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I was 37 then, strapped in my seat as the huge 747 plunged through dense cloud cover on approach to Hamburg airport. Cold November rains drenched the earth, lending everything the gloomy air of a Flemish landscape: the ground crew in waterproofs, a flag atop a squat airport building, a BMW billboard. So – Germany again.

Norwegian Wood PDF Book by Haruki Murakami

Name of Book Norwegian Wood
Author Haruki Murakami
PDF Size  1 MB
No of Pages 353
Language  English
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Once the plane was on the ground, soft music began to flow from the ceiling speakers: a sweet orchestral cover version of the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”. The melody never failed to send a shudder through me, but this time it hit me harder than ever. I bent forward, my face in my hands to keep my skull from splitting open.

Before long one of the German stewardesses approached and asked in English if I were sick. “No,” I said, “just dizzy.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure. Thanks.” She smiled and left, and the music changed to a Billy Joel tune. I straightened up and looked out of the window at the dark clouds hanging over the North Sea.

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Thinking of all I had lost in the course of my life: times gone for ever, friends who had died or disappeared, feelings I would never know again. The plane reached the gate. People began unfastening their seatbelts and pulling luggage from the overhead lockers, and all the while I was in the meadow. I could smell the grass, feel the wind on my face, hear the cries of the birds.

Autumn 1969, and soon I would be 20. “So now you’ll have plenty of chances to see a world without that problem. More than you want to, maybe.” “Hey, tell me, what do you think the best thing is about being rich?” “I don’t know.” “Being able to say you don’t have any money. Like, if I suggested to a school friend we do something, she could say, ‘Sorry, I don’t have any money’.

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Which is something I could never say if the situation was reversed. If I said “I don’t have any money’, it would really mean “I don’t have any money’. It’s sad. Like, if a pretty girl says “I look terrible today, I don’t want to go out,’ that’s OK, but if an ugly girl says the same thing people laugh at her. That’s what the world was like for me. For six years, until last year.”

“You’ll get over it.” “I hope so. University is such a relief! It’s full of ordinary people.” She smiled with the slightest curl of her lip and smoothed her short hair with the palm of her hand. “Do you have a job?” I asked. “Yeah, I write map notes. You know those little pamphlets that come with maps? With descriptions of the different neighbourhoods and population figures and points of interest.

Here there’s so-and-so hiking trail or such-and-such a legend, or some special flower or bird. I write the texts for those things. It’s so easy! Takes no time at all. I can write a whole booklet with a day of looking things up in the library. All you have to do is master a couple of secrets and all kinds of work comes your way.” Norwegian Wood PDF Book

“What kind of secrets?” “Like you put in some little something that nobody else has written and the people at the map company think you’re a literary genius and send you more work. It doesn’t have to be anything at all, just some tiny thing. The entrance was on the second floor. I climbed the stairs and went in through a big glass door to find a young woman in a red dress at the reception desk.

I gave her my name and said I had been instructed to ask for Doctor Ishida. She smiled and gestured towards a brown sofa, suggesting in low tones that I wait there for the doctor to come. Then she dialled a number. I lowered my rucksack from my back, sank down into the deep cushions of the sofa, and surveyed the place.

It was a clean, pleasant lobby, with ornamental potted plants, tasteful abstract paintings, and a polished floor. As I waited, I kept my eyes on the floor’s reflection of my shoes. At one point the receptionist assured me, “The doctor will be here soon.” I nodded. What an incredibly quiet place! There were no sounds of any kind. Norwegian Wood PDF Book

It was as though everyone were taking a siesta. People, animals, insects, plants must all be sound asleep, I thought, it was such a quiet afternoon. Before long, though, I heard the soft padding of rubber soles, and a mature, bristly-haired woman appeared. She swept across the lobby, sat down next to me, crossed her legs and took my hand.

Instead of just shaking it, she turned my hand over, examining it front and back. “You haven’t played a musical instrument, at least not for some years now, have you?” were the first words out of her mouth. “No,” I said, taken aback. “You’re right.” “I can tell from your hands,” she said with a smile. There was something almost mysterious about this woman.

Her face had lots of wrinkles. These were the first thing to catch your eye, but they didn’t make her look old. Instead, they emphasized a certain youthfulness in her that transcended age. The wrinkles belonged where they were, as if they had been part of her face since birth. When she smiled, the wrinkles smiled with her; when she frowned, the wrinkles frowned, too. Norwegian Wood PDF Book

And when she was neither smiling nor frowning, the wrinkles lay scattered over her face in a strangely warm, ironic way. “It’s probably up to 80 now,” I said. “But in his case, the higher the numbers go, the less each individual act seems to mean. Which is what I think he’s trying to accomplish.” “And you call that “stoic’?” “For him it is.” Naoko thought about my words for a minute.

“I think he’s a lot sicker in the head than I am,” she said. “So do I,” I said. “But he can put all of his warped qualities into a logical system. He’s brilliant. If you brought him here, he’d be out in two days. “Oh, sure, I know all that,’ he’d say. “I understand everything you’re doing here.’ He’s that kind of guy. The kind people respect.”

“I guess I’m the opposite of brilliant,” said Naoko. “I don’t understand anything they’re doing here – any better than I understand myself.” “It’s not because you’re not smart,” I said. “You’re normal. I’ve got tons of things I don’t understand about myself. We’re both normal: ordinary.” Naoko raised her feet to the edge of the sofa and rested her chin on her knees. Norwegian Wood PDF Book Download

“I want to know more about you,” she said. “I’m just an ordinary guy – ordinary family, ordinary education, ordinary face, ordinary exam results, ordinary thoughts in my head.” “You’re such a big Scott Fitzgerald fan … wasn’t he the one who said you shouldn’t trust anybody who calls himself an ordinary man? You lent me the book!” said Naoko with a mischievous smile. “True,” I said.

“But this is no affectation. I really, truly believe deep down that I’m an ordinary person. Can you find something in me that’s not ordinary?” “Of course I can!” said Naoko with a hint of impatience. “Don’t you get it? Why do you think I slept with you? Because I was so drunk I would have slept with anyone?” “No, of course I don’t think that,” I said.

I couldn’t help smiling myself. And what about Naoko last night? I wondered. I knew for certain that it had been the real Naoko and not a dream: she had definitely taken her clothes off and shown her naked body to me. Reiko whistled a lovely rendition of “Proud Mary” as she stuffed a plastic bag with the debris they had gathered and tied the opening. Norwegian Wood PDF Book Download

I helped them carry the tools and feed bag to the shed. “Morning is my favourite time of day,” said Naoko. “It’s like everything’s starting out fresh and new. I begin to get sad around noon time, and I hate it when the sun goes down. I live with those same feelings clay aster day. “And while you’re living with those feelings, you youngsters get old just like me,” said Reiko with a smile.

“You’re thinking about how it’s morning now or night and the next thing you know, you’re old.” “But you like getting old,” said Naoko. “Not really,” said Reiko. “But I sure don’t wish I was young again.” “Why not?” I asked. “Because it’s such a pain in the neck!” she said. Then she tossed her broom in and closed the door of the shed, whistling “Proud Mary” all the while.

Back at the flat, the women changed their boots for tennis shoes and said they were going to the farm. Reiko suggested I stayed behind with a book or something because the work would be no fun to watch and they would be doing it as part of a group. “And while you’re waiting you can wash the pile of dirty underwear we left by the sink,” she added. Norwegian Wood PDF Book Download

“You’re kidding,” I said, taken aback. “Of course I am,” she laughed. “You’re so sweet. Isn’t he, Naoko?” “He really is,” said Naoko, laughing with her. “I’ll work on my German,” I said with a sigh. “Yeah, do your homework like a good boy,” said Reiko. She turned left as we approached the tennis courts.

We went down a narrow stairway and came out at a spot where several storehouses stood like a block of houses. Reiko opened the door of the nearest one, stepped in and turned on the lights. “Come in,” she said. “There’s not much to see, though.” The storehouse contained neat rows of cross-country skis, boots and poles, and on the floor were piled snow removal equipment and bags of rock salt.

“I used to come here all the time for guitar practice – when I wanted to be alone. Nice and cosy, isn’t it?” Reiko sat on the bags of rock salt and invited me to sit next to her. I did as I was told. “Not much ventilation here, but mind if I smoke?” “Go ahead,” I said. “This is one habit I can’t seem to break,” she said with a frown, but she lit up with obvious enjoyment. Norwegian Wood PDF Book Free

Not many people enjoy tobacco as much as Reiko did. I ate my grapes, carefully peeling them one at a time and tossing the skins and seeds into a tin that served as a rubbish bin. “Now, let’s see, how far did we get last night?” Reiko asked. “It was a dark and stormy night, and you were climbing the steep cliff to grab the bird’s nest.”

“You’re amazing, the way you can joke around with such a straight face,” said Reiko. “Let’s see, I think I had got to the point where I was giving piano lessons to the girl every Saturday morning.” “That’s it.” He lay on his side, limp, the drooping left arm inert, jabbed with an intravenous needle. He was a small, skinny man who gave the impression that he would only get smaller and thinner.

A white bandage encircled his head, and his pasty white arms were dotted with the holes left by injections or intravenous drips. His half-open eyes stared at a fixed point in space, bloodshot spheres that twitched in our direction when we entered the room. For some ten seconds they stayed focused on us, then drifted back to that fixed point in space. Norwegian Wood PDF Book Free

You knew when you saw those eyes he was going to die soon. There was no sign of life in his flesh, just the barest trace of what had once been a life. His body was like a dilapidated old house from which all the fixtures and fittings have been removed, awaiting its final demolition. Around the dry lips clumps of whiskers sprouted like weeds.

So, I thought, even after so much of a man’s life force has been lost, his beard continues to grow. Midori said hello to a fat man in the bed by the window. He nodded and smiled, apparently unable to talk. He coughed a few times and, after sipping some water from a glass by his pillow, he shifted his weight and rolled on his side, turning to gaze out of the window.

Beyond the window could be seen only a pole and some power lines, nothing more, not even a cloud in the sky. “How are you feeling, Daddy?” said Midori, speaking into her father’s ear as if testing a microphone. “How are you today?” Norwegian Wood PDF Book Free