Midnight Sun PDF Book By Stephenie Meyer


Meyer’s novel is divided into 29 chapters following the relationship between Bella Hans and Edward Cullen. This relationship is complicated because Bella is human and Edward is a vampire. This work is told in stories like Edward and Bella, Twilight in Meyer’s early novels, although similar incidents are found in this work from Edward’s point of view. As soon as the work begins, Isabella Swann has moved to Forks, Washington, due to her mother’s recent marriage. Her father, Charlie, is the city’s police chief. Initially, Edward is fed up with the overly enthusiastic response to the new girl, however, once he smells Bella’s exceptionally sweet juice, she fears killing him on the spot.

Midnight Sun PDF Book By Stephenie Meyer

Name of Book Midnight Sun PDF
Author Stephenie Meyer
Published 2020
Language English
Pages 789
PDF Size 3.5 MB
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About Book – Midnight Sun PDF Book By Stephenie Meyer

Edward’s family has left human blood to live more lovingly with humans. For the safety of his family, Edward is traveling to Alaska in an attempt to destroy his increased desire for Bella’s blood. However, in doing so, he fears that he is cowardly and frustrated. He returned home, again dressed as a high school student with his siblings: Emmett, Rosalie, Ice Lis and Jasper. Each sibling has special skills and supernatural qualities, but there are remarkable skills beyond Edward and Ice Lis. Ice Lis has potential future dreams; Edward can read ideas. Edward, however, was shocked by Bella because he could not read her thoughts.

Edward tested her self-control and began associating with Bella. He thinks of going away again, but Bella is in danger as the car gets out of control. Edward used vampire power to protect her, threatening her identity. Bella is well aware of his extraordinary strength. Then he ignores her, hoping she’ll leave. Her siblings are worried that she will expose her, especially Gulala, who offers to kill Bella. Edward sees Bella through the eyes of others and develops a romantic attraction in addition to his stacker.

Midnight Sun PDF Book By Stephenie Meyer

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The two get to know each other through a series of questions, and Edward often sees her while she’s asleep. Edward wonders if the relationship with her is too dangerous? When friends go to Port Angeles with friends, he chases after her. However, he could not find her easily. He reads the thoughts of others and traces their scent, only four people are found around him. Edward saves her but is filled with anger as he tries to destroy the men. Bella comforts her and the two keep learning more about each other at a local restaurant.

Conversations with Jacob Black about the quality legend give Bella an accurate guess that Edward is a vampire. Bella wonders about her vampire habit, and Bella’s classmates ask about her relationship with Edward. In return, Edward follows Alice’s approach to her advice. Midnight Sun Book Pdf From Bel Lis’s point of view, he fears that catching Bella as a vampire will affect his relationship with Bella. Edward discovers Black at Bella because his presence complicates the vampire’s deal with Quilutes. Alice sees numerous illustrations of Edward and Bella’s relationship; She saw that their future would end in a pasture built together.

Edward takes her to the meadow so that Bella can be exposed to her form in the sunlight. She accepts him unconditionally. The two experience their first kiss and hug; His chemistry is worth watching. Midnight Sun Book Pdf Although Edward still fears that he could turn Bella into a vampire, he sees the temptation of blood only as a matter of self-control. He brings her home to visit the family, but refuses to meet her, envious of both Rose, Bella’s humanity, and her attraction to Edward. Bella participates in a family baseball game during a storm that covers the noise of their supernatural game.

While playing, three unexpected vampires find them and one, James, is a tracker. She has special tracking skills and she has caught the smell of Bella. The Clans split up and plotted to destroy James and protect Bella. Bella suggests he return to Phoenix while the others trap James. Midnight Sun Book Pdf Edward, Carlisle and Emmett take James to the deep jungles of Canada, while Alice and Jasper go to Arizona with Bella. James takes them out, goes to Phoenix, and takes Bella away from Alice with a trick about Bella’s mother, Renee. He uses an old videotape to convince Bella that Renee is trapped in Bella’s former dance studio. Although Alice can see the scene, she can’t find Bella.

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Edward, Carlisle and Emmet join Jasper and Alice and join the race to find Bella before it’s too late. When they find her, she is barely conscious and soaked in blood. Emmet and Jasper attack James and destroy him. Midnight Sun Book Pdf  Carlisle leads Bella’s wounds, but James cuts off her hand and Edward has to get poisoned. It involves an extraordinary amount of discipline on his part as he can turn Bella into a vampire. Bella is hospitalized, and Clarence creates a cover story for the events that unfolded. Edward sees her with the overwhelming knowledge that his time with her is limited because he does not want to endanger her. Bella’s mother arrives, and Charlie is informed of the events.

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Once Bella is out of danger, she returns to Forks and Alice helps her recover. Alice arranges Bella’s presence at the prom with Edward as her escort. As a surprise, Bella thinks for a moment that maybe Edward is going to turn her into a vampire. Yet Edward has no intention of doing so because he does not want to hurt her. Jacob Black comes to the dance at the behest of his father to warn Bella of the Clans again. Bella and Edward hug, Edward ends work with Bella hugs and kisses.

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