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An inspirational woman I know has cancer, yet she finds the beauty in every day and every moment. I don’t know many people who are more positive, or go through life with as much curiosity or energy as she does. The last time I saw her was at a dinner party — she was more engaged than anyone else that evening, constantly asking questions about new technology, and how I thought it would change the world.

Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book

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I also have several friends with Multiple Sclerosis, and they live more restricted (and more painful) lives than most of us, but each seems excited every time we meet. They’re clearly trying to get the most out of their limited time left on earth. The lesson to me is that you can focus on something going well, or something beautiful, or something interesting — even amidst terrible times.

I try to put things into two buckets: one I can do something about and one I can’t. The things I can’t do anything about, I try to ignore. There’s no use, for example, being jealous of other people’s success or good luck; it won’t make me any happier. Nor is there any upside in worrying about a bad situation in which I find myself. There is, however, a lot to be gained from considering how I can move to a better place.

Click here to Download Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book

Inevitably, we take on some of the habits of people with whom we’re closest. The people with whom we associate can have a huge impact on the development of our personalities, particularly when we’re young. In that light, if you have children, try to be sure their peer groups are healthy ones. Their peers likely will have more influence on the development of your kids’ personalities than you will.

If that sounds absurd, look at how immigrants’ kids develop in a non-immigrant community; they nearly always seem to speak, act and have the values of their peers, and not their immigrant parents. My son, for instance, has a friend whose parents recently emigrated from Japan and moved to Canada.

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My son’s friend doesn’t like Japanese food; his favorite things to eat include steak and hamburger; and he acts and speaks much more like his classmates and friends than he does his Japanese parents. In your own life, think about the values and habits you want to have, and then ensure you choose your friends, colleagues, mentors and bosses carefully.

My friends and mentors have made a huge difference in my life, both professionally and personally. For example, I was able to succeed as an investor in the early years because a super smart mentor was willing to share his knowledge with me, and encouraged me to have faith in my convictions. I’m eternally grateful. Similarly, in my personal life, when I spend time with people I respect, like, and care about.

I usually feel great. To build trusting friendships, I’ve learned, it’s critical to be true to my passions, and express how I feel and what I want. If I weren’t open and honest, I wonder what sort of friends I’d have? You may not have the parents or the siblings you’d have chosen. You may not look the way you’d have picked. The people you love may not always love you back. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book

You may not live where you’d like. You may not have the job you want, or get the promotion you believe you deserve. If you get married, it may not work out the way you thought it would. If you have children, they won’t always do what you’d like, and they may disappoint you sometimes. I’ve found you can choose to let all the things that go wrong in life depress you.

Or, you can accept that things will go wrong, try to laugh, and then look at what you can do. There’s a Japanese proverb that gets right to the point: We’re fools whether we dance or not — so we might as well dance. I remember an important business meeting I had about fifteen years ago at Microsoft. It was clear that the problem we faced was unpleasant, and wasn’t going away.

After a few minutes of intense discussion, the most senior person in the room laughed, and said: “I guess we’re screwed!” It shocked me, but that frankness and dry humor immediately stopped the discussion, and we moved on to discussing things we could impact. A lot of apparently ’successful’ people believe they should delay enjoying life until later. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book

First they work incredibly hard to get into the ’right’ schools; then they work even harder to get a coveted job; and then they work harder still for years to get to a certain position, or make a certain amount of money. The net of this whole adventure is that frequently it’s not until late in life, when a person’s health may be going, and a lot of their life is behind them, that they stop to think about what they want.

And, by then, there may not be much they can do about it. They can’t recover the time. And many people don’t even stop to think. Oliver Wendell Holmes noted: Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.

When I was growing up, someone told me to live as if I was going to die in ten years and had no immediate financial needs. That’s great advice. If you can do that, you’ll be happier and more successful. To figure out what you want to do, you need to know yourself. If you lie to yourself about who you are, or hide your identity from others, it will inevitably create stress, and it’s unlikely you’ll be either productive or happy. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Download

Part of knowing yourself means acknowledging what you genuinely want. To me, the choice is clear. What I find a bit shocking is that many people choose option 2, and stick with it over the course of their careers. Many other people enter fields they love, but over time forget what they love about their work, and prioritize the external recognition they receive from it.

While there’s nothing wrong with being well-paid, and we all love to receive praise for good work, prioritizing external rewards over the work itself is a failing strategy. It’s just anecdotal data, but everyone I know who works primarily to impress other people is unhappy or unfulfilled, regardless of how externally ‘successful’ they may seem.

Almost everyone I know well who works passionately at a job for its own sake is happy, and most have been successful. So the question is: How do you determine what you passionately want to do? I’ll share my own experience. Before I left Microsoft, I took out a piece of paper, and listed those moments in my life I loved most. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Download

I tried to identify patterns. With that information, and a bit of research about various career options, I picked something which I thought would allow me to do what made me most happy. I also paid close attention, using the same method, to things I didn’t like to do, and worked hard to eliminate those things from my life.

Read widely. There’s so much wisdom written down and it’s easier (not to mention less painful) to learn from others’ mistakes. No one domain or field has a lock on wisdom. I’ve been astonished how much you can learn if you read widely across a variety of fields. I read as much as I can. Find mentors.

If you can identify people who have more experience than you and who excel at what they do, it’s incredible to have the opportunity to learn from them. People love to teach others. If you’re highly motivated, and don’t ask for anything other than wisdom you can learn a great deal. Mentors have made a big difference in my life. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Download

Observe. A good friend of mine says people have two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth for a reason. There’s certainly a lot to be gained from watching and listening. When I travel, I love listening to people who have different life experiences than I have. I learn so much from them. Data and patterns matter a great deal. There’s much to be learned from analyzing the world.

In investing, and in life more broadly, I’ve found it’s important to understand things in terms of systems with various inputs and layers of potential effects. I loved statistics in school and I’ve found that it (along with psychology) may be the most under-taught academic subject, with the greatest potential gain to society from more people understanding it.

That being said, not everything that’s important can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. As Mark Twain is alleged to have said: History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. In other words, just because something happened once doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen again in the same way. Otherwise, historians would be among the wealthiest people on earth. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Download

I know people who have chosen both paths. Even the most talented and hardworking folks I’ve observed are constrained by shrinking fields. So while you should pick something you love first, why not try to do that in an environment that will help you succeed? Simple things can cause complicated outcomes, both good and bad.

Persistent curiosity, combined with sustained focus on reasonable goals, will change your life over time. If you love what you do and work very hard, persevere, and take small steps, you likely will be in a dramatically different place ten years from now. The same is true in your personal life.

Picking the right partner – someone you respect, and with whom you can communicate, laugh and collaborate well – can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. However, like a career, long term relationship success requires perseverance and flexibility. People live happily ever after only in the movies. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Free

That being said, we in the developed world live dramatically better than even kings did hundreds of years ago. Technology and innovation are rapidly reshaping life in many ways. Both forces have made the world a more competitive place; in many fields today, the competition for your job is not simply coming from down the block or across the country, but from around the world or from automation.

Few areas of the global economy will be sheltered from these forces, and in fact it’s likely that the pace of change will only accelerate in our lifetimes. There are risks to new technologies, including a potential loss of privacy and various forms of abuse and fraud. However, the same forces are also making our lives more efficient, more personal and, frequently, easier in many ways than they were even twenty years ago.

Job opportunities now exist in the U.S., in Europe and in places like Asia for people who have never had them; the rate of innovation is rising everywhere, and inventions developed in other places will help us all live better too. In addition, global markets are now larger for both individuals with world class talent and U.S. and Western based corporations. Life Is Short And So Is This Book PDF Book Free

On a more personal level, it’s much easier to buy things efficiently, to learn, to rapidly find answers to questions you may have, to stay informed, entertained, and stay in touch with your friends, no matter where they may live. Many of my teachers, bosses, colleagues and friends have taught me so much and encouraged me along the way. I deeply appreciate it. I’m lucky.

I was born in the U.S. to a family that valued education and I was equipped with the genetic material to do well in an information intensive world. I came of age in the time of the Internet. I’ve been surrounded throughout my life by smart and wise people who frequently have given me meaningful amounts of their time, and from whom I’ve learned a great deal.

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