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You see, it was the vibration of truth. Words have power. People don’t realize that they hold energy. Truth holds energy, and lies hold energy. If you are in tune with yourself, you are able to feel those vibrations and be in tune with those vibrations of truth or falsehood. Growing up, my old Earth was a Jehovah’s Witness.

Knowledge of Self PDF Book by Supreme Understanding

Name of Book Knowledge of Self
PDF Size 7.6 MB
No of Pages 1123
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She had us in that cipher pretty much since we were young children, and I’d always felt a vibration of falsehood there. There were so many things that didn’t make sense, which they were telling me to accept on face value. So once I came into the knowledge of myself and that vibration of truth hit me, it opened doors for me.

I saw the light, the blindfold was lifted off me and I saw the true reality of what life is about, and our purpose here on this planet. Third, we learn that we are the truth we seek in each and every problem or inquiry. A knowledge of self becomes the most empowering tool known because it is an actualizing of what is otherwise only factual information. The Original man is God/The Original woman is the Earth.

Click here to Download Knowledge of Self PDF Book

This is true. Yet, through the living process of knowledge of self, I am this truth, and I prove it true. What is within us that enables us to survive and thrive? Knowing oneself, the answer presents itself. It is the intention of the editors of this book that, in reading, you will come to find answers of your own.

More importantly, you will come upon more questions. And in the actions you take thereafter, you will discover the science of everything in life. I had only been home from Spofford for 17 months and three days, when I was shackled, cuffed, and thrown in a precinct cell. My next trip led me to a cell in Brooklyn Supreme Court. With each step I took, and each second I observed my surroundings, my anger heightened.

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The sight of 30 grown men crammed into a 10-man cell made my blood boil. The sound of court officers barking orders, detainees telling war stories, and the jingle of keys, handcuffs, and shackles assaulted my ears. The stench of the mildewed clothes on the homeless man feet away made me nauseous. Back then, I kept blaming the deceased for starting the beef that led to my incarceration.

Now, I recognize that he had only handed me the rope. I had hung myself the day I decided to trade in school for the streets. I had ceased eating pork as a prerequisite for joining The Nation. Sha had schooled me on pork parasites, including the tapeworm, fluke, and trichina, some of which grow to 21 feet long inside the human body.

I also learned that pork was forced upon Black people during slavery before becoming a staple of contemporary soul food cuisine. In antiquity in Kemet, renamed Egypt, swineherds were considered impure and not allowed to enter temples of their native land, nor marry people who were not swineherds. I was greedier than a pig, but learning these and other factors helped me stop eating the pig. Knowledge of Self PDF Book

The spiral found in the human fingerprint is the same spiral found everywhere throughout nature, from a common shell to the shape of our galaxy. The human brain cell is structured almost exactly like the structure of our universe. The Earth’s surface is 75% water, the human body is 75% water, and the human brain is 75% water.

And just as the most powerful natural forces on the Earth (and in the universe) involve electricity and magnetism, your body has its own magnetic field, and your brain operates using electricity. It takes the same amount of time for blood to circulate from your heart throughout your body as it does for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth (8 minutes, 20 seconds).

Grab a sheet of paper and pencil and create your future. Don’t even start unless you have allotted some time to do this exercise. Now find or create a place where you can relax and be undisturbed. Set aside at least an hour to do this. You’ll agree that your future is worth the time. You’re going to learn how to set goals and determined ideas. Knowledge of Self PDF Book

You’re going to make a map of the roads you want to travel in your life. You’re going to figure out where you want to go and how you expect to get there.DO THE KNOWLEDGE:Do not put any limitations on what’s possible. So I know that if you’re Chinese and you’re reading this, you probably don’t identify with being Black to begin with, but that’s okay because after you hear what I have to say.

Your concept of self may begin to change. “Chinese male” is how I’m usually classified. However, to be exact, I’m an Original Black Man…and I’m God. Let me explain. I’m Original (Black) because the Chinese are direct descendants of the first people on Earth. In closing, the subconscious Mind perceives by Intuition (urges from inborn impulses) that is really a process of rapid thinking.

It does not wait for the slow method of conscious reason. Thus, our conscious mind ought to be on duty every waking hour, because when the Watchman at the gate of our mind is not on guard, its judgment is suspended, and the subconscious is unguarded and left open to suggestion from without or within. The true and living God is not constantly influenced like the 85%, because he is the Sole Controller. Knowledge of Self PDF Book Download

The Blackman is Allah. Peace! I start breathing a little bit harder, now I can smell her perfume. More desire. Subconscious mind working harder to come up with questions to interview her, see where her head is at, etc…All the while, I’m keeping a smile on her face, stimulating HER conscious and subconscious mind, drawing her in more and more, so now we’re both lighting up the room, yada yada yada.

I see her later that day, she comes up to me to spark convo. She has now been officially “attracted.” We end up exchanging phone numbers, and then I’m back to what I was doing before I saw her. The desire has been sparked, the seed has been planted; now I leave it alone and let my subconscious mind do the rest. She calls a couple of days later, more mind to mind contact, etc. and you know where the rest of this goes if you play your cards right.

Now this is the way it is. You can’t do the wisdom until you have the knowledge, right? When you go to school you got to have the knowledge before you could come out and put that into practice. And they don’t know you got it until you go out and put it into practice. This is why I teach the child to go and get the knowledge, come back and put it into practice, then the people will get the what? Knowledge of Self PDF Book Download

Understanding! Then they’ll know your Culture. No one taught me this. And I’m telling you the knowledge now because this is the 11th month, which means Knowledge – what? Knowledge!Now this is the way it is. You can’t do the wisdom until you have the knowledge, right? When you go to school you got to have the knowledge before you could come out and put that into practice.

And they don’t know you got it until you go out and put it into practice. This is why I teach the child to go and get the knowledge, come back and put it into practice, then the people will get the what? Understanding! Then they’ll know your Culture. No one taught me this. And I’m telling you the knowledge now because this is the 11th month, which means Knowledge – what? Knowledge!

Those who believe in magic would, for example, recite a prayer for rain. If it did rain, the belief in the power of the prayer and the gods/belief systems with which it was associated would be affirmed and reinforced. If it did not rain, fault would be attributed to the practitioner who would find some flaw in either his recitation, himself, other unforeseen circumstances, or the stronger magic or will of evil spirits plotting against the needs of the practitioner. Knowledge of Self PDF Book Download

To cite a modern example, think about bowling. When a bowler rolls the ball, he prays or says his “lucky words,” hoping for a strike. If he gets a strike, he feels his prayer works. First, I am reallyneither pro-Black nor anti-white. I am not against every individual white person. I AM against white supremacy and white privilege and its many manifestations.

I will elaborate on that, but I need you to understand that I’m not into hateful, inflammatory rhetoric. I am not trying to incite a frenzied mob into a witchhunt for “those damn devils.” I am simply clarifying a condition of reality. Finally, I don’t find any value in spending time “blaming” white people for the problems of people with color. However, I think it is useless to attempt to treat a disease without knowing its cause(s).

People of color DO need to understand WHY things are the way they are before they can effectively begin to solve their problems. Otherwise, we will easily fall victims to the same predatory conditions. These people know who God is. They know the Original Man is God. They are informed enough to be aware of the obvious. It is only Original People who are too blind to know it. Knowledge of Self PDF Book Free

Did you know that when Masons attain their 32nd and 33rd degrees they are introduced to the worship of the “true God,” Allah? Ask any old Shriner why they wear a Muslim fez with a sword at the top. Of course he won’t tell you! They know who they are. And I’m not referring to Sally and Joe Pimple from down the street. I’m referring to those who function on the higher echelons of society.

Sally and Joe Pimple, on the other hand, are just passive participants in the global plague of white supremacy. Sure, their son Trevor is a nice guy who never calls you the “n-word” and listens to hip hop nonstop. He can even dance! That doesn’t exempt him My name is God Freedum Allah. Let me break down my name for you. God is first.

The Father said to put “God” before your name, as He is the Most High, the Supreme Being, Living Intelligence. “Freedum” means to free the dumb from a mental state of unawareness of themselves. That’s why I took the ‘o’ out of the ‘dom’ and added a ‘u.’ Now I Free-Them (free-dum). Finally, God is Allah and Allah is God; there is only one God and that is inside of you. Knowledge of Self PDF Book Free

So you find yourself through that, because by nature a man is born god, whether he wants it or not. I got knowledge back in the days, around 1965. Not that I got deep into the knowledge of self at that point, I just heard the word of God. We were youngsters running around wild on the streets, and one day in the store where we got lunch, I heard a sharp brother on the corner talking about “the Black man is God.”

That caught my attention, as that was my natural language, yet I had never heard anyone speak it. You see, that’s when you rise up – when you hear your language. I had heard all kinds of other things before, but never “the Black man is God.” That made me curious, so I had to find myself through that.

The Father said all you got to do is be gods and you’ll win every battle. Allah told us the power is with all of us together. You can’t destroy that. I’ve been around the world three times and everywhere I’ve seen that the Blackman is god. We are rising and taking our place. Some people are preaching but don’t understand the scriptures. They can’t see that Allah comes in his own good time. Your job is to be the best that you can be and teach all those who want to be like you. Knowledge of Self PDF Book Free

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