming workout. Then I bought a ninety-ninecent lighter and placed it nearby. Every day, I had a choice to make: I would either burn the calories by exercising or burn the hundred-dollar bill. Unless I was certifiably sick, those were the only two options I allowed myself.

Any time I found myself coming up with petty excuses, I had a crystal clear external trigger that reminded me of the precommitment I made to myself and to my health. I know what you’re thinking: “That’s too extreme! You can’t burn money like that!” That’s exactly my point. I’ve used this “burn or burn” technique for over three years and have gained twelve pounds of muscle, without ever burning the hundred dollars. Indistractable PDF Book Download

First, Perlow confirmed that one night off per week was a universally desired goal for everyone on the team. After hearing a resounding yes, the team was left to figure out exactly how they would structure their workdays to achieve the goal. The team met regularly to discuss roadblocks.

That were preventing them from achieving the “one night off” mission and came up with new practices they’d need to implement to make it happen. For years, BCG consultants had heard countless reasons why they had to be accessible at all hours. “We’re in the service business,” “We work across time zones,” and “What if a client needs us?” were common responses that cut off attempts to find better ways of working.

However, once they had an opportunity to openly discuss the problem, Doug’s team discovered there were many simple solutions. A common workplace dilemma that was often dismissed as “the way things had to be” could be solved if people had a safe space to talk about the issue, without fear of being labeled as “lazy” for wanting to turn off their phones and computers for a few hours. Indistractable PDF Book Download

To Perlow’s surprise, these meetings yielded far greater benefits than she expected, addressing topics well beyond disconnecting from technology. The meetings to discuss predictable time off “made it okay for people to speak openly,” which, in Perlow’s words, “was a big deal.”

Unfortunately, the joy of progress in the classroom is a waning feeling among kids today. Ryan warns, “We’re giving messages of ‘you’re not competent at what you’re doing at school,’ to so many kids.” He points to the rise of standardized testing as part of the problem. “It’s destroying classroom teaching practices, it’s destroying the self-esteem of so many kids, and it’s killing their learning and motivation.”

“Kids are so different, and their developmental rates are so variable,” Ryan says. However, by design, standardized tests don’t account for those differences. If a child isn’t doing well in school and doesn’t get the necessary individualized support, they start to believe that achieving competence is impossible, so they stop trying. Indistractable PDF Book Download

In the absence of competency in the classroom, kids turn to other outlets to experience the feeling of growth and development. Companies making games, apps, and other potential distractions are happy to fill that void by selling ready-made solutions for the “psychological nutrients” kids lack.

Thank you to Christy Fletcher and her team for top-notch representation. Christy is a terrific agent, and I owe her loads of thanks for her counsel and friendship. Thank you to Melissa Chinchillo, Grainne Fox, Sarah Fuentes, Veronica Goldstein, Elizabeth Resnick, and Alyssa Taylor at Fletcher & Co.

I’d also like to thank Stacy Creamer at Audible, as well as the team at BenBella, including Sarah Avinger, Heather Butterfield, Jennifer Canzoneri, Lise Engel, Stephanie Gorton, Aida Herrera, Alicia Kania, Adrienne Lang, Monica Lowry, Vy Tran, Susan Welte, Leah Wilson, and Glenn Yeffeth, for their efforts bringing this book to market. Indistractable PDF Book Free

Alexis Kirschbaum at Bloomsbury went above and beyond what any author could ask for in an editor and played a critical hand in improving this book. She and her colleagues, including Hermione Davis, Thi Dinh, Genevieve Nelsson, Andy Palmer, Genista Tate-Alexander, and Angelique Tran Van Sang, deserve my sincere gratitude.

Thanks to the following people for their help researching, editing, and refining Indistractable: Karen Beattie, Matthew Gartland, Jonah Lehrer, Janna Marlies Maron, Mickayla Mazutinec, Paulette Perhach, Chelsea Robertson, Ray Sylvester, and AnneMarie Ward. With my cell phone unavailable, I needed to find a new partner. To my relief.

I felt the anxiety melt away as I pulled out my laptop and began to bang on the keyboard. My wife, seeing what I was doing, pounced on the opportunity to relieve her own stress, and we were back at it again. After a few late nights on our machines, we sheepishly admitted that we had failed. Embarrassed but determined to understand where we’d gone wrong, we realized we had skipped a critical step. Indistractable PDF Book Free

We hadn’t learned to deal with the discomfort that had drawn us back in. With self-compassion, this time, we decided to start by finding ways to manage the internal triggers driving our unwanted behaviors. We implemented a ten-minute rule and promised that if we really wanted to use a device in the evening, we would wait ten minutes before doing so. The rule allowed us time to “surf the urge” and insert a pause to interrupt the otherwise mindless habit.

I remember my parents keeping ashtrays around the house in my childhood, despite being nonsmokers. At the time, people smoked indoors, around children, at the office—wherever they pleased. My mother did her best to discourage the smoking habit by providing an ashtray shaped like a bony skeleton hand, but that not-so-subtle reminder of the consequences of smoking was all she felt comfortable doing.

In those days, it was considered strange, if not rude, to ask someone to smoke outside your home. Today, however, things are very different. I’ve never owned an ashtray. No one has ever asked to smoke in my home; they already know the answer. It scares me to imagine the look on my wife’s face if someone were to light up on our living room couch—that person wouldn’t be in our house or our circle of friends for long.

As far as I was concerned, forty-five minutes was fine with me, as it left plenty of time for other activities. “How do you plan to make sure you don’t watch for more than forty-five minutes per day?” I asked. Not wanting to lose the negotiation that she clearly felt she was winning, she proposed using a kitchen timer she could set herself. “Sounds good,” I agreed. “But if Mommy and Daddy notice you’re not able to keep the promise you made to yourself and to us, we’ll have to revisit this discussion,” I said, and she agreed. Indistractable PDF Book Free

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