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It’s difficult to put into words what this story means to me. To be honest, it was difficult to put this story into words, period. Madison’s exact story is fictional, but the aspects of it are very much real to many women who are single parents, had children young, and/or are rediscovering themselves after an abusive relationship. I’ve been an avid romance reader my entire life.

Meet Me Halfway PDF Book by Lilian T. James

Name of Book Meet Me Halfway
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 326
Language English
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Even as a child, I was invested and in love with the “happily ever after” of fictional characters in movies and shows. However, after I had my son, I began to notice a lack of parenting in romance novels. It isn’t surprising that many authors avoid the subject since a large portion of readers prefer romance to only have children in the epilogue or not at all.

But I’ve been a mother since I discovered I was pregnant at the age of 16, and I wanted to see it reflected in the books I read. I wanted young mothers. I wanted single mothers. I wanted to relate to the main character. To be fair, those books do exist, they’re just harder to find and often portray motherhood as a characteristic of the woman, rather than the life-altering struggle it can be.

Click here to Download Meet Me Halfway PDF Book

The main characters own homes but only have one job, and never seem to worry about bills. They also often have college degrees, but there’s never any explanation as to how the character accomplished that as a single parent. Not to say all that isn’t possible; it is. It just wasn’t true for me.

He stared at me for a moment before unfurling his muscular arms and grabbing the stack from me. He tucked it under one arm, tipping his head to the side and appraising me. His eyes roamed from my fuzzy feet, up along my pajama pants and too-large t-shirt. He narrowed his eyes, apparently disappointed in his findings. I reined in a sigh.

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Sexy he was, friendly he was not. “Look, I wasn’t snooping through your mail. I happened to be outside and noticed it on the ground. I live next door to you, my name’s Madison.” He nodded, whether because he believed me or was simply acknowledging he’d heard me, I had no idea. When he didn’t introduce himself in return, I stuck my hands in my pockets and rocked back on my heels.

“All right, well…” “Garrett,” he grunted, albeit reluctantly. I offered a smile, “It’s nice to meet you, Garrett.” His name had barely left my lips before he twisted back toward his porch. Well, alrighty then. I watched him go, not at all noticing his perfectly toned ass as he walked up his stairs and through his front door. I honestly wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

People like Kathy I was used to, but that? He’d just dismissed me like I’d handed him a pamphlet about my Lord and Savior rather than his own damn mail. Shunned by two neighbors in one day. That might be a new record. I made my way back into my house, ripping my ruined socks off the second I stepped through the doorway. I couldn’t hear the shower going, so Jamie was set to walk out any minute. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book

I grabbed a new pair from my dresser and opened up my planner, plotting my assignments for the night. Tonight wouldn’t be so bad, I might actually hit six hours of sleep for once. I was heading back down the hall when the sound of my ringtone echoed from the kitchen. Assuming it was my mother calling to finish our conversation, I took my time walking over and picking it up.

He stepped right up to my porch and put his cigarette out on my railing, sneering up at me as he did. I stared right back at him, refusing to look away first. I knew my entire face was flushed, and my ears burned like Hades himself was mouth breathing against them. I didn’t know what to do with my body, let alone my face. I wasn’t unfamiliar with people judging me.

I’d been given the scarlet letter at sixteen and called a slut more times than I could count, along with every possible synonym for it. But this was worse. It reminded me of the time a college-aged coworker had approached me while I was pregnant, offering to pay me for sex. My rounded belly had apparently screamed “I’m Madison, and I’m easy. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book

You don’t even have to wrap it up because I’m already pregnant. Enjoy the risk-free ride.” I was still living at home and going to school but had daycare to pay and couldn’t afford to quit, so I’d had to continue seeing the asshole every shift. This felt much like that. He’d basically called me a sleazy gold digger, and it didn’t matter that I knew it to be untrue.

Just like the guy back then, I was stuck in his vicinity, unable to walk away and never see him again. My eyes burned, and I shifted in my seat, submitting defeat and glancing away. I sensed, more than saw, Layla straighten to her full five-foot-ten height, locking her spine for battle. She knew me better than I knew myself and could probably sense my quickly rising anxiety.

“Well, you can fuck right off. If you want to run your mouth, go do it in your own home. You couldn’t have made it more obvious you don’t know her at all.”  I’d be swinging by to see him before working tonight, and I planned on waking up early so I could see him tomorrow morning before I did my payroll shift, but other than that, he’d be with my parents the entire weekend. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book

I had no idea how we ever would’ve made it without them, how any single mother, teenage or not, could ever make it without some sort of help. Single parents were expected to work full time yet stay home with our kids, be educated yet not abuse federal assistance, and somehow afford rent, bills, food, clothes, and gas by ourselves.

And heaven forbid we ever need to hold up a register line to pull out a WIC check. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I never would’ve brought Jamie and me to the comfortable point we were at if my parents hadn’t been available to watch him while I worked, and if I hadn’t been willing to accept that help. Not everyone in my situation was that lucky.

I nodded, excited for the things Jamie would get to do with them. He’d have a blast, and my mom was always good about taking lots of pictures when they did stuff without me. “All right, I’m going to head out, but I’m only required to shadow a guard for six hours, so I’ll have time to swing by this evening. And tomorrow morning I’ll be here bright and early to make breakfast for everyone.” Meet Me Halfway PDF Book Download

“I can’t promise we’ll be up.” I rolled my eyes. She and my dad were the definition of morning people. They’d absolutely be up. Jamie, on the other hand, I’d have to hit with a pillow. Walking onto the community college campus was a crazy feeling. I hadn’t stepped foot on it since I graduated, and now here I was being trusted to guard it.

I wasn’t necessarily scared of something actually happening, it was more of a fear of disappointing people. Following Rugsy’s waddle, I made my way to the living room, knocking on Jamie’s door again. “Jamie, get dressed, we gotta go!” His door flung open, “I’m ready. What happened?” “I’m sorry, I fell asleep reading and forgot to set my alarm. I think we still have a few of the emergency fruit pastries.

Go run a brush through your hair and your toothbrush over your teeth, and I’ll grab a package for you.” I checked the time on my phone. He would be at least a solid fifteen minutes late to school, which meant I’d be even later than that to work. I cursed, dialing Evaline to let her know. She clicked her tongue, “No problem at all, honey, I’m just sitting here online shopping for new office chairs anyway.” Meet Me Halfway PDF Book Download

Of course, she was. “Thanks, Evaline, I’ll see you soon.” Hanging up, I grabbed my purse and slipped into my heels. I felt like I was beginning to lose the tight grip I’d been holding onto my life and everything in it. I’d never been late before, and now it felt like it was becoming a regular occurrence. Next thing you knew, I’d be missing assignments.

The thought alone had me queasy. We ran out to the Jeep like the chaotic creatures we were, and I’d never been so thankful to not run into Garrett. It’d been several days since I’d invited him into my house, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t worn his hoodie to bed each night since. Not because I was a lonely social creature in need of a man to date, but because Garrett smelled amazing.

One quick drive—only a smidge over the speed limit— and several nasty glares from school employees later, I pulled into my work parking lot. A half hour late. I sighed, resting my head on my steering wheel and wasting one more minute to breathe. I could do this. A bad start to a day didn’t mean it would be a bad day overall. It would be fine. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book Download

Obviously, there was the chance something could go wrong. The campus was closed besides a couple of straggling professors, so yes, unwelcome people could show up and cause an issue, but I’d decided to see the glass as half full for once. I was determined to enjoy the small sunlight the sky had finally bestowed upon me.

It was a surprisingly calm day, the eastern breeze napping for the time being. Wearing a beanie and a thin black jacket over my uniform, I was warm and comfortable as I made my way to the next building. The only terrifying thing to happen to me so far occurred during my walk-through of my second building.

I happened to be standing next to a maintenance room when the heater kicked on, and I almost jumped out of my shoes, I ran so fast. And once you’ve had a kid, being scared is no joke. I nearly peed myself. Thinking about Jamie put a damper on my mood. The other night had been a hard one, but an important one in a way. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book Free

When we’d finally left the kitchen, we’d curled up on my bed and talked about what he’d seen and how it’d made him feel. I’d explained that Garrett had just been worried about my safety and hadn’t gone about it in the right way, but that didn’t mean he wanted to, or would ever, hurt me. It shouldn’t have been as easy to admit as it was, because by all accounts I didn’t actually know my neighbor all that well.

I didn’t know his past, other than his military history and the little he’d said about his parents. But the thing that stuck with me was he didn’t put his hands on me other than to hold me steady. He didn’t shake me and demand I not go even though he might’ve wanted to. He’d simply pushed me metaphorically to see the truth for myself.

It’d been a dick move, and in the end, it hadn’t been necessary since I’d already been second-guessing the shift, but I understood the intention behind his method, as stupid of a method as it was. Hopefully it wouldn’t be an issue here soon anyway. She and her boyfriend, Rick, were currently cuddled up on the couch, watching some sci-fi movie he brought while I finished up dinner. Meet Me Halfway PDF Book Free

I switched off the stovetop burner and pulled open the fridge to grab her drink. A pair of giant ass eyes stared back at me from the center shelf, and I cursed. “Seriously, Layla? The fridge?” Witch-like laughter met my ears, and I glared over the bar, launching the toy at her. A few years ago, she and I had each started a collection of these creepy, bug-eyed stuffed animals.

We’d randomly found one at a gas station once and had both continued buying them. I couldn’t remember who’d started it, but not long after she moved in, we’d made it a game to hide them around the house, scaring the shit out of each other with them. Lately, she’d been one-upping me.

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