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So what does a mentalist do? Right now, I’m incredibly busy performing all over the world: Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Europe, Israel, the list goes on. I’ve traveled to three different continents in one week. I sleep a lot on airplanes and carry several different phones. I never know who might call or when.

Mind Reader PDF Book by Lior Suchard

Name of Book Mind Reader
Author Lior Suchard
PDF Size 6.5 MB
No of Pages 191
Language  English
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It could be the king of Romania one week, Donna Karan or a high-tech maven the next; with Russian oligarchs in between just telling me to show up at a private airfield at a certain time. And, by the way, don’t be late. I appear in many countries on TV talk shows, including Jay Leno, and sometimes they even invite me back.

Including Jay Leno. I’m big in Japan. Go figure. I work at international corporate events and trade shows, for companies like CocaCola, Microsoft, BMW, and Omega. I’m invited into big-business conference rooms to break the ice before meetings, to make billionaires play nice—and I’m invited to private Hollywood parties to entertain movie stars and their A-list friends.

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I’ve opened for Joan Rivers in Las Vegas, where I also have my own show. And yes, I’m welcome in Vegas as long as I stay out of the casinos. By the way, the stories about the black list are true! Sometimes, when I happen to be at the beach or the market or the local diner, I perform. I just can’t help myself. I’m walking down the street and before I know it I’m meeting someone and performing.

I’m amazing them with my mind games and they’re looking at me, wondering, “Oh my god, how did you do that?” It’s fun. I love the energy. It’s a whirlwind of an adventure, and everywhere I go I put in my best performance. I may have just arrived off a twelve-hour flight from hell, had a fight with my manager, my mother, and my girlfriend, but no one in the audience will sense it.

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I check my fatigue, my emotions at the door, and when I step onto the stage or enter a room, I turn my mind on full blast and become Lior Suchard Extreme, supernatural entertainer. Positive energy and human connection are everything to me. I live to show others how amazing the mind is and to make people laugh, to step outside of themselves and say, “Wow.”

Whether they’re a Hollywood movie star, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the person sitting across from me at the airport, it’s all the same to me. I want people to wonder. I ask Amy to think of a person, male or female, that there’s no way that I could know. Someone who’s not at the meeting, in the conference room at my publisher’s office.

There’s a bunch of us in here, and all eyes are on Amy. She nods briefly. She seems quiet but confident. Immediately, she thinks of a person. I can tell by the concentration on her face that her decision is made, that she’s not wavering and changing her mind. “It’s a woman,” I say. She nods and smiles. I look carefully at her face, at her eyes, moving quite close to her. Mind Reader PDF Book

“There are five letters in her name.” Again, a nod, a smile. She is empathetic, wanting me to succeed. Her mind is very open—it makes it much easier for me. “Does anyone in this room know her?” She shakes her head. I’m holding a pen and card in my hands and I start to write. I’m seeing letters now, an image. I start to write the letters down.

An N, an I. “She’s very close to you?” I say. It’s not really a question. I know she is by the strength of Amy’s thoughts. I’m done with my writing now—I have a five-letter word, a name, written down on the card. I show it around the room but make sure that Amy cannot see. TANIA. Everyone looks first at the card, then over at Amy, people in the second row craning to see her face.

They want to know the name. “So, Amy,” I ask. “What was the name you thought of?” A moment’s pause—she has good timing. “Tania,” she says. Everyone gasps. I show her the card. “She’s my best friend,” says Amy. “And that’s exactly how she spells her name. With an I not a Y.” Mind Reader PDF Book

Which makes sense, because that’s how she thought about the name when she thought of her friend, and that’s the way I saw the name in her mind. Everyone is excited, talking now. How did I do it? How could I have gone inside Amy’s mind and pulled out this name? While it seems that our minds can get things wrong a lot of the time, the fact is that there’s a crazy amount of stuff going on inside our brains.

And so we have to rely on these shortcuts. We don’t have time to analyze and double-check every single tiny piece of information that comes our way. Most of the time, these shortcuts work. But, sometimes, we need to be more mindful, more aware of what’s going on, and less ready to fall back onto autopilot in our lives.

We need to tell our minds who’s in charge. I have to do this a lot as a mentalist. I need to make my mind work for me in ways that I can control. To take that power and manipulate it, whether it’s through channeling chi energy, using intuition, focus, influence, and persuasion, or reading body language and nonverbal expressions. Mind Reader PDF Book

These all increase our control of our minds and unleash its power. Here’s a funny way of showing how you can focus your thoughts to stop your mind from running on autopilot. Start circling your right foot clockwise—to the right, and keep drawing circles with it. Now use your finger to draw a number six in the air.

What happens to your foot? If you’re like most people, your foot will automatically start circling counterclockwise—to the left. Try it again, this time trying to will your foot to circle to the right. It’s hard, but it can be done. It’s like mind over mind over matter! You’re fighting your mind’s own natural inclination to follow the movement and direction of your hand.

The more you focus on it, the easier it will become. Here’s a Necker Cube, an image that our brains interpret as a 3-D image. In reality, it’s just twelve intersecting lines, but most people see it as a cube with the lower left face as the front. It is possible to make the image shift. Sometimes this will happen spontaneously, but you can also do it purposely. Mind Reader PDF Book Download

We’re back at my big show. I’ve guessed a number, guessed a name, and had Jane choose a number in a phone book that amazingly matched the number created randomly by the women in the front row. The women are still freaked out by this. I have Blake in charge of the money and a scroll.

And now I close my eyes for an instant, to still my mind. When I reopen them, I look out into the sea of faces, many of them familiar by now. They have connected as an audience, reacting like one being. Laughter. Shock. Amazement. At this moment, they’re showing anticipation. I step to the middle of the stage.

“I need a couple from the audience. A man and a woman to help me with something amazing!” This time, a whole host of hands flies up into the air. I look over the volunteers. Whom to choose, whom to choose? I pick a couple way in the back of the room. They’re laughing together, in tune with each other. Mind Reader PDF Book Download

They thread their way along their row and up to the stage, the man looking out for his wife, gently holding her elbow up the steps to the stage. I lunge forward and jab Pam lightly in her behind with the fork. Immediately, Steve jumps into the air. He pulls off the blindfold in shock, then he and Pam just sit there laughing, shaking.

The audience is on its feet with the excitement and energy. “Oh my god,” I shout, “this means you are so connected. Give them a big round of applause!” The music starts up. Pam and Steve make their way to the steps, laughing and talking together. “By the way, I have to tell you this: the pain will be gone in a month.” Laughter.

“And this hypnotic situation only lasts for a week. This means that every place you touch yourself in the next week—she will feel it also.” Lots of laughter. “Oh, and Pam, if you feel something at two A.M., it’s not me.” I stand on stage watching the audience laugh, enjoying the moment. Then I grab the microphone, walk into the spotlight, and shout, “By the way, I almost forgot. Where is the money?” Mind Reader PDF Book Download

The term “chi” is Chinese, but you may have heard of ki, chai, or prana. These are the Japanese, Hebrew, and Sanskrit words for “energy” or “life force.” It’s the natural energy in the universe that makes up everything. I like to think of it as positive energy, and I practice it during my performances and in my life offstage.

It exists both inside and outside our bodies, and the more we are able to harness and draw inside ourselves, the more energetic and vital we are. As a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, I’ve always been interested in the connection between chi and the Force. As Obi-Wan Kenobi says to Luke Skywalker, “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.

It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” Sounds like chi to me. The Chinese have a saying that “chi follows yi,” where yi is the mind or intention. This phrase relates exactly to some of the skills I use as a mentalist. When I focus my mind, energy flows in that direction. Mind Reader PDF Book Download

The more I focus, the more energy flows. In fact, I can specifically focus on having the energy flow to where I want it. You can try this by thinking about a part of your body, your foot maybe, or your hand. Really focus on it and become aware of it. Imagine the way the veins are trembling just below the surface of the skin, the way blood is flowing through your veins, carrying its life force with it.

Now imagine the blood as energy pumping through your body. Maybe you’ll feel a tingling in your foot. Maybe it will start to seem a bit warm. That’s the sensation of energy. So how do I use this power to influence the world around me? Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was focusing the chi, my internal energy, when I was that six-year-old boy playing with my food and making my spoon move across the bowl.

Back then I was only able to move the spoon a fraction of an inch and only some of the time—so most of our family meal times progressed peacefully enough—but now, after years of study and practice, I am able to focus a large amount of this energy whenever I wish. I try to radiate positive energy in every direction, wherever I go. Mind Reader PDF Book Free

One of my favorite things to do is get people to say “wow,” and to make them laugh. What could be more positive than that? Whenever I amaze people— whether it’s in an informal setting on a beach or a street somewhere or at a live show—I love to see the wonder on their faces. It’s like they’re little children again.

Some people, of course, ask me questions and try to rationalize what I do, or they tell me they think it’s all tricks and fakery— which, by the way, I don’t mind. I always ask them, “Did you enjoy the show?” and when they say, “Yes, it was amazing,” I know I’ve done my part. That’s all that matters. It’s not for me to turn nonbelievers into believers.

My hope is that people enjoy the entertainment that is at the core of everything I do. I think I can say that nearly everyone leaves one of my performances feeling very positive. I agree one hundred percent with Charlie Chaplin, who said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Ever since I started performing as a mentalist. Mind Reader PDF Book Free

I’ve had a catch phrase, a motto, printed on postcards and business cards, and it sums up very well two elements of my show. “Always think happy thoughts, as you never know who’s reading them.” I’m a big believer in thinking positively. If I can harness enough energy with my mind to move objects, to make solid objects bend.

To send a jolt of energy from one person to another, then it’s clear that our minds have the capacity to affect the world around us. It’s up to us to use that energy in a positive way, to channel our chi to create a wellspring of positivity in us that overflows into our daily lives.