One Arranged Murders Book PDF by Chetan Bhagat


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I must add, I might be the fitter one, but she has the fitter career. She, along with her business partner, had managed three rounds of funding for Eato. A private equity firm had just invested thirteen million dollars, or ninety crore rupees, into her company for a thirty-five per cent stake. Except it wasn’t only that one time. Saurabh was ready to drop everything for her.

One Arranged Murders Book PDF by Chetan Bhagat

Name of Book One Arranged Murders Book PDF
Author Chetan Bhagat
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 274
Language English
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He was so in love that he was once debugging the Eato app for Prerna for like two weeks. It was around the time we had to finish a crucial piece of code for a CyberSafe client. I couldn’t complete it on time alone. Our client at CyberSafe complained to Jacob, who then vented on me. I fell in love, that’s what happened. For the first time in my life.

Just looking at Prema smile makes me melt inside like a chocolate lava cake. When Prerna calls, every word she speaks is a happiness injection right into my veins. Call me a romantic fool. Unlike Keshav, I have never had a long-term girlfriend or any shortterm hook-ups. Did he tell you about his Tinder addiction? Yes, it is an addiction.

Click here to Download One Arranged Murders Book PDF

He’s slept with ten girls since last year. He doesn’t even know their last names. In some cases, not even the first. You can call him a stud or whatever. To me, it is a sickness. One Arranged Murders Book PDF Download He can do whatever the hell he wants. But he has to understand I’m different. I have one, and only one, Prema. That’s who it is going to be for the rest of my life.

To make her happy, I skipped work a few times. I took a trip with her. I helped her in her work. Of course, Mr Keshav, upset that I wasn’t giving him a hundred per cent attention, sulked like a baby. He has forgotten how I used to cover for him at Chandan Classes, our previous job, when he would skip work to meet his girlfriend.

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I would not only make good excuses for him, but also finish his assignments. Even at CyberSafe, he once had a Tinder match who could only meet in the afternoon. One Arranged Murders Book PDF Download He dashed out of the office and I covered for him and told Jacob he had a family emergency. Of course, when time comes to return the favour, Mr Six Pack bitches and whines about my relationship.

Fifteen minutes later, the auto entered the quieter lanes of New Friends Colony, passing the metro station, and then into A Block. Prerna lives in a four-hundred-square-yards kothi, or bungalow, located in a lane of posh bungalows. A narrow lane passes behind these kothis, allowing access to the back entrances. Entering from the front door would mean meeting the entire Malhotra clan.

Neither Prerna nor I wanted to be ridiculed for being this lovey-dovey couple that keeps a Karva Chauth fast before marriage. We had decided she would keep the creaky metal back door open for me instead. The grey evening, cold breeze and dim light made the alley seem darker than usual. One Arranged Murders Book PDF Download I looked up at the sky. No moon yet, or at least I couldn’t see it from where I was.

I gently opened the back door and shut it from inside. I climbed up the steps from the ground floor, where the Malhotras had their main living room. I passed the mezzanine level, which had the kitchen for the entire house. I heard the whistle of a pressure cooker and could smell rajma being made.

This is a gift —I can tell what is being cooked in a kitchen far away by just breathing. I guess the Malhotras were readying themselves for a post-Karva Chauth feast. I paused to catch my breath on the first level. One Arranged Murders Book PDF Maaji, Prerna’s grandmother, stayed here with Anjali, Prerna’s cousin from America, and Prerna’s aunt Bindu, who taught in a school and looked a bit like a scary headmistress with her spectacles, stocky frame and curly hair. After a few seconds of rest, I climbed up to the second level.

Prerna lived here with her parents, Ramesh and Nee-lam, along with her fourteen-year-old brother Ajay. I panted as I climbed up to the third floor. Aditya, Prerna’s father’s younger brother, occupied this entire floor. He lived alone, but also had his music studio here. I could hear music being played inside. I reached the final few steps that took me to the terrace.

I checked that my sweater and kurta were in place. The climb had made me sweaty but I had carried my cologne with me. After a few liberal sprays, I pushed at the already open terrace door. One Arranged Murders Book PDF They took the body into the house, without any clue where to keep it. First they kept it on the patio. After some intense discussions, they told us to lift her up again and take her to the living room.

We had no idea where to place her there either. After all, a living room is for living people, who can sit anywhere, on the sofa, easy chairs or even the dining chairs. Where do you place a dead person in a living room? Someone suggested the carpet. Blood still dripped from the body, leaving an eerie trail wherever we carried her. One Arranged Murders Book PDF Bad, bad dream, I told myself, even as my eyes followed the bloody track.

I couldn’t hear my phone in the noisy Malviya Nagar market. When I checked it after grocery shopping at Mahavir General Stores, near the Z Detectives office, I saw that I had four missed calls. Saurabh had called me multiple times. Why would he call me, I wondered. He had not initiated conversation with me for a month. Maybe he had sat on his phone and butt-dialled me by accident.

I didn’t want to call back and hear more insults. I kept my phone back in the pocket of my shirt. I lifted the two heavy bags full of groceries and started to walk back home. One Arranged Murders Book PDF My shirt lit up as the phone flashed again. Irritated, I kept the bags on the ground. I took out my phone again. The call was from Saurabh. Had he come back home already?

Maybe he’d forgotten to carry his keys? And wanted to use the bathroom real bad? He could go to hell. I shook my head in disgust. The ringing wouldn’t stop. I finally picked up. Chapter 7 Almost a hundred people, most of them dressed in white, occupied the front room of Malhotra House. They had come to offer their condolences.

The family was waiting for the cops to bring back the body from the morgue, so that they could take it to the electric crematorium. ‘The police is here,’ Aditya said. One Arranged Murders PDF The police mortuary van drove up to the front entrance of the house. Inspector Singh and a constable accompanied the body. They too had come in plain white clothes, in keeping with the situation.

The women in the room reacted first. Neelam, Bindu, Maaji and Anjali huddled together and cried loudly when they saw Prema’s pale and still face. Ramesh and Aditya stood quietly by. Ajay hid in one comer of the room. He seemed unable to process his emotions and looked intimidated by the crowd in the house.

Prerna was wrapped in a white shroud and was in a glass case. One Arranged Murders PDF The police had cleaned up her face. There was no blood, only calm. Saurabh began to cry again, his hand tight in mine. Saurabh’s parents arrived soon after and stood next to their son with folded hands. Saurabh’s mother too tried to comfort him.

A priest chanted a few mantras, after which the body was taken back to the mortuary van. The family had decided not to do a procession. Family members and other visitors sat in their respective cars and followed the van to the crematorium. The crematorium staff, too used to doing this, mechanically moved the body to the tray that went inside the electric furnace.

Within minutes, Prerna was in the opaque combustion chamber. Smoke flew up the chimney, high above the crematorium building. Prerna rose up to the sky, leaving us forever. I turned around. Two girls entered the restaurant. They were the same height and had the same fair complexion. One of them was overweight and the other one was stick thin.

From the pictures and video calls, I could recognise Prerna. She wore a maroon salwar kameez with a mustard print, had silver jhumkas in her ears and a tiny black bindi on her forehead. One Arranged Murders PDF A large black leather handbag filled with documents was slung over her shoulder. The girl with Prerna, her cousin I presumed, wore jeans tom at the knees and a white T-shirt with several tiny holes, which, I understood, was an intentional distressed look.

She had short hair, and with her thin frame and backpack, she resembled a boy in middle school. Prerna waved at Saurabh as they walked to our table. Technically, Saurabh and Prerna’s roka was supposed to be a small affair. People were only meeting for tea. Of course, a single tea session in a Punjabi household often has more calories than the daily recommended calorie intake for a normal-sized adult.

On my plate were chole bhature, pav bhaji, hakka noodles, dahi bhalla, gulab jamun, samosa and now three laddoos. Saurabh’s parents had arrived in the morning. They loved food too. One Arranged Murders PDF They fell in love with the Malhotras the moment they were served kaju katli even before they entered the house. The well-rounded parents sat with their well-rounded son as they awaited their well-rounded bahu.

Okay, I’m being a bit mean here, but at least well-rounded sounds better than obese or fat. It was the first time I had gone to Prerna’s house, the impressive threestorey bungalow in New Friends Colony. The ground floor had been emptied out to make seating arrangements on the floor.

Over sixty guests filled the hall. Little Punjabi kids criss-crossed the living room, spilling cold drinks along the way. Prerna wore a green lehenga with elaborate gold embroidery on it. Saurabh wore a cream-coloured sher-vani and turban. With his smooth clean-shaven face, he looked like those overgrown kids in a children’s traditional wear commercial.

The roka ceremony started with a small prayer conducted by a priest. After that, Saurabh’s parents gave Prerna a pair of gold bangles as sagan, or an auspicious gift. One Arranged Murders PDF Both sides exchanged insane amounts of mithai, some in baskets so huge, you could carry an adult in it. In the house itself. I finished making evening tea for everyone, cleared and washed the plates.

Neelam madam came to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She has diabetes so she can’t fast for Karva Chauth. I offered to help her with the cooking. She told me to go rest in my room as I had also prepared lunch, served tea and set the table for dinner. I went to my room and lay down for a while. Later I heard a lot of noise. Everyone in the house ran outside. I saw that a crowd had gathered on the road, where Prerna didi had died.

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