Kingdom of Ash PDF Book by Sarah J. Maas


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He barely remembered his own name. And only recalled it because his three companions spoke it while they searched for her across violent and dark seas, through ancient and slumbering forests, over storm-swept mountains already buried in snow. He stopped long enough to feed his body and allow his companions a few hours of sleep.

Kingdom of Ash PDF Book by Sarah J. Maas

Name of Book Kingdom of Ash
Author Sarah J. Maas
PDF Size 4 MB
No of Pages 901
Language English
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Were it not for them, he would have flown off, soared far and wide. But he would need the strength of their blades and magic, would need their cunning and wisdom before this was through. Before he faced the dark queen who had torn into his innermost self, stealing his mate long before she had been locked in an iron coffin.

And after he was done with her, after that, then he’d take on the cold-blooded gods themselves, hell-bent on destroying what might remain of his mate. So he stayed with his companions, even as the days passed. Then the weeks. Then months. Still he searched. Still he hunted for her on every dusty and forgotten road.

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And sometimes, he spoke along the bond between them, sending his soul on the wind to wherever she was held captive, entombed. The iron smothered her. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Download It had snuffed out the fire in her veins, as surely as if the flames had been doused. She could hear the water, even in the iron box, even with the iron mask and chains adorning her like ribbons of silk.

The roaring; the endless rushing of water over stone. It filled the gaps between her screaming. A sliver of island in the heart of a mist veiled river, little more than a smooth slab of rock amid the rapids and falls. That’s where they’d put her. Stored her. In a stone temple built for some forgotten god. As she would likely be forgotten.

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It was better than the alternative: to be remembered for her utter failure. If there would be anyone left to remember her. If there would be anyone left at all. She would not allow it. That failure. She would not tell them what they wished to know. No matter how often her screams drowned out the raging river.

No matter how often the snap of her bones cleaved through the bellowing rapids. She had tried to keep track of the days. But she did not know how long they had kept her in that iron box. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Download How long they had forced her to sleep, lulled into oblivion by the sweet smoke they’d poured in while they traveled here.

To this island, this temple of pain. A princess who was to live for a thousand years. Longer. That had been her gift. It was now her curse. Another curse to bear, as heavy as the one placed upon her long before her birth. To sacrifice her very self to right an ancient wrong. To pay another’s debt to the gods who had found their world, become trapped in it.

And then ruled it. The dark queen with a spider’s smile tried to wield it against her. In the obsidian webs she wove, the illusions and dreams she spun at the culmination of each breaking point, the queen tried to twist the memory of him as a key into her mind. They were blurring. The lies and truths and memories.

Sleep and the blackness in the iron coffin. The days bound to the stone altar in the center of the room, or hanging from a hook in the ceiling, or strung up between chains anchored into the stone wall. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Download It was all beginning to blur, like ink in water. So she told herself the story. The darkness and the flame deep within her whispered it, too, and she sang it back to them.

Locked in that coffin hidden on an island within the heart of a river, the princess recited the story, over and over, and let them unleash an eternity of pain upon her body. Even for Terrasen, the first of the autumnal flurries had barreled in far ahead of their usual arrival. Aedion Ashryver wasn’t entirely sure it was a blessing.

But if it kept Morath’s legions from their doorstep just a little longer, he’d get on his knees to thank the gods. Even if those same gods threatened everything he loved. If beings from another world could be considered gods at all. Aedion supposed he had more important things to contemplate, anyway.

In the two weeks since he’d been reunited with his Bane, they’d seen no sign of Erawan’s forces, either terrestrial or airborne. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book The thick snow had begun falling barely three days after his return, hindering the already slow process of transporting the troops from their assembled armada to the Bane’s sweeping camp on the Plain of Theralis.

Aedion doubted Erawan was waiting until spring. Doubted the quiet had anything to do with the weather. He’d discussed it with his men, and with Darrow and the other lords a few days ago. Erawan was likely waiting until the dead of winter, when mobility would be hardest for Terrasen’s army, when Aedion’s soldiers would be weak from months in the snow, their bodies stiff with cold.

Even the king’s fortune that Aelin had schemed and won for them this past spring couldn’t prevent that. This scouting mission, if Ren’s information proved correct, would help their cause. Nearby, a bowstring groaned, barely audible over the wind. Its tip and shaft had been painted white, and were now barely visible as it aimed with deadly precision toward the pass opening.

Aedion caught Ren Allsbrook’s eye from where the young lord was concealed amongst the rocks, his arrow ready to fly. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Cloaked in the same white and gray furs as Aedion, a pale scarf over his mouth, Ren was little more than a pair of dark eyes and the hint of a slashing scar. Aedion motioned to wait. Barely glancing toward the shape-shifter across the pass, Aedion conveyed the same order.

It had been a lucky guess that they’d choose this pass, a half-forgotten back door into Terrasen’s low-lying lands. Only wide enough for two horses to ride abreast, it had long been ignored by conquering armies and the merchants seeking to sell their wares in the hinterlands beyond the Staghorns.

What dwelled out there, who dared make a living beyond any recognized border, Aedion didn’t know. Just as he didn’t know why these soldiers had ventured so far into the mountains. Black blood was still steaming in the snow when the fighting stopped. It had lasted only a few minutes.

Just a few, after Ren and Aedion’s arrows found their targets and Lysandra had leaped from her perch to shred three others. And rip the muscles from the calves of the sixth and sole surviving member of the company. Kingdom of Ash PDF Book The demon moaned as Aedion stalked toward him, the snow at the man’s feet now jet-black, his legs in ribbons.

Like scraps of a banner in the wind. Lysandra sat near his head, her maw stained ebony and her green eyes fixed on the man’s pale face. Needle-sharp claws gleamed from her massive paws. Behind them, Ren checked the others for signs of life. His sword rose and fell, decapitating them before the frigid air could render them too stiff to hack through.

Ren had claimed a worn, tufted armchair set to one side of the fire, his forearms braced on his thighs as he stared into the flame. They’d arrived late last night, and even Aedion had been too drained from the trek through snowbound Oakwald to take the grand tour. Kingdom of Ash PDF And after what they’d done this afternoon, he doubted he’d muster the energy to do so now.

The once-great hall was hushed and dim beyond their fire, and above them, faded tapestries and crests from the Allsbrook family’s banner men swayed in the draft creeping through the high windows that lined one side of the chamber. An assortment of birds nested in the rafters, hunkered down against the lethal cold beyond the keep’s ancient walls.

And amongst them, a green-eyed falcon listened to every word. Aedion nodded. Erawan had spread his net wide in his desire to stomp out what resistance had arisen on this continent. Gone was the guise of Adarlan’s empire: from Eyllwe to Adarlan’s northern border, from the shores of the Great Ocean to the towering wall of mountains that cleaved their continent in two, the Valg king’s shadow grew every day.

Aedion doubted that Erawan would stop before he clamped black collars around all their necks. Kingdom of Ash PDF Ren had indeed readied the Bane the months Aedion had been away, working closely with Kyllian to position them as far south from Orynth as Darrow’s leash would allow. Which, it turned out, was barely beyond the foothills lining the southernmost edge of the Plain of Theralis.

Ren had since yielded control to Aedion, though the Lord of Allsbrook’s reunion with Aelin had been frosty. As cold as the snow whipping outside this keep, to be exact. Lysandra had played the role well, mastering Aelin’s guilt and impatience. And since then, wisely avoiding any situation where they might talk about the past.

Not that Ren had demonstrated a desire to reminisce about the years before Terrasen’s fall. Kingdom of Ash PDF Or the events of last winter. Aedion could only hope that Erawan also remained unaware that they no longer had the Fire-Bringer in their midst. What Terrasen’s own troops would say or do when they realized Aelin’s flame would not shield them in battle, he didn’t want to consider.

Seated at one end of the long table in the Great Hall, Lysandra and Evangeline having a quiet breakfast at the other, Aedion mastered the shake in his fingers as he opened the letter the messenger had delivered moments before. Ren and Murtaugh, seated around him, had refrained from demanding answers while he read. Once. Twice. Aedion at last set down the letter. Took a long breath as he frowned toward the watery gray light leaking through the bank of windows high on the wall.

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