November of the Heart PDF Book by LaVyrle Spencer


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Nathan went on with much more forbearance than Gideon. “The problem’s not with the sail, Gid, it’s with the drag. The Tartar seems bottomheavy to me.” “Then we’ll reduce the drag! By next year-mark my words!-we’ll reduce the drag and win that second race!” “The question is how.” “How?” Gideon Barnett threw up both hands.

November of the Heart PDF Book by LaVyrle Spencer

Name of Book November of the Heart
PDF Size 1.7 MB
No of Pages 929
Language English
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“I don’t know how, but I for one refuse to lose ten thousand dollars to those damned Minnetonka sandbaggers, not when it was they who challenged ur to these three years of races!” Levinia said, “Nobody forced you to place so large a bet, Gideon. You could as easily have made it a hundred dollars.”

The betting, however, was as keenly enjoyed as the races themselves, and the members of the club cheerfully put up their collected ten thousand dollars. A servant stepped to Gideon’s right elbow and inquired quietly, “Are you through with your asparagus, sir?” Gideon flapped a hand and barked, “Yes, take it away.” To his wife, he railed.

Click here to Download November of the Heart PDF Book

“Every man at this table has an equal stake in these regattas, Levinia, and none of us wants to lose, especially not to that bunch, with all the newspapers in America watching what happens, and Tim here photographing the event.” He referred to Tim Iversen, a club member and a successful photographer, who had chronicled the formation of the yacht club itself from its beginnings.

“The money aside, I’m the commodore of this yacht club, and I detest losing. So the question remains-how do we come up with a boat that’ll beat theirs?” “Maybe so, but I’m right. I know I am! She might be shallow-hulled, but she’ll still have a belly”-he pointed to the flattened cigar-“and because of her planing characteristics she’ll have plenty of natural lift.

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When she’s on a downwind run, the bow will lift instead of dip; and when she’s sailing close-hauled she’ll be heeled up so that very little wetted surface is in the water, versus the old design, where the hull is fully in the water, creating such a tremendous drag.” He paused for breath and sat back, hands on his thighs, looking straight into Lorna’s eyes.

His own, caught in the bright summer sun, became as brilliant as the sky behind him, and his breath seemed short from excitement. She lifted her arms and removed a hatpin, then the hat itself, tossing it onto the grass and wildings at the edge of the blanket. She gave her neck a little twist of freedom. “Ah, the shade is wonderful.” Once again she lifted her arms to do an all-around tucking job on her looped-up hair.

The pose threw her breasts into relief and brought her immense white sleeves up about her ears. The cameo at her throat disappeared beneath her chin while her tapered and tucked shirtwaist strained against her ribs. She dropped her arms and looked up, catching Harken’s eye. Immediately he looked away. “Well!” she said, rubbing her palms together and leaning forward to assess the food. November of the Heart PDF Book

“Strawberries, ham, ……. Gentlemen, what would you like first?” Holding a saucer, she gazed at Iversen. “A little of everything.” She filled the saucer and handed it to him, leaning across her skirts, making them crackle. “And you, Mr. Harken?” “A little of everything except pickled watermelon rind.” “Oh, but they’re quite exquisite.”

She selected eggs and berries while he watched her hand, with its little finger elevated, move over the colorful foods. “You wouldn’t think so if you’d helped Mrs. Schmitt can them. Makes the kitchen stink something terrible.” She overslept the next morning and missed breakfast. The dining room was silent and empty when she entered it, no linen on the table.

No strawberries on the sideboard picked fresh by Jens Harken. The room smelled of a recent dusting with lemon oil. A new arrangement of flowers was centered on a lace runner, testifying to the fact that Levinia had been up long enough to arrange them. Lorna glanced at the passageway door to the kitchen: She could walk back there and ask for something-a logical excuse to see Harken. November of the Heart PDF Book

But a dangerous habit to form. Instead she went into the morning room and found her mother there at her oak secretary, writing correspondence. The room, unlike the dining room, shimmered with morning light. It was decorated in shades of ivory and peach, with chintzes instead of jacquards, and French doors instead of casements.

They were opened to the sunny east veranda, letting in a welcome breeze. Her mother’s eyes dropped to the desktop while she lifted her pen horizontally and repeatedly touched it to her ink blotter. “I’ve never mentioned it before, but you’re eighteen now and Taylor has been paying a lot of attention to you this summer.

But Lorna, when his mother and father are in the room and you entice him onto the veranda” “I did not entice him! It was stiflingly hot in the house and the men were stoking up their cigars. And anyway, Jenny was with us every second.” Lorna put in, “But supposing, after they did, that you were the only one who’d listen, and Harken’s scheme worked. You are, after all, the commodore of this yacht club. November of the Heart PDF Book

If his boat does what he says it will do, you could be immortalized.” Gideon puffed on his cigar and pondered. He loved being reminded he was commodore, except when being reminded as he’d been by last week’s newspapers, which listed him as commodore of the losing yacht club. Those articles, accompanied by Tim’s pictures, had undoubtedly been featured as far away as the East Coast.

For the country was closely watching the heartland and following the formation of the Inland Lake Yachting Association, which was still in its infancy. “Papa, listen,” Lorna reasoned. “Look around you. There’s more wealth on this very launch than can ever be spent in your lifetime. What good is all that money if you don’t enjoy it?

You won’t even miss the piddling few hundred dollars it’ll cost to finance the building of this boat. She waited, but his intention was clear, his hurt was clear, the barrier between them was as palpable as the shed walls. She felt like a quick triggered misguided fool, but had no idea how to mend the hurt she’d caused. “Well,” she said in a small, remorseful voice, “I’ll leave you be. November of the Heart PDF Book

I am sorry, Harken.” He need not turn to know she was gone. His body seemed to have developed sensors that prickled whenever she approached his sphere. In the silence following her leave-taking, the sensation withered, dulled, leaving him standing on the wooden barrel with the butts of both hands drilled against the lower window ledge and the rag hanging motionless from one.

He turned his head, stared out across his left shoulder at the sunlit dust through which her petticoats had swept a trail. His gaze returned to the scene outside the window, a woodsy collection of sticks and leaf mold and greenery. He heaved an enormous sigh and stepped down slowly off the barrel. There he stood in the afternoon stillness.

When she made no reply he laid his hand carefully on her hearta big, rough boatbuilder’s hand on the closely tucked fine white lawn of her blouse. He counted the heartbeats that seemed to have accelerated to the same pace as his own. He watched acceptance find and dwell in her eyes. And finally he let the hand drop gently to cover the fullest part of her breast. November of the Heart PDF Book Download

She closed her eyes and teetered. Her fingers clutched his shirtfront. Her breath came in tiny patters that pushed her flesh against his palm in rapid beats. Someplace in the woods a squirrel chattered. Beside her Jens’s chest rose and fell like a fevered man’s. His hand began moving, up and down, rubbing her own underwear against her leg.

His fingertips forcing petticoat and skirts and pantaloons to brush a hidden part of her that sent out startling reactions. Was this a caress? This tight, tight grip that moved first up and down, then sideways, twisting? She had no idea what to do, say, think. She lay as still as if asleep, only stiffer, quite afraid, while all the feelings inside her seemed to rush to the private swell of flesh near his fingertips.

His wrist remained over his eyes. His sleeve touched her bare right arm. I must go, she thought, but before she could voice the words his hand went away. He lay motionless for some time. Finally his head turned and she felt herself being studied at close range. She concentrated on the overlapped leaves above, delicate serrated edges shifting and changing the pattern of the blue backdrop behind them. November of the Heart PDF Book Download

Moments and moments passed before Jens finally spoke, giving her the impression he’d done some hard thinking before doing so. He had no answers. All of these days leading up to this moment he’d needed none because the words had gone unspoken. Now they were in the open, joined by more which spilled forth from Lorna.

“To think that this spring when I came out here to the … . cottage I didn’t even know you existed, and now your … . very existence is the most important thing in my life.” “If we stopped this right now” “No! Don’t say it! How can I stop this when it’s all that matters? When I have been more alive since I’ve met you than ever before? When my days begin with thoughts of you and end with desire for you.

When I lie in my bedroom and think of you above me and imagine myself sneaking up the servant’s stairway and finding your room.” Taylor invited her to take the theater train into the city to see May Irwin in The Widow Jones, but Lorna declined with the excuse that she was not in the least inclined to watch the buxom, boisterous blonde gambol around the stage singing this new profanity called ragtime. November of the Heart PDF Book Download

Taylor suggested perhaps another show, another night, then inquired why he hadn’t seen her wearing the watch he’d given her. She touched her bodice and told a bald-faced lie. “Oh, Taylor,” she said, “I’m so sorry. I lost it.” That night she went out to the end of the dock and flung the watch into the lake. Her mother planned a dinner party for twelve and placed Lorna’s place card next to Taylor’s.

Lorna came along as Levinia was putting the finishing touches on the dining room, and switched hers to the opposite end. Levinia pursed her entire face and said, “Lorna, what in the world are you doing?” Everyone accepted his explanation. The kitchen maids came to say hello, Ruby hanging back coyly to be the last and offer an especially personal smile of welcome.

Which left Jens wondering how it was possible he’d ever found her attractive enough to kiss. He shook hands with his stand-in, a flat-faced fellow named Lowell Hugo, whose breath stank of garlic. To celebrate Jens’s visit, Mrs. Schmitt authorized the tapping of a precious gallon bottle of last summer’s homemade root beer. November of the Heart PDF Book Free

And they sat around the center worktable taking a rare fifteen minutes from their duties to visit and ask dozens of questions about the boat, and its prospects for winning, and Jens’s plans if it did, and his lodging out at White Bear, and if he’d seen Smythe, and how the gardener was faring, and if the old Englishman was as irascible as ever.

“Don’t you speak to me of rights! Not after you’ve lain with him like some. . . some common slut! You gave up all your rights when you did thatthe right to this family, to this house, to my support and your mother’s concern. Now you’ll live without all that and see how you like it! And you’ll start by going upstairs without a whimper, because, by the Almighty.

If your sisters get wind of this disgrace you’ve brought upon us, I’ll take it out on your hide, pregnant or not! “What shall I say to your friends? To Taylor and Phoebe and Sissy and Mitchell? Shall I say to them Lorna went off to marry the kitchen helper whose bastard she’s carrying? Don’t fool yourself for a moment that they won’t be shocked. They will be, and their parents shall forbid them to keep company with you, just as I would if it were one of them who were in this trouble.” November of the Heart PDF Book Free

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