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As my breaths started to come faster and panic began to take hold of me, I tried to pull my hand out of Jack Hawthorne’s grip only to feel his fingers tighten around mine even more. I didn’t know what I was thinking or what he thought I was going to do, but I couldn’t lie and say running away hadn’t crossed my mind. His tight hold was a small warning, and then it was gone.

Marriage For One PDF Book by Ella Maise

Name of Book Marriage For One
PDF Size 2.1 MB
No of Pages 501
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My gaze jumped to his face, but he was staring straight ahead, eyes on the officiant, his sharp features set in stone. Cold. So cold. I thought I saw a muscle in his jaw ticking, but then I blinked, and it was gone. The man showed his emotions about as much as a cement block did, so I tried to do what he was doing: focus on the present.

When he wasn’t looking at me anymore, I took a deep breath and glanced up to the heavens, though I couldn’t actually see them. “Your suit is gonna get dirty,” I said for the last time. When those hard eyes met mine, I lifted my hands up. “Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, wait!” Before he could give me a sarcastic answer, I rushed out of the alcove, all the while yelling over my shoulder.

Click here to Download Marriage For One PDF Book

“Give me a second and I’ll wipe it down first.” He didn’t say anything so I assumed he was waiting for me to come back. As soon as I had a wet dish towel, I hurried back only to see he already had the bookcase up and standing. “It’s not a big thing, but I want you to meet some of the partners in my firm,” he started as I stepped aside with the towel in my hand and he started to push the bookcase toward its new home.

“There is a dinner tomorrow with two of the partners and a potential client, nothing formal, just a simple meal. They know we got married and asked me to bring you with me. I know you’re working day and night to open this place so if you can’t spare the time, you don’t have to join us for this one. I’ll explain it to them.”

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After we’d headed home the night before, he had given me the keys for the apartment, and I had gone straight up to my room again. Since I was up at five AM again, I’d pulled the same disappearing act I had all the days before. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t guess where I’d gone if he came looking for me again, but I was starting to think maybe I was being impolite by not hanging around.

With Jack being proper and polite at all times, every one of my actions was…well, I was sticking out like a sore thumb. The guy had moved my bookcase, helped me with the wooden shelf, and painted my walls, for crying out loud. Men like Jack had people to do stuff like that for them. He had a driver. His house was perfect. He always wore expensive suits, day in and day out.

He was distant with everyone. Again, men like that had other people do their dirty work. Living with the Colesons I had seen people like him plenty of times. When I was a teenager, I would go out with the family when they wanted to show me off to their friends—not because they loved me like their own or anything remotely close to that. Marriage For One PDF Book Download

but because they wanted their rich friends to think they were generous and big-hearted people. Look at us, we saved this girl. It was as simple as a black dress could get. It was made of a thin material, the name of which I had no idea whatsoever, and had short sleeves. It hugged my hourglass body lightly from what I could see after craning my neck to the left and right in the dressing room, and it ended about six or seven inches above my knee.

The front V was a bit deeper than I was accustomed to, but it wasn’t bad enough to look for something else. More importantly, since it wasn’t exactly a winter dress, it was on sale. I didn’t have the time to search every store in the city for just the right thing. I tried it, it fit, so I bought it.

It was also a bit pricier than I would normally pay for a dress, not a luxury brand or anything like that, but again, I was going for a look that wouldn’t make me feel extremely cheap next to Jack. So, I accepted that this specific look came with a price tag. A simple grey sweater and a watch had rendered me completely speechless. Marriage For One PDF Book Download

Like the jackass I was, I let my eyes wander from his fitted sweater to his belt and down to his black shoes. His face was just as it always was: same sharp jawline, same deep blue eyes, same rough stubble, a nononsense look in his eyes and the usual frown between his eyebrows. His hair looked like it had been roughly raked back with his hands with some sort of matte product.

His stare intensified, so before I could get myself in trouble, I reached past him and opened the door, lightly bowing like an idiot who didn’t know what to do with herself and gesturing for him to leave. He stood there for another moment then, shaking his head at me, walked out. Taking care of the lights and pushing in the code to the alarm, I locked everything up and closed the door.

Resting my forehead against it, I quietly murmured to myself and faced Jack, who was waiting for me with his hands in the pockets of his pants just a few steps ahead. I looked down the street a short ways and saw his car waiting for us. As soon as I was next to Jack, he walked ahead and opened the door for me. I got in and scooted to the other end. Marriage For One PDF Book

“Hi, Raymond. I’m sorry for making you wait.” Jack got in after me and closed the door. I was fairly sure Raymond was the only person who knew about our fake marriage. He had been our only witness at city hall, and even if he hadn’t been there, there was no reality where he would believe we were a newly married couple who were crazy in love after seeing us together for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, everything wasn’t okay. I was losing control, and it was all because of her, all because of the guilt I couldn’t get rid of. If I kept going down the same path, all I’d accomplish would be making her hate me. Cynthia’s words came back to me and I considered them for a second, considered telling Rose.

Maybe if she heard everything, maybe if she knew what had happened and what I was thinking—I decided against it. I wasn’t ready to lose her just yet. If I could find the courage to tell her one day and hope she’d still stay, things would have to change—drastically. I’d need all the time I could get to try to make her feel something for me, and maybe along the way. Marriage For One PDF Book

I would come up with a good way to admit that I’d deceived her from the very beginning, to admit that the reason I offered to marry her wasn’t to have someone to attend the parties with. I hated any and all events, rarely went to them. It wasn’t to appear to be a family man to appease clients, and it definitely wasn’t because I was interested in the property. I could’ve bought ten of them if I was so inclined.

Being the prickly, no-nonsense guy he was, with a hand on my back—literally—he pushed me all the way down from the apartment to the car where Raymond was waiting next to the passenger door, as if I’d run away from him like a kid if he wasn’t keeping his hand on me. I was quite fine with the acting, because it kept his hand firmly on my back. So, joke’s on him. Marriage For One PDF Book

I managed to mumble and mutter the entire way down in the elevator, and he didn’t even utter a word. There was something about his gruffness that I just loved. It would put some people off, it definitely had put me off, but the more I got to know him, the more I found it adorable.

I, on the other hand, was actually getting used to his Grinch-like ways. The day he gave me a warm and genuine smile, I was going to celebrate with cake. I still didn’t like some things about him, like barely managing to greet people around him and maybe a few other things, but we weren’t in a real relationship so I didn’t feel like I had the right to nag him about any of them.

To be fair, I thought it was just his personality. He didn’t go out of his way to ignore people. He couldn’t help it if he had been raised in a stuffy, rich family. The only time I hated him a little bit in the entire week leading up to the weekend where we’d have to attend our first big event as a married couple was when he gave me his credit card in the kitchen on Wednesday. Marriage For One PDF Book Free

Inwardly, I cursed myself for taking the extra ten minutes in bed that morning and deciding to do my makeup at the coffee shop. I tore my eyes away from him and got up on one knee. He extended his hand to help me get the rest of the way up. As soon as I reached for his hand and our skin made contact, we experienced a little zap of electric shock between us.

I thought, just to be on the safe side, I should get up on my own, but he was still holding his hand out between us, so I gave it another go. “I’d like to live through this day—don’t zap me,” I muttered, slowly taking his hand and letting him pull me up. When I was on my feet, I realized I was standing a bit too close to him, close enough to feel his body heat. “Are you okay?” he asked, looking straight into my eyes with what looked like worry. Marriage For One PDF Book Free

His forehead creased, and since I’d dropped my gaze from his eyes, I watched a muscle in his jaw twitch. “So you can buy a dress for an event you’re going to attend because of me. You don’t need to spend your own money. Save it for the rent you’re eventually gonna be paying me.” He pushed the black plastic back toward me.

If at that moment he had smiled at me, I was fairly certain it would have pushed me straight out of my trance because I would’ve been sure this was a copy of Jack Hawthorne—a really gorgeous one, but just a copy—but he didn’t. When I didn’t stumble after he let go of my arm, I thought I could survive anything, but then he tucked the longest part of my bangs behind my ear and started leaning toward me.

He was only a tad quicker than a turtle this time, but it still gave me time to slightly lean back with widened eyes. I wasn’t sure what came over me, but something in his tone didn’t sit well. So, as if it was the most natural thing for me to do, still looking into his eyes, I rose up on my tippy toes, placed my hand on his stubbled cheek, and kissed the edge of his lips. Marriage For One PDF Book Free

That was as far as I’d allow myself to go. His hand tightened on my waist, pulling me at least a few inches closer to him. It didn’t close the gap between us, but I was aware of his hand and where it was the entire time.

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