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This is not my story. This is her story and she will tell you all about it. But I requested her to begin the story with my letter to you. A letter which was never meant to be written in the first place! You see, I am a Commando, bound by duties and tangled with obligations that come with the uniform I wear. Warriors like me don’t have the luxury of leading a normal life filled with bliss and everlasting peace. We dare to go where others fear to go and we do what others fail to do.

Love Story of a Commando PDF Book by Swapnil Pandey

Name of Book Love Story of a Commando
PDF Size 4.2 MB
No of Pages 137
Language English
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We are the country’s most elite counter-terrorism faction of the Special Forces and you know us by the name ‘Black Cats’ or as the ‘National Security Guards’. The black uniform and a deadly weapon or a survival device are our trademark. Also, we only aim for the heads of our enemies unlike other forces. We are swift, sharp and dreaded just like the black cat insignia on our sleeves. We are the death warrants for terrorists who dare to come to our cities and harm our citizens.

One bullet, one enemy! That’s the simple part but the tough part is fighting our own demons. I have seen the face of terror in its worst avatar. The image of broken pieces of a skull splattered all across a blood-soaked ground sometimes awakens me in the middle of the night only to be stung by bone piercing trepidation. I fight my own demons.

Click here to Download Love Story of a Commando PDF Book

You know, you are always at the risk of turning into one when your job is to eliminate every kind of homicidal savage who threatens the sovereignty of your nation. Harrowing blood-soaked gun battles and the mourning silence afterwards make up my routine life. Then, one day, she entered my life like a cool breeze after a hot sunny day and overwhelmed me with her beautiful presence. How do I describe her? A beautiful mess?

An organized clutter? A mystifying aroma gently filling my lungs and coming out as my own breath? How do you describe someone who was meant to create chaos in your life and muddle that self-imposed hard-earned truce with your own soul? My life suddenly found its purpose and I felt alive. The mourning, the howling, the curses suddenly disappeared. All logic was thrown out of the window and suddenly.

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The Discomfort of Evening

A warrior feared by the deadliest people surrendered meekly to a girl who was never meant to be a part of his life. We collided when we first met. It was my fault actually. One glance at her glowing face, when a chance breeze lifted the damp hair at her temples and ruffled the hem of her patiala suit, and I was stumped. I could not move when I should have. Instead of holding her firmly, I let her fall over me.

Trust me, it was not intentional. But that precious moment is still frozen in my mind, carefully wrapped in my dreams. I don’t know what she thought of it. She must have considered me some kind of pervert. So when I got an invitation for the college convocation ceremony, I enthusiastically packed my bags for a brief stay at my alma mater. The reunion began with hugs and kisses among friends. The trunk of memories was opened mercilessly.

We laughed, complained and blamed. That day was dedicated to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family and we agreed unanimously that our college times were legendary, and nothing could replace those memories. The convocation was organized on a very large scale and Mr Amitabh Bachchan was the chief guest, and his speech was mesmerizing. Love Story of a Commando PDF Book

He said, ‘For what it’s worth, it is never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you are not, I hope you have the strength to start over. Every dream is supposed to be hard, if it’s not hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. Believe in it and stand for it.’ His speech was followed by the distribution of degrees and medals and a grand dinner.

The next day, we bid our goodbyes with tears in our eyes and a heaviness in our hearts. We exchanged numbers and promised to meet soon. At that time, you think the best days of your life are in front of you. And you decide what they will be and aim to take control of it. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on or to blame. The cage has been opened and you’re a free bird ready to fly high in the sky.

But little do you realize that the sky is endless, and you will always crave to go back into that cage. The carefree days of chirping around were long gone. Life begins at the end of your college life and you miss college for the rest of your life. College life was over and the reality of growing up was still sinking in. People had expectations from me. For taking initiative and carrying out responsibilities! Love Story of a Commando PDF Book

Of what I would do in my career five years down the line and who I’d get married to. These were the side effects of staying at home for a long duration. Even the bai would ask about my pay package and Sharma uncle would always be inquisitive about my ability to pay rent from my own pocket, Gupta aunty’s hawk eyes would look at me as if I were a bride over the expiry date, which would make my parents restless.

The aunties of our times have a weird theory that getting married at the right age is more important than marrying the right person. There also came a time where my mother insisted I learn some basic culinary skills which she thought would be more important to me after my wedding than my engineering degree. I also attended some of the mohalla weddings and mingled with the guys who had once been roadside Romeos and now had turned out as respectable shop walas.

In my school days, they had shamelessly hovered around me, circling around me on their bikes while some ogled at me, standing in a nook or under a tree. Here, the role of separatists or terrorist heads was pivotal as they were the ones who provoked generations of youth to join the so called ‘jihad’ while their own sons and daughters were studying abroad and becoming doctors and engineers. The Indian government also had limited options here. Love Story of a Commando PDF Book

These separatist leaders sponsored by the enemy country spoke openly against the country they lived in but the Indian government chose to ignore them. Any strict actions against these popular leaders meant protest by the masses and also raking up of the Kashmir issue among international communities. The government would just imprison them occasionally. This is politics.

This is the world. It demands blood and flesh. The struggle between masses and the government is always of apocalyptic proportions. Who benefited? Those leaders who turn out to be gold diggers or those governments who turn out to be tyrannical? What of the common man who is affected the most by the clashes and also by the negotiations? The day of the prime minister’s arrival was close.

However, no official statement had been issued yet. Mr Khan looked perplexed. There was grave danger looming over his head because of the military but being a government employee, he had no option. Watching those men in uniform would also make my stomach churn sometimes. Though their camouflage combat uniforms were nothing like Virat’s black overall, the presence of the army reminded me of him again and again. Love Story of a Commando PDF Book Download

The happiness that I had gathered recently, the smiles that I would flaunt and the momentary truce with the past were gone suddenly and the nightmares of blood, death and Virat were back in my life. The angelic faces of the kids was calming but I was distracted and could not put in hundred percent of my energies for those kids. I felt guilty most of the time. Finally, the day of the prime minister’s visit arrived. It was a threeday visit to Kashmir.

His itinerary included various important places. He had a very charismatic personality and the media just loved clicking him. The newspapers, TV channels and social media were all buzzing with ‘what he ate’, ‘where he visited’, ‘whom he met’ and many things more. His candid pictures hugging Kashmiri locals, offering chadar at Hazratbal, sharing sweets with troops or a shikara ride on Dal Lake in Srinagar were going viral.

The TV channels promptly set up debate panels over the long-term result of his unexpected visit. He released me from his grip gently. I rubbed my wrists vigorously. He looked apologetic but did not say anything. A few moments passed, we stood there at the same spot, juggling hard with our inner turmoil and confusions. I had waited a long time for this moment. Love Story of a Commando PDF Book Download

I had prepared a million speeches in my head to convey my anger and emotions whenever we would meet. But right there, amongst the ancient stone statues in those ruins with the sheer silence of the falling dusk and darkness engulfing us slowly with no one around for miles, I was at a loss for words. I had imagined this moment many times in my head. A volcanic eruption was already bubbling inside me.

The antagonistic forces of love and hate, longing and pain, heartbreak and promises were ripping me apart. For a single moment, I wanted to feel like the universe was not crushing me, my heart was not about to explode. I was just about to kiss him and tell him not to leave again but you see you cannot seek what was never meant to be yours and you can’t hold on to something that you never had.

My eyes were teary, shadowed heavily by our past together. I was trying hard not to succumb and to ignore him but it was tough. It is amazing how fast someone can become a stranger. He had been like a part of my soul until now but something was missing and the old rhythm was long gone. Yet, a part of me believed that somehow he would lay his hands on my soul like a whisper and find the places which were broken, only to heal them with his gentle touch. Love Story of a Commando PDF Book Download

The faith and resilience in me was astonishing. After loving him and dying daily, I still had so much hope left in my broken heart for this unfathomable, difficult love. Isn’t it something? That I couldn’t hate him completely? Damn! You know the most painful thing in this world is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, only to lose them too and forget how alive you were before them. All love is betrayal, in that it destroys life.

The loveless man is best armed for survival! In that awkward moment, our eyes met again but I turned my face away. He leaned in and asked, ‘What?’ I took in a deep breath, let it out slowly and said, ‘Nothing! Just thinking about how someone can cause you so much pain!’ He was silenced for a moment and then said, ‘Riya! I loved you from the very first moment I saw you walking amongst those paintings in Delhi.

I never felt like that before. It was love at first sight. But I always knew my limitations and never intended to cross your path. But destiny always plays games with us. When you are with me, I cannot concentrate on things. I have no control over myself. Compared to you, everything feels trite and unfulfilling in my pale life! Nothing and no one comes close to making me feel the way I do with you every single time.’ Love Story of a Commando PDF Book Free

He paused for a moment. ‘I don’t know how to make you believe in this thing, but I am lost and trapped in my memories. I find bliss in the longing which I could never possess. I am a stranger to love but I am certainly lost in the beauty, drowning in the desire, so much so that when I close my eyes, I find you and when I open them, I miss you. It hurts sometimes and I try hard to shake away your existence in my heart but I can’t seem to do so,’ he said.

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