Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book by Jon Kabat-Zinn


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A person’s urges could be likened to a wave. Sometimes, that wave surges and it overwhelms you; it surrounds you. According to the late, great psychologist Alan Marlatt, PhD, people often have the urge to switch back to their old habits, no matter how negative those may seem to be. Just like waves, urges also rise in intensity, and you get to feel them enveloping you.

Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Name of Book Mindfulness for Beginners
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And just like waves, you can also surf on your urges and emerge victoriously. But, remember, your urges are not who you are, and you still have so much control over them. According to Dr. Sarah Bowen of the Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors at the University of Washington, every person has the capacity to fight his urges in ways that he knows best.

People cope via experience, and that’s why they have to strengthen their minds so it would be easier to control urges and other things in life. Feeding yourself is not just about what you eat, but also about what you tell your mind, and even what you hear, and watch onscreen. The television—and movies, and even books and newspapers are so powerful because you see an image of what’s happening.

Click here to Download Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book

Sometimes, you’d watch TV and see people getting wasted, doing drugs—and somehow, you begin to think it’s a “cool thing”. Of course, it’s still up to you to decide what you want to do with your life, and that’s true. But you also have to keep in mind that if you do not surround yourself with positive things, your spirits might be dampened. Same goes for what you listen to.

There are times when you’re already so stressed out and you listen to music that’s too noisy—probably to let the rage out—or too sad, and guess what? You get to feel the mood of the music. You become sadder, angrier even, and that’s not good. Eating and drinking slowly is also important in mindfulness meditation, getting its roots from the Kabbalah.

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By eating slowly, you not only get to make your metabolic rate faster, but you also get to appreciate what’s in front of you. And, you get to prepare yourself for other mindfulness exercises that you’ll be doing in the future, too. Here’s what happens: more than anything, when you see and touch the food and beverage (the container of the beverage, of course) in front of you,

you can ask yourself how it looks and feels like—and how you feel about it. You will then find yourself slowly coming into a state of bliss— because you get to realize that you actually have something to eat, and that’s something you should be grateful for. Then, you can come back to asking yourself what the food or the beverage reminds you of.

What certain point in your life do you remember at the moment? How does the food make you feel inside? Or, does it remind you of a bad time in your life? Does it make you feel nauseated? Why? Acceptance. Just because you accept something doesn’t mean you have lost. On the contrary, it means you are actually strong enough to let go of what you can no longer change—and start living a better life. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book

Curiosity. Just like Alice when she got lost in Wonderland, allow yourself to enjoy what you’re doing, be curious about it, and simply forget the world for a while! When you don’t forgive yourself for your past mistakes, you tend to become someone who feels like the whole world is conspiring against you. There are days when you feel like you’ve already done your best and yet, nothing good ever happens.

Days like these are the worst because you might feel as if you’ll never achieve success again. Well, guess what? You can definitely move past this awful moment in your life and become the kind of person that you have always wanted to become—or maybe even someone better than that. Then, if you already know what went wrong, you can start planning about what you can do to rise up from the fall.

Others write about their plans, make lists, or even make use of cork boards where they can pin write-ups and photos of their plans. In Psychology, it is said that if you can visualize something, it has more premise of coming true. This is because if the mind can see something, it becomes more inclined to achieving it. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book

For example, you lost some of your savings and then you write about this trip you’re supposed to go to. You also write about your plans for making money and saving up again. When you realize that you have all these plans, you’ll be more enthusiastic about working or doing whatever you can to save up. Somehow, it makes things easier instead of just wallowing in your situation and doing nothing about it.

This way, you can make things right and you are also able to help yourself become a better and stronger person, too. Basically, you have to assess the situation so you could create positive responses in your head. In creating these responses, you need lots of practice but soon, it will pay off. When you think positively and have positive responses, you’ll be able to do it in real life, too.

It’s not that simple, of course, but just take it a step at a time and you’ll be fine. thoughts, emotions, and behavior—which is exactly why people react to things in different ways. For example, if you’ve had such a rough life, even the littlest things could make you feel so bad about yourself—and make you depressed. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book

But remember, every second that you spend depressed is another second you would not be able to get back. When you let the world win, you’re letting yourself lose—is that what you want? Understand what you can make out of it, and what you can take from it. Now, it’s time for you to change your response. When your co-worker comments on your hair, thank her about it—and she just might feel like she was burned.

You have the choice whether to be affected by someone’s comments or not, and you know what? It’s best for you to turn it around. When you shape your responses, you shape the outcome of what your life would be. Instead of getting bummed by those comments, you get to feel better about yourself—and work the best way you could!

This book contains steps and strategies on how to awaken your chakras, how to balance these energies emanating from the chakra points in your body, and how to use this knowledge to make your life better. For over a thousand years, many people have been interested in psychic studies, not only for paranormal pursuits but for health benefits as well.

Knowing your chakra points will definitely give you an edge in balancing your life, making better decisions, and generally living a healthier life; the gift of seeing and feeling these chakra points in action is a bonus. Energy radiates from our chakras. When you are happy or angry, psychics would be able to see a colored light surrounding you. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book Download

The color may be red, blue, or white, depending on the emotions you feel that day. The stronger the emotions you feel, the stronger the light would be. On the other hand, your chakra points may also weaken, especially if you have an illness. This is why you can use crystals or gemstones for healing.

You actually place them on your chakra points and the positive energy carried by the crystals would then be transferred to the chakra points. A knowledge of chakras and how you can strengthen them is vital for your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. Chakras are typically defined as the (sometimes) invisible force fields around you, which emanate positive or negative energies depending on your mood.

Emotions, and health status. The history of chakras goes a long way. Starting in the 7th century BCE, the Hindus have produced texts linking the deities, religious canon, and the knowledge of these psychic force fields. During this time, the Hindus recorded and wrote the Upanishads – the tome of sacred texts that contained the beliefs of Hindus. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book Download

Aside from learning about karma and reincarnation, practitioners and then readers of the Upanishads knew that the body had various energy points. Anyone who has seen auras would say that these auras have colors and different vibrations. Where they come from – the chakra points – also influence the kind of auras that people see in you.

If you feel very happy or excited, your aura will manifest the energy that you feel; such energy can even be transferred to other people. Have you ever walked in a room full of angry people, only to leave the same room feeling angry yourself? That is aura and energy at work. You somehow absorb the energy, whether positive or negative, emanating from other people.

The way you feel also affects your health. Scientific studies prove that feeling sorrowful and depressed can be linked to serious illnesses such as fatigue, cancer, and heart problems. Joyous people may have illnesses, too, but these may not be as serious or fatal as what perpetually sad people have. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book Download

Whenever they don’t want to feel down or angry, they say a mantra to quickly protect themselves from being influenced by outside forces. They say affirmations like “I will be happy today” or “I can feel that my day will be alright”. This is a form of meditation and a way to seal your chakra points.

Chakras may also be blocked, meaning energy is not flowing properly in one point. Blocked chakras affect other chakra points and cause imbalance. Thus, it is important that you have your chakras opened during your meditative state. A balanced and healthy chakra will be able to radiate positive energy, and the right amount of energy at that.

The energy flows freely, but it will not overpower and block your other chakra points. The point of this book is to teach you how to awaken your chakras and manage them to prevent any imbalance of energy in your body. As aforementioned, there are seven chakras in your body. These chakra points help you in different aspects – physical health, emotions, psychic abilities, etc. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book Free

protection, healing, and extra motivation: ruby, bloodstone, smoky quartz, obsidian, tourmaline, garnet, red jasper, and red quartz. Naturally, the colors that you have to look for are red and black. Your root chakra is also responsible for the healing of your skeletal system and circulatory system, your bladder, kidneys, rectum, hips, adrenal gland, skin, feet, and legs.

When used properly, the root chakra will help you understand that all things are connected. You become more grounded and stronger when facing uncertainty. You also feel that you belong to a certain place or group. You are more secure and nurturing, channeling the Mother archetype. When you feel an imbalance in the energy, you feel like giving up and unable to cope.

You also feel that you want to detach yourself from a group. You exclude others and you adopt a superior stance. You also channel the Victim archetype and tend to think that everyone is against you. You also feel so insecure. The good thing about strengthening your earth star chakra is that you become conscious of your being and that you know you are a spirit manifesting itself on the physical plane. Mindfulness for Beginners PDF Book Free

You will display a passion and zest for life, and you know how to detach yourself from the chains of the past and the uncertainties of the future. The shadows or weaknesses related to the earth star chakra are depression or disconnection from relationships, lack of motivation to do your activities, and disorders associated with immunity. Hence, you need to activate your earth star chakra to protect yourself from getting anxious and lazy.

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